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  • Summary: Experience another terrifying chapter in the Resident Evil series with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. After narrowly surviving the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire Redfield now seeks clues in search of her missing brother, Chris. Join Claire as she uncovers the insidious activities of the Umbrella Corporation. Avoid or eliminate flesh-eating zombies and horrific beasts. Use a variety weapons, items, and clues scattered around Raccoon City to help you survive the nightmare and make sure the virus doesn't spread any farther. Collapse
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  1. Sep 27, 2011
    The game does still offer up some pretty good jump scares and a fantastic creepy feel.
  2. Sep 28, 2011
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD, despite the re-learning curve, is still one of the best games that came from the four original RE titles.
  3. Sep 27, 2011
    This one is definitely more geared towards the hardcore RE fan than those that are new to the series with 4 or 5, so keep in mind that if you haven't played through the original trilogy of games, you're going to be in for a bit of shock with this one.
  4. Sep 26, 2011
    Despite being one of the best chapters of the series, this edition of Code Veronica has almost no improvements in visual aspect. Capcom delivers another bad remake for a high price.
  5. Oct 5, 2011
    The convenience of modern games makes this Resident Evil Code: Veronica X feel dated.
  6. Oct 4, 2011
    If you absolutely have to get a downloadable Resident Evil fix, get Resident Evil 4 HD instead. It holds up markedly better in every conceivable way and looks pretty good in high definition.
  7. Sep 26, 2011
    Resident Evil 4 might get something of a free pass but Code: Veronica was flawed 11 years ago, and none of the issues are fixed in this HD 'update'.

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  1. Sep 28, 2011
    @ RezzaDee . What you explained to me about the story is BAREBONES as in you just explained what the games told you and thats it. Plus ada died by being thrown up against a machine" killing" her. Also resident evil fans are REALLY like to whine when something isn't the way they want it to be. First off we want something new (re4) then when re5 comes out every is like omg re5 is racist then we want zombies again.Plus re4 can be scary the fact that the A.I. is smart and ins't like a zombie shuffling towards you waiting to get a bite out of you while you pump them full of bullets. Re4 A.I. is smart cause they can dodge your bullets when you aim at them they can open doors, climb ladders, call on other foes to help them etc... I decided to make this telling you short cause i have better things to do. Expand
  2. Sep 29, 2011
    Resident evil 1)
    The player's character is a member of a special law enforcement task force who is trapped in a mansion populated by dangerous
    mutated creatures. The objective of the game is to uncover the mystery of the mansion and ultimately escape alive. 
    Resident evil 2)
    The game is set two months after the events of the first Resident Evil,  in the Midwestern American mountain community of Raccoon City.  Nearly all of its citizens have been transformed into zombies by an outbreak of the T-virus, a new type of biological weapon secretly developed by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. The game's two characters are Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer on his first day in the local force, and Claire Redfield, a college student looking for her brother Chris. Having just arrived in the city, Leon and Claire make their way to the Raccoon Police Department, seeking protection. There, they discover that most of the policemen have been killed already, and that Chris has left town to investigate the Umbrella headquarters in Europe. 
    Resident evil 3)
    A new feature to gameplay is the Nemesis, an experimental type of Tyrant programmed by Umbrella to hunt down and kill the remaining STARS members. He can run, use a rocket launcher as a weapon, dodge incoming fire, and is capable of pursuing the player from one area to the next. Nemesis is encountered multiple times throughout the game as a recurring boss. A variety of encounters are possible, with some being mandatory, and some varying in nature and location based on choices made by the player. Even if defeated in combat, Nemesis will inevitably continue pursuit of Jill.
    Code veronica)
    The game begins with Claire Redfield raiding an Umbrella Corporation facility in Paris in search of her brother, Chris Redfield. During the infiltration she is captured and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. Soon after arriving, a man named Rodrigo Juan Raval releases her from her cell, since she is not much of a threat considering the outbreak of the T-virus on Rockfort. Trying to escape from the contaminated island, Claire teams up with inmate Steve Burnside, at the same time being confronted with the island's commander Alfred Ashford. Meanwhile, Albert Wesker is on a mission of his own to retrieve a sample of the T-Veronica virus developed by Alfred's twin sister Alexia. His unit is also responsible for the outbreak of the T-virus on Rockfort Island.
    Resident evil 4) 
    Now the reason I wrote this is to show that character A.I is not new with resident evil 4 it is updated tech, as the previous instalments were on an older games console where the limit was 32bit. So yes while there is a plot on why the virus has changed but if a game series is built up on the story that made it, the reason for changing it is what...? It's to show off new designs that this system can now fulfil, like having no cutscene of manoeuvring up/down stairs, ladders, doors. The player can now kick down ladders were as before you could not interact with the scenery as it was a pre-rendered still image. This being a change for the better. Having no more item boxes and in replacement the player can now find and sell items to gain new item slots or weapons and attachments. Incase anyone try's to go against the slightest thing I write, I will even include buying items such as first aid sprays. But from a virus having the traditional zombie to an overhaul of them being left behind in the past to the now Los ganados. Now if people would be able to read in-between the lines. I love the gameplay of resident evil 4 but if if was called, let me say that again IF it was called me vs people who are not zombies it would be much better as THAT is what resident evil has ALWAYS been about.....ZOMBIES. The majority of this games audience is for the action not followers of previous titles. Although they have no doubt played and loved it, it does not follow on from the making of the game. And as a reply to the spin offs, I mentioned them all previously, survivor and survivor 2 were time crysis style shoot em ups. Same as dead aim. Outbreak and file 2 were co-op and were mini games in level design. So all being ok. But a numbered version of resident evil has always followed the making until 4 came out and especially 5. So there you have it. Thank you, good night much love.
  3. Sep 28, 2011
    @ RezzaDee code Veronica was not the last Resident Evil to be survival horror it was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. Alot of Resident Evil games came out after that Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica, Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, Resident Evil: Dead Aim and thats not counting the cell phone games. Now on to your reteling of the story of the Resident Evil games you played you said that in code Veronica "you soon realise that wesker is on the same island operating with umbrella" ok theres a problem there for one Wesker is not working with Umbrella, Umbrella owns the island thats were they train the U.S.S. Wesker and the H.C.F. attacked the Umbrella facility on Rockfort Island, intent on retrieving a sample of the T-Veronica virus by one of Umbrella's chief researchers Alexia Ashford. The t-virus was released in the process when armed conflict with Umbrella's guards took place. now the next thing you to SadFatPanda was "Yes resident evil 4 is a great game but not as a resident evil game" well you intiteled to your own openion but there the thing you said "The reason for this is like i said the story, main changes: 1) zombies. From the simplest things of walking slow and being a zombie." Walking slow huh did you even play Remake cause i know that Crimson Heads didnt walk nither did the hyper Zombie Forest Speyer also hyper zombies were in Resident Evil 2,3, Deadaim the outbreak games, The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles. ok now you also asked "Where did the jump come from, because the zombies is previous titles didn't have different accents" well did you even whached the introl to Resident Evil 4 it say 1998 is when the events of Raccoon City took place (which includ all Resident Evil games in Raccoon City) then it goes on to say SIX years have pasted theres your big jump plus they explain were the Las plagas comes from so no problem there. also only T-virus made zombies G-Virus didnt. (now with Residnet Evil 5 they explain how the FAKE Las plagas got in africa but that part of the story didnt make it in to america so i wont go in to that) Resident Evil wasnt all about bad camera angles and the wooden storage boxes they were gamplay macanics and as time moves foward new and better gameplay macanics are made (yeah i miss the old stuff but i know things must change as they go on) but Resident Evil was about the Umbrella corp makeing B.O.W.s (now its mine turn to tell you how the Resident Evil 1-3 played out) ok so heres what realy happened theres been murders happing around the city but mostly in the woods (four multiple reasons im only going to focus on the main games so i dont confuse you) so the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team is sent in to investigate but there helicopter malfunctions and is forced to crash land in the forest they go missing Alpha team gets sent in to look for them they get attacked by MA-39 Cerberus(zombie dogs) and are foced to hide in a manson after spliting up and going threw hell they find out that Wesker(at that time) was working with Umbrella to test there B..O.W.s on traind personal Wesker Fakes his own death bay leting the Tyrant to impeal him (he injected a unknown virus in to him erlyer) now wesker works with the Organization now on to Residnet Evil 2 1 Leon is NOT a S.T.A.R.S. member after the events of RE 0 nd RE 1/REmake th R.P.D. despanded them and made a group to replace the S.P.F. (Select Police Force) which leon was apart of unfold a plot to destroy raccoon city by the birkin family that was funny but Ada Wong in the caon events which were Claire a leon b she gets thron ageants the self destrut system but any way felt the need to clear some of that stuff up Expand
  4. Mar 14, 2012
    Very good resident evil. Boring at the start, interesting later. People who voted down for it, i hope you get ran over by a combine harvester lol. Seriously. The graphics are good, sound is good and story is good. ALSO! ITS BEEN RELEASED IN HD ON PS3 AND XBOX 360 LATE 2011! OMG!

  5. Oct 14, 2011
    For me, this is the BEST Resident Evil of all, the great history, the sound and the game play from that year was Amazing! The new graphics in HD was not the best part... unfortunately they look as the same as his year. Expand
  6. Sep 27, 2011
    aw... this game is stupidly hard in a bad way, it is scarier than all the RE that came after it, but that's just because this game still handles like an archaic game from the nineties, I loved the games when I was a kid but they're aweful to play nowadays, plus this "HD" remake is completely laughable, I haven't got far into it, but the graphics look like i'm playing on my PS2 or even worst actually. Expand