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  • Summary: Behold New York Zero. Prototype 2 extends the experience of becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. A vicious viral outbreak has killed Sgt James Heller’s family and transformed him into a PROTOTYPE. Powered by revolutionary shapeshifting powers, you must hunt, kill and consume your way across the ravaged wasteland of New York Zero to take revenge on the man responsible: Alex Mercer. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. May 10, 2012
    Prototype 2's James Heller out superheroes every other superhero that's ever appeared in a videogame. He's faster and stronger than Batman, more focused than the Hulk, has a larger arsenal than Spiderman, and is funnier than Superman. In other words: Prototype 2 is the ultimate power fantasy.
  2. May 9, 2012
    Radical managed to improve the game in almost every aspect, making it a very enjoying and satifying game for every lover of Activision's franchise. Only an unrealistic enemy AI behaviour and a problematic lock system keep it from being a perfect game.
  3. May 11, 2012
    It may just be the incredibly high expectations we put on game developers today but the game suffers from enough faults to keep it just outside of my top 10 list. But, with just the right amount of game play time, some challenging achievements, tons of ways to create chaos and an outstanding cast, Prototype 2 delivers an enjoyable game and has created a great opportunity to bring together various elements into a cohesive environment.
  4. May 1, 2012
    Prototype 2 is undeniably an improvement in many ways over the original game. It controls smoother, has plenty of simple quality-of-life improvements, and it lacks many of the frustrating features that plagued the original. Unfortunately, it solves problems by erring on the side of simplicity.
  5. May 26, 2012
    Overall, Prototype 2 is an enjoyable title that is plagued with a number of problems. The repetitiveness and the easiness of the title are big factors in preventing it from being a truly great game. Nevertheless, this is a must purchase for fans of the original.
  6. Apr 27, 2012
    Players will have trouble considering Prototype 2 as a full-fledged sequel. The lack of surprises regarding the gameplay compared to the previous title, and a story that is not worth telling despite some amazing live action cutscenes, could curb the enthusiasm of the few players looking for new game mecanics. However, Radical Enterainment managed to create a gaming experience as intuitive as the one offered in 2009 in the first Prototype. So, James Heller will surely help some players reach true power with their controller and it would be crazy not to try!
  7. May 17, 2012
    Although it's accurate to say that Prototype 2 is "an improvement" over the original, that's not the same as saying that it's a great game, or that it's even on-par with the kinds of things hitting shelves these days.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 64
  2. Negative: 7 out of 64
  1. Apr 24, 2012
    Great improvements over the first one! Everything is great is hard to see the mistakes when your having so much fun playing the game! Just WOW! Radical Entertainment made a masterpiece!!! Expand
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    Awesome game! Lots of improvement from prototype 1...the developer really listened to their fans. Better graphics, better combat, better pacing, and better story. I love collateral damage, it's just pure joy and fun! Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2012
    Summary: Prototype 2 is an excellent game. The action is fun, the movement is great, and the Main and Side missions are just good excuses to use your awesome powers some more. The story is simple but entertaining, and as Heller fights on I really felt inclined to fight with him. A simple game without so many bells and whistles as some others perhapse (Mass Effect, Diablo, MW3) but it really delivers nevertheless; It's very well polished!. Hurrah!

    Review: The game is all about slaughtering your foes in a variety of ways. Prototype 2 is all about making you feel like a badass and it never deviates from this. It isn't a mindless hack and slash however, at the beginning, though you may rip asunder soldiers with a simple swipe, your enemy's rain of bullets and rockets will definitely tear you down, thus prioritizing targets and quickly dispatching your foes is a must. But then again I played it on Hard, on lesser difficulties it may actually be quite mindless. The protagonist James Heller is not a sauve hero with great one liners and awesome poses in the sunset, he's a gritty, swearing, barbarian that swears with every insult and answers roughly to every question. If you're a sensitive soul, he will offend you. But if you're playing a game where every death has a "rip apart" prerequisite, then you really shouldn't be playing this in the first place. The plot is simple: Infected killed my family. Mercer created the infected. I kill Mercer. That about sums it up. Sure there are twists and turns here and there, but in the end killing Mercer is exactly what you aim to do. The ending is short, the final boss fight is greatly satisfying, but the epilogue is a tad bit lacking, but not by much. The ending just feels a little cut short. Problems: Camera is a bloody pain. At the beginning it can be hard to get used to it, and by the end you learn to work around it and eventually don't notice it, but targeting is still forever a pain. In the end, the way the camera works is you see through the front, and you use your blessedly well made mini-map to see everything else. The targeting has a nasty knack of loving one target so much that every time you try to target whats right in front of you, it will target that other thing as long as it's slightly to the side. What you have to do is turn around completely to reset the targeting or stand still in the middle of combat so that you can use the right analog to flick between targets. MIND YOU this is exclusively a problem when you want to throw cars, grab distant foes, or shoot with a rifle or rocket launcher. Melee works like a charm! The good: Good enough plot that kept me interested. Everything about the game ('cept targeting) is very well polished. Side missions add replayability and welcome distraction. Barbarian hero is welcome in a no-nonsense world. Action is satisfying and visceral. Although some complain that the graphics might be on the cheap side in this current gen, 1. after a while you don't notice it all, 2. it's actually a GOOD THING because in this game there isn't ANY slowdown OR loading times AT ALL, unless your loading a save slot, thats it, and even that's short. Hell, I wish Deus Ex and Mass Effect were a little cheaper if it meant I didn't spend a third of each game waiting rather than playing. In the end, a well polished game that delivers everything it promises. The cover of the game says it all.
  4. May 26, 2012
    I loved Prototype 1 so I was looking forward to this title. And It didn't disappoint for the most part. Graphics are nice, especially I loved the building textures. Voice acting was alright IMO. The soundtrack was rather disappointing and not memorable. I really liked the story, even though it seemed generic at first, the ending, however, was questionable. A lot of the gameplay mechanics were corrected so now it's even more fun to play than in the first game. Unfortunately developers removed some cool powers from the first game, like shock waves and all the different types of devastators(there is only one now), but they also added some new features. All in all it's a great game and a great follow up to its predecessor and I recommend you to buy it if you enjoyed the first prototype. Expand
  5. Aug 19, 2014
    Put into simple words Prototype 2 is just majestically they format and layout of the maps and how the cities connect is just pure genus the company should me immensely proud of there achievement. The combat is just out standing, it does take a bit of mucking around with to learn the controls and the different skills but that's where the campaign plays a massive roll. Unlike many games where you learn a skill, you get one lesson or mission and then your in the deep end. In this you have continuous missions where they make it mandatory to us that skill, in the long run this makes sure a beginner weapon isn't left for dead once you obtain a more over power one. The story line unfortunately isn't all up to par dont get me wrong its still a thrilling story but it is allot the same you kill someone absorb them enter a room kill them and obtain info, and so on and so on. The game holds allot of twists and turns which keeps it from being boring and it is a short game so it doesn't over stay its welcome. The end boss fight is highly challenging and takes a couple trys even on easy it really does top the cake. Over all i was immensely happy with the over all game. Expand
  6. May 31, 2012
    This game boils down to one thing: How much the entertainment value, or "fun factor", really affects how you enjoy a game. If your here for things like story or originality, steer very clear of this title. However if all that matters to you is that you can go in there and beat the crap out of a billion dudes at once, you'll feel right at home here. I personally think the sandbox GTA-style games have gotten fairly old at this point and this game really was no different from the many other GTA spinoffs over the years. It was one of the funnest games I've played in awhile though so that really helps it's cause. I don't think that this game is worth a full 60 dollars right now though. I bought it for 30 on amazon the other day and I'd say that would be a fair price for a game like this right now. It will inevitably see another sale price in the coming months so I'd wait on buying this game and going out and purchasing Max Payne 3 if your desperate for an awesome, new game worth it's 60 dollar price tag. This game can wait. Expand
  7. May 5, 2012
    o jogo é muito ruim e muito repetitivo se quer um jogo de verdade de super heori jogue infamous

    this game is the most repetitive
    game I have ever played, please, when playing it, have that in mind. You'll be hunting and consuming or retrieving packages with limited time for the entire game Expand

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