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  • Summary: Rise of the Argonauts immerses gamers in a gladiatorial adventure, set in wondrously imagined vision of ancient Greece. With deep exploration and epic quests, players live a life of brutal combat as they lead a team of iconic warriors - including Jason, Hercules and Atalanta - through a world ruled by mythological gods. [Codemasters] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 43
  2. Negative: 9 out of 43
  1. In spite of its technical shortcomings, Rise of the Argonauts is still a truly fun game that has gotten a bit of a bum rap. The story is very intriguing, and the leveling system is handled superbly.
  2. The final package is still good, but if you were planning on it being the next big thing, you may be disappointed.
  3. Rise of the Argonauts tells a great story with interesting characters, but fails to utilize Greek mythology well enough to reach its full potential, falling short as both an action game and an RPG.
  4. Tyler Bates' excellent music, great voice-overs and amusing banter of Jason's companions are the only things that elevate Rise of the Argonauts above value-priced drivel.
  5. If there's an upside to this game, it's that despite the shallow combat system, it's rather amusing to spill blood in battle. That's a small upside for a game that costs $60 and demands you sit through hours of talking just to kill stuff.
  6. 50
    This kind of thing has been done so much better so many times before there's no reason to invest your time and money here, even if you've a hankering for ancient Greece.
  7. A wretched game that totally fails to compete with other hack-'n'-slashers on 360.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 16
  2. Negative: 4 out of 16
  1. As3adMechalany
    Jan 11, 2009
    The Reviews really ruins the expectations for the game it is a really well made game , both a great story line and great action battles. Even though at the beginning the game gets little complicated for us to fully master it, like god powers and how to use the weapons , but when u do, u will find your self indulged in a raw action game Expand
  2. MikeP
    Dec 23, 2008
    I don't know what game the pro reviewers reviewed because Rise of the argonouts is an unbelievable game.It has a great story,great visuals ,smooth fighting system and is told in a super cool way.Your choices matter and it is more than simply running around killing people and powering up.I am nowhere near done the game but i cannot stop playing.This game is just as good as Fable 2 in my mind .The last 5 games i have played are Fable2,Gears of war 2, spiderman[web of shadows],dead space and rise of argonouts.Out of those 5 argos is in the same category as fable 2 and gears 2 and miles above dead space[which got an 89.REALLY?] and spidy in my books.I totally recommend this game if you like a great story,great visuals and Greek mythology. Expand
  3. JimmyA.
    Jan 4, 2009
    I am absolutely puzzled why this game got such low scores from critics. Yes there were graphical some hiccups and the game could have used some more polish but this is by no means a bad game. It has an interesting story, some memorable characters, enjoyable combat and a clever twist on both the dialogue and experience system that most rpgs use. If you enjoyed games like mass effect or jade empire I highly recommend that you give this one a try. Expand
  4. RexL.
    Jan 10, 2009
    If you're a smart gamer you won't listen exclusively to critics these days. If you want a game that is bloody, action-packed and has graphics to put God of War or Gears of War to shame then this game is not for you. But if you are looking for a game with a good story, unique gameplay and different than all the rest this is the game for you. Personally, I love Greek mythology so it was easy for me to get sucked in. The system of character development through accomplishing deeds and gaining favor from the gods is unique and refreshing. Plain and simple this is an RPG with all the dialogue more action and less micromanagement. But still it is very enjoyable. Dialogue can be a bit excessive and some graphical glitches do occur but not enough to give it the low scores the critics did. Side note: The game was made using the Unreal 3 Engine and it is my experience that all games made with this even Gears of War have a texture lag so this is weak complaint. Expand
  5. StevenSmith
    Dec 17, 2008
    not the greatest game ever, has its flaws and shortcomings, but i still found it pretty fun and enjoyable, unlike a lot of the reviewers who found a few flaws and decided to say it's an awful game, when it's not. its not oh my god amazing, but it's a slightly above average game. Expand
  6. Nov 28, 2013
    I was very excited to try this game and whilst I can say the visuals were excellent and the story compelling, the delivery of that story in stagnant cut scenes and standing around certainly fell short. The game play I found entertaining initially but found I grew bored of it's repetitiveness very early on. Rpg elements were ok basing points to spend around story based achievements, but I did not feel like my character was getting any stronger. In the end I did not complete this game and never will. Expand
  7. cuahe.
    Apr 2, 2009
    Wow, did amateurs designers and producers with AAA artists make this game? Another game yet again with great graphics and just run of the mill suck ass gameplay...why hire amateurs, come on people! Not everyone is a game designer it takes years! Just because your producer can't do anything else doesn't make them a dev...well I'm just hating this game...the movie made before Christ was born is 10000 times better....everyone on the team, shoot yourselves or choose another profession this just sucks, I want my money back! Expand

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