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  1. Sep 10, 2010
    Just like all other sandbox games, it's fun for a few hours, but then the novelty wears off and all you're left with is a crappy story. There is no challenge here, because this isn't a game. It's a movie shoehorned into a cowboy simulator. Trust me it's not as fun as it sounds. Unless you think watching a man bouncing up and down on a horse, as he rides from one end of the map to the other, exciting. Much of the gameplay consists of what feels more like chores than fun. Activities like hunting for rabbits, plucking flowers, training horses, and herding cattle. None of it is challenging. It's all just designed to waste your time. And after a few hours you'll realize that it's just exactly that: A waste of time. Expand
  2. Dec 2, 2011
    I cannot get what everyone loves about this game. The gameplay is repetitive, the mini-games lack any kind of fun. The game is set in the west at a time of modernization, yet it's still a long way from the city, with a few farms, a ranch, a couple of small villages - so why am I, in the middle of the night, encountering about ten people out hunting, traveling or plundering in just a couple of minutes' ride? When I kill a bounty, why does his henchmen spawn non-stop to kill me, again and again, until I go back to town, and then forget all about me? Why does 50 people who wants a NPC dead wait through weeks of him alone in the wilderness, until I join him, before they try to kill him - and why do they suddenly stop when I reach another point in the wilderness (no, not a fort or a city or anything, just a curve in the road in the middle of nothing)

    Why, when on a barge in the middle of the river, being pulled along a rope, does the rope bend AGAINST the current? Why, upon saving the life of a person, will this person refuse to talk to you at all afterwards? Why, when I found a horse, sat on top, and was told hey, that's mine,, then climbed back off the horse does the owner still run to the law to say I stole his horse? Why does the game then tell me the law is coming to arrest me - only to have me, standing completely still, no weapon drawn, gunned down from behind? If you can overlook the complete failure to make the setting feel like a desolate western, the throngs of people without any kind of personality at all and the lack of coherence in structuring a society, the scenery does offer some beauty,
  3. Sep 2, 2010
    This is most likely the most boring game I have ever played. I rented this game because of a recommendation from a friend. When the game started, I realized that the graphics were very good. The game started, and i immediatley noticed the terrible control scheme. If I have to ride a horse for five minutes, why do i have to press A rapidly? Then, you have to slow down, the press fast then slow, etc. The story was slow. Repeditive shoot outs, riding your horse for five minutes at a time (thats a long time just to get to a store), and a really uninteresting story. Don't buy this game. Also, video game magazines rate every over hyped game at least a 90. Expand
  4. Oct 12, 2010
    the game is boring like assassins creed 1 & 2 all you do is run around and shoot/punch people and there isn't a good story to it. Thats what makes it boring
  5. Sep 15, 2010
    I bought this game when it came out kept it for a week and traded it in for in store credit and bought my kids a Wii game with the credit. This game had nothing worth talking about it was GTA in the Wild West. The multi-player piece was lack luster. It made absolutely no sense what so ever. I wasnt sure what i was supposed to do. People were just running around and killing other people for no other reason then they didnt even know what else to do. The single player game had no real direction, quests were everywhere and i do mean everywhere. The multi-player campaign relies to much on a gaming community that for the lack of better words just sucks. The game had real potential but it got lost in translation from concept to reality. At least in GTA you didn't need to stop for gas, i hate when games try to put an element of reality in the game by giving vehicles or in this case horses stamina. Really why cant i just ride my dang horse man why do i have to keep randomly hitting the button. Ok so i wanted to join the law, i see a fight break out i stop attempt to stop it the guy shoots at me i shoot back kill him and now the law is after me. OK OK wait wait wait... you say i can break up fights but when i do the law comes after me. Where was the law when these two were fighting ..? I give it a 2 for great concept im even willing to give them another try with RDR2 but and i do mean but it will only be a rental until you prove to me that this will work and for goodness sake put a higher rating on it to keep out the people that don't want to play the game as it was intended. Expand
  6. May 28, 2011
    With limited time and at least 12 unopened games yet to be played I just can't bring myself to waste any more time on this game. The dialouge is only ok the combat is easy the quests are repetitive and I just cant shake the feeling that im playing gta:wild west. The minigames are probably the only marginal bit of fun to be found in this game. This just goes to show that they always sneak a few overhyped games in that just flat out dont deserve it. The boredom and sheer disappointment of this game is almost as obvious as 9/11 being a inside job or that flouride in your water and toothpaste is poision. Please dont buy this but maybe rent it if there is nothing else you would rather play.The graphics are good and thats the only reason I gave this game a 3. The lowest scored game ive rated so far. Expand
  7. Jul 4, 2011
    Not being a huge fan of Rockstar games, I was some what hesitant to play this game. And I was pretty much right with my expectations. In the hour that I "attempted" to play this game, I found myself battle glitch after glitch. If I wasn't sinking into the terrain to the point my character couldn't move, either my game menu wasn't visible (after pressing start) or I couldn't hitch my damn horse on the initial intro to the game. Sorry Rockstar, fix your stuff before you put games out. Glitches should be a thing of the past. Expand
  8. May 17, 2012
    This really is an awful game, I wish I played a demo first. I was tricked because it looks good, and it's made by Rockstar. The graphics are the best part, the music is decent, the voice acting and storyline are both mediocre, and the actual game mechanics are terrible.

    Shooting your gun feels awkward, imprecise, clunky, it's not fun.

    Riding your horse is boring too, it's like driving a
    car in GTA except you press A every couple seconds, and the scenery as you ride is all cactus and grass.

    Herding cattle is probably the most boring thing in the game.

    Racing is all right, but not very satisfying.

    There's no choices in the game, you just watch as the awful story unfolds.

    There's brothels in every town, but you're married so nothing to see here folks.
  9. May 16, 2012
    And still no PC version for a game with plenty of shooting, with character controlling, with a great possibilities of modding and graphical enhancements.
  10. Jan 7, 2013
    I was so excited for this game after having read the universal praise it received as well as being in the process of watching the western Deadwood on HBO, which is amazing. Unfortunately, this game is an epic bore. It is (mostly) well done technically, just totally uninteresting in its story and gameplay and offers no continuous fun or genuine excitement. I really was hoping for a video game version of Deadwood - lawlessness vs the establishment, debauchery, violence, drunkenness, whoring, double crossing, etc - but this ended up being what I imagine the PBS version of the Wild West must be like: very tame and dull. I got about 4-5 hours into the campaign before I decided it was just never going to get any better and sold it. In the 5 hours I played it I picked flowers, herded cattle, lassoed horses, and had some shootouts that were less interesting and challenging than Whack-A-Mole. The protagonist is wooden and dull (although he is supposed to be some bad-ass ex-gang mofo). The story did have some thematic promise but was ultimately just very unengaging, and the characters that aren't dead weight are overwrought caricatures that just added a silly cartoon-like quality to an otherwise serious endeavor. The actual in-game graphics are beautiful and the terrain is incredibly well done. However, the cutscenes are pretty terrible with awful renderings of the faces (but honestly, that's the case for most games) and go on way too long. After 5 hours the story and gameplay never developed to the point to get me genuinely engaged about any of the characters or their circumstances, and the actual playing of the game was too slow and dull to bother continuing. I am genuinely confused why this received nearly universal acclaim - although beautiful, it is incredibly tedious and one-dimensional. Expand
  11. Aug 27, 2013
    Can't do half the things you can do in a GTA game. Die when entering waist deep water. Retarded fast traveling system. Pointless awards from challenges. Riding a horse isn't nearly as fun as riding a car. Accidentally target someone and you get into a lot of trouble. Controls suck as if you're used to keyboard mouse. Can't tell friends from enemies in a gun fight.

Universal acclaim - based on 96 Critics

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  1. 'Red Dead Redemption' is a must buy. Every Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owner should play this game (as long as they're over 18 and not a member of PETA). The only reasons I can't give this game a full 10 are the annoying glitches, connection issues and the lack of difficulty.
  2. At times breathtaking, often awe-inspiring and never, ever dull, Red Dead Redemption is already one of 2010's biggest hitters, and is likely to become one of this generation's greatest achievements. A staggering work of art.
  3. 100
    RDR is a phenomenal game that stands out as one of the year's best. The utmost attention to detail is apparent in every aspect, and is something that no gamer should miss.