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  • Summary: Nothing is as it seems in Square Enix's latest action adventure game, set in a crumbling world plagued by disease and dark, unrecognizable creatures. Players assume the role of the unyielding protagonist, NIER, resolute in his quest to discover a cure for his daughter, who is infected with the Black Scrawl virus. With powerful allies and a mysterious book, NIER encounters things that will confound even the mightiest of warriors. [Square Enix] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 60
  2. Negative: 3 out of 60
  1. Nier is as awesome as it is obscure. A game that will be hated by simpletons for its bold approach to the action-rpg genre, and loved by anyone in their right mind for exactly the same reason. The oddly loveable cast, the myriad of different gameplay-concepts (ranging from old school to sheer genius) and the awesome soundtrack make Nier into a roughly hewn diamond, brilliantly shining as the surprise of the year.
  2. Feb 9, 2011
    Nier won't wow players with its basic mechanics, but in the story it tells, the characters it develops, and the themes present throughout play, it will easily win over anyone seeking something emotionally exploratory and well off the beaten path.
  3. Nier comes with a bizarre mix of influences and its own accomplishments. Not all of it works, but it's a commendable effort, and a great experience.
  4. Nier could have been something if more thought was put into the actual gameplay and leveling system, rather than making it a linear path through mediocrity.
  5. Nier's jack-of-all-trades approach simply doesn't succeed, making for a strikingly uneven experience. You'll want to love this game for its story and music, but you'll struggle to stomach everything else.
  6. Nier is ambitious and delightfully crass but hits too many lows and dull points to climb higher than it has. Definitely worth a look if the more original side of gaming is your thing. [Issue#60, p.99]
  7. 42
    I'm just not convinced that this grab bag of half-baked ideas and gratuitous filler makes for a great videogame. And I learned something about myself, as well: It takes a lot more than sassy books and hermaphrodites to keep my interest these days.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 25
  2. Negative: 1 out of 25
  1. Dec 28, 2011
    wastelander u r just a bad player thats it u know.. dont flame games u cant play because you are to bad for them.. nier is one of the best games Ive played on x360. Expand
  2. Jul 7, 2012
    This game has such a overwhelmingly immersive story I can over look any flaws, It's seriously shocking how different things can be playing through a second time. This game can be picked up dirt cheap go buy it if story is a main draw of video games for you. Expand
  3. Mar 27, 2012
    One of my favorite stories in video game history, I have never been impacted so strongly by a story before, this game has characters that you can really bond to and care about unlike many games where you don't really care whether they die or not. The second time you play through the game it gives you such a different look on everything, I have never wanted to just let a boss kill me in a game before because I felt so bad about what I was doing. The sound is amazing in this game, if you take the time to listen to the soundtrack it is one of the best I have ever experienced in a game. In-game the songs can get a little repetitive but when actually listened to in full they are beautifully written. This game may not have the best graphics but I do think they fit the setting well. The gameplay is pretty good, I never really found myself mad about the controls or anything and the boss fights are generally pretty fun. Yes, the fishing part was stupid as hell but if you get past that one part you are good to go the rest of the game. The replayabilty is pretty high I would say, if you want to get the full story at least play it quick a second time, it will change you feeling about the entire game and you only have to play the second half again. Overall this is a great game and deserves a much better score than it has. Don't listen to the bad ratings when a lot of them gave up after an hour at the fishing part, if you give this gem a chance you will be thoroughly glad you did! Expand
  4. Nov 19, 2011
    The underdog of the decade, Nier does things and goes places that would be considered beyond risky for most developers, and if handed to any publisher in its base form they'd be insane not to shoot it down. And yet, here it is, un-intruded-upon by outside interference and stunningly brilliant in every understanding of the word. Nier is the wonderfully-told tale of a tragedy on a massive scale, and yet it is the individual characters and their humorous interactions which carry the day - and connected to those characters you will doubtlessly become. A must-play for those seeking something breathtakingly original and painfully ignored. Expand
  5. Aug 13, 2010
    Nier is one of those games that really catch you off guard. when I first started playing this game I was thoroughly let down. the opening sequence is, down right horrible. However, the game simply picks itself up and dusts itself off from this point on. overall the combat is simple but effective, the graphics are terrible, but it seems the game wouldn't look as nice with any other look. I know this doesn't really make sense, but it is the best way I can describe it. overall the story is pretty bland, but is certainly made up for with the amazingly unique characters. overall I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something a little different from square enix's common formula. Expand
  6. Apr 26, 2013
    The best way to describe Nier without saying much of anything is; a rare gem, hidden amongst lesser games. There is a deep narrative, accompanied by unforgettable characters, a fantastic soundtrack, and decently fun game-play. The best way to describe Nier would be to call it an "artistic" game. Later levels make use of unique color pallets and perspective swaps that intrigued me greatly (considering the type of game this is), in addition to the story, which is deep, and unique. The game has 4 different endings, each of which requires a separate play-through to witness. All through the world there are secrets giving insight into the mysterious world of Nier, all to entice you to keep going to the end. The combat is decently good. You can use three different styles of melee attacks (though two are not unlocked until later) and a wide array of magic spells, each of which tend to have unique effects. The graphics are poor considering the year the game came out. Some environments look like a PS2 game (however this could an artistic choice, based on the games back-story), and character models, while decent, are far from top notch. The music is amazing, some of the best in videogame history. Probably the game's biggest flaw is the fishing mini game. You only need to catch one fish in the whole game, but the way the game tells you how to do it is flat out wrong, which can result in spending two hours (like myself) trying to figure out what the hell you're doing (just look up the method online). Despite it's flaws, Nier does what it does very well. The story will draw you in, give you characters to care about, and leave you with a tear in your eye at more than one point. Final Score: 8.3/10 Expand
  7. Nov 26, 2011
    Not nierly as good as I thought it might be. Too linear, too generic, too JRPG cheesy for my tastes. Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along. Expand

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