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  1. Sep 24, 2011
    I thought this game was supposed to be a military combat simulator, but actually it's some kind of military tedious walking simulator, which is cool too, if you're into that sort of thing. I believe the game designers wanted to create a game with a realistic interpretation of what it would be like if a war was fought between a bunch of complete idiots, and in that manner, they excel. In real life, if you're one guy in command of three other guys who have serious brain damage, you're probably going to lose, right? That's exactly what happens in this game! So real. Expand
  2. Jun 25, 2011
    Playing this game with other people is the key to having fun with it. I love playing this game more than any other when I have a full squad, who can play together, as opposed to other games in the FPS genre. This game really shouldn't be considered part of that genre since the gameplay is so different. While I view the COD series as Jerry Bruckheimer's version of war, I would view this one as way more realistic. My favorite memory of this game was when a buddy of mine and I were playing it. We were sprinting over open ground toward cover while being shot at by the enemy. We made it to the grove of trees when all of the sudden, an RPG round hit a tree right beside him. The resulting explosion dismembered his body completely, and knocked me to the ground bleeding out. It was one of the most intense gameplay moments I have ever experienced. Operation Flashpoint games will deliver this every time you play.

    Pros: Graphics, sounds of weapons, replay value, realism
    Cons: No mission editor for console versions, no fixed wing aircraft, cheesy voiceovers
  3. Feb 12, 2012
    This game much like the new medal of honor is not for call of duty snobs. I love this game so much especially the challenge that presents itself and storywise it's pretty realistic
  4. Jun 29, 2011
    Ok game. The missions are simply not as fun as the co-op missions in GRAW and GRAW 2. Some sections are just ridiculous, and are annoying enough that the replay value is simply not there. Sometimes fun, but mostly disappointing.
  5. Apr 4, 2011
    As a huge fan of the originals on PC, this was one of the most disappointing sequels I've played (since the dark, sad days of awful sequels like Unreal 2 and Deus Ex Invisible War). They've stripped out everything that made the originals great. You won't participate in frequent large combined arms engagements, you won't find yourself behind the controls of tanks or helicopters (unless you play multiplayer), and you won't have much control over how you approach each mission. This game has a lot more in common with the old Delta Force titles than the grand scale of OFP, Resistance, and the spiritual successors of ARMA and ARMA2. Nearly every mission involves climbing a hill, killing whatever stands on top of it, then getting to an extraction point. Also, no mission editor for consoles. That was half the fun right there. Negatives aside, it isn't all bad. The combat controls are a lot better than the original, it's easier to get your squad-mates to help out, buildings play a larger role (unless your squad mates have to enter them), and the pyrotechnics are a lot more realistic. These positives just don't cut it in the long run. Taken on its own, it's a mediocre realistic shooter, a bit of a Ghost Recon 1 meets Delta Force hybrid with boring missions. Placed alongside its predecessors, it is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. If you have a pc, stick to ARMA. This is Operation Flashpoint in name only. Expand
  6. May 11, 2011
    This game is probably not for the kind of person who is obsessed with playing Multiplayer Call of Duty.This is a serious,realistic & as a result slower paced affair.But this is the much better game for it! In a world crammed with 'cut & paste in ya face' 1st person shooters,this is a breath of fresh air.. As i've said,its very realistic,with one or 2 hits being able to kill you.But this makes for a great experience,as you HAVE to use cover,& plan how you approach objectives or an enemy force,& by that i mean approach from a hill line,where you have a better view & height advantage,or have better cover,say from a treeline.Some fights you may end up avoiding completely,by a slight detour,as you would in real life(why would you get into an uneccassary firefight,endangering your squads lives,& the mission).The entire campaign can be played in online or system link Co-Op,& works very well.Players & Cpu team mates can heal each other if you dont get killed outright,so its not TOO unforgiving.(regarding the CPU,other reviews may have mentioned poor AI & other glitches in the game,but at the time of writing this,everythings been fixed,& runs very well,so dont worry about that).People that enjoy playing the Co-Op missions in GRAW 1&2 would enjoy this alot too,as it all plays fairly similar,& are both realism focused.Theres a couple of critisisms i have with the game,which is why i didnt give it a perfect score,which is it would've been nice to have to option to play the campaign split-screen Co-Op too,The graphics are not top of the range,but taking into account the size of the play area(its basically free roam),thats forgivable,& vehicles are very underused in the campaign(you get to use a helicopter once,in my experience),& dont handle particulally well.But as i say,minor points(apart from lack of splitscreen),& doesnt detract from the game.It all works,& is perfectly functionable.Highly recommend this game. Expand
  7. Apr 21, 2013
    I've been playing computer games since I had a Spectrum 48k back in 1981. I can honestly say that this game is in my `top' ten of worst games ever, yes it's that bad.
    It's got more bugs than a crab victims pants, it's sloooow, inaccurate, confusing.
    Thankfully I bought it pre-owned for only seven quid, if I'd paid seven pence for it, then I would maybe not be that bothered.

    game from the usually genius Codemasters. Expand
  8. Jun 7, 2013
    No matter what people say this is the best realistic strategy FPS shooter to come out in a while for Xbox. First off it can be buggy, but after a few updates it feels fresher and better then before.

    Story Taking place in a fictional country filled with an army of insurgents, you play as a Marine of whatever choosing you like. You battle your way to help the country stabilize by
    forcing them out. But worldly events lead the Chinese to be involved and make them hungry for revenge against the insurgents. You get caught in the middle of a mission against insurgents by overwhelming Chinese forces. The Marines see they are trying to force their military in seizing the country and must stop them.

    Gameplay Gameplay is pretty straight forward: Kill the enemy before they do. One bullet on the hardest difficulty can kill you if it hits in the right place. It can be pretty frustrating when a mission goes wrong and your teammates die or if your hit and need medical attention. Enemies can be difficult and pretty good shots so take tons of cover and use suppressive fire to flank them. Pretty simple, but harder to execute appropriate.

    Graphics Not the best, and the environment is boring sometimes. But it can get the job done.

    Controls It's easy to master to keep up with the squad commands easily. And it's pretty laid out.

    Overall The combat and story are very good, but graphics can make the immersion feel a bit boring.
  9. Aug 24, 2013
    The game is very beautiful, the only negative aspect i can say is an A.I. a bit "slow" in short range combats.
    The game itself is very neat, good graphic and quite realistic.
    good game

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. More than anything, it's a game that, even after completion, we want to keep returning to again and again, adding different ingredients to the freeform formula and seeing what kind of explosions we can create. We can guarantee you won't have played an FPS quite like this on Xbox 360, but now that one's arrived, you certainly should. [Nov 2009, p.84]
  2. 81
    At its best, it's nerve-janglingly tense as you plot and then implement the next firefight – where decisions you make have very serious consequences. But be warned, it's not a game that gently welcomes those more used to running-and-gunning, and even for the hardcore, there are serious problems with awkward command menus for your squad and bland missions at the top of the list of minus points.
  3. Operation Flashpoint 2 is a simulation, but it’s a simulation that is actually fun to play.