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  1. Jun 4, 2013
    A great game that will suck you into it's world in the same way as mirrors edge did a few years ago. A fantastic protagonist, interesting combat and great new ideas make this a must buy for anyone who loves science fiction
  2. Jun 9, 2013
    This is a great game. It is innovative, original and daring. Too many games rest on their former success, bringing out sequel after sequel (here's looking at you Mario, Resident Evil and Metal Gear) rather than creating something new and fresh. Remember Me mixes great story, amazing graphics (probably the best I've seen on the Xbox) and sensational music into a very playable game.

    reviews have criticised its combat for being dull, and ill admit that it could do with a counter attack button rather than just using dodge, but the special moves are great, the mix of enemy's keeps it fresh and the crazy REZ style dynamic musical score that crescendos as you make successful combos is a treat. I played it on easy and would recommend people to do the same... I love a challenge, but not at the expense of enjoyment, and Remember Me is a game to experience and enjoy, not just a way of Maxing Out the gamer score.

    The memory remixes are very fun, if anything a couple more would have been nice and the free running aspect is good too. I don't think that the route being projected for you is a downside, but I'd have loved to explore more of Neo Paris.

    The overall concept and story and setting is what makes this game shine. Please please release more content and please please keep adding to this franchise. Remember Me let's us glimpse at the future of gaming and it looks good!!
  3. Jun 7, 2013
    This game is very interesting, I started to play it and i was suprised! Graphic is totally awesome and I was not sure if I am playing game or watching move, thumbs up for this! What is maybe not the best, is story, yeah it is quite good but could be better and same thing for fighting system. Main character is quite impressive yeah it is woman so you can get looking for all part of the body All is about memory, if you like cyber punk or games from future, go for it! I would give to this game something between 9 to 9.4 of 10. Collapse
  4. Jun 10, 2013
    Keeping it simple. I traded games to get this not wanting to shell out the if bad. I have got to tell you I would've paid for every penny of this experience. The Story is excellent one of the best in the last few years. The gameplay is good and you need to mix up your combos to play it right (even mid battle). The fighting is simple like batman but the combos tailor to your game style. This is a do not miss game. To many people are unhappy in life and live to give bad reviews and need their memories wiped. I saw no issues with the voice acting and I never felt combat being repetitive even though I guess looking back it was. But so is was Batman if you think of it.
    Go get it today give the developers their due and keep them making games like this that try new things.
  5. Jun 5, 2013
    Remember Me seems like it's destined to be one of the great overlooked gems of this generation. It's criminal how little attention the game is getting. Yes, the traversal and combat mechanics are decidedly average and the plot borrows heavily from Total Recall... but the main character and the vibrantly colorful world of Neo-Paris that she inhabits are just so stylish and interesting that it makes the experience as a whole feel much more than "average". I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed the style and aesthetic of Mirror's Edge and especially to anyone who is a fan of Ninja Theory's games because Remember Me bears more than a passing resemblance to Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, and DmC. Expand
  6. Jun 4, 2013
    Remember Me is an awesome game. It’s sometimes frustrating with it's difficulty, but it also transports you to an amazing world with striking designs, a deep culture, and interesting characters. The game might rely a little too heavily on “been there, done that” elements of play, but when it breaks from the norm and it does so often it hands players power and a sense of freedom in experimentation. Expand
  7. Jun 5, 2013
    This is the best game so far in 2013 both story and gameplay is perfect for me.This game could be better if only Console exclusive imo.Nilin is great character both personality and looking,voice acting is superb, music is great (main menu and xmb menu) other musics is okay.The control is perfect for console version,
    I really hope tis game is not gonna milk like AC,COD. This is a
    masterpiece there is no need sequels.Finally a new game without nudism,XXX scenes,romantic plot and boobfest.This is a true masterpiece. Expand
  8. Jun 8, 2013
    This is one of best game you will play, trust me! In these days people are getting stupid or I don't know why suck a best game is only 7/10, I'm gamer since 96' and few games have trilled me so much, what's so nice it's this game it's not only a "game" it's a part of bad side of humanity if you know what I mean, you must play this game!
  9. Jun 9, 2013
    What seems to be common from many reviews is the expectations that many people had going into the game, and either finished disappointed, or didn't finish at all. I will say that though Capcom's Remember Me isn't the best game ever, probably not even close, it is a unique experience in more ways than one, keeping my attention throughout the game.


    Visuals This game is
    beautiful. Every piece of the world and each character is incredibly detailed. The graphics do not make the game, but Capcom puts it to good use with one of the last new IPs of the current generation. The atmosphere of Neo-Paris is gorgeous, between the slums and the high end side, each area has it's own unique style, and probably one downside is that you don't get to explore Neo-Paris more than you do.

    Combat Though not the strongest portion of the game, it's concept works, and works well. The meat of the combat system is creating your own combos. Now this doesn't mean you spend hours in a menu configuring buttons trying to come up with the best attacks. There are actually four preset button combinations, each consisting of either Square or Triangle (or X & Y for the Xbox 360). Along with that, there are four different modifiers called "Pressens", which allows you to power up each press of the button. The more experience you gain throughout the game, the more Pressens you unlock, allowing you to mix and match different types of modifiers within a single combo. For example: The most simple combo is Square, Square, Square. While the first press cannot be modified, the next two can, with modifiers such as stronger attacks or regaining health with each successful hit. Included with the combos are what's called "S-Pressens", which are power ups that help you gain a slight edge. These add a bit more strategy for when you face the tougher enemies.

    Remixing Memories Possibly the best part of the game. These portions allow your character Nilin to jump into somebody's memory, alter certain portions of said memory, and force them to remember something that didn't actually happen. The general idea of remixing memories is to manipulate someone into either having regrets, changing what they believe in, or completely forgetting a life-altering event. Though there aren't too many of these sequences, each moment is fun and makes you think. Each remix gives you a certain objective, and you must alter some or all options in order to get the result you want. Very cool concept in my opinion, though would loved to have seen more.

    Plot I won't spoil anything, but the story was interesting, unique, something different than the usual zombie outbreaks or military operations or what have you. It's an idea that was thought out, and used effectively.


    Voice Acting The only thing that doesn't drive the story as great as it could is the voice acting. Many games have that one "voice in your head" guide that tells you what to do and where to go. This is no exception, and like other games, this voice gets annoying along the way. Other characters just don't seem to fit in with the personalities that the game sets for them. This doesn't go for every character, fortunately, just enough to want to tell a few people to hush every once in a while.

    General gameplay When you're not fighting or remixing, you're running, pressing, or climbing. The latter isn't too eventful. Platforming in this game is far from great.

    Story length/Replayability It's a short game, and understandably so given the plot. Without a multiplayer portion in the game, Remember Me gives a great campaign experience, though not too much of one. And that's it. You may want to replay it to retrieve missing collectibles to learn more about the history of the city and the organizations involved. But the story is linear at best. Unless you're looking to get your platinum trophy, you may be trading in the game days after you begin playing.

    Completion The great story is hindered by it's flat ending. There's a moment where I'm left wondering about certain characters you met earlier in the game and if they achieved what they really wanted.

    Overall: I think this will be a sleeper hit. The concepts are unique, the visuals are gorgeous, and there are little things throughout the game that made me appreciate the design of the world and the characters. I personally do not believe it deserved IGN's 5.9 rating, and it's not 9 or 10 worthy. But it's a hell of a game and a pretty incredible experience. I recommend giving it a try, even if you decide to wait til it's on sale or the price drops. Or rent it. Whichever you prefer. Go with your gut!
  10. Jun 9, 2013
    Remember Me is an action/melee/platformer in every sense of the word. I've had a fun time playing this game and thought I'd break down my thoughts of why this is so.

    Combat: I really like the customization feature of being able to select different moves (Pressens) with different benefits (power, regen, chain, and cooldown) and pick what combos are most comfortable for you personally as
    a player to pull off. You will learn additional moves as you go along, however the way this is done here is far from rpg-style gameplay; so do not expect that going in. You cannot button mash your combos as the game requires that you properly time yourself from one hit to the next. This, I think, has lead to a perception that the controls are unresponsive because the timing window from one hit to the next is very small. But, once I got the rhythm of a combo down I rarely had a problem finishing it. You fight a lot of multiple enemies, placed in arena-like portions of the map. Enemies tend to group up and their attacks will break your combos, so it is important that you plan ahead, gain space on individual enemies, dodge, and look for vulnerable openings. Sometimes, this is easier said than done as some enemies can leap from walls, block attacks, and so forth. If you just jump into a big group and start swinging or get yourself cornered, you'll get floored pretty quickly on any difficulty. Your special S-Pressens and your arm-mounted Spammer can also be great assets in the right situations; allowing you to turn robots on their masters and stun enemies for periods of time. All in all, the combat requires you to pay attention, be creative, memorize the rhythm of your combos, and think.

    The World: NeoParis is an atmospheric and beautiful place. It really is a sight for the eyes. Familiar Parisian landmarks and architecture are spread throughout a world of flying drones, cables, slums, and futuristic skyscrapers. It is, unfortunately, linear. Not a great deal of open-world happens here. However, your objectives are always clear and helpful orange arrows give you tips on where to leap or climb to next. The game does hold your hand when it comes to directions and some gamers may feel it insults their intelligence which I can completely respect. I found the directional prompts useful largely because I didn't want to spend forever hanging from a pipe wondering where to go or what to do next. The non-enemy, non-essential NPCS do not interact with you very much. Some are busy in conversation with other NPCs, others talk to themselves, and some will give you a "I don't have time to chat" in one version or another. As long as you don't have a strong desire to be a social butterfly with NPCs, this means very little.

    Collectibles: Like them or hate them, there are a few different collectibles to find in the game. Some, like the Mnemist Memories, give you information and backstory. Others, like SAT Patches, boost your health after every group of five that you find (which you'll occasionally get hints for via holo-screens). Despite being a linear game, collectibles are cleverly hidden around piles of trash, in building crannies, and sometimes behind shutters that you can open with your Spammer. I personally love to find stuff so having multiple collectibles was a great experience for me.

    Voice Acting/Characters: Overall, not bad. The only hiccups I noticed is that Nilin's lips don't always sync properly when talking to Edge over the comm in her ear. The dialogue itself wasn't Shakespearean, but it was pretty well done, clearly heard, conveyed believable emotion for the most part, and suited it's purpose. Nilin is the only person in the game that really gets fleshed out as a character, but the devs did a nice job of making her a complex individual that is both driven yet also conflicted. It doesn't help of course that she has lost her memory right from the get-go and has to slowly work it back; forcing her to question herself and her decisions particularly during cutscenes.

    Memory Remixing: This is a truely unique feature. You are able, at set parts of the game, to change the events recorded in someone's memory....or even accidentally glitch-out their memory. It basically works like a puzzle: You have to find the right things to change in the right order to get the desired result and complete your objective. Though you don't get these opportunities often enough, as has been one of the recurring criticisms, it's a very enjoyable part of the experience.

    Achievements: If you're an achievement getter, prepare to be challenged. As a forewarning, snagging all of the achievements does require multiple play-throughs. But for the size of a game like this, it's not all that taxing.
  11. Jun 9, 2013
    Excellent industrial design, great music and an unusual, interesting history.

    -Limited exploration
    -Lack of branching story line
    -Capcom's inevitable marketing practices e.g DLC
    -Very slow start
  12. Jun 9, 2013
    This is one of those times where I didn't listen to major reviewers, and I'm very glad I didn't considering how awesome this game turned out. My only gripe is that the game is too short--I didn't want it to end. The camera can be weird at some points as well. Other than that the game is good. Great combat, addictive soundtrack, good pacing, and perfect blend of cinematics and gameplay. It's like batman and uncharted had a baby. Expand
  13. Jun 9, 2013
    Just finished Remember Me. Damn.. what a game. I still can't believe the reception for it has been so lackluster. The game has it's faults, but giving this game a score of anything below a 6? Really?
  14. Jun 9, 2013
    The look, story and concepts are amazing. The platforming is a little clunky, but pretty fun when you are moving fast. The combat system is rhythm based and it works, with patience. It voice acting is hit and miss. It's great getting new IP's and I hope this one sells well so we get a sequel. Much like the improvements from Assassin's Creed 1 to 2 (The first game was great but flawed, and 2 fixed all the mistakes.), I can imagine the sequel coming out on Next-Gen machines and being a must-buy.

    I consider this a must buy if you are a fan of something beautiful and different than the shooty games.

    The parts that needed polish are not enough to detract from what feels like a new sci-fi epic, reminiscent of Blade Runner and other Philip K. Dick stories, and 1984. I give it 5 breath-of-fresh-air Stars.
  15. Jun 9, 2013
    First Impressions are a big thing to me with games. In the first ten minutes of it this game immediately hooks you as you feel like you're really thrown into Nilins' situation. (main character)
    I only got to play it for about 45 minutes this morning but from what I can tell, the game play is very much a cross between the new Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia.
    The fighting system is rather
    unique in itself, as a dodge can break up a combo that was being executed, and the combos themselves are ones YOU make up and program in, as opposed to having to memorize them.
    As far as graphics and sound go, I'd absolutely say a 10 on both in my opinion. They're smooth and sleek with a LOT going on in the background on most levels.

    In the end if you like a game where you can scale walls and buildings like Tomb Raider, have a fighting system like Prince of Persia where you can actively dodge, and a badass story line where social media gets way out of hand, you'll definitely enjoy this.
  16. Jun 10, 2013
    having actually beaten the game and enjoyed it, it's definitely much more linear than Uncharted. it's corridor after corridor after corridor. Uncharted doesn't do that and i've completed 2 & 3.
    It's level design is extremely similar to Enslaved. but Enslaved is far worse. the Linearity also hurts with the game's lack of collectibles.
    unquestionably though this is the second most linear
    game i've ever played. beautiful graphics, good story, and solid gameplay. Expand
  17. Jun 19, 2013
    This was a masterpiece since when did they ever make games as brilliant as this you have to admit this is a game not to miss.

    Everyone has there own opinion but I think its worth it.
  18. Jun 9, 2013
    It has some flaws, needs some polish but this is one the most enjoyable and riveting games I have played. That alone gives it a ten as you can see past these small issues. The game sucks you in from the start and keeps building the story to a great climax. The protagonist is fantastic, the world is beautifully envisioned and well very thought out. The combat can be simple at times, but you can mix up your moves to make it quite entertaining. This isn't an open world game and I seen complaints lowering the score, but how can you complain about something that it isn't meant to be? Hopefully this game does well enough to get a sequel and we will see the scope increase as well as polish. Even without though this game is very well designed and very enjoyable. Expand
  19. Jul 16, 2013
    WOW. Most amazing game. So deep and emotional. Big Kudos to the developers. This game is a real piece of art and will be remembered forever.

    The mechanics could need some work, that is true. But if the outcome is this impressive I don't care for a little clumsiness.

    It's such a shame that the usual reviewer seems to be to stupid to 'get' this game. This is an instant classic.
  20. Jun 16, 2013
    Remember me is a game that will most likely be overlooked by the large majority of people playing games this year, and this is very sad. This is a game that actually does something different, and even though it does it very well, it has been underrated by critics for being different.
    This game is a wonderful sci- fi creation set in Neo-Paris. It features an excellent story I will not
    spoil at all (because like Frank Costanza, I recommend going in entirely fresh). The potential buyer just needs to know that this is a wonderful game, that has been overlooked for being different something that should be applauded in this ever homogenised industry of sexism, mediocrity and first person shooters. A sad world where every developer seems to assume customers want a call of duty rehash.
    It's also good to see an intelligent female lead character.

    Wonderful music
    Interesting story
    Great gameplay
    Something exciting and a bit different.
    Lack of Michael Bay-esque explosions and over the top set pieces aimed at 15 year old boys who can't read well, but enjoy shooting people from outside America in video games.

  21. Jul 13, 2013
    This game is criminally underrated; many complaints are better executed on this than on some 9, 10-rated games, as combat. It's not boring, it's not overlong. And it's a new IP, with a black female protagonist! A very original setting, mechanics and good story. Don't fall on the hype trap, play this game before it gets the Beyond Good & Evil cult-status.
  22. Jun 15, 2013
    A Truly fantastic game. I think the professional reviewers have made another knee jerk reaction. Firstly, yes the platforming is quite bland. Everything else in this game is top notch though.
    Music Brilliant orchestral scores highlight moments of discovery, pulsing beats power your fights.
    Story The world, memory as a commodity, memory junkies and data attacks are are smart and
    creative and highly involving.
    Combat Really much better than the reviewers say. Much stratergy involved. 2 major gripes enemies attack to relentlessly to allow long combos and attacking a second target breaks your combo why?
    Platforming Mostly Meh
    Graphics Truly excellent, pushes the unreal engine possibly further than BioShock Infinite at times.
    Characters Multi faceted and human. You feel for them.

    Had a hell of a time with this game!! Bring on a more expansive sequel
  23. Aug 27, 2013
    Remember Me is one of the best third person action adventure games to date, in terms of story, gameplay, graphics and soundtrack. This game will require some strong thinking at certain obstacles but that’s nothing for those that like solving Batman Arkham City Riddler’s riddles. Fantastic story which is supported through the game by a strong character connection to the player and the environments in which you play. Expand
  24. Jun 9, 2013
    I actually really like this game. The combos could be a little more freeflow, but overall it's great, but that's the problem, Dontnod actually made an interesting game world,but didnt expand on it. If it was a bigger game, not open world, but like in the same way Dark Souls is laid out, or like Deus Ex, and lets us have more freedom, put stealth and more memory abilities, like making them forget how to fire a gun ir something and it would've been amazing Expand
  25. Jun 9, 2013
    I've been watching Remember Me for a while and when it came out I got it the second day after release. My first thoughts were beautiful graphics and it gave me that Mirrors Edge, Total Recall, iRobot feel right away, which isn't a bad thing at all. Im always looking for games that are different and unique, I've been playing games from atari 2600 til now and everything in between and though this might not be the best game its surely freshing and nice to play something a little different and new. I won't spoil anything so I'll keep it short

    1.Graphics 9.5/10
    2.Gameplay 8.0/10
    3.Combat system 8.5/10
    4.Fun factor 9.0/10
    5.Music 10/10

    Pros: The highlights of the game are the music and the memory remixes, where u play through memoires and alter different things about it to change the out come, its all real time FWD: Pause, Play, RWD type and I've never seen anything like it.

    Cons: The only down fall this games has to me is that its not open world, not even close, but thats not enough to keep people from playing it and if they continue the series thats something they can improve on making a good game a great game.

    Looking for something new and different try it at least.
  26. Jun 9, 2013
    Setting is great. There's a few nits (like how in Neo-paris, everybody is british) but it captures a cyberpunk like feel without being the bleak grey landscape occasionally spiced up. The game world seems artifically claustrophobic though, and I found myself guessing when I was going to be ambushed pretty accurately by following this rule "large room..must be a fight scene". Background music reminds me of blade runner, so it had a great ambience to it without being distracting.

    Platforming: I didn't mind it, but there was a schizophrenic feel to it. for a game that spends a lot of time showing me exactly where to jump and move (via orange arrows pointing each step of the way) there were a number of twitchplay jumps that felt like they were put in just to irritate people. Early in the game, walkthrough tutorials are provided for very very basic puzzles (drop a wall between you and the drone so it cant see you!) while later QTE style chase sequences will probably require you to just die and reload a couple of times to get the pattern. This is not an Open world assassins creed type game, you are on rails. Not a bad thing, but something you should expect.

    fighting: the combos give a lot of customizing, but if you're just a button masher you're going to make the fights harder on yourself than they need to be. There is a very specific flow and timing to combat, so regardless of what order you press your 2 buttons for combos, you'll need to master the identical combat timing for your 3 button combo that your 8 sequence combo will take. The combat sequences themselves are pretty run of the mill, with the boss character Madame being especially annoying if you don't have your combo timing down.

    Remixing- this was my favorite part of the game, and while I can see how unfeasible it would be to end EVERY encounter with it, I sure wanted more control of using it, more potential targets for using it and even some more consequence and outcomes. Everything else in this game is something I could get in a different game, but the remixing is the truly distinct part. I played through a number of hours just waiting to use this mechanic and to see if it really mattered to the outcome. Nope, linear.

    Story -is pretty good. There's a beginning a middle and ending. There is foreshadowing and misdirection. There is a twist beyond some sort of total recall swipe. Edge is a bit of a cliche, but most of the characters have something ditinct going for them.

    Replayability- out of the box I don't know if Im going to bother with another playthrough for 'perfect remixes'. If DLC comes out that beefs up the memory remixing aspect of the game I can see myself going back in, but it's otherwise pretty linear.
  27. Jun 9, 2013
    Like some have said the game feels a mix of Tomb Raider/Prince Of Persia/Assassins Creed/Uncharted though unlike Lara this character fights well with or without weapons. The controls for the combat system get some getting used to but after a few fights it gets pretty easy to do and with the navigation help getting lost is hardly possible. The graphics are astounding especially when you do jobs and are leaping from buildings or climbing across the walls half the time it's almost hard to tell the difference when you're in a cutscene and when you're playing. The voices for the characters is pretty good though there are one or two that didn't quite fit still that doesn't hurt the gameplay. Unlike RE5&6 which sadly were somewhat disappointing for me this game will have you playing for hours without knowing it. Expand
  28. Jun 9, 2013
    There are two components to a story that absolutely hook me for the ride: 1)I have to want to develop an empathy with the character and, 2) obviously, the story. Despite the tragic frustration and borderline insult of not being allowed to explore the wonderfully sculpted world the game is framed within (it's incredibly well done, which makes the inability to explore the huuuuuuuge #1 con on this game)and the eventual tedium of being told by little jittering arrows where to go at every leap and turn, those two personal requirements of mine were handily and, to me, very satisfyingly met.

    Nilin is great...for me, the voice acting was so deftly maneuvered with inflection and emotion I couldn't help but become deeply involved in the character and her progression in reclaiming her past. I also found her deliberation of the objectives and motive set to her by the character Edge to be refreshing; if she would not have been at least suspicious or questioning of the instructions and directives set to her by an unknown agent, I would have been at least dubious of her mission and subsequent actions and, therefore, less willing to buy into the story. Knowing she was conflicted allowed a bit of personal insight and empathy with the character in the sense of what was unfolding.

    And I have to maybe sidestep a bit on my second requirement: the story itself was, maybe, just ok (perhaps a tad better), but the concept behind the storyline is what I view as still worthy of high marks. The groundwork and foundation of the context of the story was provocative and well-conceived, all the while being quite believable. The ability to manipulate memory was, to me, the most underutilized and most cathartic element to the game but, ya know, with as magnificent as the limited time was in this aspect, I think it must have taken a considerable amount of time to piece together the x's and o's to make this work so I suppose I can see why there wasn't wall-to-wall memory re-writes. Altogether though, the concept was very much appreciated in this land of rampant point-and-shoot fps for a guy who, while he enjoys some time in that certain genre of games, really aches for something different and substantive. And, hey, for me, Remember Me has got it.

    If DONTNOD can take some constructive critisism on their effort here, I really really really hope they consider employing some of it into a very soon-to-be-released follow-up. I would be very just do it, ok?
  29. Jun 9, 2013
    Now I'll admit this game popped up on my radar in a bit of peer pressure as some friends really loved the look of it but the first gameplay shown didn't have me sold. But they a few days later another gameplay was released involving a helicopter fight of sorts that's when i started my own love for it. It was passed up by many gaming companies for its female protagonist which i think is quite a silly reason. Now the gameplay is a bit linear(keeps it from a perfect score cause i really want to explore this world more, but i cant bring it down to 8 or 7 just because of that because they DID introduce a world i want to explore and my own enviousness of the world shouldn't affect the game it's self) Now the story is solid.

    If had to I'd give it a 8-5 to 8-7 if there was a story graph above on this rating thing. I say 8ish because it is a bit of a obvious scifi title and the story is a bit deep ya kinda have to be open to sci fi in general to really appreciate i as such I've graded accordingly so that linear, fighting gamers will know what they get into when considering it. The combo building is a bit blah at first but i really liked it and as someone who loves remember combos as it makes me feel like im learning stuff mid-gameplay amount my own memory skills. As a fan of the open world genre of games it IS a bummer that i cant do that here. The fighting combo remembering makes me remember how Sleeping Dogs caught me by surprise as a great game as well. I feel like a bad-A$$ beating people up as Nilin

    Sounds are just top notch, the voice acting is about at English dub anime levels where they sound they could fit the character well but a part of you thinks they could have played it a little less or in some cases a bit more dramatic. Nilin's actress is top notch i will say. Now the game sounds are also great i often play with headphones to not to annoy a tenant i share a wall with and i was thoroughly enthralled with the game and fully immersed.

    Now lasting appeal does get an 8 as that its about an 8 hour campaign that once again is very straight forward. But the game is still a great addition to my collection and i will have something to trophy hunt on till i get The Last Of Us in 10 days. The graphics are beautiful and i didn't notice many graphics bugs and if there were any they certainly didn't catch my eye or ruin the game.

    Now full-disclosure I WAS spurred to do this because the so many reviews about this(IGN specificly god how i dislike them) were just so unfair so it may be closer to a 4 to 4 and a half but there are no halves and even 4 seemed like a dumbed down score. Honestly i preordered this read reviews last and was like OH GOD I made I HUGE mistake. Then i got it today, started playing it and had NO clue why this was was happening the game is so good and so great. The reviews had me believing that it was horrid filth with its bads far outweighing the good and thats just not true. All and all I really suggest you play this game please don't let the big name game reviews be the ones you go to for your game news. Trust yourself and trust your instincts I think you'll be pleasently surprised, I know I was
  30. Jun 10, 2013
    Remember Me from Dontnod Entertainment is the french developers first game, and I can say with certainty that Dontnod will become a leader in innovating games.

    Non spoiler story:

    Remember Me is a fantastic game set in the Cyberpunk theme of Neo-Paris, a city built after a European Union Civil War in 2066. Humanity has become addicted to a new form of technology that allows the
    sharing and downloading of memories.

    You play as a woman with a form of amnesia that if I explained more would ruin the story. Suffice to say that a lot of people want you dead.


    Gameplay reminds me of the Tomb Raider without guns, along with great memory based puzzles. Before you think "boring" and stop reading you should know that the memories are other peoples. You have the ability to alter a persons memories in a genius puzzle that lets you tryout different outcomes to what could have happened and warping your targets perception if his or her own reality. You can only do this a few times during the story which is a shame but it makes a great change of pace from the combat.


    Speaking of combat, you can unlock moves during the game and arrange them in any order you like giving you that ability to make your own combos! Enemies are varied and will keep you on your toes as you try to figure out how to best them.

    As you go on other abilities become available and give you more puzzling and can also play a role in combat, but as I try to write spoiler free reviews I'll leave that up to you to discover!

    No toilet breaks!:

    If you have a day sick in bed (like me) you will beat it in a day but you can't stop playing to do so.

    Graphics and sound:

    With the exception of one hard boss fight that has some repetition, the voice acting is well enough for the characters, with the best acting going to the main character. It is a beautiful game to look at from the grimy under city to the richer upper city and small extras in the environment really bring out the immersion.

    Out of Ten:

    Graphics 9

    Sound 8

    Gameplay 9

    Collectibles 7

    Over all 9.5
  31. Aug 17, 2013
    A great game that will suck you into it's world in the same way as mirrors edge did a few years ago. A fantastic protagonist, interesting combat and great new ideas make this a must buy for anyone who loves science fiction
  32. Nov 10, 2013
    Remember me is a truly impressive novel effort. I enjoyed exploring the gorgeously rendered (very next-gen look for a 360) and extremely detailed levels just because the visuals are so different from what I am used to from other games. I should state up-front that I tend to play explorative/storydriven games, not shooters. For me, this game delivers massively on all of these aspects the graphics are phenomenal, the story is captivating and well written, the score is quite well done. The game also does a great job of following the old trope of unlocking more powers as you proceed through the story. Throughout, a lot of attention is paid to detail (one of the characters actually looks like a mix between her parents who we meet later in game).

    The one issue I ran into is with the new fighting mechanism/style that the authors developed. I salute the idea of creating a new take on how endless buttonmashing works by introducing a configurable combo system. It makes every battle very tactical you have to plan out how to use your "pressens" to take down minor and major enemies and when you can rebuild/refresh. I ultimately found it too difficult for my liking, I prefer straightforward systems like the ones in the Darksiders games.

    I'll be very interested in the next iteration of this phenomenal game.
  33. Jul 8, 2013
    People seem to hate this game for the preconceived notion that it's amazing based on its originality. But honestly the story is pretty standard capcom, and I can name off at least 5 movies or games where it's based off memories. The gameplay is identical to batman however The true greatness of this game is the feeling and atmosphere. You're thrown in a story constantly not knowing what to believe and the deeper you go the more complex it gets. It had me guessing till the last scene. Great game. Expand
  34. Jul 14, 2013
    Amazing game, compelling and interesting story, maybe a bit too safe on the mechanics like memory remixing, probably because they weren't sure how it would be received but it was incredibly fun. The voices were great, combos could have been better but I am a fan of the whole presens thing. I can't really say it's worth $60 because there's nothing other than the story which seems to be about average length (I didn't time it). I feel it being worth a bit less but would certainly play a sequel and loved the game from start to finish. Expand
  35. May 30, 2014
    Make yourself a favour and play this beautiful game. Take the visual style of Blade Runner and Ghost In The Shell, the fight system of Batman AA and God Hand, the interactive rythm of REZ and Child of Eden during the flow of the fight; some Uncharted and Enslaved, for exploration and put it all together with a fresh and interesting storyline.

    Here you have it, a game you can't miss.
  36. Apr 11, 2014
    A great game with a great storyline. Some plot twists, great storytelling and character building. Some might say it's a bit cliché here or there and I agree. But overall it's an awesome world being built through immersing story telling and great atmosphere.

    I like the main character in the game, a woman that is good at what she does and isn't being sexualized too much like in a LOT of
    other games with female protagonists.

    The gameplay is pretty good, it can be hard to master and sometimes gets repetitive. But overall it holds up fairely well.
    Though I would have hoped for the game to be a bit longer than the ~10 hours I got out of it. That is the first playthrough though. There are many more things to be unlocked in following playthroughs.

    All in all a great game.
  37. Jun 7, 2013
    This game is very interesting, I started to play it and i was suprised! Graphic is totally awesome and I was not sure if I am playing game or watching move, thumbs up for this! What is maybe not the best, is story, yeah it is quite good but could be better and same thing for fighting system. Main character is quite impressive yeah it is woman so you can get looking for all part of the body All is about memory, if you like cyber punk or games from future, go for it! I would give to this game something between 9 to 9.4 of 10. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 42
  2. Negative: 1 out of 42
  1. Sep 16, 2013
    Remember me is a competent game, but one can't shake the feeling it could be even more. The story is interesting, the soundtrack is wonderful and the vision is thought-provoking.
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    Remember Me has an interesting concept and single-player-only storyline, albeit somewhat confusing and vaguely familiar (it has some similarities to Total Recall in many respects). It's a good action-adventure gamers won't forget too quickly (although a lack of multiplayer makes it fade from memory sooner rather than later), despite some of the core elements being not as innovative or unique as they might seem, or as in the case of the memory remixes, not quite as unforgettable as they should be.
  3. 60
    It's never bland, but it is so bland it's impossible to recommend. [Issue#99, p.74]