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  • Summary: This year's new physics-based animation system and a wholly re-engineered spread and read option game affect the outcome of every play allowing you to stay true to your favorite team.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Jul 10, 2013
    Overall the game offers a robust offering of modes and solid gameplay that will have you playing well into the college season.
  2. Jul 5, 2013
    This is the best version of the series since NCAA 06. And even though I think annual releases of sports games are, well, useless with the possibility of just downloading roster updates, this is well worth $60 and can't be missed by NCAA fans.
  3. Aug 8, 2013
    The Infinity Engine 2 has taken the NCAA Football gameplay to a new level of realism, and with the improvements to the Dynasty mode, even the lack of depth that Ultimate Team suffers from can't hinder the fact that this is arguably the best title in the franchise series.
  4. Jul 5, 2013
    Even with these positives, and a better-late-than-never addition of the Ultimate Team mode, NCAA Football 14 is not a game that shows a series playing at its peak as a console generation ends.
  5. Jul 9, 2013
    This year, NCAA’s lack of novelty is more evident. Yeah, it now has Infinity Engine physics — which Madden NFL got last year — and Ultimate Team — which FIFA has had for a while. It does play a better game of college football, however, and that’s important. But ultimately, NCAA Football 14 is like your friend who showed up to the first class of the fall semester with the same haircut, shirt, and summer story to tell. Maybe he lost a few pounds, and you’re happy to see him, but he hasn’t really changed.
  6. Jul 5, 2013
    There’s a good football game here, but it’s far from an impressive package.
  7. Jul 5, 2013
    It's a shame that NCAA Football '14 has the same problems the franchise has been burdened with for years. The on-field action is tight and rewarding, but everything else is sloppy at best.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 27
  2. Negative: 4 out of 27
  1. May 21, 2014
    This is an interesting and very good bang that the series goes out on because of the lawsuits surrounding it and the NCAA. The game is far more fluid this year than in any other year and the gameplay is still, I believe, better than in Madden. There are minor things that bug me including a clunky menu screen and the cut-aways for the updates on other games become very annoying. But overall, if this was the year that the game was going to end, they went out on a high note. This game will be a highly sought after game in about 2-3 years as it is the final college football game to be released. I know I'm keeping my copy and probably going to buy up some more in the future, if this goes the route that the final college basketball game did in 2010. Expand
  2. Jul 9, 2013
    NCAA Football has revamped it's hot route and audible systems to better represent what you see in real life. Smell blitz? Hot route your slot receiver to a hitch. DB backed off too far from your flanker? Put him on a smoke screen! With many new blocking schemes (Dart, Cake, Midline, Trap, Counter) for the spread option, you may choose to use this new "Run Free" feature!

    NCAA Football has come a long way over the past few years, and now heading into the XboxOne generation, the future looks promising. This game has sustained replay-ability, and seems to be a more realistic representation of what we see on Saturdays!
  3. Jul 9, 2013
    NCAA Football 14 again maintains the high level of quality the series has come to be known for. While dynasty mode remains a lot of fun to play, the development team shook things up a bit with a bunch of new presentation upgrades to make this game the best college football game to date. With new reach blocks, hit SFX system, all new halftime show, pass blocking locomotion, Easy-to-read option keys and more really captures the college atmosphere in a game. If you haven’t played it test out the demo and im sure after playing it you’ll buy a copy right away. Collapse
  4. Jul 11, 2013
    I'm a gameplay first type a guy and that's what I will base my review on. Don't get me wrong I enjoy all aspects from gameplay, to presentation, to game modes, but it all starts with the gameplay. NCAA Football 14 has improved greatly over NCAA Football 13, in fact I think NCAA Football 14 is the best football game produced by EA SPORTS on this generation of consoles. The first thing that jumps out at you is the improvement to the player locomotion and hard cuts. You now have the ability to make cuts with the left analog stick simply by changing direction. This feature adds a more realistic look and feel to the running game. Physics has also been introduce to the the NCAA Football Series with the Infinity Engine 2.0, which adds a more dynamic aspect to the gameplay. IE2 is a tuned and refined version of the Infinity Engine and plays out much smoother than the original version introduced in Madden NFL 13. Blocking has really been improved this year. Lineman have a new targeting system which allows them to block the right guy and change their path based on where the ball carrier is going. Last but not least the war in the trenches has returned to EA SPORTS football games. The combination of new D line moves and improved footwork mechanics for the O line provides trenche battles like you've never seen before from the Series.

    Along with pros comes cons, they are areas of concern in this game. Force Impact doesn't always seem to play out accordingly. All animations aren't able to be interrupted, at least not at all times. There still isn't any real DB/WR interactions. Zone coverage has been improved, but guys still don't really play outside of their zones based on the situation. TCP has been improved, but you still don't have full control over ball placement. Hard cuts have been added but that doesn't completely eliminate sliding and weird player movement at times.

    Overall I think NCAA Football 14 is a solid game to end this generation of consoles. I think this game is a building block to show us the direction EA SPORTS Football is going in and set a foundation for the future. For the most part this game plays very well and seems to have more pros than cons at this point.

  5. Aug 1, 2014
    When reading this review, I want you to also add elements of my Madden 25 review to the score, why this score is higher than Madden's is the AI on the higher difficulty settings. In Madden, I am able to win by 2.5 3 possessions if I play a smart game and I'm not messing around. On NCAA, the games are always closer and usually are decided by a possession or less. For people playing on All-Madden or Heisman, I recommend fine tuning the interception bar to the 80-85 level for more realism. To often in the EA sports series, I have had the computer or human opponents throw a bad pass right at a cornerback, saftey, or linebacker and have them drop it. By moving the bar up, it will give you a much more realistic copy of a real NFL/NCAA football game that is played in real life.

    I gave Madden 25 a six for flaws I found when just messing around, these flaws are same and/or similar in this game, I gave this game a higher score because of the excitement that surrounds the end season of college football of who goes where and whatnot. The franchise in the game is fun as ever but I usually just play Exhibition because I play it at the Library for free and I really don't want to buy a flash drive to save my data because of the flaws I have found. The 'create a player' mode is really cool too. How they start you off in High School and you get to pick where you want to go to college to play football and depending how you do depends on who accepts you and whatnot. The main problem I had with this mode was if you choose to be Quarterback like most people do, you can't call running plays. When your in the High School portion of the recruitment phase (just play the game and you'll see what I'm talking about), the coach calls all the plays and they are always pass plays and it makes no sense because no team calls all pass plays no matter what level they play at.

    The hurry up mode in this game is also a lot better than Madden 25's I feel. Which gives you the ability to dictate the tempo of the game better than in Madden 25. But this is just my opinion.

    If Madden 25 were to make the AI better, I would also give it a seven. And if EA sports were to fix all the flaws stated in my Madden 25 review, in both games, I would give them both 7.5's.
  6. Aug 1, 2013
    A solid but unspectacular football game, with improved, nice physics but the game modes are the same as last year's and boring. The new game mode is ultimate team where you play as pro players in there college days which is okay, but doesn't feel right or flow. Expand
  7. Mar 11, 2014
    Those who write positive reviews are playing this game a lot differently than I. I bought this game months ago, but finally after playing it today it went in the trash. The a.i. Is absolutely insane. Whenever the comp decides to turn the game around you have no chance. You will throw int's, and on defense the comp will score within a minute. It's crazy, for quarters I mean you can do nothing and the comp will do no wrong, it's really sucks. The ppl who created this garbage do not know about football. Expand

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