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  • Summary: Fans asked and 2K Sports answered with easy-to-learn controls that still provide depth for the season veteran. With 2K Sports' classic default controls, a player’s first game will be as enjoyable as their one-thousandth, while the new and intuitive hybrid controls will provide the depth experienced vets are looking for. Enhanced Gameplay - An updated arsenal of highlight reel-worthy superstar moves, blocked shots, stick-handling moves, hit-by-puck collisions, and a greatly-enhanced skating engine make up for an exciting and all-new hockey experience complete with more than 1,400 new gameplay animations. All-New Presentation System – Pre-game intros, menus, new crowd animations, game summary replays, and brand new commentary featuring Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda of the San Jose Sharks bring a fresh new look and sound to NHL 2K9’s visual and audio experience. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. The best online addition this year is the Team-Up feature, something all sports games should have going forward.
  2. If the fun NHL 2K9's developers were trying to bring back lies somewhere around the gameplay of Ice Hockey for the NES (the king of pick-up-and-play sports), they surely missed the mark.
  3. A buy to whoever felt intimidated by NHL 09’s approach in terms of game modes and controls. For the hardcore hockey’s hard to recommend but it deserves a good look.
  4. Only slightly worse than EA's recent offering, but when there's a choice of two, why would anyone plump for second place? [Issue#38, p.102]
  5. With all that said, it's with heavy heart that we point anyone looking for a fun hockey game to NHL 09. We loathe to do this in light of NHL 2K9's impressive online features (tournaments and six-on-six with 11 other players), but the rest of the package just doesn't live up to expectations.
  6. 67
    When compared to EA's monster, 2K9 feels a bit like pond hockey. And while that isn't necessarily a bad thing for newcomers, who'll eat up the wild excitement of the game, those who know better may recoil in their chairs when they realize just how crazy it can be.
  7. A misguided effort to streamline the experience and create gameplay where realism comes before responsiveness.

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  1. Sep 27, 2013
    I play 2K8 Religiously. About 700 total games so far. Its so fun and enjoyable. Going from PS2-360 of coarse the graphics are better. That's about it. Messing with a steal of a $20 new game and making it junk is mind boggling. The controls were awesome for rookie-advanced players alike. 2K8 franchise is deep real deep. 2 way contracts/ players of the week/ practices/ opportunity knocks etc... 2k8 may or may not have been flawed in was definitely fun. My opinion that is the only thing that matters in judging a game.

    2k9 7
    2k8 10

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