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  1. Sep 24, 2014
    The original Portal may have only lasted about five hours but it is quite rightly considered a classic by almost anyone that played it. Portal 2 is therefore in an awkward position. Change too much and you risk ruining what made the first so special, change too little and it makes a sequel pointless. Fortunately Portal 2 gets the balance pretty much spot on.

    As with the original the
    star of the show is the portal gun itself and Valve have again managed to craft a number of challenging but fair puzzles that require the gun to be exploited in increasingly clever ways. The first couple of hours of the single-player campaign play out in a similar fashion to the original (with the addition of the very funny Stephen Merchant on voice over work) before the game adds a few new features, such as light bridges and repulsion goo to keep things fresh without overcomplicating matters. Taking around eight hours to complete the single-player is again a joy to play through despite the fact that a large part of the original games charm was its originality. The only slight gripe for me was the fact that some of the sections outside the regular testing zones lose the focus that kept my interest throughout the original, but this is only a very minor issue and I am sure not everyone would agree.

    Perhaps the biggest new feature added for this sequel is the Co-Op play, either via Xbox live or split screen. This opens up a whole new set of puzzles that require intelligence and teamwork to complete, coming in at around four hours it is a great addition to an already very good game.

    If you were a fan of the original or you are simply bored of the endless FPS game released on consoles recently you could do a lot worse than picking up a copy of Portal 2.
  2. Jul 3, 2011
    A game of this intelligence and creativity deserves to be praised and lauded. Portal 2 packs more ideas into one game than the rest of this year's games combined. Portal 2 expands on the unique application of portals to solve puzzles while delivering a great story filled with likable characters. These puzzles are incredibly satisfying to solve and the addition of elements like gels adds greater depth to the same. While not a huge graphical step up from its predecessor, visuals are of little importance when gameplay is as smooth and characters are as vibrant as this. Co-op is not a tacked-on feature, adding more hours to the single player campaign. With four portals at your disposal, puzzles are even more complex so the two of you will need to put your heads together. Portal 2 is easily one of the most innovative titles of this generation, a game with magic that will never age. Expand
  3. Nov 4, 2012
    Even tho its short its amazing. Campaign fun and make you laugh. And co-op is just great fun with friends. Well done valve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Portal 2 9.7/10
  4. Aug 6, 2013
    Portal 2 plays in a league few are privy to. The puzzles alone would feel like you were doing math every waking second you invest in the game if that were simply it. Of course, for the soduko or Tetris diehards, that might be enough. But it's the zany conversations had between AI characters that really makes it all so much more entertaining. Perhaps the best thing about Portal 2 is it doesn't take itself serious for one second. I can say this is one of the more entertaining games I've played in recent memory. Certainly worthy of a purchase, especially if you can pick it up for cheap like I did (Xbox Live sale for $9.99). Expand
  5. Jun 27, 2013
    Portal 2 is a creative and hilarious game that everyone should experience, full of clever puzzles, hilarious one-liners, and awesome game mechanics. You just can't go wrong with this one.
  6. Jun 16, 2013
    Portal 2 is the best successor the first game was amazing and and this one is far more better than the first as it it was improved in every way this game is a must own the single player was great but it doesn't stop here as there is an amazing multiplayer mode
  7. Sep 7, 2012
    Here we go, another Portal 2 review... for Xbox 360 now. I actually played the Xbox 360 version before the PC version. But, anyway, it is basically the same as PC. Great graphics and great gameplay. With more levels, characters, dialogue, humor than the original Portal. And even a new multi-player mode, this is a rare gem in the gaming world. A masterpiece on it's own, I totally recommend this game. 10 out of 10 from me. Expand
  8. DME
    May 5, 2012
    Portal 2 is one of those games you will remember for years to come. It's quite simply a masterpiece. The voice acting is perfect and the dialogue is downright hilarious. There's also plenty of eastereggs scattered throughout the game and a very challenging cooperative mode. The only downfall is the retail price. If that's the problem, then rent it or borrow it. One cannot simply pass this game up. Expand
  9. Feb 12, 2012
    This is pure epicness, its the 1st Portal's potential maxed out to the funnest limits, this is Valve doing what they do best, innovate. I have to say playing through this game in both singleplayer and multiplayer was extremely fun and entertaining and it gives me the feeling that it was worth playing this game again and again. Oh, also the great sense of humor from the 1st game is triplicated in this game having great fun jokes and awesome voice acting. The new elements added to this game like the light bridge and all the gels are again, amazing. The free DLC they added with the challenge modes also adds quite some value and the multiplayer game is just so fun playing. It is definitely a must-buy and its a great 10/10 Expand
  10. May 20, 2011
    There's only one big flaw in Portal 2. ONE. That's it. No challenge rooms. But, by the time you've gotten through the super enjoyable and fairly long single player, then beaten the even harder co-op, you might not care. I won't spoil any surprises in Portal 2, everything I spoil is a glorious surprise fuelled with invention and wit taken away from you. Simply put, the single player adventure is completely brilliant, and the co-op is too. Easily 20+hrs of portal firing, robot flinging, turret killing brilliance. Expand
  11. Aug 25, 2012
    This game is truly a masterpiece in both story and game play. The story will keep you laughing and satisfied through out. The game gives you tons of those satisfying moments where after tons of guessing and failed attempts you figure out the puzzle and continue forward. The multi-player keeps the fun going with a decent plot and more challenging puzzles. My complaints are that the multi-player can easily be ruined if you join the game with some complete idiot because you don't have a friend to play with. It can also be ruined by not having a friend to partner up with to play the game who hasn't already played through the game. Expand
  12. May 13, 2011
    The 2007 original fell into that category of games which requires no sequel (eg. Bioshock) and the announcement of a second game was met with considerable apprehension. Thankfully, Valve managed to prove us naysayers wrong. Portal 2 is bigger, funnier and more challenging than its predecessor. Serves us right for doubting the brilliant minds behind Half-Life and L4D.
  13. Jun 17, 2011
    Disagree as you might, I find this to be the greatest first-person video game to date, and possibly the longest I've ever played. It requires you to think... a lot, and you have to take your time figuring out puzzles and at the same time as it's frustrating, it's lots of fun and is extremely rewarding. The story is much more involving than the first game, and the Aperture story is impressively expanded upon from the first game. Also when playing the first game and then comparing it to this one, a lot of the smallest aspects that may have seemed questionable at first end up making perfect sense. The amount of detail payed attention to is simply amazing, plus there are countless little Easter Eggs, some harder to spot than others. The story is very humorous and the characters, including our own mysterious character that we play as - Chell, are very interesting and there are plenty of awesome little twists. The graphics in this game are also the best I've ever seen from Valve and it has the most awesome, yet bizarre ending I've ever seen from any video game ever before. The replay value is, in my opinion, very high, and there's two entirely different storymodes you can play, each as challenging as the last and both have their own special little quirks that make them unique over the other. This is a game that all gamers should play through from start to finish at least once in their lifetimes, because that's how superb it is. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. Expand
  14. Jun 16, 2011
    Game of the year, everything about the game is great. As for how long it is, not an issue because it has allowed casual gamers(not me) to actually complete a game for once.
  15. Jun 7, 2013
    I played this game two years ago. But you know why I review it now? Simple. Portal 2 is, in my opinion, the best game ever made. No game has left me so much hungry for more than Portal 2. It had a considerable duration, an emotional grappling, a clever script, an engaging gameplay with a cooperative campaign that is just as fun, and in my opinion, Valve's finest (And Valve has got its fine stuff, ain't it?).
    Portal 2 takes off from the simple premise that the exquisitely evil GLADoS (One of the best villains in video game history, and there is no way to argue that) has got you again in the Aperture Science testing facility. The facility is tearing apart, and you, Chell, are trapped in there for a lifetime, or at least that is what GLADoS thinks. Along with you, a new divine character joins this adventure, a robot called Wheatley. Oh my god! IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!
    The turrets, GLADoS, Wheatley.... Even Aperture's CEO Cave Johnson. You will not forget these characters. They are all full of wit and hilarity, and they really attach to you in an emotional ride, and that is the best way to describe Portal 2. It gets better when we talk about gameplay.
    The original Portal was well-known by its innovative gameplay but also its short duration (1 or 2 hours). Portal 2 is a pleasant 8-10 hours ride, which are more than enough for a puzzle game. Still, I had so much fun. Puzzles are harder than ever, and the addition of the three gels make puzzles even more mind-bending. They are indeed challenging, and even though the boss battle still was disappointing in contrast to the puzzles, I didn't care, as I found the ending joyful and made me cry as a little b**ch.
    The story in Portal 2 was never imagined to be as deep. But as you travel through Aperture's decadence, you will realise how dark the plot is turning halfway through the game, with a twist that will break your heart. Why? Because the characters are so well done, the voice acting is amazing and the game is genius at creating bonds within them and you. Even the Co-op campaign, which was really good and also offers a considerable duration (About 6 hours), has a storyline that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The Co-op campaign is a great addition. It really forces you to be cooperative and responsive to the other player, and the two bots you play as are equally as charming, and puzzles are equally as hard as in the campaign.
    The visuals on this game will not blow your wig off, but damn they were impressive. Aperture's decadence is sometimes incredibly detailed, and you will find some scenarios even on Xbox 360 breath-taking. The Co-op campaign doesn't have the same visual dazzle. Still, it wasn't glitchy neither unbearable.
    So, that's it. 10/10. My favourite game of all time. The best thing this generation of gaming has brought, and the best dish Valve layed on his big feast of outstanding game. Portal 2 is so great words can't even describe it. You will soon find yourself hopeless asking for a Portal 3. Guess we will have to wait, but I sure want to hear a turret again saying: "Are you still there?" with its T-Pain style voice.
  16. Sep 6, 2013
    A brilliant sequel to an incredibly innovative game, this is one of the purest, most focused games I've played on this console. A true masterpiece combining fast paced visuals, an intense soundtrack, and a driving story-line. A must play for any 360 owner. The only drawback to this game is that it is very short, so much so that I cannot give it a perfect rating. Find it in a discount bin for a good price and than I would give it a 10. Expand
  17. Jul 7, 2011
    One of the best puzzle games I ever played. This sequel improves over the first Portal in almost every aspect like the puzzles and story and a lot more 10/10.
  18. Apr 20, 2011
    An absolutely hysterical game. There was never a moment where I wasn't entertained or in a state of negative emotion. Portal 2 is an intellectually challenging and consistently surprising puzzler with more memorable moments than I could count. Valve's masterpiece.
  19. Feb 8, 2014
    Outstanding fun and entertaining as well. At its heart is a simple idea. But the idea has been built on to epic proportions and the world blown wide open to match
  20. May 18, 2012
    If you're a gamer that takes it's time with games and doesn't rush through it you'll find a lot of gameplay here. I must've spent about 3 full evenings with a friend going through the co-op. The single player is a great ride too. 9/10
  21. Apr 23, 2011
    Valve literally did nothing wrong with this game. It is actually underrated. This game is better than any call of duty (after 4) and it kills any other platformer. Valve wins.
  22. Nov 28, 2011
    Intuitive puzzles that combine the traditional physics of Half-Life with two portals returns in the sequel to hit-sensation to the original "Portal". The new array of puzzles are significantly more varied and numerous, as well as fiendishly difficult during the second half (and challenging during the first), this amounts to a very lengthy single player, but what really makes this game stand out is its ingenious story driven all the way by undeniably classic humour (ranging from fat-jokes to light-hearted banter regarding murder), the finish is certainly climatic, if there's one thing valve is good at (and there are several) its concluding a game leaving the player feeling triumphant and fulfilled, i'll be honest, I cried. The Co-Op side of things are good and well thought out, but it really just amounts to the more experienced player babying the secondary through the challenges, which isn't that much fun. Very suited (although not high-standard) graphics, amazing soundtrack, brilliant presentation, incredible game Expand
  23. Oct 31, 2014
    For those unfamiliar with this game:

    Basically, it's like a first person shooter -- except you solve puzzles, and instead of a gun that shoots bullets, you have a "gun" that shoots portals, either red or orange. In the game you are a lady who is under the control of a robot overlords, and you are forced into industrial looking rooms, and made to figure out how to escape.

    A seemingly
    simple concept, but a lot more sophisticated than it sounds. You can play alone or with another person. It's really a lot of fun, and endures even more with its excellent voice acting, and post apocalyptic storyline.

    If you like puzzle games, even in the least, then you should definitely check this out. It's definitely a classic. Superior to the first games. Lots of fun.
  24. May 1, 2011
    Aside from being really short, I really can't find any fault with this game. A lot of people are complaining about the graphics, but even though it still uses the same old engine from the first game, I think they squeezed every bit they could out of it as the game looks much better than the first. It isn't going to win any beauty contests, but there is nothing overly wrong with it from a visual standpoint. Anyway, that's not what the game is about. It is all about the story and the gameplay. The story is great, just don't expect some kind of epic narrative with cutscenes and all. Your character never says anything, and you only catch glances at her through portals. The way the story progresses is through NPC's that speak to you and each other throughout different levels. They are all brilliantly funny, and GLADOS is as humorous and menacing as ever. As for the gameplay, you are put into different test-chambers and have to figure a way out using a gun that creates two different colored portals, one an entrance and the other an exit. It all starts simple enough but the difficulty ramps up nicely as new elements are introduced, like goo, hard-light pathways and laser reflectors. It isn't hard like most other games where they throw more bad-guys at you, or a boss or something. They just make you use your brain in ways other games don't, you're solving puzzles, but it looks like an FPS. It is also nothing you can't figure out on your own, you just have to spend a little time in each room and try different thing to see what works. And DON'T use the strategy guide, that kills the purpose of this game. All in all Portal 2 is a great game that could have been better if it were a little longer, there is a co-op mode with different characters and story, so that helps, unless like me you are a solo-gamer. Still, it is like nothing else you've played, except the first Portal. I'd recommend playing that one first so you know what's going on story-wise and because it will be an excellent primer for this game. I went back and played the first after playing this one and breezed through it, but I remember when I first played it thinking how hard it was and wondering how they could be any more inventive. The devs really topped themselves. Great game that makes you think, not many of those nowadays. Expand
  25. Aug 14, 2011
    This is an amazing game, it takes all the things that made the first portal great and expands upon it. This game is a 10 out of 10, possibly the greatest stradegy game ever made.
  26. Feb 5, 2014
    This game, and its prequel, shows to us that resolving puzzles can be a lot funnier killing soldiers or monsters with guns. Even with only three characters speaking, Portal 2 has one of the best narrative in FPG.
    Puzzles more difficult, Co-op mode, GLaDOS.
    Chell still doesn't speak.
  27. Apr 20, 2011
    The Back to the Future of video games. One of the most hilarious, clever, and original stories ever penned for the medium in addition to being one of the most seamless gameplay experiences ever produced. There is no distinction between gameplay and narrative which lends itself not only to developing complete, lengendary characters right before your eyes but to experiencing an environment that shifts and changes just as organically as those personalities trapped with you at Aperture. The finely honed atmosphere is abound with tense electronic pulses and physical effects that at times make you feel truly like the lab rat that you are. The beauty of the series, however, is is ever-encroaching feeling of control held within the player despite your arsenal never truly heralding new gadgets. It's the real human sense of inevitable freedom and escape powered by ingenuity that drives the player to complete each puzzle, a trait that Chell is indeed replete with. The main campaign is short and linear (8 hours), but so expertly crafted and dense with character that repeat playthroughs are as necessary as watching BTTF for the 20th time 25 years after it's release. Portal 2 is a masterpiece. Expand
  28. Jun 15, 2011
    Like Portal 1, Portal 2 is a smart and fun puzzle platformer with a good sense of humor. If you liked Portal 1 you're pretty much guaranteed to like Portal 2. One thing that sets the sequel apart from its predecessor is the inclusion of multiplayer levels. I found this part of the game to be more fun than the single player, and when you combine the two the game is appropriately long. The graphics engine, while dated, has aged well and still looks great. The music is also worth mentioning... Portal 2 has one of the best soundtracks in recent gaming. On the negative side I feel that the game dragged a bit in the middle... probably because I wasn't a huge fan of the "story." Expand
  29. Dec 11, 2012
    This is an amazing game, top 10. It has fun, but challenging, obstacles and challenges that make you want more. And for those who want more, the multiplayer is a whole other campaign! Cleverness of gaming has ceased to amaze from Valve. It also has great voice acting and fantastic music, as well as good graphics. Unfortunately, after you beat this the only thing left is the FREE DLC, which is amazing, and then what? Expand
  30. May 27, 2014
    I rarely give a game 10/10, but Portal 2 does something which some games like this fail to give, A Comedy FPS Puzzler, its hilarious story, Amazing Puzzles, Unique Co-Op and not forgetting the excellent ending, This game is not only the best Xbox 360 game, but the best game of all time
  31. Dec 13, 2013
    I've never had a game grab my attention more than in portal 2. I'm a huge fan of valve and this was not what I expected but intrigued me none the less. This game makes you work your brain and that alone is worth its weight. I got this as a gift from my girlfriend who doesn't play video games and I woke up to find her playing this after I fell asleep for about 10 hours. Well done! I am a true fan and I would have never even picked this type of game off the shelf. Expand
  32. Apr 23, 2011
    Portal 2 has arrived.... ABOUT TIME! After a few delays, lots of promotion, and so many playthroughs of the first game, I finally got to play the full game! This game... is just the most fun I and many people have had in such a long time. The night before Portal 2 arrived through my door, I just couldn't sleep. It was like Christmas all over again.

    The first Portal was, let's say an
    experiment for Valve; a prototype. In no way did Valve believe they would be making the sequel they have just made. Back in 2007, they had no idea Portal would get the response it received. Portal 2 was so worth the wait!

    FOR FULL REVIEW (This is just a segment):
  33. Jan 4, 2012
    This is a game that is absolutely perfect in every way, shape, and form. Everything about this game completely blew me away. From the storytelling and pacing. To the characters and puzzles that would really get me thinking. Definetly a must play
  34. Jun 11, 2011
    Portal 2 is an amazing game. It combines humor, wits and creativity into one. Some people would argue that a puzzle game can't be much. But Portal 2 does just that. It offers an amazing witty single player campaign, hilarious co-op and an overall creative experience. I would highly recommend this game. I only argue that the there are only two campaigns and after your done both of them, there's no real reason to come back. Expand
  35. Apr 20, 2011
    If you liked Portal then you'll love Portal 2! It's just like Portal only bigger with more puzzles, characters, obstacles, and the return of GLaDOS! Another feature that makes Portal 2 better is the all-new co-op mode, P-Body and Atlas are well designed characters and it's fun to play Portal 2 with a buddy. Overall the game is amazing and a well improvement over the previous Portal despite the short campaign and repeated auto saves. Worth it on any console! Expand
  36. Apr 19, 2011
    This game completely blows its predecessor out of the water. It brings brand new elements, while keeping the classic game flow that we have all fallen in love with. The multiplayer is top class, leading to a great replay value. If you haven't already, go buy it now. There is a reason it has toped the metacritic charts in all the categories.
  37. MJR
    Apr 22, 2011
    An easy game to score for the amount of enjoyment I've recieved from the game. It's actually about 10 dollars cheaper than other new games to boot and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during any game. It is seriously a gem. I'll give it a 9.9 because there is no such thing as a perfect game but this comes very, very close. It has its own flavour and is anything but generic. And for people complaing about it being too similar to the first game well...duh. It is a sequel. I don't know what changes they could have made and still have it be Portal. Its just a really awesome refinement and they do add some new elements, also the enviroments are quite different the further on you go. as one of the reviewers said it makes the first one look like the protype it was. Expand
  38. Nov 18, 2011
    Valve has a reputation for excellence, and that is shown by their latest installment, Portal 2. An excellent continuation of the gripping franchise, Portal shows just how engaging a puzzle game can be. With a wonderful atmosphere conveyed through the charismatic cast and puzzles that will make your head spin, Portal 2 is a fine contender for one of the best games of the year.
  39. Sep 14, 2012
    Beautiful story, the puzzles make you think and a little creepy as well. .

  40. May 9, 2013
    I'm giving this game a ten and a short review. It's beyond FUN. I've gotta say, I played it with a friend and had such a laugh it's unreal. The game really challenges you to think and especially on the co-op mode, work together. I'm sorry but letting your friend collect something you need on the far side of the room, holding a button down so he can cross back over and simply letting go only to watch him unexpectedly plummet to his death is beyond laughable, the good thing about it is.. there isn't any frustation, once you know what to do, you just go back and do it. You don't really get penalised for it, the game is challenging enough in my opinion. I couldn't help but love this game and it's very morbid yet entertaining humour! Expand
  41. Nov 19, 2011
    This is one of the best Video Games EVER!!!!! The Plot is great, the graphics are great, the characters are funnier than ever, It's an all around great sequel. I highly recommend it.
  42. Nov 5, 2012
    Absolutely amazing. Valve has taken an idea and fully elaborated on it. Some greatest puzzle solving madness ever to grace video games. The game is a little short but that's okay. If this was a 20+ hour single-player experience the game may become tedious and repetitive. The story is somewhat dark and engrossing and really allows the player to become enthralled with the game. Not to mention the spectacular (and difficult) co-op campaign. From exploring the modern day Aperture Sciences and then on to the fictional company's weird past, everything in Portal 2 is an absolute joy. 10/10 Expand
  43. Nov 20, 2011
    The flaws: replayabilty is low. Now that that's done, Portal 2 is the most complete measure of Valve's genius. The source engine looks brilliant, not realistic, but brilliant. The characters apart from the player are the most enjoyable interesting characters in any game. The puzzles are challenging but never unfair and you get an incredibly lengthy single-player compared to the original. You also are invited to bring along a friend in split-screen or online and do even more, more challenging puzzles. Best game Valve has ever made period. Expand
  44. Nov 13, 2014
    An absolute treasure.

    This game had made me waste HOURS into. That's how great this game was.

    The story, characters, level design, and overall strategy was pulled off so well in this game.
    The game had some hard levels that were very fun to try and complete.

    This is a game I will most likely never forget and would die for a third game.
  45. Apr 22, 2011
    Portal 2 isn't just about portals. As a matter of fact, initial development excluded portals altogether. That says a lot about the true heart of this game. It's an action-adventure game disguised as a puzzle game, and it's story-driven game. Chell's story, Glados' story, and ultimately Aperture's. Portals are just means to tell and advance that story. The action, beautifully-paced and driven by a dark and ominous soundtrack, invokes memories of Half-Life 2. The writing and voice acting are superb, with plenty of comic relief to put a smile on your face. While it's not the revolution HL2 was, it's as every bit a masterpiece in game design. Players looking for hardcore dexterity-based puzzles may be disappointed. Those of us who enjoy all aspects of gaming will cherish Portal 2 as an instant classic. Expand
  46. Nov 20, 2011
    I love the story, I love the characters, I love the level design, I love the innovation and I love this game. They better be making a portal 3 because this game blew me away.
  47. Nov 13, 2011
    So very challenging, so very fun. Made my head hurt, but for all the right reasons. I never played the first game, but this is truly a work of art. It is so cleverly done and thought through that the developers must be pretty chuffed with themselves. I literally cannot fault this game, except possibly the graphics which aren't amazing, but I'm not that bothered, the gameplay literally compensates for it all. Expand
  48. Jan 1, 2013
    there is nothing wrong with game if you love portal you will want to play portal 2 it is one of the best puzzle/action you could ever buy/own if you like puzzle games get this the ending is so good
  49. Jul 9, 2012
    As much as it breaks my heart to give this a 9 I have to. It just wasn't everything I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing game and still one of my all time favourites. The story was really amazing, the humor was as good as ever, the graphics (despite what some people say) were actually pretty good and still way better than the first one, and the puzzles were challenging at times while not being close to impossible. The learning curve is really amazing (as was the one in the first Portal). Most of the time you would walk into a puzzle and start thinking of how you could solve it and when you finally do you feel really good about yourself despite the fact that GLaDOS is insulting your every move. The trailers of this game were probably the best trailers I've ever seen. They did exactly what they were supposed to do. They got me completely pumped for the game. Maybe a little too pumped actually which is part of the reason I gave it a 9. My expectations were unbelievably high and it only slightly let me down. I kind of felt that the co-op mode was kind of annoying to use just because unless the person you are playing with is at the same place as you you have to play levels several times or skip levels. My last problem and probably the biggest is it didn't really have very much replayability. The co-op added to it a bit but after that I didn't know what to do with myself and I found myself wanting so much more. It's not even the short story that was my problem (approximately 4 hours to beat) but it was that I had no incentive to play it once I beat it. Maybe if they had some things to unlock or the challenge levels they had in Portal 1 then I'd be fine and I'd probably give it a 10 but I didn't really feel like playing it again just to get my money's worth and there was no incentive to anyways. Collapse
  50. Mar 22, 2014
    An incredible puzzle game for just the single player alone. The co-op campaign is the best campaign that I have ever played with a friend. The ONLY reason this doesn't get a ten is the fact that I did find that the second part of three in the single player sort dragged on. Apart from that though, the game is perfect
  51. Aug 12, 2011
    Portal 2 is fantastic. The humor is very well done and the things they've added to give variety to the gameplay are excellent. Portal 2 is definitely setting the bar for sequels in a year where the majority of hyped games are second and third entries of a franchise. This game is utterly hilarious and they outdo Still Alive with the new end credits song. This game is perfectly consistent throughout and has a very satisfying and well done ending. Expand
  52. Mar 31, 2013
    So Portal 2 is probably the best puzzle game ever. Even better than Tetris. So the gameplay basically is about making puzzles with a gun that shoots portals, along with some items like, for example, cubes that you have to put on buttons. The first game won awards for it's original gameplay, the funny but sinister voice acting for the machine GLaDOS, and the song at the end, that also had a lot of humor. So the sequel was inevitable.
    There are two modes, single-player and multi-player, of course. In single-player you play as Chell, the protagonist of the previous game, as she wakes up and finds a friend named Wheatley, who will help her to find the way out. In the way, something happens and they are now in the test chambers again. Without giving away too much, the story is a lot more complex in comparison to the multi-player and especially the original game, taking the most time to complete of the three. Also, the voice acting for every character is wonderful, with well-written dialogue. Almost every line they say could be a meme. Graphically, is the best-looking game that uses the Source engine, and has some pretty good visuals. The gameplay is still fun, even if it lost the fresh factor, it manages to keep it new with some new and inventive mechanics. There are easter eggs too, that are pretty interesting and, most importantly, fun.
    The multiplayer is like another game. Taking place after singleplayer mode (without revealing anything, so you can play this one first without spoilers), GLaDOS now tests two robots, ATLAS and P-Body, through the chambers. The story in this part isn't very important, similar to Portal 1.
    There are a lot of inventive uses for the two player mechanic, and even some mechanics that aren't on the single-player campaign. Obviously, it's shorter than the solo campaign, but even then it's one of the best multiplayer modes of all. You could say that the game actually has two different campaigns.
    The soundtrack is good. There are more techno ambience sounds, but, unlike in Portal 1, they will be more notorious. There are some songs here and there, without spoiling anything, and they are good, but nothing compared to the original. Overall, the game not only is an improvement to an amazing game, but also manages to keep it fresh.
  53. Apr 22, 2011
    Let me start off by expressing my shock toward the negative reviews I've seen. Now look, the game is not without it's flaws, but few games deserve a 1. I would only give a game a 1 if I bought it, loaded it up, and it came up as a screen that said "Haha, you just paid $50 for NOTHING". I can sort of understand the middling scores, since I can see some of the frustration with certain elements, but frankly, all this rage-posting pissed me off enough to score the game a perfect 10 when I probably would have just given it an 8 or 9, just to offset the people who think that this excellent game deserves a 1 for their stupid complaints, which I shall discredit in a way that also shares my own feelings.

    1) "The game is too short". This is probably the most common and valid reason I've seen, so I'll tackle this one first. First of all, anyone who claims that they beat this in four hours is either lying, has no concept of time, or enjoyed playing so much that they lost track of time. This game cannot be beaten in four hours on the first run. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. The people who say eight hours, I'll believe you, at least for the solo campaign. It took me about 10 hours all in all and I only got stuck about 4 times. Even so, on a speed run, I could see someone completing it in 6 hours if they REALLY knew what they were doing and never faltered. 4 hours on a first play-through is complete bull.

    That being said, it could be argued that 6-10 hours for a campaign is still very short, particularly with little replayability and at full price. I would argue that we generally pay $20-30 for a two hour movie. Two movies would cost about the same and that's only 4 hours. So 6-10 hours of gameplay can be worth the price.

    I say "can" be worth the price, because it depends entirely on how GOOD the gameplay is. If it was 6-10 hours of BAD gameplay, I could understand the complaints. However, the fact that people complained that it was too short implies that they ENJOYED the time they spent with it SO MUCH that the brief time they spent with it simply wasn't enough. So why are these people giving it a 1? If you gave it a 1, I would expect that you hated the gameplay, but if that were so, why complain that it was too short? It's like complaining that your friend's waffles taste terrible while also complaining that they didn't make enough of the terrible waffles to satisfy you. It makes you sound like an idiot.

    So to summarize on this point, I can understand people who think the game is too short to justify the cost of the game. I kind of agree in theory, but frankly, the quality of the gameplay makes up for this to me. Plus, there is SOME replayability. Even if you don't want to play the co-op campaign (which is a lot of fun), you can replay the game with developer commentary (a concept that I think more games should implement because it is fascinating), you can achievement hunt, and, well, you can play the game again. It's a great game well worth playing more than once. I mean, if you have no intention of ever playing the game again, just rent it! That's what rental stores are for. Anyway, enough of that.

    2) "First Day DLC! SACRILEGE!" Anyone who complains about first-day DLC needs to understand two things. First, the DLC in question is purely cosmetic. If you don't want it, you don't need to get it. Second, you need to understand that the AAA video game market is having a hard time dealing with rentals and resellers. By including first day DLC that you can get for free by pre-order it, they encourage their customers to buy it retail. It's an advantage for buying it at full cost instead of waiting for it to be available used. It can be frustrating when this tactic is employed on something significant, but in this case, it was just for silly pointless things, so your argument is moronic and also doesn't reflect the actual content of the game at all.

    3) "The Xbox Version got shafted" I actually kind of agree, but you guys act like that's Valve's or the game's fault. No. It's the Xbox's fault. You think they dumbed down the graphics because they have some kind of vendetta or because they're lazy? No, it's because the Xbox is simply not as powerful as the PS3 or a personal computer and because Microsoft has to make everything proprietary. So yes, it is the weakest release out of all of them, but the most you will notice is reduced graphics and the lack of a bundled PC version. And frankly, if you picked up Portal 2 for the graphics, you are an idiot, and if you want to play it on your PC, you should just buy the PC version.

    Disappointment in one or two aspects of the game is no reason to act like the game gave you cancer. It is a great game. It may be shorter than some retail games, but the content you get during that gameplay is far better than what you would get from most other games
  54. Apr 22, 2011
    Reviewing this without taking into account some of the ill thought decisions Valve has made is difficult but necessary I feel. Portal 2 is incredible. I have not been as delighted, surprised or engaged by a game since I first played Shenmue. Level design is inspired, story is funny and surprisingly deep compared to the first game. You must play this game.
  55. Apr 23, 2011
    Portal 2 is sequel to portal a game i did not enjoy i found it repetitive however this sequel with its new toys is a joy to play it has dated graphics yes but gameplay is all that matters and there is enough here to sate you.
  56. Jul 5, 2011
  57. Sep 11, 2011
    Wow! This isnt even my favorite genre of game, and I still LOVE it! That's showing you that it's made well. If a game is great, it transcends all genre's and becomes a great game for all. I just tried it by chance, the next thing I know, I'm buying it, playing it, and looking forward to the next time I'm going to play it. It's inventive, creative, sarcastic, intuitive, smooth, artistic, imaginitive, and thought provoking. It sharpens the mind. Expand
  58. May 18, 2012
    Absolutely incredible. Mind-bending and addictive from the first minute. Multiplayer is an excellent addition, although the single player campaign is the real attraction here. The puzzles strike a perfect balance of difficulty and accessibility, but the game is built on character moments and a funny/dark/beautiful atmosphere. You'll laugh, empathize, and be totally immersed. Nothing is perfect, but this title's flaws are too minor to even mention, so 10/10. Don't miss this one. Expand
  59. Apr 20, 2011
    This is one of the best games of the year, has game of the year written all over it. Both the single and co-op, each easily reaching over 6 hours of game play, single player a bit more. Part of playing portal is to beat the game in a fast run through and the run through is full of Aperture lore and a genius story. Another plus side of this game is that it makes your cognitive learning improve through amazing problem solving puzzles with no violence and still maintains a level of excitement and fun through out the game. Highly suggest for gamers who loved portal 1 and people who love puzzle games. Expand
  60. Apr 20, 2011
    I was surprised by how good the reviews were for Portal 2. And then I played it. Superior to it's predecessor, it actually encourages co-op play with friends. As of April 20th, it is the best game of 2011.
  61. May 11, 2011
    P2 is a mind blowing thrill of a game. Fun to play, witty and some a cool drink of water of the same hum drum games that come out all of the time. If you liked the first one you will LOVE this one. It is a sequel that is 100 times better than the first one. The first one introduced a fantastic concept and tinkered with it but it was short, damn short. This one will surprise when you realize how long it is. I wont spoil anything but I will say they introduce some mechanics, environments and items that are as integral and creative as the portal gun. Pure genius. Expand
  62. Apr 20, 2011
    This is going to be a big candidate for game of the year so do not be stupid you kids it is not funny to give score 0 it is not funny becouse it is not your thing so stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is not just an another puzzle game, it is without a doubt an incredible piece of art which combines clever writing with absolutely perfect gameplay. The core mechanics of portal 1 have been massivly upgraded adding a lot of more variety into the gameplay. The story is a huge improvement from portal 1, there are a lot of more characters in it, it is funnier and the most important thing is the fact that it's over 3-4 times longer than it's predecessor. As a bonus, an spetacular co-operative gamemode was added in which adds even more hours of gameplay. I am not being ridiculous when I say that portal 2s coop mode is easily the best co-operative gameplay you can ever experience in a interactive media. I barely just scraped the surface on why portal 2 could be one of the best games of this year. You can't afford to miss this one. Expand
  64. Apr 27, 2011
    Let's start this off by saying I am not a Portal fanboy. I had never played the first one, until last week when my brother picked up Portal 2 based on its rave reviews. I reluctantly played it and was blown away. I went and bought the orange box to play number 1 through first. The only reason I'm giving it a 9/10, is because I would have liked it to be longer. I wouldn't say it was unbearably short, but it was so good that I couldn't put it down. That being said, the addition of co-op mode and its entirely different puzzles/storyline from the single player mode, lead to practically two games in one. The puzzles are very different from 1, with the addition of the new elements (no spoilers here!), and I was supremely impressed that it wasn't stagnant or redundant to its predecessor (which many puzzle games tend to be.) As for the folks worried about the graphics, I have played a lot of games with great graphics, that don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to story, entertainment, gameplay, etc. Games that do not rely on their graphics but instead on story and gameplay, transcend their time period. Remember when N64 had cutting edge graphics? Great puzzles, an interesting story (with some brilliant voice acting on all 3 (or 4) characters, and clever dialogue that had me laughing throughout, lead me to my score, and to anticipation for Portal 3 Expand
  65. May 11, 2011
    Just an incredible experience. There are very few games released these days where you feel the love and compassion towards the material. It's almost as if they could care less if they made a dime on the game, as long as others get to experience it. I have no clue how they came up with the gels system, etc, but it's all just brilliant. Throw in some much needed humor with Wheatley and it just cherry tops it all. I love hearing about the 'geniuses' that got through the game in a few hours (walkthrough help much?). Oh brother, because I found the campaign relatively difficult and extensive. Regardless, bravo to another Valve masterpiece. Expand
  66. Dec 31, 2011
    Takes everything we knew and loved in the original and fully bakes it into a longer and more complete experience. It is a great joy to feel Valve's quality production once again. Excellent characters, story, gameplay, coupled with dialogue and characters full of wit and charm.
  67. Feb 6, 2012
    First off, I am not a fanboy. But all you have to do to love Portal 2 is look into the details. Doesn't Wheatly's animations seem life-like? How about GLaDOS? Valve spent time to have them Animations, and give them personalities. They don't just stand there and say stuff, they jurk around. They simulate hand movements. They were given deep personalities by Valve. And the stuff they say can really make you feel the antmosphere of the Encichment Center. Sure some Hardcore FPS fanboy might overlook these details, because he has never seen true gaming art and is afraid of it. Don't be the fanboy. Expand
  68. Jun 1, 2011
    Portal 2 may lack the simple charm of it's predecesor, but it succeeds in finding it's own in this more story driven installment. With the introduction of more puzzle elements, Portal 2 picks up where the first one left off and doesn't skip a beat. It also introduces co-op mode which continues the story where it's single player bows out. Where the single player's puzzles weren't as difficult as the firs one's, co-op has the potential to stump you and your friend for quite some time. Do yourself a favor and experience this game. Expand
  69. May 17, 2011
    Fantastic game that teaches as it goes. No killing, no swearing, just humorous, innovative game play that never leaves you feeling frustrated. Every time you finish a puzzle you feel like you just got that much better at the game, which is a great feeling a lot of games are missing nowadays.
  70. Apr 21, 2011
    Portal 2 is the best puzzle game I have ever played. It goes above and beyond Portal in so many ways, improving it in every single aspect. It has amazing level design (like almost every Valve game), hard puzzles and a huge amount of variety. It also has a very good story that fits nicely in the Portal and Half Life universe. Finally it has the best voice acting and script I have ever seen. It combines a brilliant British comedian/actor named Steven Merchant and clever and funny dialogue making it one of the most enjoyable games to listen to. And that is just single player, it also has a very lengthy and enjoyable co-op. I recommend Portal 2 to anyone. Expand
  71. Aug 26, 2011
    Singleplayer has interesting puzzles that are always challenging but never feel impossible as well as an improved story. Singleplayer alone would make the game worth buying but with the added co-op the game increases its replay value. A must have for fans of the original, fans of puzzle games, or fans of good games in general.
  72. Apr 19, 2011
    A great continuation of the portal story. It's sad to see users such as "Valvesucks" needlessly bring down the user score when they obviously haven't tried the game.
  73. Jun 1, 2011
    This game is one of "those games". To keep the review short this game is: Fun, Challenging and it has a strong story. If you liked portal 1, then you have to play this game, It has some of those gamer moments where you brain and heart goes "oh **** this is awesome". This game would be a 10 but there is hardly any replay value.
  74. Nov 19, 2011
    Containing the complexity and bombasticity of a blockbuster, the charm and cheek of an indie game, the dry wit and sharp dialogue of the greatest of comedies, and the undeniable magic of an offering from Pixar, Portal 2 exceeds its predecessor in every concievable way, and goes on to be one of the greastest games of all time.
  75. Apr 24, 2011
    I'm going to give it a 10. Now, it's in no way a perfect game, but it doesn't deserve a plain 9. I'd say a 9.8 or 9.9. It's longer and funnier than the first game, has a great song at the end, a great story, entertaining puzzles and an amazing ending, as well as the fun co-op. The only complaints I ever had were that the gels didn't work at times, and sometimes neither did jumping into a portal from a great height and flying out the other that same distance, as well as the movement slows to a crawl when aiming down, making jumping down into a portal difficult. Still, these are problems that can be overlooked since the game is rather amazing and they aren't always present. Still, as amazing as it is, I'm surprised that anyone gave it a negative review, but that's metacrictic user scores for yah, if one thing pisses them off, game instantly gets a 4 or below.

    Long story short:

  76. Apr 25, 2011
    This game was great. Atmosphere, Personality, great game play etc. My only concern was the length of the game. I paid 60 bucks and beat it in less than a day, the coop campaign in another couple hours. I have heard some absurd counters to this claim like "oh it depends on your level of immersion in the game"... that doesn't make any sense. You solve puzzle chambers and in between them you get a snarky comment. The comment doesn't even last longer than it time it takes you to walk to the exit from finishing the puzzle, hidden rooms with wall paintings are few and far between and take 30 seconds to look at. There is no variance in the "level of immersion". It's just a short game.

    However, it is still a lot longer than the first one. To be honest short games seem to be the standard these days... designing levels is probably a large time sink and they figure they might as well get paid extra for more levels (dlc) or let the community make them (dlc of other people's work aka "still alive") Don't expect me not to comment on the length of the game though.
  77. Apr 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is definitely strong candidate for game of the year with its spot on pacing and great humor combined with excellent voice acting. I have heard that Wheatleys voice, but for me merchant is the perfect choice for the voice, reasons being revealed later in the game. Gameplay and portal physics are excellent as always, although the single player doesn't offer that much challenge. Luckily coop maps are more challenging and playing around with a friend is always fun, not mentioning now with portals!

    Valve wasn't far calling this the best single player game ever made. I do think though you need to combine portal 1 and 2.
  78. Apr 19, 2011
    Follow me on twitter@thetruthbites for liveE3 2011 v.I.p tweets.Portal 2 is absolutely fantastic. Co-op is great and the single player adds new welcome elements. Although the game does not seem as difficult as the first, it still provides enough challenge to keep your mind working overtime. The story and humor is also something worth mentioning. Don't want to ruin the game for anyone so I won't go in any story details, but let me just say that it rocks. This is a must for anyone that enjoyed the first, loves puzzle games, like using their brain, wants a new kind of co-op game ( also contains splitscreen mode ), of for anyone that just plain likes having fun. Expand
  79. Jun 18, 2011
    Portal 2 is a blast. It ingeniously combines a surprisingly interesting story with very creative puzzle mechanics to make a very fun game. The game is on sale for a not so generous price, and the combination of co-op and single player campaign still leaves it pretty short compared to some games these days. Nevertheless the fact is that in this somewhat short time, you have a really enjoyable experience. The replay value is expectedly not great so longevity really isn't to be found, except Valve is promising free co-op maps later this year. I can recommend it to everyone and anyone. It is that good. So do yourself a favour and go buy a copy of Portal 2. For science. You Monster. Expand
  80. Oct 23, 2011
    Amazing single player campaign and playing the co-op with friends was fun and a laugh. The only reason it doesn't get a perfect 10 is because there wasn't a lot to do after completing it several times.
  81. Sep 6, 2013
    There is absolutely no reason why you should not play this game. It is a wonderful magical blend of perfect game mechanics, a great storyline and absolutely hilarious dark humor. Definitely one of the defining games of the generation and the best puzzle game ever. Period.
  82. Apr 19, 2011
    Amazing just like the first one, The fact that you actually have to use your brain alittle to advance through the story makes it a much better game then a run and gun game like CoD. Brilliant!
  83. May 31, 2011
    I am a fan of Coop games as well as puzzles. So when I heard Portal 2 had a fully realized coop multiplayer it was a no brainer. This game works on its own but in my opinion really shines in multiplayer. You are forced to worked together and time things just right to make it on to the next set of rooms, rinse, repeat. I would suggest anyone who enjoyed the original or just someone looking for a casual albiet difficult coop game. Remember most negatives are because you have to pay money for aesthetic stuff, so if you don't want to pay 5 bucks for a hat, don't. Expand
  84. Sep 27, 2011
    -- [THE GOOD] -- - Stephen Merchant as Wheatley is an absolute masterstroke - A consistently brilliant, tightly crafted campaign with some of the funniest lines of dialogue you will experience in a game for a long, long, long time - Banging co-op campaign - Mobility Gels add a whole new dimension to the puzzles -- [THE BAD] -- - The, uhh... poor subtitle grammar offends me at times. **** it, it's forgiven

    (Graphics) - [8] - In terms of visual quality, it's identical to Portal, but that's not a bad thing as Portal's graphics were smooth, clean cut and beautifully sterile - to fit with the theme of the evil Aperture Science facility, of course - and so it's no surprise that this exact formula was brought in for a second round, only now the facility is in a state of decay since Chell's last battle with GLaDOS and so our vision of what was once Aperture Science is thrown sideways as we awake in a seemingly brand new place with overgrown weeds poking through every available orifice and the sort of run-down factory setting that only Bear Grylls would spend the night in. As the game progresses, however, some familiar environments return in a very exciting and welcome way, as well as a sweet, sweet, sweet surprise that might throw some of you too. There's something about the look of the gels that makes them seem so textured that you can just 'feel' them in your hands by looking at them. ...Just me?...

    For the full review, y'all can find it on my blog at
  85. Dec 28, 2011
    This is my favorite game. The visuals are stunning.The story is epic and hilarious. The puzzles are mind bending even with a partner. Though the Xbox version is lacking in features in the PC/Mac and PS3 version its still the amazing.
  86. Mar 19, 2012
    Honestly, I can only judge the single-player campaign, since no one I know plays the game. It's too bad there's no random-matching system for the multiplayer campaign (last I checked, at least). The single-player is excellent, and Valve shows genius in the dialogue throughout the game. This is by far the funniest game I've ever played. Every puzzle was fun, without the annoying have-to-jump-across-a-gap-exactly-right-or-die feel of the first Portal game. The opera and credit songs were a wonderful touch. I cannot say enough how great of a job Ellen McClain did as GlaDOS. I will probably keep playing this game for a while to come. Expand
  87. Apr 19, 2011
    I've only scratched the surface of this game, but I already feel as though I've gotten my money's worth ten times over. The only reason I'm not rating this a 9 instead of a perfect 10 is purely because I haven't finished it yet, and because it doesn't come wrapped in bacon and/or dipped in chocolate. Otherwise all indications point to this being a true masterpiece and certainly one of the top games of 2011 if not all time. Expand
  88. Apr 19, 2011
    Okay this trolling is getting out of hand. I am going to both review the game and dispell all the lies.

    #1 The game is NOT 4 hours long. It has been disproven by many gaming outlets; Rock Paper Shotgun, 1up, Kotaku, etc. On a speed run it takes about 7 hours to beat the SP.

    #2. The DLC is ALL cosmetic. They do not charge for any added levels so this motion of you are missing game
    content because it costs money for a hat is ridiculous.

    The game is amazing and one of the best and most creative games made. Fantastic voice acting, great story, mind boggling gameplay. Better than Portal 1 in every way and the best Valve game yet. Do yourself a favor and buy it!
  89. Apr 19, 2011
    Excellent game. The campaign is compelling and hilarious, and has brilliant level design and pacing. As a veteran Portal player, I definitely wish it was harder, but that's a minor complaint. It's also a little on the short side, though I spent a lot of time soaking in the vast amount of detail Valve has put into the world, so it took me longer than some of the other reviewers are stating (let me put it this way: it's longer than COD: Black Ops by quite a bit).

    Another thing that's important not to overlook is the co-op mode, which is a blast. Overall, this game was a great value at $45, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the free DLC in the future.
  90. Apr 19, 2011
    Portal 2 is the best one in its genre, yes you don't kill anyone but thinking with portals makes up for that.
    Aboslutely Brilliant. Thanks Valve! 10/10
  91. Apr 19, 2011
    Portal 2 is the best one in its genre, yes you don't kill anyone but thinking with portals makes up for that. Aboslutely Brilliant. Thanks Valve! 10/10
  92. Apr 21, 2011
    Very much like its predecessor, Portal 2 story is full of dark humor and solid continuation of the story. The puzzles seemed slightly easier on the whole(granted there are a few thinkers); although this could be from having a good "think outside the box" mentality from playing Portal obsessive compulsively. The addition of co-op mode(along with a full unique campaign) changed the game a lot more then I though. There isn't a lot of space for one person to slough off while your partner in science does all the work. Game length(for each campaign) will depend largely on how much/well you played the original Portal.Veteran(5+ hours)-----------------Amateur(10~ hours) Expand
  93. Apr 25, 2011
    Fantastic writing, and the puzzles are deeper and more diverse than in the original game. The visual style is also very reminiscent of the first game, but much more developed and there are environments to see beyond austere test chambers (or the ruins thereof). There isn't a lot of flash to the visuals, but between the art design and great use of lighting, the game is still very nice to look at. Fun and entertaining from beginning to end, worth replaying multiple times, and the co-op is very well done.

    The game is about 7-9 hours long in single player, and maybe 4-5 in multiplayer. Some people think that's not enough content for $60 and ding the game for it, but that's kind of silly; rent the game or wait for the price to drop.

    The 360 version lacks some of the features found in the PS3 version (Steam support, the PC/Mac version of the game for free) so it's a lesser package. Overall though, it's a fantastic game on any platform.
  94. Aug 16, 2011
    the BEST singleplayer i have played
    great puzzles, hilarious dialouge, awesome characters, and a very satisfying ending. i seriously recommend this game, especially if you have someone to play co op with!
  95. Nov 15, 2011
    Portal 2 really builds upon the originals successes and plants them into a whole new world (in aperture labs of course), making the sequel an excellent companion (hee hee) to the original with many additions. When the single player is done and dusted, co-op is definitely the way to go. Even though the progress is linear, every different person you co-op with yields a different experience. And with a possible level editor rumoured, it seems as if finally, content powered by the community may finally begin the grasp the creativity of console owners who probably cannot grasp the technicalities of Hammer. Overall, a puzzling package which is a must for any cube, button, turret, and possible motion sickness fan to own. Expand
  96. Feb 18, 2012
    Portal 2 is by far the most original and interesting puzzle game I have ever played, the game-play, the story is interesting and funny, of the best games of 2011.
  97. Mar 13, 2012
    Damned near perfect, one of the few games to tell a fully realised story using only the environments to you play through without ever leaving the first person perspective.
  98. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is a game that renews my faith in the gaming industry, and only further proves how brilliant a publisher Valve is. It's a game that not only progresses its own completely unique style of play, but does it in such amazing narrative style that it simply puts other games' stories to absolute shame. The Portal franchise has the cleverest, funniest, most engaging storyline of any game I've played, and even with its trademark silent protagonist, it doesn't matter because the other characters are so wonderfully designed and acted. I haven't even played co-op yet and I think it's amazing. And anyone who **** about the pricing has forgotten that it has absolutely nothing to do with a game and its gameplay. At all. Expand
  99. Apr 24, 2011
    Valve have done it again! This game is Awesome, Xbox showing its age a bit but still, GOTY in my opinion, Oh and ignore the trolls, if you want to experience a fine wine of a game get Portal 2
  100. Apr 19, 2011
    If you enjoyed the first Portal then you will love this. It is full of the same charm as the first game and at moments is absolutely hilarious. There is more variety to the puzzles, but they still have that Portal feel to them. Graphically it is a fairly nice looking game and there is certainly much more variety in the graphics than the first game. Overall, everything has a bit more polish to it and the controls even feel a little smoother than the original. If the first Portal wasn't your thing then there's not a whole lot here to change your mind. But as I said, if you enjoyed the first game I don't know how you couldn't absolutely love Portal 2. Expand
  101. Jul 9, 2012
    As much as it breaks my heart to give this a 9 I have to. It just wasn't everything I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing game and still one of my all time favourites. The story was really amazing, the humor was as good as ever, the graphics (despite what some people say) were actually pretty good and still way better than the first one, and the puzzles were challenging at times while not being close to impossible. The learning curve is really amazing (as was the one in the first Portal). Most of the time you would walk into a puzzle and start thinking of how you could solve it and when you finally do you feel really good about yourself despite the fact that GLaDOS is insulting your every move. The trailers of this game were probably the best trailers I've ever seen. They did exactly what they were supposed to do. They got me completely pumped for the game. Maybe a little too pumped actually which is part of the reason I gave it a 9. My expectations were unbelievably high and it only slightly let me down. I kind of felt that the co-op mode was kind of annoying to use just because unless the person you are playing with is at the same place as you you have to play levels several times or skip levels. My last problem and probably the biggest is it didn't really have very much replayability. The co-op added to it a bit but after that I didn't know what to do with myself and I found myself wanting so much more. It's not even the short story that was my problem (approximately 4 hours to beat) but it was that I had no incentive to play it once I beat it. Maybe if they had some things to unlock or the challenge levels they had in Portal 1 then I'd be fine and I'd probably give it a 10 but I didn't really feel like playing it again just to get my money's worth and there was no incentive to anyways. Collapse

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 66
  1. Jun 6, 2011
    Portal 2 is a triumph in every sense of the word, a wonderful experience from start to finish and one that you won't soon forget.
  2. May 23, 2011
    Indeed, this is both mathematical and storytelling art-work; it teams a gripping narrative with an inventive gameplay mechanic that makes for an excellent and unforgettable ride.
  3. A huge and stunning sequel, as witty as it is brain-bendingly challenging. [July 2011, p.98]