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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Agent Joanna Dark hit the ground running in Perfect Dark, an epic tale of galactic conspiracies in 2023 America. Now this classic shooter comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade, rendered in greater definition and detail and sporting a silkier framerate than ever before. Fire up your Farsight and prepare for assignment—the Dark returns this winter. CLassic action: Play the original full game beautifully restored and back in full HD, 1080p at 60 frames per second! All the original game features are included plus new Xbox LIVE ones. [] Expand
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  1. The XBLA has seen some pretty spectacular games in its time, but Perfect Dark has to be the pinnacle of XBLA gaming simply because despite its age, the game is so jam packed with features that even gamers used to more modern shooters will find some enjoyment.
  2. With cheats to unlock, multiplayer ranks to climb, and new, devious, level-specific crown awards to figure out, this blast from the past is still a blast to play as an un-evolved envoy of modern-day shooters.
  3. Even though the gameplay was left untouched, the game now runs smooth as silk which was one of the biggest frustrations when trying to play multiplayer on the original version of the game due to the massive drops in framerate.
  4. 80
    Perfect Dark HD is the version of the classic N64 game that highlights everything that worked well and patches holes that revolved around pushing the cart-based system to its absolute limit.
  5. Only nostalgiaists will want to play it at length but this shames modern shooters with its ambition.
  6. Newer gamers will likely find themselves frustrated by the trial-and-error single-player campaign, though it will be a fun return home for veterans of the franchise. The real allure is the surprisingly robust online multiplayer matches.
  7. Despite it being a killer remake, Perfect Dark itself is past its prime.

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  1. kl
    Mar 19, 2010
    "The other though was the story mode, which was inferior to GoldenEye 007 in terms of both design and its insipid characters, plot and game world." David Jenkins, you're a fucking idiot. Goldeneye's singleplayer didn't even HAVE a story (or characters for that matter), and PD was far superior to GE in every way imaginable. GE's story was ripped off of the movie, which wasn't that great to begin with. Seriously, that's the dumbest thing I have ever read. Rare actually tried for originality with PD, and, unlike you, many were more impressed with PD's ingenuity than they were with GE (Single and Multi). I guess mom wouldn't let you play PD until it was released on the arcade though, so you wouldn't know. In reality, nostalgia's the only reason you claim GE is a classic. I wouldn't be surprised if your main gripe with PD has more to do with the leading female character, you chauvinist twat. Expand
  2. Sep 25, 2010
    This is a great game to renew to a modern version. I remember playing this on Nintendo 64. Great missions and great graphics. great job on the renewal
  3. Apr 27, 2013
    this game was one of my all time favourite nintendo 64 games and i was so exited when it was coming out on XBLA i loved everything about it the gameplay, the story, and the cheats you can have in the game and the challenge modes you can do on Combat Simulator and customize your own game setting 10/10 for me Expand
  4. Nov 4, 2010
    I can't find a thing wrong with this game. It really shows that in a world where FPS games don't age well a few upgrades can make all the difference. I was afraid going back to Pd after 10 years would bring me to the reality that nostalgia had me fooled. Not the case. This is a perfect example of how to "port" an older game to a new console. Expand
  5. Jan 27, 2013
    Perfect dark is a must play. It stands as an example on how re-releases should be handled. The revamped textures in HD look great, and the frame rate has been upped to a lovely 60fps, making the game run smooth and look smooth. It means that older players wont need to rely on nostalgia to enjoy it, and newer players wont be put off. The game is great. Playing it again reminded me of the time when shooters demanded you invest slightly more than just 'shoot the dudes' to progress (of course, if you don't like that sort of game then you can jack the difficulty all the way down, taking most of the objectives out of the levels). The objective based missions and lack of recharging health require you to play a little smarter than most modern shooters. The only recent example that I have played of this in new games is Goldeneye reloaded on 007 classic difficulty, so if you enjoyed that at all then this is for you.
    The story is more or less the standard cyberpunk affair (but with aliens!), fighting against an evil mega corp, while uncovering the greater conspiracy that lies behind it all. The story is interesting, but, in my opinion, slightly underdeveloped, though maybe I have just been spoiled by the likes of Mass Effect and Fallout. The elements are all there; conspiracy, aliens, AI, secret agents, literally warring corporations, but it felt like they had to condense it all to save space on the cartage, and it loses out on that. Don't let that put you off though, its awesome the missions are very well designed. The game play is solid and organic, showing the kind of level design that would be soon seen in things like Timesplitters and Second Sight. It also has local split screen multiplayer, something that more games should have (HAWX, Rage, Red Faction, I'm looking at you) meaning you do not need an internet connection to enjoy the multiplayer. In fact the online aspect tends to be one of the games few flaws, as there is seldom people online, and it can only go up to 8 player, making the online aspect seem rather lonely in comparison to something like call of duty. This is by no means a deal breaker, as the game solidly stands up on its single player and local multiplayer modes. For older gamers its a chance to revisit a classic shooter, and for newer gamers, it is an opportunity to show how the shooter has changed over the years, and perhaps give better perspective on shooters now by comparing them to then. C'mon, its only 800 Microsoft points.
  6. MattD
    Mar 19, 2010
    This is a perfect update and throwback for those who played the original. Everyone who wrote a poor review of this game, (pros and regular gamers like me) was either A: too young to have played the game when it first came out so they don't appreciate it, or B: totally missed the point. I didn't expect anything but the same game with prettier textures and that is what I got. I'm completely satisfied for the very reasonable price of 800 xbox live points. To those who say this is a dated game, well of course it is morons! The thing is when re-releasing a game we face two problems, if you release it with updated gameplay you suffer the possibility of damaging the original content. This can be done well ie: Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, but its a gamble and there will always be a slew of people who are complaining about how it ruins the original content or the updated gameplay is actually shoddier as a result. Then there are those who complain about how if the gameplay isn't updated then the game is dated. You really can't win. I for one love the fact that nothing was changed about this game except for smoothed out textures. It is a classic that I will enjoy as is and appreciate the chance to play it on a next gen console. You touch up the appearance of old pieces of art, you don't paint a new picture over top of it. Expand
  7. Nov 7, 2010
    By modern standards, Perfect Dark feels almost too simplistic, and it can be frustrating at times. The campaign and story are sometimes confusing too. But it's still a LOT of fun. If you played the original on N64 and liked it, I can honestly say that you'll have even more fun with this new port. Just a warning though: Online matchmaking takes forever, so it's best to play this game with either your friends or bots. Expand

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