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Summary: Killer Combat System - Each character has a variety of moves that players can utilize to combat enemies in the air, on the ground, at a distance, when surrounded or even to evade attacks. Players can change weapon attacks: for example, switching between one katana for precision work, or use two katanas to take out large crowds of enemies. Adrenaline Filled Rage Mode - Unleash the hidden power inside of Aya and Saki, as players go into rage mode when covered in too much blood to gain more power and more agility to destroy enemies faster. But if soaked in blood for too long, the added adrenaline will deplete the player’s health. Co-op Play - Invite a friend to join in the fight with Co-Op mode to rid the city of zombie infestation. Multiple Gameplay Modes - Zombie slayers will experience the main storyline through multiple stages with danger lurking around every corner in Story mode; replay favorite levels in Free Play mode; kill as many zombies as possible before their health runs out in Survival mode, embark on more than 40 harrowing quests in Quest mode and more. Dress-Up Mode - Unlock and acquire a variety of items to use in Dress-up mode to style out the sisters with sexy clothing, flashy accessories, hot hairstyles and more. After selecting an outfit combination, players can name the combinations, save them, then use the outfits in-game. Drive-and-Slash - Play as Aya and with the wind in your hair, dismember zombies at slow or full-speed while riding a tricked-out motorcycle in select levels. [D3Publiser of America]
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Rating: M
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Developer: Tamsoft
Genre(s): Action
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes
Offline Modes:Cooperative
Resolution:1080i, 1080p, 720p
Customization:Downloadable Content
Cast Credit
Nao Takamori Japanese Voice Of Saki
Shinya Sasahara Executive Producer (Movie)
Yuuko Kaida Japanese Voice Of Aya
Hiroaki Miura Animator (Movie)
Kazuya Sasahara Movie Director
Shinsuke Yamasaki Enemy Motion
Shigeki Watanabe Character Programmer
Takashi Maeda Enemy Modeling / Item Modeling
Masafumi Miyake Enemy Modeling / Item Modeling
Kazusa Amagai Japanese Voice Of Anna
Asuka Hataya Japanese Voice Of Misery
Yuki Hishijima Japanese Voice Of Reiko
Yasuko Ourai Japanese Voice Of Himiko
Daisuke Sasaki CG Designer [Meus]
Koji Watanabe Assistant Lead Programmer
Steve Baldoni Executive Producer
Yuki Nakamura Animator (Movie)
Alex Coward Producer [d3]
Toshio Ohashi Game Designer
Akihi Motoyama Sound Design
Manami Wada Sound Design
Junya Iwamoto Game Motion Talent
Takayuki Kondou Voice: David
Tony Hosokawa Game Motion Talent
Takeshi Maruyama Voice: Flegge / TV News Announcer
Hideki Matsumoto Program Support
Toshihiro Ichino Character Motion
Toshiaki Ota General Producer
Suguru Tanaka CG Designer [Meus]
Jun Takeda Background Modeling
Shintarou Nakaoka Producer
Shunsuke Tezuka Character Motion
Shunsuke Tezuka Lead Game Designer / Lead Character Artist
Kazuki Abe Graphics Programmer
Kazuki Abe Lead Programmer
Satoshi Inamoto Menu / NPC Programmer
Satoshi Inamoto Storage Programmer
Nobuyoshi Sakairi Demo / NPC Programmer
Mineto Sato Effect Programmer
Shinichi Saitoh Menu Programmer
Shoichi Yasui Tools / NPC Programmer
Kaji Watanabe Sound Programmer
Nobuoshi Sakairi Live Programmer
Choco Mel Miki Abe System / Tools Programmer
Takuji Hayashida Localization's Programmer
Gofun Gack Enemy Modeling / Item Modeling
Gharabigli Akber Enemy Modeling / Item Modeling
Yukio Takahashi Background Modeling
Kou Hoshina Background Modeling
Kazunaga Nomoto Item Modeling
Souju Inaoka Item Modeling
Masahiro Tezuka 2d Interface Design
Koichi Komizo Design Assistant
Biichi Satoh Voice: Ying, Yang / TV News Reporter
Yasuyumi Miwa Director Of Animation (Movie)
Takafumi Oi Director Of Animation (Movie)
Tomohisa Ishikawa Modeling (Movie)
Eriko Inamoto Modeling (Movie)
Takanori Urakawa Modeling (Movie)
Akira Oono Modeling (Movie)
Toru Okishima Modeling (Movie)
Nobunao Ono Modeling (Movie)
Tomohiro Kagawa Modeling (Movie)
Takahiro Morimoto Modeling (Movie)
Toru Okazawa Animator (Movie)
Kousuke Kama Animator (Movie)
Kuniharu Koike Animator (Movie)
Manabu Konno Animator (Movie)
Shigemori Shii Animator (Movie)
Takeru Nakajima Animator (Movie)
Hiroyuki Matsubayashi Animator (Movie)
Katsuyoshi Yoshizawa Animator (Movie)
Daisuke Chonan Producer (Movie)
Yoichiro Kiyota Producer (Movie)
Kimihiro Ueno Director [Meus]
Tetsuro Sugimori Producer [Meus]
Takayuki Kondou Voice: David
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