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  • Summary: Overlord II is the sequel to the warped fantasy action adventure that had players being delightfully despotic. In Overlord II, a new Overlord and a more powerful army of Minions take on an entire empire in a truly epic adventure, inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire. As the Glorious Empire conquers kingdoms and destroys any sign of magic it finds, it's time to go Minion Maximus and send in the horde. The Minions return smarter, deadlier (and funnier) and are ready to fight in large scale battles that will see their wild pack mentality squaring up to the organised legions of the Glorious Empire. As ever, they'll do anything and everything the Overlord commands of them, especially now that they can run ravage and wreck buildings and scenery. They've also learned how to ride: In Overlord II Minions mount up and ride wolves and other magical creatures around the landscape and take them into battle, making our band of merry fighters faster and fiercer than ever before. [Codemasters] Expand
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  1. Positive: 39 out of 60
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  1. There was several times during the game that I laughed out loud and that helped make this already enjoyable game much more fun. Certainly a must buy for fans of the original or just action fans in general but if you did not like the first game make sure you try out the demo first because the innovation from the first game is not that noticeable until you are well into playing it.
  2. Summing up, Overlord 2 is an excellent action and strategy adventure no fan of the genre should miss. It doesn't have plenty of new features, but even the original fans will find enough charm in this title to be engaged again.
  3. It's also a far smarter game in terms of presentation, with Triumph able to bring the game world into the modern era very successfully.
  4. Linear romps of destruction are enjoyable in mid-length spurts. Multiplayer offers a few different modes to play competitively or cooperatively.
  5. Overlord 2 adds some new interesting features at the core gameplay mechanics of the prequel. Even if the repetitivity of the quest system is already there, the game offers some new variables and a lot of fun.
  6. This demon-controlling adventure lets you do more fun things with your evil minions, but Overlord II hasn't shaken all of the issues that held back the first game.
  7. Dishing out this weak score is like putting an adorable puppy out of its misery. [Sept 2009, p.84]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 6
  2. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. KhristianRainford
    Jul 8, 2009
    For me, I've always liked Overlord. Sadly when the first game came out 2 years ago, it got overshadowed and deserved much more recognition. For those who've never played Overlord or a demo of it, think Dungeon Keeper 2 and Fable for the choices and especially the style mixed with the attitude of Gremlins and the puzzle solving side of Pikmin. Overlord is a refreshing change from all the samey titles on the market. Its nice to get a game which you can relax to and most of all its fun. Running around sending your minions to do as you please, whether you want to trash a village, loot some gold or even get them drunk. In the sequel, after the events of the first game you play a mini-Overlord to begin with, basically this is a clever way to teach the user the controls and then the first level cuts in where you play a taller darker brooding overlord, looking to be as successful as the one from the first game.

    The graphics although nice on the first one look richer on this. It really makes use of the 360 not to mention the moreso intericate details, such as when you start upgrading your tower and some of the minions have wigs or fans. Also the minions can have spells not to mention you can take one of them over and use them in your own way. What was good on the first game has been made even better on this. Also the Discworld-esque humour is still there, especially some of the dry, typically English comments.

    Personally I think its the best underated game on the 360 and it deserves a lot more praise. Its a refreshing change, total fun, the humours good and all its just a fun game. The addition of a two player co-op and versus modes adds to the replay value to.

    It deserves way more than the 6s and 7s its getting, I can't help but wonder whether some people have played it all the way through There seems to be a snobbery about certain genres, or to the extent if a games not serious it can't be good.
    Try the demo, you'll get addicted.

    Overall : 85%
  2. Jan 31, 2013
    Nowhere near as good or fresh as the original. In fact it follows pretty much the exact gameplay mechanic. There have been quite a few improvements from the original and they are noticeable, but the game really just feels like you're more or less doing the same thing as before and introducing very little new to the fray, unlike the original that add a whole lot. But I will say that it does try, perhaps a bit too hard. It almost feels like the developers were too scared to do something new and just add tweaks and superficial improvements to try to disguise who little they actually changed. The story itself is also a bit weak, and you feel very little connection with most of the character (aside from your minions of course.) Overall: A poor follow up to an excellent game, but that aside it still is allot of fun and is still worth playing, just don't have any high expectations. Expand
  3. Jul 3, 2013
    While not as satisfying as the original overlord, still a very enjoyable game, great humor and a fun story, pc controls could be better.
    There is abit of customization and building up your keep to give extra flavor, but the true joy is in the minions and their comments, and their wacky choice og gear and weapons.
  4. JustinMiller
    Jul 7, 2009
    This game just barely doesn't epically fail, and really the only thing that keeps it that way is the minion humor. Horrible sweep/camera control setup, pathetic "save system" (limited to autosaves unless you are in your Netherworld Tower looking at the map), several bugs/glitches, etc. Too small a world to play in (you'll be seeing the same areas over and over for the most part) Draw distance is pathetic (GTA3 did better). Seems very rushed.

    Sadly, the demo was more entertaining/fun.
  5. Oct 8, 2011
    Story: 4 Characters: 6 Graphics: 6 Setting: 7 Multiplayer: N/A Technical: 6 Audio: 6 Gameplay: 5 Re-Playability Value: 4 Fun Factor: 5 Score: 5.4/10 = D Expand
  6. Apr 13, 2014
    The game is fun for about an hour or two, then transforms into an unplayable **** of a game. I wasted $30 on a game I can't even play 25% of the way through. If I had a time machine (not rented from Mario, mind you), I would travel back to when I saw the game, **** slap myself across the face and say, "you little retarded human. Do not touch this game."
    This game truly is evil. Bad to the bone. Stealing candy from babies. It's BAD.