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  1. Jul 10, 2012
    11 if I could. Heisman mode with "Max Payne" like slow-motion to make the hardest Heisman challenges possible will keep me busy until Madden 13 comes out. Improved defense, no more throws off the back foot, love it!
  2. Jul 10, 2012
    I don't feel super comfortable with giving this game a 10 but the fact that someone gave it a 0 (The same guy that gave Mass Effect 3 a 0 as well. Sounds like an EA hater to me) made me inflate my score by 1 to 2 points. This game is a step in the right direction for the franchise as it fixes some of the minor, but very noticeable issues from previous titles. With a new passing system for instance, receivers can no longer blindly make catches. In most cases you have to wait for the route to develop and/or the receiver to turn and look or it will be an incomplete pass. The same is said on the defensive side of the ball as defenders may throw their arms up in an attempt to block an incoming pass but otherwise won't be in position to make a play on the ball if they can't see it. I love this aspect of the game as it adds even more realism to game play. One area that they didn't seem to work on however is the run game. I was disappointed in that we had been told that they were no longer going to make a product that felt a year behind Madden but based off of what I've seen of Madden '13 it looks like this is indeed the case as EA has vastly improved the running game in Madden with guys no longer getting stuck behind blocking linemen and attempting to squeeze through even the smallest of rushing lanes. Even the graphics seem a bit more crisp in NCAA's big brother title. There are however, tons to be excited about if you are a college football purist. Dynasty Mode, which is my personal favorite, has more of a tv broadcast feel which I've always felt has been missing from both titles. Although it's still not quite where I'd like it, it does feel more like watching a Saturday matchup on ESPN. With mid game updates featuring Rece Davis and the addition of the ESPN Bottom Line ticker, this does add more to the Dynasty Mode core. If they can get the presentation up to the old 2K football standards (Which to this day is still the best) they can really take a giant step forward in recapturing the feel of an authentic tv broadcast. The game also has recruiting and scouting updates that adds more strategy to trying to land your top prospects. Road to Glory Mode is relatively unchanged. It has a couple of enhancements but is the same at it's core. I have no problem with it as I've enjoyed it the last couple of years anyway. Overall, I've enjoyed the game and will continue to like it even when Madden '13 arrives. I don't put the game away or trade it in as I enjoy playing year after year of Dynasty Mode and importing each draft class to Madden in Franchise Mode. If you're a true football fan you will keep this one side by side with it's older sibling Madden. Enjoy the pageantry of the college game while also enjoying juggernaut that is the NFL. Expand
  3. Sep 7, 2012
    Based on OFFLINE PLAY, all i have to say It's better then Madden 13. The dynasty is way better then Madden. You can use your created player in dynasty unlike Madden 13 Connected Careers Coach. This game is fun for College football fans!!! If you have to choose between Madden and Ncaa....Ncaa is better for offline players.
  4. Jul 11, 2012
    yea the guy that gave this a 0 is clearly jus a EA hater, this game is really IMO about a 9 i bumped to ten like tthe others to negate his 0. The replays look terrible, but the gameplay, which is what matters feels great, you feel smooth and you feel in control the player like he will actually do what you want him to do, no blind catches or running 30 yards backwards after the snap, alot more real
  5. Jul 10, 2012
    Don't believe this guy who gave it a 0. He has only reviewed 2 games and gave Mass Effect 3 a 0 too. NCAA 13 is awesome. If you have been playing football games for a whole you will notice the huge gameplay improvements. Buy it for sure... Trade it for Madden once that comes out.
  6. Jul 13, 2012
    I think it deserves a strong 8 but like everyone else im trying to counter the zeros that this game clearly doesn't deserve. The Heisman mode is fun and adds a lot of depth and replay value. the game itself is good but not much better than last years version. Passing game has improved presentation still sucks but overall the Heisman mode alone will have me happy for months to come. We won't see a real leap in the series until we get a new system and that's how it's always been, we are used to shorter cycles between consoles and unfortunately sports has peaked on these systems. Expand
  7. Jul 11, 2012
    This game is great. There are a few bugs, but nothing that can't be addressed with a patch. Even the best games get addressed with patches. The guys who gave it a 0, is clearly just trolling. I would normally give this game an 8 out of 10 (because of the trolls I gave it a 10), just because there haven't been enormous changes made to the game. But those that truly like the game for what it is, will notice the subtle thing that makes the game a must have for college football fans. The new passing mechanics are superb, and flow very smoothly. While this game does not have the infinity engine that Madden may have, it makes sense not to have it with the rumors swirling that it may not even be ready for the release of Madden yet. So Madden could easily have many more bugs thanks to the infinity engine alone. The changes to the Dynasty mode are very nice, especially with recruiting, and the ability to scout now. The recruiting was already fun from past versions, but now they made it even deeper, and more fun. The Heisman mode is just a fun addition, that utilizes slow motion (similar to max payne, but for football), that allows you to break a play open by seeing the whole field in slow motion simply by using the LB button. The online dynasty still remains one of the best modes in any sports game, and thanks to EA fixing the bowl week freeze from last year's game. It seems the Online dynasty mode will not have any hiccups, as of yet anyhow. All in all, this game is great for college football fans, even though there were few changes. But with most sports games, having the right changes are hard to come by because it is only a game of football and nothing more. If you expect changes, than I would wait until the next gen games, when they rebuild from scratch. Otherwise go into this game with the mindset you are going to play some good old fashioned college football, and you will be more than happy. Expand
  8. Aug 13, 2012
    I love this, I have been playing an Online Dynasty with a friend of mine and we are already a few years in. RTG is some different and Dynasty has some new features, but don't always expect huge differences in yearly installments. Great game.
  9. Oct 6, 2013
    All though there are few changes from NCAA 12, there are just enough, and they have just enough impact, to make the game great. People need to stop whining about it being the same every year. It's football, and follows the NCAA, so not a whole lot will change from year-to-year.
  10. Jul 10, 2012
    One of the better football games that I have played in the past 10 years. I have never been a huge fan of NCAA, but this game has really captured my attention. The interceptions are a little bit annoying at time, but overall an enjoyable experience.
  11. Jul 13, 2012
    This game is pretty good.. Better than madden! I havent played ncaa before so i really liked this one! only problem is the atmosphere graphics are pretty bad.. the fans look terrible. Other than that, its pretty fun and addictive game!
  12. Sep 10, 2012
    This is a pretty solid game. A few new things have been added to the game which I have mixed feelings about. The addition of the Heisman Challenge is an interesting and exciting aspect of the game. Being able to play through different college legends careers is pretty sweet. The addition of the total pass control is one that I am not peculiarly fond of. It took me a few games to get it down, but I still have a tendency to under throw my receivers. The Road to Glory mode is about the same with the addition of the elongated season, which I could do with or without (I simed to signing day about mid season). Overall, EA Sports has delivered a some what copy of NCAA '12 (which they pretty do with all the other NCAA games anyway), but it is still enjoyable to play and a lot of fun to challenge your friends at. Expand
  13. Sep 25, 2012
    The game-play in NCAA 13 feels better than last year's edition but not much else has changed. I like the feel of the new passing controls and the fact that the linebackers jumping ability has been toned down. There was way too many interceptions from linebackers in last season's edition. The Heisman mode is a nice little addition but one that hardcore games won't play much. Most of the Heisman winners are so overpowered with the addition of the slo-mo feature that it quickly loses it's challenge. Dynasty and on-line Dynasty are still the main draw for me and the improvements help it immensely. I love the new recruiting features and how your team's ratings can change from week to week. I do not love the length of time it takes to advance to next week due to these changes. All in all it's a step forward from last year's edition but there is still room for improvement. Collapse
  14. Jul 14, 2012
    When it comes down to it, football is football. Seriously what do you want them to do with it that they aren't already working on? It's not like a platformer where you can come up with new stages and powers, because this isn't a platformer, it's a sports game! This game isn't groundbreaking but it took some steps in the right direction. Hopfeully they can build on this game and improve the series.
  15. Sep 29, 2012
    I really enjoy this game. Although it is the redheaded step child of the EA Sports lineup. There are still a few issues with the "Super" linebackers and the "Sliding" safeties. The catch animations are amazing and the game truly displays somewhat of a collegiate atmosphere. If your just looking for some fun with a variety of teams, then pick this up.
  16. Dec 21, 2013
    NCAA Football 13 suffers from one problem. It feels as if it's a year behind Madden, creating no reason to play it. College fans, however, can find a decent football game here, though.
  17. dz9
    Jul 17, 2012
    Another yearly installment of EA's collegiate pig skin has been released, will it finally be innovated... at all? Let's start with the good.. EA has made minor but still significant improvements to the gameplay in NCAA Football 13. They have made the footing of your quarterback important, they have added hundreds of new animations to both sides of the ball, they have added a slow motion feature to the new Heisman mode and Campus Legend, they have made receivers become highlighted when they make a break on their route, and most importantly.. with these changes... they have made the gameplay much more intuitive and free flowing. A much welcomed improvement. But what about the career modes... you know... the modes that are suppose to keep you playing for hours upon hours?? Well.. this is where this game "drops the ball (pun intended)." Campus legend is the same as it has been since its introduction to the series but while maintaining the broken bland upgrade system as the '12 installment. Dynasty is exactly the same as previous installments and the new Heisman mode is essentially Campus legend but with some interviews to break up the action. In the End: The true-to-the-game football simulations fans have been screaming for is still not here. The new ESPN presentation like the "studio updates" are more annoying than authentic and the commentary is actually more broken than ever, having large chunks of silent gameplay. While standard online and quick games may be fun for a while, the career modes that substantiate the game are a copy-paste from previous installments. As soon as you hit 'new game,' you already feel like you have beaten it before. If you have any of the current gen NCAA Football titles.. you will be perfectly content with just downloading the demo for this one. Expand
  18. Nov 9, 2012
    The online dynasty continues to be its strongsuit but the gameplay and graphics have become stale in the final days of the current gen consoles. The Heisman Challenge game mode was a reach that failed and other modes have lost their luster.
  19. Sep 30, 2012
    Like many, I look forward to fall when I can enjoy NCAA football, and over the last 6 years I have bought each of EAs NCAA football releases. I do enjoy the heisman mode and think that using the "matrix mode" to slow down the action both in heisman and rtg add an element of depth to the game that is enjoyable. Progression through RTG, when you choose any difficulty less than heisman, seems a bit fast. I have played the game foe a few months now and wanted to give an honest review of the pros and cons of the ncaa experience this year.

    Recruiting: I really do enjoy alot of the tweaking they did here. This is a huge part of the dynasty experience, and the changes are much appreciated.

    Gameplay: Alot was made of the changes to both passing and receiving. I have noticed more realistic limitations to accuracy and power when throwing off the back foot but cant speak much of the changes to receiving.
    RTG: Lots of fun. Pretty easy to progress on offense and become a starter. Increasing stats is not hard. This is a great fun element to this series.

    Graphics: Several of the advances we got over the past few years such as living grass last year were removed this year... The audience in the stands looks like cardboard cutouts.

    Sound: Herbstreit, we really dont need a 30 second recap for our play. By the time you are done, Ive already run one more... One thing EA used as a selling point is a HUGE inconvenience. When they arbitrarily cut in for a game update and you are attempting to run a hurry up offense. It appears EA gave up on buying the rights to quite a few of the schools in this games fight songs, which is a shame and really does take away from the experience.

    Recruiting: For all of the strides they made, they took a step back. In NCAA 12 At the end of the season, right before week 1 of recruiting started, usually somewhere around 100ish or so new recruits entered the pipeline. Now this was great because if you had a unfilled need, you may be able to fill it at the last minute. This was removed from this years game.

    RTG: Ever try playing a DB in RTG? Give it a shot. It is pretty tough to earn more than 40 points per game in a high school rtg game towards that 5 or 6 star school you are interested in. Get 6 tackles? 40 points... Camera angles are HORRIBLE. They seem to change depending upon where the ball happens to be, and this is something that cannot be changed...

    BUGS: These may eventually be worked out but... The menu sludge is unforgiving. I am not alone here when I say that I have had the system freeze while trying to load one of my saved dynastys (locks up same spot lost 4 years). I hope they dont regress next year as it feels like they did with this years title.
  20. Aug 5, 2012
    This game deserves a 4 plain an simple. I have been able to play Dynasty, I heard some people can't but I still love dynasty mode. RTG mode is plain straight up broken. If it wasn't so busted this game would have deserved an 8, but because coach trust, and AI are so horrendous it does not deserve a strong score.

    If the dynasty mode didn't work then this game would deserve a 0,
    thankfully for me it does work. Expand
  21. Jul 19, 2012
    Can't blame anyone but myself for getting the game knew what was coming up by every year for the past 12 years don't know why I was thinking a difference this year but the game is just a blah not really interesting it's okay if I play get some body but I cannot play by myself.
  22. Jul 18, 2012
    While improvements to pass trajectory and such seem nice, they're minor improvements for a game that's incredibly stale. Plus, there are huge glitches, new ones and old ones that carry over. Anyone else having repeated freeze problems? Maybe EA shouldn't release a game in beta.
  23. Jul 21, 2012
    This is not just the worst game I've seen in the series in many years, it is the absolute worst sports game I have ever owned. Constant interruptions kill the flow of the game (Rece Davis, unnecessary replays, etc.). The announcers are dry and lack any color whatsoever. Game-play issues abound. Also, the game periodically switches to scripted outcomes. Boring. During these games you might as well Supersim, your presence is not really necessary. I'm sure someone thought this was a great idea ("I smell another EA classic!"). I am deeply disappointed by this game. I know EA can create a vastly superior product to this. The question is, will they ever try? Expand
  24. Sep 23, 2012
    Don't expect anything new. Everything is the same except the rosters and title. Wait till NCAA Football 14 because hopefully that will be better
  25. Jul 14, 2012
    NCAA 13 puts a new shade of lipstick on the same old pig. DBs still run routes before WRs. Blocking is awful, i've seen lineman stop and turn around, CPU play calling is abysmal. the CPU was down 3, on my 40 yard line with 3 seconds left, and it ran a draw. at least it go the first down!

    Whatever marketing gimmick they can up for the passing, is just a name. Defenders still make
    impossible leaps to swat away passes, NCAA has a feast or famine approach to defense. Either they blanket a receiver , or they just let them run by

    not only did coach carousel not having any new features, somehow the geniuses at EA made it worse, case in point, the Alabama HC went 47-6, won 2 SEC titles, a NC and played for another. His prestige? D+ - oh yeah 53 games in 4 seasons, that's kinda weird because scheduling is broken - teams regularly play just 11 games. Head coaches will spend a year at a school before going to be a coordinator at another school

    Dynasty is as silly as ever, as major college football powers will end up cowering to the mighty Ohio Bobcats, WKU Hilltoppers (they had a 93 OVR QB!) and more!

    Heisman Challenge is the mode no one asked for, it's tedious and uninteresting. RTG is the same mode made for teenagers

    Dynasty is a crash fest, you will get several crashes an hour, this game is alpha quality at best

    this game is trash, am i a EA hater? for sure, they definitely deserve the hate
  26. Jul 13, 2012
    Do NOT buy this game if you plan on playing in the dynasty mode. Played the game for two hours and it already froze on me FOUR TIMES! To verify my claim, google "NCAA football 13 freezing issues". In ALL, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNTIL THEY COME OUT WITH AN UPDATE. It's official, EA's monopoly of the college football game market is causing them to come out with shottier and shottier games each year because they know people will buy it. Don't join the club! Expand
  27. Nov 22, 2012
    I created an account for the sole purpose of reviewing this game. This game fails on every level. The AI is terrible in every way. Screen passes won't work because of terrible blocking AI. Same goes for any kind of run play where a guard pulls. Your offensive line's AI can't react to blitzes and will let a linebacker through untouched while three of them block a single DT. Every problem that was present in the previous year's release is still present, such as receivers letting defensive backs intercept a ball or jump their routes without so much as an attempt to deter them. Linebackers are still psychic and will intercept a ball without seeing it and by jumping 64 inches into the air and spinning 180 degrees. I could go on for hours about how horribly frustrating and cheap this game is, but it really isn't worth the time. It isn't worth your purchase either. Expand
  28. Feb 11, 2014
    It is identical to NCAA 12. It isn't even a roster update like Madden. These are all fake players.....or fake enough.

    Here is an idea....don't charge me $60 for a "new" game. Charge me $15 for a roster update.

    But don't worry haven't gotten a dime from me.....I buy NCAA, Madden, NHL, and Tiger Woods used.
  29. Sep 25, 2012
    The game-play in NCAA 13 feels better than last year's edition but not much else has changed. I like the feel of the new passing controls and the fact that the linebackers jumping ability has been toned down. There was way too many interceptions from linebackers in last season's edition. The Heisman mode is a nice little addition but one that hardcore games won't play much. Most of the Heisman winners are so overpowered with the addition of the slo-mo feature that it quickly loses it's challenge. Dynasty and on-line Dynasty are still the main draw for me and the improvements help it immensely. I love the new recruiting features and how your team's ratings can change from week to week. I do not love the length of time it takes to advance to next week due to these changes. All in all it's a step forward from last year's edition but there is still room for improvement. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Aug 21, 2012
    Though the undercarriage of the game has not changed, EA has done a tremendous job of adding features, tweaking gameplay, and providing visual touches for NCAA Football 13. Heisman Challenge mode really puts this one over the top, providing a new experience and hours of gameplay outside of the well-known modes of play. Even if you have NCAA Football 12 sitting on your shelf, this is a must-own for any virtual football fanatic.
  2. Aug 21, 2012
    All in all, NCAA Football 13 marks a really enjoyable entry in EA's long-running franchise, and it shows that EA Tiburon still has what it takes to make a fun, exciting football game for fans.
  3. Aug 9, 2012
    The gameplay improvements are fantastic but, in the end, NCAA Football 13 fails to provide enough to warrant an upgrade over last year's title. While it is still an enjoyable game, much more thought will need to go into this purchase if you are a seasoned veteran. But as mentioned previously, if you haven't found yourself on the college gridiron in a while, it is well worth your money.