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  • Summary: Ancaria already awaits you! The mighty realm of the Highelves lies in ruins. The raging war for control over the T-Energy wears down the land and lures its denizens into fear and chaos. The world calls for a hero to end this war. Accompany six characters through the mystic - technological universe of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Dwell on dreary paths or follow the ways of the light. The decision is yours alone, but be aware this decision will change the world. [Ascaron Entertainment] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 56
  2. Negative: 1 out of 56
  1. A fantastic console experience and it comes highly recommended. It does have flaws, and some strange graphical bugs that pop up from time to time, but despite all that I look forward to playing the game for months to come, and I think 360 and PS3 owners should absolutely plan on either playing, or picking up, this action RPG.
  2. But if you like a challenge, love RPGs and have the time to really get stuck into it, Sacred 2 is a game you should definitely take a chance on.
  3. If the sheer act of dungeon-crawling is your bag and you don’t mind a subpar story and an unending flood of other random errands to run, Sacred 2 is a great romp that lasts 25 to 30 hours.
  4. Preaches passionately, but very narrowly, to the converted. That Sacred 2 is so bland is both its biggest strength and its biggest weakness.
  5. RPG games in the past had never been my bag, but lately I have enjoyed playing a steady stream of them and going back to how I opened this review and while I did state Sacred 2 is not perfect… in my view is certainly a game to consider and one you can have a lot of fun playing.
  6. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is nothing but a mediocre title. In spite of its hack & slash action and effective multiplayer system, it doesn’t make you feel as involved as it should, due to a shallow storyline, a poorly adapted interface and a number of bugs deriving from the bug-filled PC version. Yet its RPG gameplay is quite rich, partly compensating the poor technical level.
  7. Despite the tedious missions, wonky controls and piss-poor visuals, it can cast a strange spell over you.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 19
  2. Negative: 5 out of 19
  1. Nov 22, 2013
    Sacred 2 scratches an itch very rarely seen on consoles. As all reviews have stated there are bugs. There are a lot of bugs. However ive found that this game caters to quantity over quality. Not to say there are no quality aspects of this game, its just that this game is massive. And that is still an understatement. Essentially 5 new game plusses, 6 classes with a 200 level cap, 600 quests and a map that has taken me over 100 hours to fill only a little over 50%. The navigation is confusing and a little more than frustrating at first but you learn how to use it. However ive found that this game encourages exploration. Ive yet to find all 42 towns and i still discover little hidden areas every time i play. The detail put into the environment is outstanding. If you zoom in while exploring a house youll find little objects such as coffee mugs or toilet paper unraveling off a spool in a bathroom. There are places in the world you will never find if you dont set foot off the beaten path. Speaking of which there are 20 screen filling bosses that have nothing to do with the story.

    The controls are fantastic. You have more skills than you can slot. And with the left and right triggers opening up their own skill menu plus the default face buttons you have 12 slots into which you can put any skill or weapon set. I have yet to see a game that allows you to equip 12 skills at once. It allows you to grab loot in an area rather than per item so you can swallow lots of loot without missing a beat. However you do not share loot within multiplayer so communicate if youre playing with someone else. This also comes with a filter so you can stop filling your inventory with low level gear.

    This is a very numbers heavy game and i hate numbers. However sacred literally lays out all your combined stats like chance to find valuables or skill regen time reduction so you know where you are in terms of building your character. It lists your last 3 opponents and their stats so you can see beyond just damage numbers. It wont let you respec but it does lay out everything about your character so when the level up happens you can make a sound decision as to where you want to take them.

    Yes there are flaws and this game very rarely, if ever, holds your hand. You will be punished for not considering your point placements. ive had to redo my warrior 4 times before i understood how to turn him into a pure summoning necromancer. And thats only one option of one character. Ive made four characters with that warrior being my most recent. You can turn him into a tank or one man army if youd rather just rush sword first into mobs. Unless youre in a town, or can become permanently invisible like my necro, then no amount of pausing will save you from the enemy. A bathroom break requires a trip to town or you lose your precious survival bonus when you die. Story is stupid but thats not what this game is about. For those who complain about story are looking in the wrong place. Voice acting is not good but honestly the same things applies. The world has more character and depth than any NPC you will encounter.

    I can go on and on about the little things this game does so well. Theres more to love here than hate but you gotta take the game for what it is. It is a loot fest grinder filled to the brim with content and love. It is a dungeon crawler that presents you with a vast and varied world to explore. Everything about the world feels natural and there are no procedurally generated dungeons. The whole issue with the camera is due to how much there is to see. The game cannot render the amount of world you would be exposed to. Its just too freaking big. Skyrim would fall to its knees and cry at the potential vistas and hidden gems scattered throughout the world. I traded diablo 3 in because i was spoiled by the amount of exploration and detail this game offers. For ten bucks used screw the reviews. This game is worth the chance. If you decide to pick it up take it slow at first. It will take you a long time to really scratch the surface but once it clicks its hard to put the controller down. Just one more quest...

    Oh yeah... Did i mention 2 player same screen co op, 4 player online co op with shared exp., and a free roam with the option of PvP. And because players host, unless no one ever plays again, servers cant be shut down. Try it out and i hope to see new faces to wreck mobs with.
  2. BrandonR
    May 13, 2009
    Closest thing to a Diablo-esque game in quite some time. It does have some quirks sometimes, but definitely an enjoyable game with literally over 100 hours of quests. You may be as surprised as me when your 30 hours has only accounted for 17.2% of the Main quest. Replay value is high with both good and evil missions and over 600 side quests to shake a leg at. Expand
  3. GregoryW.
    May 30, 2009
    No game is without flaws....and Sacred 2 is no exception. However, in spite of it's alleged "problems", Sacred 2 succeeds in delivering the goods (i.e. fun). In an age where FPS or First Person Perspective games are the gold standard of console/PC gaming, Sacred 2's "isometic" look and retro-hack/slash play will seem antiquated and backwards. But for RPG enthusiasts without such prejudices, Sacred 2 will be nothing short of fun and engaging. Let the critics be enamored with the "latest and greatest" trends to beam at or blast for their publications. But for those of us who believe in the motto "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it", Sacred 2's game play and approach is exactly what the "next-gen" consoles need. Expand
  4. AJP
    May 18, 2009
    While not perfect, this game definitely is fun, especially for fans of Diablo, Champions of Norrath, etc. There is a massive world to explore, I have been playing for 6 hours and only discovered 2% of the map. Side quests are mainly run of the mill, mostly fetch quests, but usually don't take long and give some decect experience. The character customization is pretty good, allowing you to tweek stats and abilities. When you make a character, though, there aren't many options for customizing appearnce, besides hair style and look (and that is only for three of the six characters), luckily, though, the armor and weapons you pick up will make up for that fact with some really stunning designs to make your character stand out. There are some glitches in the game, like getting stuck on rocks and other minor things, nothing a patch couldn't fix. The graphics, in my opinion, are pretty good for a game like this. You can keep the camera overhead or zoom in closer, and it still looks good up close. To me, the story is probably the weakest part of the game, though it won't really take away from the game since the focus seems to be on the action and character customization. Speaking of action, the controls made a very good transition to consoles, all attacks and spells, which are called combat arts, are mapped to the face buttons, and by pressing LT or RT you can bring up new sets of skills, allowing you to have up to 12 skills and attacked hot-keyed for use when you need them. There is no mana in the game, instead of worrying about refilling mana for spells and specials, you just have to worry about a cool-down time before you can use them again. With up to 2 players on the same console and supporting up to 4 online, this game would be great with friends. Besides the campaign mode, you can also do some free modes, where you just explore the world and perform side quests, just no story quests. There is also a free worl PvP where you can attack the other players you are playing with instead of working cooperatively. Minor glitches aside, this game is a must play for any fan of Diablo-style loot and level grinding action. Expand
  5. MichaelSherry
    Sep 29, 2009
    This game does two things extremely well: gives you a huge world with a ridiculous amount of quests, and gives you the ability to level grind and loot as long as you like. The world itself is vast and there are so many quests (I've done 32 quests in one of my characters and I've played 8 hours and 34 mins, considering there's over 600 quests). This game will definitely keep you entertained for months and will most certainly cause you to want to go and explore it thoroughly with every character. The quests are also extremely fun, whether you're slaying an entire hobbe village or looking for kidnapped children. There are tons of weapons and armors and plenty of small and huge monsters to kill. Now, for the negatives. First, and most importantly, this game does have a few minor glitches. Sometimes you will walk into rocks and get stuck, other times you will go through walls, and you will even sometimes go through monsters with your weapon. Also, there just aren't enough different spells and feats for all of the characters. Each one has 15 but only a few of them are actually cool. Another bad thing is that you cannot choose your mount (I.E. I wanted a Wind Serpent with my Undead Guardian but I cannot). Other then those few little downers, this game is a ton of fun and will most certainly keep RPG fans entertained for months to come. If you don't like RPG's, then I don't recommend this game to you. Expand
  6. Apr 7, 2011
    Guhh, horrible frame rate and cumbersome controls to go with it. A good friend of mine let me borrow this game since he knew I liked the hack and slash loot games but I could only bare to put about ten to fifteen hours into this game and I just couldn't get into it. I laughed as I handed it back to him, saying "guhh". The camera angles just didn't feel right and the interface was poorly designed. The graphics were descent but that was about it, the character selection and story just didn't do it for me. Expand
  7. GreggE
    May 30, 2009
    This was one of the worst games ive ever played! Its a pointless, low grade, unentertaining hack and slash game that should've never been released. This game is second to none as the worst game ever! Expand

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