Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 35
  2. Negative: 17 out of 35
  1. NFL Tour doesn’t go to cartoonish extremes, and its self-imposed limitations send some long-term potential off the field on a stretcher, but the smooth play and slick presentation keep it a worthwhile sport.
  2. 75
    NLF Tour keeps its feet grounded in believability while taking a more arcade style approach. To boil it down, Tour is a happy medium between Madden and NLF Blitz.
  3. The wacky gameplay, broken tackles, and cheating computer may get the best of you. On the other hand, those of you that are arcade buffs or are particularly good at sports games should love it.
  4. 70
    I know I want more moves and I pretty much have given up playing against the computer, but when a friend comes over, this is one of the first games we throw in to play. There's just something about Tony Romo running up the side of a wall and leaping into the end zone for the game-winning score while Rodney Harrison whiffs himself into a face full of plexiglass that I can't get enough of, even if it's the only time the Patriots lose all year.
  5. Single player's weak, but multiplayer's great. [Apr 2008, p.87]
  6. Unfortunately for fans of EA's NFL Street series, your option this year is a relatively thinned out, shallow arcade football game.
  7. The game has been stripped of it’s former glory and is now just a below-average sports game in an already over-crowded genre.
  8. The good news is that you'll have some fun with NFL Tour, especially with friends. But the joy will be short lived when you realize that the feature set is comparable to the original NBA Jam -- just pick a team and play. It's a thin package that comes off as more of a $30 budget title than a full-fledged effort.
  9. It's still fun to play, especially when you play online. Overall, though, this Tour will leave you less than thrilled.
  10. Although EA has had some great success with NFL Street, the new NFL Tour just didn't stand up as well. You would hope the time to work on a next gen version of the game would have helped more, but overall this is a pretty mediocre arcade football game.
  11. 60
    As a package NFL Tour doesn’t quite cut the mustard. The tour mode is all well and good but there just isn’t enough content behind that to support a game, despite its cheaper retail price, and its enjoyable gameplay.
  12. NFL Tour is a fun game that you will have fun playing, but after completing Tour Mode you are only left with two mini games and Xbox Live which isn't enough in my opinion to play the game at any great length.
  13. Bare-bones American football without the entertainment we enjoyed in "NFL Street." [Apr 2008, p.73]
  14. EA should be ashamed that it’s trying to bilk some kid out of $50 while offering so little in return. I can understand simplifying the controller in an otherwise button-heavy sport, but that doesn’t mean the gameplay itself has to become uninspiring and so lacking.
  15. NFL Tour would have made a great arcade game, but as a console game, it's simply too shallow to hold your interest for long.
  16. There's not nearly enough meat on its bones to warrant a stand-alone game, even mercifully priced $20 less than most new next-gen releases. Frankly, it belongs as a mini-game in Madden.
  17. As I sit here, I wonder what on earth made EA decide to abandon the Street franchise, which was just reaching its prime, for what's found in NFL Tour.
  18. NFL Tour is really a game without an identity or purpose. You won’t feel the same visceral excitement from a round of NFL Tour as you do when playing NFL Blitz.
  19. 47
    Not only has NFL Tour dropped the ball, it's completely taken the air out of the old NFL Street series entirely. The tricks, attitude and character that made its predecessors enjoyable is lost in favor of unbalanced play, missing incentives to progress through a bland tour, and a horrible presentation.
  20. Basic and boring gameplay, teamed with poor presentation, anemic customization and a total lack of motivation to actually win make the prospects of NFL Tour’s future less likely than the return of the XFL.
  21. 45
    NFL Tour is just Arena Football with professional teams. Instead of releasing this game, they really should have made NFL Street 4, especially since the third entry in the series was so bad.
  22. So while this game may flaunt itself as the grand successor to the NFL Street series, it only falls flat on its face before it hits the turf. What you’ve got instead is a hyped arena football game with some poor choices in atmosphere and fun.
  23. NFL Tour does play an exciting and fun game of arcade football, but in the end it feels as if it was meant for a stand up arcade machine rather than in the home.
  24. So, NFL Tour is a $40 mess for the Xbox 360 and PS3.
  25. 40
    There have been worse football games out there, but not a lot. If you've got young gamers in your household, sit down with them and break down a Madden playbook instead of forcing NFL Tour on them. Unlike its spiritual predecessor NFL Street, there are no Gamebreakers here. Instead, the game itself is broken.
  26. This is one of the worst football games I've ever played. If you crave arcade action football, go pick up one of the original NFL Street games.
  27. 40
    One thing NFL Tour is great for is padding your Xbox gamerscore. Otherwise, don’t bother with this one.
  28. The gameplay is fun and easy to pick up, just as you would expect from an arcade style sports sim, but the overall package doesn't seem to take itself seriously, due to the parody commentator and muted atmosphere.
  29. NFL Tour's last-team-with-the-ball-wins emphasis on offense deflates whatever air this pigskin had left in it. [Feb 2008, p.76]
  30. There's bad, and there's really bad. Somehow, someway, EA has managed to eclipse both with NFL Tour. Please bring back NFL Street.
  31. 30
    Budget buyers, beware: This half-assed rebranding and rethinking of the NFL Street series is one of the limpest sports experiences I've played in years. NFL Tour is shockingly inorganic, severely underdeveloped, and thoroughly limited.
  32. There are no injuries, field goals, audibles, safeties, penalties; it's just pick a play and then pick up and play, with as few things to think about as possible. We expected that, but it turns out it's also the main reason that NFL Tour is rubbish: American football needs these things. It needs a bit of complexity and nuance. Without it, it's only ever slightly entertaining.
  33. NFL Tour is not a good game, simple as that. The NFL Street franchise had enough good elements for the developers to come up with an entertaining game. NFL Tour, however, fails in this. If you don't like American Football, ignore this game. If you do like American Football, ignore this game extra hard. This sport deserves a better treatment.
  34. Boring offence, terrible defence and a poor substitute for a series that could've taken a huge step forward on the 360. [Issue#30, p.93]
  35. NFL Tour isn’t just bad. It’s other-worldy bad...It was my hope that in this case less would be more, but unfortunately less is less. We are left with a completely boring and terrible game that I think could be justification for the NFL to revoke the license.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 43 Ratings

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  1. Sep 23, 2010
    Garbage, from its 'roid-raging cover athlete to its inexplicable control scheme to its bizarre inclusion of television (un)funny man Jay Mohr.Garbage, from its 'roid-raging cover athlete to its inexplicable control scheme to its bizarre inclusion of television (un)funny man Jay Mohr. If you complain about Madden's seeming lack of innovation, one needs only look at this game to see the dark side of "innovation". Full Review »
  2. MW
    Mar 5, 2008
    Why bother EA? What a craptastic title and an absolute waste of time.
  3. MattD.
    Jan 13, 2008
    Very good it's so much fun pick up and play great for multiplayer.