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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. It’s finally here. Big-time motocross and off-road racing with REAL dirt and separate bike and rider control... Rainbow Studios deliver a pot of pure gold.
  2. The game has been built to please both the newcomers and the hardcore MX vs ATV crowd and that’s a very tough balance to strike. Rainbow and THQ can be proud of their most recent offering and there’s no way anyone could complain.
  3. THQ and Rainbow Studios have really hit their stride with the MX vs. ATV franchise. Not only have they managed to address every minor issue that plagued previous incarnations of the series, the addition of persistent terrain deformation and Reflex rider control absolutely take this game to the next level.
  4. The game looks incredible, but that perfect combination of terrain deformation and reflex controls, make a great combo.
  5. MX vs. ATV Reflex is a racing game that most should enjoy.
  6. Minor gripes aside, though, Reflex is the most fun you'll have being caked in mud.
  7. Overall, this is a fantastic off road racing title.
  8. Every race in MX vs ATV Reflex shows us how solid and well developed the game is. The only problems we had were related to the online multiplayer, with lag and connection drop problems: except for this, it is a milestone game for every off-road racing fan.
  9. MX vs. ATV Reflex may not be perfect on all levels but simply put it's the best off-road racing game on the market.
  10. For fans of the genre MX vs. ATV Reflex will be a no brainer day one purchase, and we suspect the excellent production values combined with positive word of mouth will get many casuals on board too.
  11. If you’re looking for a game to curb that racing fix you so desperately crave, or just looking for something new to give you a break from the endless array of shooters on shelves, MX vs. ATV Reflex will more than answer the call.
  12. In conclusion, MX vs ATV Reflex is a fun game that adds a few new twists and turns to the off road racing genre.
  13. Reflex is the best game in the MX vs. ATV series to date, and is an all around great racer.
  14. MX vs. ATV: Reflex introduces two new concepts that, while not totally fleshed out, do help make this one of the better off-road racers.
  15. A wonderful foundation has been set and it’s now time for Rainbow Studios to expand on what they have set up with their next iterations. The future is bright and fans should be rejoicing.
  16. 80
    The new Reflex controls are great once you get used to them, but they also alienate the casual audience by making the game a bit more demanding than some gamers are willing to put up with. Still if you have enjoyed the series you know what to expect here.
  17. MX vs. ATV Reflex is a nice switch up from the more serious racers, and its fast and extremely fun off-road racing is steps above what we have previously seen.
  18. MX vs ATV is a nice offroad game. The dynamic ground morphing system works really well, and is an important factor to study during every race. The weight management really gives the sensation of being in control of the motorbike. Thumbs down for the PS3 version, worse than the 360 one due to some graphic problems (pop-up e slow loading textures).
  19. 78
    The controls are still great, the track design is at the top of its class and there are enough events here to keep you coming back for ages, not to mention a very solid and capable online component. If you're a fan of offroad racing, this is definitely worth a serious look, though don't go in expecting a completely different racing experience.
  20. Career mode is a bit on the short side, and there isn't much in the way of new challenges or modes. Still, there is a lot to do, and the new control keeps things from getting stale.
  21. MX vs. ATV is a good offroad racer with tons of stuff to do, at least that’s the case if you drive the motorbikes and ATVs. Too bad the other vehicles are less interesting and that the game isn’t as spectacular as other offroad racers
  22. MX vs. ATV Reflex shows that Rainbow Studios and THQ still have it when it comes to crafting a good off-road racer.
  23. A mixed bag: bikes and quads are finely honed; everything else feels tacked on. [Mar 2010, p.62]
  24. A terrific off-road experience in some areas. Shame it feels weak in others. [Apr 2010, p.101]
  25. Reflex isn’t quite where it should be, but it’s getting better. Here’s hoping that the next one is a more polished, cherry ride, because fans deserve that—and the franchise will certainly garner a much bigger user base if that can be accomplished.
  26. Longtime fans will probably enjoy this enough to buy it, but casual fans should probably stick with a rental.
  27. MX vs. ATV: Reflex features some great racing moments, but the game's technical ambitions sometimes get in its way. The possibilities of reflex racing with the right analog are clearly there, they just haven't been mastered yet.
  28. Reflex feels like everything Untamed was meant to be, albeit with a slight tinge of disappointment.
  29. 75
    While the game has its fair share of annoying problems and suffers from being a bit too straightforward, it offers a solid off-road experience; motocross fans will be hard pressed to find a title better than this one.
  30. All in all, MX vs. ATV: Reflex is a solid entry in need of expansion: the bare-boned framework is there for what can be a stellar franchise in its genre.
  31. MX vs. ATV Reflex has become the best title in the series and sets up new bases in the offroad racing genre. The biggest changes in the game are the new control system, called Rider Reflex, which allows us to feel closer to the dangerous driving on these awesome bikes, and the new Rhythm Racing 2.0 graphics engine, which despite some technical failures, provides details that will probably be used in the next racing games, such as real-time deformation of the ground. Fans of these races will be pleased with this progress. Maybe other users will feel frustrated by an unbalanced difficulty curve and some graphical issues.
  32. Thanks to the new control system you will definitely have some fun with this game. Action-based racing across nice tracks and weird stunts that sometimes transform your driver into a crash-test-dummy amuse.
  33. No news on the arcade-racing front: same hybrid driving system, same game modes. Anyway, the formula is still fun, even if a little old, especially because of the multiplayer.
  34. The increased rider control really makes it feel like you are an MX pro, skidding round the tracks like you know what you're doing. However, the improved physics can make bikes and, especially, ATVs feel like you're riding a squirrel with a sugar high as opposed to a finely tuned vehicle – a lot of fun but ultimately out of control.
  35. Reflex is far better than Untamed, and offers some interesting add-ons in terms of control, and is a more polished work.
  36. Dynamic terrain modification and the Reflex control system succeed in delivering something new to the offroad genre. On the other hand, some minor bugs and inaccuracies in physics and collisions make the experience sometimes frustrating. Add not-so-good graphics, invasive soundtrack and a clumsy customization menu and what you get is an unpolished product, suitable just for big fans of the saga and the offroad genre.
  37. 73
    MX vs. ATV Reflex is a solid game that meets expectations. The Reflex system is a nice addition, but besides that this game is just not special in any way.
  38. A new dual-stick control system breathes life into what is otherwise a well-worn and sometimes frustrating game.
  39. This is a title that does a whole lot right but never really manages to stand out from the crowd. The controls feel right, there are plenty of race types and vehicles and the online mode does it's job well enough. If you're a fan of moto cross you'll definitely find plenty to like here.
  40. Building MX vs. ATV Reflex from the ground up has had a positive result in a way. Rider Reflex and terrain deformation make the motocross- and ATV races very challenging. The rest of the vehicles seem to have been neglected by the developer and disturb the balance of the game during the mixed races. Despite the flaws the game will still be very much enjoyed by fans of the sport.
  41. Whether we were playing one of the entertaining mini-games or tooling around in Free Ride with 11 other riders, we really enjoyed the experience and didn’t experience a hint of lag. It may be the only part of MX vs. ATV Reflex that seems more timeless than retread, but it’s just enough to salvage this otherwise unremarkable racer.
  42. A very half-hearted sort of reboot for the series with flawed new graphics and little real personality.
  43. Despite some effort to make Reflex more than just another MX vs ATV game, it's ended up feeling very similar to what's gone before it.
  44. Only a few niggles and some insane physics pull the experience down. [Issue#56, p.89]
  45. Average racer with smart tech. [Apr 2010, p.101]
  46. MX vs. ATV: Reflex would benefit greatly from a diet of raw motocross action. Without the added weight of the Rider Reflex controls, the other vehicles, or its half-baked race types, this could be one lean, dirt-shredding machine. As it is, it’s a misshapen lump of flabby features and excess ideas.
  47. It feels like Rainbow Studios has been making the same games for a decade now, and still haven't managed to find the right formula. MX vs ATV Reflex is not a bad game, but feels really low budget and is just mediocre.
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. jakeT
    Jan 9, 2010
    this game is amazing, if you rate it bad, it's because you are not experienced with the real world of motocross and how the machine this game is amazing, if you rate it bad, it's because you are not experienced with the real world of motocross and how the machine works because this is a very realistic game! Full Review »
  2. Mar 22, 2015
    A truly amazing MX Vs. ATV game in fact one of the best. lots of content, great track design, expansive career mode, it's just great and worthA truly amazing MX Vs. ATV game in fact one of the best. lots of content, great track design, expansive career mode, it's just great and worth the money (if you can excuse the many glitches). Full Review »
  3. Jimmy
    Jan 9, 2010
    As a huge fan of mx and sx this game was a must get for me, now I kinda regrett it. First off, the A.I. Is by far the most pathetic I have As a huge fan of mx and sx this game was a must get for me, now I kinda regrett it. First off, the A.I. Is by far the most pathetic I have ever seen in any racing game........Ever. I am playing the motocarrer at all-star level and am winning races by 20.+ seconds, Its that bad. If you dont get a good start you will almost certainly get destroyed by some loony on the first corner, and if you make it past the first corner with not enough speed to clear the pack expect to get squashed by another idiot on the first jump. Its soooo bad you will want to restart the race if you find yourself last place after the 2nd corner as you will have no hope in hell of getting through the pack alive. But when you do get a good race (rarely) it is very fun. You actually see riders turing the wrong way into a corner, the wrong way, instead of left they will take a hard right and take out about 3 dudes, its just amazing ( I only race mx and sx as the other race types, omnicross etc are sooooooooooo boring.....very, very boring) The new reflex controls are pretty cool if you want to pull out some good whips and scrubs, but cornering with it is pretty much useless as it doesnt really do anything, apart from leaning back over the whoops-sections I never use it because it has a tendancy to make you very vulnerable to any small bump or ditch in the road, and you will spin out and crash and be forced to watch another amazingly bad crash physic animation. The new "terain deformation" system is pretty amazing, although I dont know how a 125cc bike can make a 4 foot deep hole in the ground. Anyway it is cool, the track changes each lap and changes the way you race aswell, race lines and rutts form and make cornering much faster, and hektik as water will rise from under the dirt. I can go on all day but basically this game has taken 5 steps forward and 3 steps back from the last one, the graphics are meh and the sound is exactly the same. If you love mx and cant wait to see the 2010 AMA championship get it, if you are just looking for a cool race game with trucks, get dirt2. Go Chad Reed! Full Review »