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Generally favorable reviews - based on 70 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 67 out of 70
  2. Negative: 0 out of 70
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  1. Skate 2 is a must buy for fans of the first, and a give it a try for fans of Tony Hawk. Love it or hate it, it's the only game in town.
  2. A brilliant game. For the most part it takes the brilliant template laid down in the original and injects it with a smartly integrated new move-set, an exciting world to rip to shreds, and the same addictive, unquestionably stylish gameplay which saw the Tony Hawk series bolt for the hills.
  3. Pelit (Finland)
    Skate 2 makes the best skate game out there even better. [Jan 2009]
  4. There isn't too much to say at this point other than Skate 2 is without a doubt the best skateboard game ever created.
  5. With improved gameplay, Skate 2 is definitely a worthy successor that contains a slick presentation, a decent control system and some very impressive graphics.
  6. It’s amazing how little additions like getting off the board, fastplanting, and even sorting your replays into categories can have such a profound affect on the whole experience.
  7. 91
    New San Van itself is a phenomenal accomplishment, a tightly designed playground that begs for physical interaction without overly looking the part.
  8. Even with much of the gameplay remaining the same, Skate 2 is one of the most impressive sequels I’ve played in my tenure as a game critic. Most developers follow the line of thought of “more equals better.” In Skate 2 better is achieved by just making it better. It does the almost impossible task of making old gameplay feel new again.
  9. Overall the development team should be commended for making another excellent skating title. Everything runs really smoothly and it seems to have come together really well. The new features add on to what was already a fun experience with the original.
  10. A truly fine sequel and one that goes beyond the original. If you’re looking for a game that represents skating in a genuine and authentic way, Skate 2 will serve your every need.
  11. 90
    We're far from disappointed. It's difficult to say whether or not Skate 2 is better than the original -- it lacks that game's moxie and swagger. It's no longer that up and coming superstar that demands your attention. This time out, it's more comfortable with what it's doing, and it achieves its goal of reproducing the feel and culture of skateboarding exceptionally well.
  12. Skate 2 may not have the jaw-dropping impact of its predecessor. It can’t. It is, however, a far more polished, robust and fulfilling experience than the original.
  13. 90
    Sure, there is still room for improvement with Skate 3 with regards to the customisation and off-board controls, but it looks like the days of the Tony Hawk reign might be finally gone. Whoop!
  14. Skate 2 is an amazing skateboarding game. It's better than skate., the best skateboarding game out there.
  15. What EA Black Box have achieved is near enough the ultimate lazy Sunday afternoon with your friends and a bunch of skateboards.
  16. Skate 2 is without a doubt the best skateboarding game out on the market today and I would highly recommend picking this game.
  17. There's a huge amount of potential in this sequel, and it has gameplay you'll keep coming back to time and time again. A must-have for any true skating fan.
  18. Why do cars, pedestrians and the menu structure still have to be so annoying? Nevertheless it’s a great sequel and arguably the best skating game out there.
  19. Skate 2 is very close to finding that perfect balance between realism and arcade game play, and that is why I think it’s currently the better game to pick up if you’re looking to rejuvenate the virtual skateboarding void that was created after becoming bored with the ‘other’ series a couple years ago.
  20. Skate 2 is sport entertainment as good as the first one, and in many aspects even better. Great graphics, awesome campaign mode and an interesting multiplayer are among its highlights. We were intrigued about how the franchise would evolve after its overwhelming first entry, and the final result has not disappointed us.
  21. Skate 2 continues to raise the bar for skateboarding games, but it just wasn’t enough for draw the kinds of raves offered for the first game in the series.
  22. SKATE 2 somehow betters the first game with more challenges and a healthier selection of moves whilst at the same time keeping the originals high standards. This is still the king of skateboarding.
  23. It may be slightly different then original skateboarding games and the controls take some getting used to, but it is definitely worth a ride.
  24. Skate was such a technical masterpiece; it was always going to see a bunch of sequels. And Black Box has done very well to ensure there were no backward steps.
  25. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Not quite the perfect sequel we envisioned, but still pretty close to it. [Mar 2009, p.76]
  26. In spite of Skate 2's flaws, it may just be time to crown the Skate franchise as the new king of the skate park. The game manages to be thrilling while eschewing some of the more ridiculous aspects of the Tony Hawk titles (grinding a telephone wire, really?) , and the motion-based trick system is much more immersive than pressing buttons once you get the hang of it.
  27. This title is going to be tough to pick up for newcomers but if you persevere with the controls you will soon be pulling off tricks like a pro. I may never understand the lingo but I know fun when I see it.
  28. As a sequel, it can never be counted as being as innovative as the original, but Skate 2 has taken the very best offered in Skate and ironed out most of the creases.
  29. If you’re new to the series and are looking for a good point to dive in, this is definitely it. The challenge is relatively the same as the previous offering but with Skate 2 you’ll be getting a more complete experience. For veterans, you’ll probably still be hooked thanks to the new features, but you won’t be able to shake the feeling that a bit more time could have been spent in order to make the game just that much better.
  30. Whether you’re a skater (like myself) or simply a gamer who likes to virtually tear it up, Skate 2 offers a fairly complex control scheme that rewards those who dig into the moves with one of the most bold, creative, and downright fun games, like evar.
  31. 85
    Skate 2 takes the great start that Black Box and EA got with Skate and elevates it a few notches.
  32. Despite its occasional control flaws and sometimes unfriendly camera, Skate 2 still delivers a refreshing experience that continues to leave all other games of its kind, including the now archaic Tony Hawk franchise, eating asphalt.
  33. 85
    The game prides itself on simplistic controls and a focus on skating rather than performing inane tasks and worrying too much about a tacked-on narrative. Skate 2 continues to up the ante for genre forcing Activision to really step up for the next chapter of Tony Hawk.
  34. A great addition to a successful new franchise, one which looks to be really promising. Move over, Tony Hawk!
  35. Skate 2 is a great game, and, in fact, it is the best skating game to date, so I recommend it to everyone.
  36. Another brilliant online feature - and by far our favourite - is the hilarious Hall of Meat challenge, which dares you to wipeout around the city causing as much damage to your skater as possible. All this bone snapping is accompanied by an X-ray score sheet showing, yep, your broken bones.
  37. Grinding and flips have never been so much like the real thing, and despite being rather complex in the controls department, most of the time, it always comes off.
  38. 83
    Technically an improvement over the first title, and anyone who hadn't yet played the original should skip it and go right to the second. It's a really fun game that allows you to play it the way you want with a control scheme that is second-to-none at the moment. However, it's far from perfect.
  39. The city bustles, yet simultaneously feels devoid of life. And the Old Testament-esque do-it-again-until-you-do-it-right gameplay will prevent casual gamers from seeing the final third of the game. That aside, skate 2, like its predecessor, continues to make the genre relevant again.
  40. Overall, Skate 2 is an upgrade over the original instalment.
  41. The game isn’t flawless, but it is solid where it counts and does drive the series forward if only by a small margin.
  42. Creating new spots and sharing them; along with the Hall of Meat is more than enough fun to warrant the purchase alone regardless of its faults.
  43. Skate 2's more realistic feel will probably appeal more to actual skaters, and while some of the big tricks might be a bit harder to pull off, it's more satisfying when you get that trick pulled off.
  44. If you loved the first, you’ll love the second, and if you hated the first, you’ll hate this one even more. This isn’t over-the-top arcade skating, but it is the closest alternative to the real thing.
  45. I like to see how a game evolves over time and so I’d like to suggest to all readers: Get yourself all three titles in the series – skate, skate it and skate 2 – because if you won’t take offense in the dull story and some mistakes as well as the costly DLC you will get just the right portion of next generation skating feeling.
  46. Though not without its faults, Skate 2 is one of the most realistic, challenging, and fulfilling skateboarding games around. And it’s better than having your skin flayed off by asphalt. [Note: OXM and OXM UK reviews are the same & will not be listed twice.]
  47. 80
    The first Skate was a refreshing take on virtual skateboarding, so expectations were high for this one. Maybe they were a little too high: Skate 2 doesn't quite deliver the revolutionary skating experience that we were all hoping it would be. It's still a lot of fun and has a lot to offer, especially with its awesome multiplayer modes, but the franchise is still a ways away from living up to its full potential.
  48. 80
    While it’s basically just a more polished version of the first game with a few additions here and there, Skate 2 is easily the best skating game on the market. The city is massive, the trick system still feels like butter on wheels, there are endless challenges, events and places to discover, and the online features are plentiful.
  49. For hardcore Skate players the new moves, altered city and new features (getting off your board, moving objects) will make Skate 2 essential, but at the same time perhaps not as big a leap over the original as they'd have liked. For everyone else, if you've got time to kill and fancy yourself as the next Tony Hawk, Skate 2 is well worth it. It's hard and often punishing to the point of frustration, but the rewards make up for all the effort.
  50. Skate 2 is a solid, albeit incremental, improvement over the first Skate.
  51. games(TM)
    The creative skating and dexterity demanded keep Skate 2 from ever feeling dull. [Feb 2009, p.116]
  52. The urban stylistic boarding in Skate 2 continues down the realistic path while still managing to feel refreshing.
  53. While the career mode of Skate 2 lacks focus, the open-ended nature of it works out pretty well, and the additional online components really add a lot to the overall experience, as well. Some players may find the difficulty or the open progression a bit overwhelming at times, but the advances in the trick system and the new ways to play make Skate 2 a great sequel that further capitalizes on the concepts introduced in the original.
  54. Skate 2 does a good job of adding new features and moves while trying to innovate the style and keep everything fun, but there's still a few things missing that could have made it a classic.
  55. Skate 2 is also an ideal choice for multiplayer action, thanks to enjoyable online skating sessions; solo players will also love the career mode.
  56. Developer Black Box has made a great evolution on the successful concept of Skate by making Skate 2 a bit smoother and by giving San Vanelona a drastic make-over. The new features are more than welcome, even though they sometimes lack finesse on the technical level as well as the way you move your character throughout the game, preventing the game from getting a higher grade.
  57. Skate 2 highlights the premise of evolution excellently with its minor, yet impressive changes reinforcing its position as the best skateboarding game on the market today.
  58. Skate 2 is a diamond in the skateboarding genre, but loses focus every now and then. Nevertheless, it’s a definite purchase if you’ve enjoyed the first game, and a great opportunity for newcomers to give the trademark Skate-gameplay a try. The controls are just as intuitive as before, performing tricks is ultimately satisfying, and San Vanelona remains a great place to reside in.
  59. This is a step up from last year so if you were on the fence then this might be time to take the plunge.
  60. Skate 2 is still a blast. If you’ve done all you can in Skate, then it’s worth picking up to extend your adventure.
  61. Skate 2 is just like its predecessor - a great skating simulator. The only thing holding the game back is the technical expertise of developer Black Box. There are a good number of questionable collisions, running while being off the skateboard feels a bit awkward, framerates are unsteady at times and numerous other minor flaws are just some reasons as to why this game doesn't earn a higher grade. Skate 2 is everything we wanted after the original was released - more of the same great content.
  62. Once again, the developers have provided an excellent game, thoroughly deserving of your time and attention.
  63. 79
    Skate 2 is great because the core mechanics have been expanded thoughtfully and we've been given a (mostly) whole new playground to master them in. It's not great because of Mongocorp security, it's not great because you have buddies you can call on, it's not great because there are are mountain trails now, it's not great because you can judo kick while bailing, and it's not great because the challenges are compelling.
  64. The presentation is slick, the controls are great, and at times you really do feel like you're skateboarding. It’s unfortunate that things get dragged down by the occasionally frustrating and buggy challenges; that walking on foot isn’t handled better; and that the game’s physics and artificial intelligence aren’t consistent and sometimes get in the way of the gameplay; because Skate 2 has so much to offer.
  65. With plenty of new areas to explore, some cool new challenges and a bunch of much-needed fixes, Skate 2 is a fantastic follow-up to an already stellar skateboarding game.
  66. We think Skate 2 has still some room for improvement in control, however advances in this part, but it looks like it will have a great future as it evolves building on its base.
  67. In the end, despite the lengthy learning curve and a few aesthetic hiccups, Skate 2 is just about the finest and most feature-filled skating game you'll find that fans will eagerly eat up, as well as a slew of patient newcomers looking to stick it to the man with their gnarly and righteous skater skills.
  68. Black Box’s sequel ultimately struggles to offer any single compelling justification for its own existence. [Feb 2009, p.93]
  69. The problem is there's very little extra of any importance and much of what there is doesn't work that well.
  70. All in all, Skate 2 end up feeling more like Skate 1.5. It’s got more polish and moves than the first, but most of the new ideas don’t feel like they were given the time to be fleshed out properly. There is a lot of fun to be had in the freedom of exploration, but the game lacks proper balance.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 73 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 13
  2. Negative: 4 out of 13
  1. MaxL
    Feb 11, 2009
    Hated it at first. Now, I am really starting to enjoy it. Features I just can't stand: replay editor is confusing and not good for quick Hated it at first. Now, I am really starting to enjoy it. Features I just can't stand: replay editor is confusing and not good for quick replays anymore, it's more of a full-featured editor and changing camera angles is annoying. Walking/running is awkward and slow and the character can't even climb ledges. Besides that, I love how you can bail any time and do crazy odd things that I love about games (think GTA San Andreas with skateboarding and no murder). Full Review »
  2. Mar 19, 2012
    The best game in the series; Skate offered a fresh and original alternative to the Tony Hawk franchise, and Skate 2 is the game that put theThe best game in the series; Skate offered a fresh and original alternative to the Tony Hawk franchise, and Skate 2 is the game that put the final nail in Activision's dying series. Literally double the amount of tricks of its predecessor, a finetuned flickit system and the ability to get off your board and move objects around are just a few of the dozens of improvements found in Skate 2. There are a few niggling problems; the storyline is pretty underdeveloped and there are quite a few bugs (especially when walking around off-board) but overall this is simply put the most realistic skateboarding game of all time. Full Review »
  3. Oct 10, 2010
    Love it. The game play is epic. The fact the it's easy to get use to is good. I like that you can unlock nasty hall of meat spots and afterLove it. The game play is epic. The fact the it's easy to get use to is good. I like that you can unlock nasty hall of meat spots and after you complete a set of challenges like the Danny Way Challenges you unlock a bunch of spots. Overall I would give this game a 10/10 Full Review »