Mixed or average reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 12
  2. Negative: 2 out of 12
  1. 75
    If you were obsessed with the original, you'll be just as obsessed with this one, though playing with controller sticks isn't quite the same as using the arcade joysticks.
  2. There’s plenty of nostalgic, and newly added, fun to be had in Robotron: 2084. Both those who have played the original to death and those who have never blasted their way through the game will have tons of fun with the added multiplayer features.
  3. Robotron is one of the games that have fared pretty well in these collections, but with the scoreboards and online competition that the Xbox 360 version of the game provides, this Xbox Live Arcade download is at least as good as the original arcade hit.
  4. The price is right, and the game is a fantastic history lesson in shooters.
  5. Another uber-retro game from the heyday of coin-op fun, this game actually holds up fairly well despite it’s very old-school graphics and sound.
  6. The smooth-playing analog joysticks of the 360 controller lack the snappy response of the original arcade sticks; the result is a mushy feel that will mess with your sense of timing.
  7. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The same retro person, crying in the corner, wishing it was more popular and that more people would talk to it. [Issue#5, p.120]
  8. AceGamez
    Robotron 2084 is true to the original and many regard that as one of the best games ever made - but with most other retro games offering some sort of overhauled main mode and the classic alongside it, recommending this is hard for players who simply want more then a port.
  9. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Sometimes your laster aiming can be a bit wayward but with practice you'll be carving through those killer robots like a knife through hot butter. [Issue #16, p.78]
  10. Great in very short bursts and that’s about it.
  11. Robotron has to be the weakest link in the line up of Midway games for Xbox Live Arcade. Simply because of Midways Smash TV which is a superior game that is more fun.
  12. Official Xbox Magazine
    Stick with "Smash Tv" for similiar action with more thrills and better co-op play. [Jun 2006, p.64]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 6 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. FreelanceJournalist
    Feb 6, 2006
    Few games are as frustrating as Robotron; I don't know what it is. It's nice to have Achievements and a leaderboard to go with it, Few games are as frustrating as Robotron; I don't know what it is. It's nice to have Achievements and a leaderboard to go with it, but the play is so archaic. The one thing that made it stand out -- moving with one stick, shooting with the other -- is usurped by several other Live Arcade games like Geo Wars and Mutant Storm. Either of them is a better choice than this. Full Review »