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  • Summary: Instill fear in your enemies with devastating attacks and earn the acclaimed title of Master Ace. RAIDEN IV Key Features: Challenging New Bosses and Stages - With new stages and never before seen bosses, experience the fast, blistering game play action that never gets old. Items, Weapons, and More - Unlock and master a variety of weapons, including fan favorites such as the Spread Shot and Laser, and never before seen weapons and items! [UFO Interactive] Expand
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  1. 75
    Whether as a Raiden game or a general shoot-em-up, Raiden IV doesn't really take any steps forward. That's not so bad, though: it looks good (better than most other similar games on Xbox 360), plays good, and has a suitable amount of extras. For a shooter enthusiast, it's just about all you can ask for -- and at around $40, less than standard retail price. It's just nice to see Raiden again.
  2. It’s a solid shooter with all of the essential criteria in place, from the exaggerated firepower to the insuperable difficulty.
  3. Raiden IV could’ve been a genre godsend for a devoted fanbase; instead, it proves merely adequate.
  4. 60
    Only hardcore shooting fans with a lot of extra pocket change should consider buying Raiden IV.
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  1. JesseS
    Dec 14, 2009
    The west hasn't embraced the manic shooter genre, I believe mostly due to approaching it the wrong way and diving in head first. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT feel embarrassed about setting your first playthrough to "very easy"- I assure you it's the only way to begin your appreciation for these kind of games, and it WILL challenge you. That said, Raiden IV is an excellent first choice and a renowned series. Provides plenty of opportunity to begin and improve your skill. Unfortunately you may often be squinting your eyes, as, like many other shooters, this game was originally formatted to a vertical resolution. That is unless you're planning to take advantage of the tilt-degree feature, physically turning your flatscreen sideways. The content is short, very well done and tweaked to perfection- content you don't mind playing over again and getting better at- much the opposite to your modern-day overloading of shallow, time-wasting stuff. Raiden IV looks great and the high-energy music sounds awesome. Western gamers, journalists, it is absolutely required that you swallow your pride. You won't regret getting good at manic shooters... it becomes a rush Expand