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Mixed or average reviews- based on 41 Ratings

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  1. Mikey
    Mar 30, 2010
    I was so looking forward to the new MotoGP game coming out, as I'd skipped 08 and 07 was a little long in the tooth now, things had moved on with new riders etc. The handling took me a little while to get to grips with, but once you do get the hang of it, it feels right, if a little arcade like, and the addition of a single player career & up to 20 bike multiplayer races makes it an interesting prospect. The single player game is split into three modes, arcade, time trials and career. I didn't put a lot of time into arcade or time trials, but from the little i did try they're based along the following idea:- Arcade is a case or making it to the next checkpoint for more time, earning time for slipstreaming, overtakes, and such things. Time trials are like you'd imagine; you, one bike and one track, to go as fast as you can. However, career mode is where the meat of the single player experience will be for most people. For this you start in the 125cc class on a pretty slow bike for a few races until you gain enough reputation to hire engineers who research parts to make your bike go faster or handle better etc. This is paid for by fictitious sponsors (no official sponsors) who are attracted by the press officers that you hire. The game continues and your bike gets continually better as the season continues. At the end of the season, if you do well enough, then you can upgrade to the 250cc season, and go through the process of upgrading your bike again, and then once more for the GP bikes. It's quite a fun process to run through once, but unfortunately there are enough flaws in the experience that may or may not stop you form continuing to enjoy the single player experience :- The practice and qualifying sessions have the opponent riders times set to a time that is ludicrously slow. Their times appear to be predetermined even before you star the qualifying session, and it's not unknown to go 10 or even 15 seconds faster in a lap than the opponents. The suspension of belief in the game is totally undermined by the fact that the AI riders appear to be going 5-10 seconds a lap faster than you! and that you don't know how well your session is going until you end the session, and even then you won't know your individual lap times, never mind sector times. A big issue with the game currently is that all the offline race modes are limited to 3 laps, no more, no less. this means that in the race itself, you get no real opportunity to enjoy racing for the full distance, gaining slowly on the leader to make that clean pass on the final lap Full Review »
  2. RobertP
    Mar 24, 2010
    Nice to see MotoGP getting back on track, for the last few years the series has grown stale and moved away from its routes with extreme modes and powersliding more akin to mario kart. A vast improvement and a good starting block to build from for motogp11. Also special mention to the career mode which is the best of it kind for this genre in a long time. Full Review »