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  1. Jun 3, 2013
    This is one of the better open-world games not named Batman: Arkham City, GTA or Saints Row. The action in of itself is combination of both Batman and Saints Row with a tad more realism of GTA. The portrayal of Hong Kong is surprisingly accurate although abbreviated. The acting is amazing. The story has elements of Infernal Affairs and pays homages to other Hong Kong/martial arts films. The cons include the traveling between the islands of Hong Kong which should be improved (hopefully) by the next installment, and the constant use of items. The RPG-hybrid portion of the game is done very well. Overall, it's a must-buy although it still begs for some improvements. Expand
  2. Aug 26, 2012
    Scratching and clawing for its existance, the open world prodigy formerly known as True Crime Hong Kong has now been given a new identity and a new publisher. For what seems like development turmoil has actually worked in Sleeping Dogs' favour as it's the freshest open world game in some time. Sleeping dogs has some of the best combat ever seen in the open world game genre and boasts influences from GTA, Saints Row, Batman and Yakuza to great effect throughout. The only sticking points are the absense of a true sense of its own identity, often leaning towards inspired games rather than its own game. Also some missions are rather pointless and meandering like when you show a rapper about town, despite being a welcome change of pace. With the scant number of open world games to ponder this year, Sleeping Dogs is ripe for a good playthrough and it doesn't disappoint in the slightest. Expand
  3. Aug 15, 2012
    Fantastic game. Superb city that is huge and has a lot to offer. The graphics are outstanding and all of the gameplay elements work really well. Sleeper hit of 2012, no doubt in my mind.
  4. Sep 26, 2012
    A very decent game considering Square Enix had to pick up the pieces that Activision left behind on the True Crime series. There are elements that need help that will come with the rebuild of this franchise such as: Clunky Physics, only moderately convincing vehicle physics and slightly disappointing weaponry and shooting. That said, the storyline is fairly well put together. The open world is always a plus in any franchise and there is plenty to do to distract you from the main story line. I give this one a 7/10. I expect that Square Enix will be able to resurrect this franchise in the best way they possibly can. Expand
  5. Aug 15, 2012
    Good action game with a good story but not so good as an open-world game title. It feels restrictive and limited and does not give you the "freedom" of choices like the GTA series, Also the graphics are a bit dated for the today standards
  6. Sep 11, 2012
    This was a hard game to review for me. At times it was freakin' awesome but at other times I felt underwhelmed or frustrated. Okay, let's start off with the good. Hong Kong looks AWESOME. It's good enough that they're using a setting other than a New York clone, but the city is so full of life and looks genuinely believable. In fact, the game in general looks great and the framerate is very solid. Texture pop-in is near non-existent (It's there, but I only saw it once throughout my entire playthrough) and texture quality is generally very good (Some characters and costumes are a little dodgey up close). The combat is really fun. It's no Arkham City but to be fair the Arkham franchise almost perfected the freeflow system, and the combat generally flows quite well. Environmental kills are a fantastic addition that helps speed up the combat and provide a moment of respite against the unfair odds (You'll be swarmed by opponents, but environmental kills can thin out the numbers),but it can feel a little OP and forced at times. Gunplay is your standard affair apart from the Bullet-time mechanic that activates whenever you vault over cover or make a disarm. Because the slowdown requires you to take a risk, it never feels OP and is a nice addition, but gun combat itself is actually pretty easy in reality. The only time I died was when I just screwed around and vaulted over everything. Driving is pretty standard, nothing original but works well, and why fix what isn't broken right? The characters in the story are pretty interesting, my favourite being Jackie and Wei Shen (The main protagonist), both of whom are interesting and likeable in their own ways. Now for the bad. The story is pretty predictable and you can spot things from a mile off. DogEyes works for Big Smile Lee? Guess he'll be the final boss then? Winston's having a wedding? Guess there'll be a shootout there then! Uncle Po is in the hospital? Guess he'll die and there'll be some sort of power struggle between the Triads then. The last officer was tortured and buried alive? Guess I'm gonna get caught and tortured at some point then. You get my point. There is way too much foreshadowing and it gives the ENTIRE story away. It's a real shame as some of these plot twists could have come as a surprise had some of them not been cliches or constantly brought up. It's not like I knew what was going to happen and just not know how (Eg. In Bayonetta I knew I would eventually throw down with Jubileus, I just didn't know how it would happen or know about other details of the story). I pretty much knew how everything would go down. Another point of contention is that the game doesn't have much else to do after the story is finished. You have some favors, some street races and collectibles. You have events, but these are very repetitive and short. Street races are very easy, and favors are very short and easy too. It's a bit sad because this game clearly has the gameplay, but lacks the content to back it up. Two minor issues are the police and the free-running. The free-running is awesome! So why is it only utilized in chase scenes and a couple of missions where you need to get up a building to sneak into a room? The free-running is only really used in the story and feels like a wasted opportunity. You think even in missions where you have to sneak into places we'd have multiple ways to do it, but nope! Totally linear! The police are just a hassle, not fun to escape from like in GTA IV. when you get high heat levels (How hard the police are trying to catch you) random police cars will spawn in front of you as you escape. That's a cheap as hell move by the AI and cheats you out of a well-earned escape. Police cars also become very damage resistant as you raise heat levels meaning you can hardly force any off the road, forcing you to run. It's just a hassle, especially when you can't fire back at the police. Guns are very scarce in this game. I give this game a 7/10. Solid and fun to play, but not amazing or great. Expand
  7. Aug 16, 2012
    One of the best, if not the best, games of the year, Sleeping Dogs hits all the right notes in all the right places. An engaging story, well developed characters, multiple side-missions, a great balance between realism and arcade style driving, fast-paced shooting, and last, but definitely not least, an excellent hand to hand and melee weapons combat system. This game is for sure a must play this year, and who knows, it could be a contender for GOTY. Collapse
  8. Aug 26, 2012
    I waited and followed this game since its name change to "Sleeping Dogs", being a more catchy title and signaling the end of its attachment to the dead "True Crime" series. This game is superb! The voice acting is pure quality, and helps to create a connection to the characters that flourish in this bright, neon ridden, hong kong. As you play you'll notice a smartly written script that brings these characters to life and begins a connection to these characters however this connection is weak. The city these characters inhabit breathes better than most open world games, specifically steelport (Saints Row). The citizens of this city seem as if they really had always been living there and go about their day engaging in convesations with other citizens. The gameplay is fun and grounded in aspects similar too grand theft auto 4 though and saints row, which is a perfect combo. Those who loved San Andreas will feel right at home. Those who loved both grand theft auto, red dead redemption, and saints row are guaranteed love this title. Expand
  9. Aug 14, 2012
    Giving it a 9
    No matter how bad people say it is
    I still enjoy it especially I'm a Hong Kong people
    Hugh props to the developer on data researching
    With one example
    I saw a bus in the game with a no. 307 to Tai Po
    I live in Tai Po and the bus no. of the bus that go between Hong Kong Island and Tai Po is 307!
    I was stunned
  10. Aug 27, 2012
    This game deserves to be Game of The Year in my opinion. Everything that is put in this game is amazing. The story is absolutely amazing and how it is told is amazing. The combat is fluid and fun and never gets boring. When you are done with the campaign no worries you can do the very fun activities and favors that are in the world. You can also collect the hundreds of lock boxes the world has along with the Jade statues that unlock you new moves to use in combat. A very solid title and i hope to see some dlc for this game very soon and hopefully a Sleeping Dogs 2. 10/10 Expand
  11. Feb 27, 2013
    After a protracted development, which at one point saw the game planned as the next instalment in the True Crime series, United Front Games eventually found a publisher for their open world action-adventure title in Square Enix. Sleeping Dogs difficult development is certainly evident in the games rough edges that occasionally see vehicles or enemies appear from nowhere or the player character finding their body ghosting through objects in the game world for example. Despite this slight lack of polish it is hard to imagine many gamers not finding the game thoroughly entertaining. The obvious point of comparison is of course the Grand Theft Auto series and while it doesn’t quite match up to Rockstars epics it does improve upon them in some ways. Firstly the Hong Kong setting makes a welcome change from the usual US based cities. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but the more sparing availability of guns allows for an increased focus on hand to hand combat. Clearly influenced by the recent Batman games this combat goes a long way to making the game as enjoyable as it is. All in all, regardless of its rough edges, Sleeping Dogs is certainly worth playing. Expand
  12. Aug 14, 2012
    This game has potential! Yes, it may be similiar to gta but this is not GTA! For example you can buy a drink or sing a karaoke, hang out with girls (love that way in games :D ) and lots of more. Of course, if you stick only on main story, game will not be long. But! Try to do some spillover missions, its a fun! Also I like car model (not so overhandling like in gta). If you want real racing model, go for forza or grand turismo. The Hong Kong is huge but I was suprised by left side driving (not on the right side like in EU, still in problems with accidents :D ) I´d finished about 10% of game at all, not only main missions as I mentioned before. The weaker part of game is a story, but still enough. Soundtrack is good, gameplay briskness, graphic could be better but looks good. If you like motorbikes, fast cars, chasing with police and you want to feel flavour of orient, go for it! Expand
  13. Nov 6, 2012
    Best game i have played last year. Great story, great characters and incredible soundtrack. Detailizing huge city with superb atmosphere. And veeery good fights!)
  14. Aug 15, 2012
    I've been playing for a little over 5 hours now and I'm having fun. It's definitely GTA set in Hong Kong, but still...the story is better, the fighting is 1000 times better than GTA4's fighting. The graphics are good and overall it's just a fun game with a decent story. I give it 9 out of 10 ching chongs.
  15. Aug 28, 2012
    A great game with a solid engine and batman-esque hand to hand combat. Hong Kong is recreated brilliantly with lively streets and a real Hong Kong feel. The driving aspects take a bit of getting used to as the handling can range from under to over sensitive at some points. The story is fantastically laid out and it really sucks the player into the main characters situations. One of the games of the year if not the game of the year. Expand
  16. Dec 7, 2012
    Besides feeling like a darker Asian version of Saint's Row - The Third, Sleeping Dogs is a gritty and fun crime game that will games third-person gamers.
  17. Aug 28, 2012
    Presentation - 8.0 - Accessible story, if a little too simple. HUD and UI are very nice. Cutscenes could have been better directed though. Design - 9.5 - The best playing open world game this gen. Fantastic design choices all round, especially quick travel, easy access to vehicles and weapons and well implemented collectibles.

    Gameplay -8.8 - Combat is very responsive, as is the
    vehicle action. Free running aspects work great in this urban environment. Gunplay and cover could have been better though. Slo mo is not utilized as well. Graphics - 8.2 - Nice lighting and Rain effects. Detailed buildings however npc Character models suffer accordingly to importance of the character. Some look plain horrible.

    Audio - 8.5 - Classic HK cinema style score. Voices are great, but some of the song selection is very poor. Bonobo stands out as the highlight of the soundtrack. Lasting Appeal - 9.0 - There is a lot to do in this game. Side missions and favours are nicely paced and provide a nice break from the main campaign, which is a little on the short side. Overall 8.8/10
  18. Aug 29, 2012
    Was in development for too long and it has a lack of basic features that were present in GTA 4 shows. As an open world GTA-style game, Sleeping Dogs doesn't even come close enough to even sniff the behinds of GTA 4 or Saint's Row: The Third. Melee combat can easily be mastered just by countering enemy moves. The gun play is incredibly easy due to the Max Payne gimmick. Hong Kong is perfectly sized, yet it feels lifeless like NYC in GTA 4. My main quibble is the pacing of the game. It reaches it's climax too early and it is a disappointment from there. Also, your character has a smart phone, yet there is no phone number for a taxi service nor are there for any NPCs unless they lead to some sort of mission. Overall, decent game, yet I would recommend Saint's Row: The Third. Expand
  19. Aug 25, 2012
    So yes, it doesn't do anything technically groundbreaking and isn't nearly as pretty and vibrant as GTA the holy grail of OWGs, but what Sleeping Dogs has in spades is character. Wei Shen is easily the most well crafted protagonist ever seen in an OWG. Where Saints Row and GTA give you flat, one dimensional character to play with, Sleeping Dogs ups the Ante by giving you someone who has nuance. And that nuance doesn't end wit Wei, its all over the game. The story is almost RPG good, some of the major NPCs are really well fleshed out. And though it would have been even nicer if the romance option had been given more attention, perhaps even a significant portion of the plot, the fact that they did try their hand at the whole dating business bodes well for the inevitable sequel.
    Its a flawed game, that much is clear, there's a lot to do but it gets repetitive, you can action hijack an armored van just so many times before it becomes boring, but to its credits, sleeping dogs does not make any of the boring stuff mandatory. Its only filler for achievement hunters. That stuff hat moves the story along is emotionally engaging and satisfying at every turn, without fail. And this is the best thing about this game, its a vehicle to tell a story as opposed to Saintsrow in which the story is used as an afterthought to facilitate mass scale destruction. Even GTA IV, which is exceptional in every department did not tell a tale as well as it supplemented the making of mayhem. I have very high hopes for GTA V, but out of the blue, United Front has thrown down the gauntlet and done it with class, poise and authority. Saintsrow really needs to watch out.
  20. Aug 16, 2012
    love this game. has character. not as polished as GTA but GTA is getting stale. even though GTA has different location themes, they feel like the same game with tweaks. not saying its better than GTA but people who dismiss this because theyre GTA fans are missing out.
  21. Aug 24, 2012
    To be honest, I am not a big fan of open world games. But Sleeping Dog hooked me, with an engaging narrative and some pretty good game mechanics. The counter system is a little bit too sensitive for my liking, but the melee feels pretty good. Kudos for the typical third person shooting segments. What makes it even greater is the great atmosphere: you feel that you are living in an actual Hong Kong action movie. The casts were also very good, and while the production values aren't up there with other triple A titles such as Max Payne or GTA, they are still pretty great. Another highlight is its plot; which reminds you of the best in HK cinemas of the 90's. One of the best game of 2012. Expand
  22. Aug 25, 2013
    A breath of fresh air in the open world genre. A game that allows for exploration through a non traditional open world environment (Hong Kong) and also a great list of characters that are superbly voice acted. The game takes a huge focus on hand to hand combat and does it so well with a number of brutal combos that include counters, heavy attacks, light attacks and special moves as well as the brutal environmental take downs. the driving is a lot of fun and feels very arcade style. there is lots to do including races, customizing cars, buying clothes, exploring the city, going out on dates and of course side missions for the triad and police groups. easily one of my favorite games of 2012. Expand
  23. Aug 24, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs doesn't do anything out of the box for the genre of open world crime games but it is very entertaining. Although Sleeping Dogs is the first open world crime game I have ever played where hand to hand is spot on. You can also grab enemies and push them into environmental hazards such as table saws, car doors, etc. The story is pretty good too, showing the conflict the main character Wei Shen has with being an undercover cop as well as a Triad. Driving, gun play, and hand to hand combat are all very spot on. This game is worth the buy! Don't expect it to be the "next Grand Theft Auto" because it will never live up to that expectation. But Sleeping Dogs is very much entertaining and a solid buy! Expand
  24. Aug 27, 2012
    This week i played through sleeping dogs a game where you play as an undercover cop working with the triads in china. From the cars to the free running, this game is one of the most fluid games I have ever played from this genre. I can try to compare it to GTA 4 or even Saints Row, but its got a feel all its own. In the beginning your just doing your job as a cop, but as you go along the lines become blurred. By the end of the game your unsure which side you should be on.

    The only real problem in this game is the camera. When your driving around and decide to flip a 180 next to a wall it likes to get stuck or zoom in really fast and back out and you lose control. When your in a gun fight and you crouch behind a wall the camera likes to only aim one way and when that
  25. Sep 17, 2012
    While this game doesn't break any new barriers, it does most of the things it sets out to do and it does them well enough to make a good game. First the good: The GTA style elements of this game are top notch. There are plenty of things to do in the sandbox and they can range from racing to doing random events for more xp to even participating in martial arts tournaments. There's a ton of stuff to do and it will keep you entertained for a long time. The story is good, even if it kinda tails off at the end. Still, it was fairly entertaining and not a chore to get through like most GTA clone stories are now-a-days. The hand-to-hand combat was really well done and very exciting. This will probably be the most fun you'll have with the game. It's sorta like the Assassin's Creed fighting style except alot less forgiving. Now the bad: The graphics are beyond horrible. This game probably could have been passed off as a great looking PS2 game. There's really no excuse for graphics that are so bad like this anymore. The guns are not very fun to use and the aiming is very difficult to deal with sometimes. Plus the driving is very hit or miss. Some cars seem to work fine while others just don't do what they're supposed to half the time. Overall it's a good, fun, and time consuming game. I wouldn't pay full price for it, probably closer to 40-50. But, if you see it on sale, don't hesitate to pick it. While this one won't win any awards at the end of the day, it's still a great game that needs to be played. Expand
  26. Aug 31, 2012
    Combat and driving is great, the story is fantastic, the characters are very interesting and detailed. But best of all: YOU DONT HAVE your buddys and girlfriends constantly calling and annoying you, because they want to go to friggin Cluckin' Bell. lol ^^ I was very surprised as to how fun the game actually is, it's probably the best this year so far... so I'll give it a solid 9. :)
  27. Nov 5, 2012
    This might be overused but ... if your a fan of GTA style games, Sleeping Dogs is a must buy. It focuses a lot more on melee fighting than GTA, because you are an asian karate fighting undercover cop gang member. It is as awesome as it sounds. Some games of this platform leave things out that GTA had for instance the cars. The cars in this are possibly better than those of Grand Theft Auto. I know the fastest ones are faster and the racing is much better. There is a lot of repetition that can get tedious, but these kinds of games are what generate the itch to play more. Expand
  28. Nov 13, 2012
    Very much enjoyed this game. It has a good story, excellent combat and great driving mechanics (something GTA could never get right) The game is repetitive at times, but as a whole it was great fun.
  29. Sep 13, 2012
    On of the best sanbox games out there right now, if you go in thinking its like GTA then you are going to be disappointed. Because it is nothing like it in scale and production value.
    However if you go in with fresh pair of eyes you will have a highly enjoyable tale and the combat mechanics will make you love the game even more so.
    Now the combat is probably the best a open world has
    ever had. But i feel the moves you where given was kinda lacking. Graphics are sub par but enough do make you stop and appreciate the scenery.
    The voice acting are decent and i like the combinations of Chinese and English in the cut scenes as it helps with convincing you that you are in hong kong. In every sense of the word is this a great action game and its a must for those jackie chan fans out there.
  30. Sep 8, 2012
    this is gonna be the most underrated game of the year, yes, I said it, the graphics are nice and the story is extremely amazing, the combat in this game is flawless and the driving feels just right. I won't say the game is perfect, since after you complete it, there is little to nothing interesting to be done.
  31. Mar 23, 2013
    Once I started playing this game I played nothing else. Played 3 hours a day for over week until completion.

    Is it a GTA clone? Well, yes but I found it a better game GTA shooting is very clunky where as the shooting in Sleeping Dogs is a lot better executed.

    Also you don't use guns all that much and rely on hand to hand combat which is similar, but better than Batman Arkham
    Asylum City

    Right now this game can be picked up for a very reasonable price and is well worth it if you like games like GTA, Saints Row or Red Dead Redemption
  32. Oct 17, 2012
    Don't know why this game is getting so much heat. The story was gripping, the fighting was fast paced awesomeness, the city was really well created and the driving was fun. Only gripe is that ended too damn quickly.
  33. Jan 24, 2014
    Sleeping Dogs is an interesting spin on the open world game that attempts to place the various criminal activities present in other sandbox worlds in a more morally correct policing role. Combining a very slick run system with a GTA like backdrop sounds like a recipe for success, but this game never feels like it puts it all together. Below average graphics with a brutal soundtrack hold back some excellent story and nice on foot feel. The driving is quite poor as well, maybe being passable for a previous generation system, but not the 360. A solid attempt and worth a play, but nothing I'll miss or feel nostalgia for. Average in a genre with some incredible offerings.
    (Also, I hate any game requiring me to make constant use of a cell phone.)
  34. Oct 5, 2012
    Pretty much a GTA IV on drugs, in hong kong. Freaking awesome, great graphics, awesome story, and a buy for any sandbox lover like me.
  35. Aug 15, 2012
    The Grand Theft Auto we deserve, is also the one we desperately need right now. Innovates, and reinvigorates the worn and tired genre. Truly a feat in today's gaming atmosphere.
  36. Aug 14, 2012
    Certainly very refreshing. Story is compelling and sticks to you. Living in Hong Kong myself certainly plays a part in the attractiveness as well. Chase seen is amazing.
  37. Sep 22, 2012
    The definitive "made for rental only" type of game, which is fun in short bursts but lacks the innovation and focus to be a title that will keep you coming back for more. As an aside, it also shows that the sandbox genre is running out of ideas - if you have GTA or Saints Row, then you don't need this game.
  38. Aug 27, 2012
    Sick game if you want something similar to GTA or a game you can just pick up and muck around with. It's a real action packed and the martial arts combat is bloody fun and a must for people who who enjoyed the combat in the Batman games as combat is pretty much the same.
  39. Jun 7, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs is like if Mafia II, GTA IV and Yakuza mixed together, sadly It won't blow you away but Sleeping Dogs is a unique, good quality open world game. It lacks a bit of polish and it's graphics and character models feel somewhat dated but it maintains a great variety of mission types and gameplay. It incorporates a combat system similar to the Batman games but contains more depth and violence, that's mixed in with some decent third person shooter styled sequences. The narrative and story progression is good and major plot points occur over it's 15 hour long campaign quite rapidly and at a good pace, the narrative itself in the broadest sense is quite predictable but still remains quite well done and there is enough surprises to keep you enthralled.
    Sleeping Dogs feels like it could of been a lot more, but is definitely worth a play for an gamer.
  40. Aug 15, 2012
    Definitely worth a buy, but I'd wait for the first price cut if you are the type of gamer that doesn't explore open world games ad nauseam. The story is done very well, with some awesome voice acting. The only bad voice acting is street vendors screaming at you, often in tandem with the same voice and same line. It was funny the first time, the next few times not so much. There are some expected glitches since the game is brand new, but nothing game breaking that I've run into.

    The only true problem with this game is a $60 price point with the ONLY multiplayer experience being comparing scores of random "achievements" with those on your friends list. Since I am the only person on my friends list with this game, I compete with myself. A bit lame honestly.

    It's GTA with a proper story and combat. Well, for an oversimplification that is how I would describe it. I personally cannot stand Rockstar games, but I very much like Sleeping Dogs. It's a solid buy for anyone that will play open world games for more than their story. If you are looking at this for the campaign only, then I'd wait for the first price cut.
  41. Aug 14, 2012
    This is another case of "Been there, done that". This game really doesn't break any barriers or shows anything that another sandbox game hasn't already done. The combat is okay, with a mix of different combat styles, and instant kills and such, and takes a couple of cues from games like Max Payne, but with a poor enemy AI, the combat really doesn't shine at all here! The graphics/environments are okay, and the music is great, and it fits the scene of the game. The story is great so far, but again, we've seen these games, and these kinda stories before, and at this point this isn't anything 'innovative' or new. They had the potential to take it to another level, but they drop the ball, and play it safe like most games do these days. If you're a gamer like myself expecting more, and not the same as GTA, it's not here, but if you're looking for okay sandbox game to get you through today, it's a easy rental Expand
  42. Aug 14, 2012
    Not GOTY but still better then saints row serious ignore the reviews you read on the big websites this is a game to buy

    not as good as GTA but it comes very close im sure if they continue this franchise in the future it could out shine Grand theft auto
  43. Jan 8, 2014
    There's nothing bad about sleeping dogs, but there isn't anything it does that's really good or makes it stand out from other open world gta-clones. The game had a decent combat system, light/heavy strikes, grapples & dodging by pressing the y button at the right time. It's presentation wasn't as stylised as I would've thought, however still fun.

    The driving part was much less
    praise-worthy. It holds up in the game, however the mechanic feels too arcady & out of place with the story. It did have a few interesting features such as ramming, bike jumping & hijacking other vehicles by jumping onto them from a motorcycle, however as the game progresses, these become very repetitive features in their presentation.

    Story in sleeping dogs was good on a surface level. It had emotional climaxing & a few memorable moments however, overall, it was a been there done that kind of thing. There was nothing special about it.

    Despite having solid programing & a fighting system with no real flaws, it is unfortunately a highly repetitive game, & after finishing it, it becomes a completely forgettable experience.
  44. Aug 14, 2012
    I was really looking forward to this game, and I am not disappointed. The story (so far) is believable and well written. The city is living and breathing and very enjoyable to inhabit. The attention to detail is remarkable: you can see bugs crawling on the ground! The voice acting is superb. As for the gameplay, the driving is great, a great mix between realistic and arcadish. The free running sections are very fun, it's great to run around jumping and sliding to evade the cops. The combat is perfect and challenging. Some may find it a little too challenging... it takes some time getting used to, but free flow with counters and environmental takedowns is just awesome (it's like Batman meets the Bourne Conspiracy). Gunplay is satisfying and focused on moving forward, since you can combine some free running and melee with it, giving a good pace to it. You can stay in cover if you want to, but it's a lot more enjoyable not to. Had this game been published by Rockstar, the reviews probably would have been better. I mean, GTA4 was good, but not as enjoyable as this game was for me... and the reviews were so biased it's not even funny. If you're looking for a solid open-world game with great gameplay and a compelling storyline, I recommend this game hands down. Expand
  45. Sep 12, 2012
    Great "Action Movie" style sandbox game. Combat is similar to Batman Arkham Asylum (strikes, counterstrikes, grabs) with some environment kills that make combat easy to pick up and enjoyable to pull off.
    Driving keeps with the action film theme by keeping simple and arcadey. There's plenty to do and collect in the game. The main storyline is fairly quick (by open world standards) but if
    you're the type of person who does side missions and looks for colelctables you'll spend plenty of time in game. I just finished the storyline at 28 hours in-game and I still have some colelctables to find and some races to finish off and some events to finish.

    I really enjoyed playing this and look forward to future dlc and/or the next title.
  46. Jan 5, 2013
    Normally I find only one good game per year. 2010 it was GTA IV. 2011 it was Red Dead Redemption. 2012 I found three: Metro 2033, L.A. Noire and Witcher 2. All three completely blew me away, I was spending nights in front of them. Now 2013 starts even better: Sleeping Dogs is way better than GTA IV, indeed it is even better than I suppose GTA 5 to become. Basically, you do the same things, open world with short fighting missions. What makes the difference, is the fighting and shooting with some RPG-style feature development. Also, graphics and animations are more than state of art. Finally, I like the plot and the characters. This game deserves a 10. Expand
  47. Aug 14, 2012
    Great open world game with decent graphics and solid gameplay mechanics, some varied gameplay aspects in the game is good enough to build upon a new linear game on its own. Points are deducted for a bit of wonky camera, bugs and draw distances but the overall experience is fun, addicting and humorous.
  48. Aug 16, 2012
    I beat this game way too fast. Already went back to gamestop and traded it in for store credit. I should have gameflyed it. The last game i played like this was Saints Row 3 and that was awesome and original. This wasn't even as good as Saints Row 1.
  49. Aug 15, 2012
    Not as diverse as GTA4 but what it lacks in a couple areas it makes up for more than enough in the combat system. If GTA does not address the combat in the next installment it will be the one left behind soon. Of course I could be in the minority since Fez got such great reviews but I thought it was a total p.o.s. I have enjoyed the story line greatly and side missions to me seem much more fun than the weird stuff I had to do in GTA games. The one thing I am not a fan of is the loading and pauses here and there. Expand
  50. Aug 15, 2012
    Cantonese-flavored GTA. Great open world action game, with heavy emphasis on the action. The story is actually executed pretty well, full of gore and grit and has plenty of shocking moments throughout gameplay. "HOLY S***! Did I just slam that guy's face down on a buzzsaw?!" You definitely want to experience this game.

    I was able to complete the game and score half of the achievements
    in a one night's rental from Redbox. I would highly suggest renting this title or waiting for the price to drop (which is most certainly will), because realistically you can only milk about 30 hours max out of this exclusively single-player game. Expand
  51. Aug 18, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs Was Slated To Be A Bad Game Since Activision Had It...Well Now United Front Games Have Proved Us All Wrong With Is Amazing Landscape And Its Awesome Story It's Hands Down One Of The Best Games Of The Year. Full Review Coming Soon
  52. Aug 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sleeping Dogs is an open-world game with good graphics, varied gameplay and a little humor and gore.
    For me is a great game and maybe the best sandbox in the year, also it has all the components of a sandbox: A good system of combat, gunfight, car chases.
    To sum up I recommend this game
  53. Aug 16, 2012
    Sleepings Dogs is just an amazing game, with a well written story and all the great qualities of a sandbox game, so hopefully this can become a well known a series as GTA and SR. If you haven't played it yet, your denying yourself from playing one of the best games of the year.
  54. Aug 17, 2012
    This is a class game, it's different but good in its own way. Way too many people comparing it to GTA and saying it doesn't compare. But That's good, I think because GTA is such a benchmark for open world games every other open worlder is then compared to it. When I want another GTA game il buy GTA 5 and then compare that to the past GTA's. Rant over, Sleeping dogs is a different creature entirely. Gritty and violent, class graphics and good slick gameplay and fight scenes, comparable to assassins creeds fight system. The driving and gunplay are equally sick. And the slow motion is a nice feature and works well. The game is far from sluggish and who doesn't want to blaze into a fight, parkour over a market stall at breakneck speed, smashing the contents of the stall over and bowling over the shop vendor in the process, charge into a few guys, throw some sick combos in, counter a guys attack the. Charge him onto a shop counter and smash down the roller shutter through his torso. To sum up, the game is awesome, a good solid free roamer with good voice acting, believable characters and good story. All of the things a story driven game should. A good driver, shooter and fighter. And all the while you feel like a bad ass. For all those comparers out there it's a Gta, Assassins Creed, Just Cause, Max Payne, True Crime, Warriors mix, and it's good for all those reasons. Expand
  55. Aug 18, 2012
    I was expecting this game to be very good and it has proved to be an amazing game... I really love the way they have given so much oppurtunities for the gamer... Such side missions and all.... Its an amazing game.
  56. Aug 18, 2012
    I truly loved this game, from the very exciting start to the climatic ending I sat there with a look of awe, the world that the team at United Front Games did a wonderful job. I loved the characters the missions and the combat, really their was no fault that i found with the game, ya the graphics isn't on a frostbite 2 level but it was so immersing that you will not care, in fact the only other world i can think of with this much detail placed in it is Skyrim. In short it will not be the general GOTY but it will be the sleeper hit of the year, I can not wait for another chance to hope back in now if you will excuse me a second play-through is in my future. Expand
  57. Aug 24, 2012
    Easily one of the best open world games I've played in my life. The combat, the driving, and everything else is INCREDIBLY well done, miles ahead of the competition. The story is very good with some classic undercover cop twists, and the same goes for the rest. You should play it.
  58. Oct 12, 2012
    Ignore anyone who says this game is bad. I am extremley picky when it comes to games, i recently bought Darksiders 2 and found it boring.

    This has some new elements, high speed car hijacking is fantastic. Combat is great and the graphics are fine.

    If you are looking for a great story and something to entertain you until GTA V buy this game.
  59. Aug 30, 2012
    This game owns!!! The martial arts is super sweet, if you like running around Hong Kong super kicking fools as hard as you can, I would highly suggest this beast. This one dude on the skreet looked at me funny, so i took his umbrella and beat the living heck out of him with it. Its cool cause if you start fights with people who can't fight, they will try to punch you like a woman and you simply RUIN THEIR WORLDS. If you like tooling around a foreign city, wrecking lives all day, then I would deff check this nasty mess out, the gunplay is pretty fat too, the driving is acceptable, the streets are narrow so that can be a little tough but the fighting is super nasty, i forget to do the missions most of the time cause I'm too busy WRECKING SHOP Expand
  60. Aug 31, 2012
    sleeping dogs what can i say awesome game, story is brill side missions are cool, just hope they make new missions to download, the fighting is better than batman arkham city, the driving is a little lose but nothing really to complain about, the best thing no helicopters or planes, the only way to make this game better is to have a map the size of just cause 2, and catch a plane from hong kong to america. now that will be interesting to see Expand
  61. Sep 7, 2012
    Great game play mixed with a very well written story. The plot keeps you hooked until the end of the story, and has plenty of shocking moment that keep you interested in the characters. The setting of Tokyo is very interesting because it is a very different atmosphere than you get in GTA or Saints Row. The player gets a real feeling of being far away from western culture. Which is immediately noticed when having to enter cars on the right hand side(I could never get over trying to get in on the left hand side of the car), and driving on the left side of the road. The concentration on hand to hand fighting was also a nice touch compared to most sandbox games which are mainly shoot em' ups. It was also fun learning the new martial arts techniques and then using them in battle. Expand
  62. Sep 11, 2012
    (in portuguese)

    Sleeping Dogs é um jogo de proporções muito grandes. E consegue ser um excelente jogo, um dos melhores do ano. Um jogo enorme, com uma cidade com muito a se fazer, que desafia e recompensa o jogo a cada ação feita, a aventura de Wei Shen consegue seu lugar ao sol de um gênero muito difícil de ser acertado: o sandbox,
    principalmente por possuir uma cidade muito rica e dar desafios justos e recompensadores, tudo incrementado por um combate muito diversificado e cheio de possibilidades, um enredo bastante chamativo, músicas licenciadas de peso e gráficos muito bonitos pelo tamanho do jogo.

    Check the full review at
  63. Sep 12, 2012
    Awesome! This game has to be the best I've played in a while, whilst GTA focuses on endless pockets you can only really carry 1 gun in Sleeping Dogs. Which I think is a good thing and helps the game seem more realistic, gameplay is great and the free roam aspect is so in-depth I forget the missions are even there. 10 out of 10 and a must buy (or rent)
  64. Sep 30, 2012
    It's simply like GTA, just better and more rewarding fun without pointless gimmicks you won't enjoy doing over and over. One of my favorite games of the year.
  65. Oct 16, 2012
    I loved the story in this game, and Wei Shen is a bad ass. If you are looking for another awesome open world game then look no further, Hong Kong is a beautiful place and a great location for a video game. The fighting in this game is brutal and so satisfying, there isn't a lot of guns in the game but you don't need guns when the hand to hand combat is brilliant. The driving is arcadey but it works really well. Overall this game is a must buy for open world fans. Expand
  66. Oct 14, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs is a game that almost never saw the light of day, which is shocking considering how good this game turned out. The core gameplay in Sleeping Dogs offers a lot of variety. The driving is fun and arcade-like, so the handling is simple and intuitive, but it offers depth, like ramming your enemies off of the road or jumping from your car to another car and jacking it. The shooting is basic, so it doesn't offer much depth, but there is a bullet-time feature, a la Max Payne, which makes gun combat really fun, though it must be noted that gun combat is not the focus of the game. Now onto melee, which is the focus of the game, is similar to the combat in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, meaning it's a ton of fun and pretty stylish. In addition, you can use context-sensitive environmental attacks, allowing you to shove an enemy's head in a fan, throw him in a dumpster, impale him on swordfish, etc. It's all handled pretty gracefully and flows together nicely. Now onto the parkour, which is a real blast. Your character can climb, jump, leap, etc., so your character has real agility and makes you feel like you can get away from any bad situation or chase after those who are trying to escape you. Sleeping Dogs has a lot of talent, all lending to the story, voice acting, and the cast of characters. In many pre-release trailers and previews, they pointed out Hollywood talent like Emma Stone, but just about everyone here contributes their voice talents to make the story and characters interesting and fully realized. While the story isn't original, it's done so well that originality isn't necessary. This is a game that knows what it wants to be and completely succeeds at it. This is a top notch production from beginning to end. Without a doubt, Sleeping Dogs is my favorite looking game of this kind. To compare, you have Grand Theft Auto IV and the Saints Row games, and I believe Sleeping Dogs is the most impressive looking of the bunch. While the map is smaller and surely allows for more details, it's those details that make the world feel like it's living and breathing, which adds to the overall atmosphere of this beautiful world that is yours to explore and discover all of the little secrets it has packed within it. Expand
  67. Nov 16, 2012
    While I did not feel that Sleeping dogs did anything original, I also had ZERO buyers remorse. The setting and Characters were engaging, the controls were solid, and it gave me plenty of objectives to keep me busy.
  68. Dec 30, 2013
    Não chega a ser um jogo ruim até que bem divertido porem o que mais irrita a mecânica de direção dos automóveis que não muito boa dando uma experiência de direção horrível e que me faz muitas vezs optar em usar as motocicletas.
  69. Nov 7, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs was a breath of fresh air. Its story was great and I can say it was a better story than Grand Theft Auto 4. Also the characters are memorable and I found myself caring for all of them. The collectible were addicting I found myself trying to get 100% completion and found each and every health shrine, cash box, and security camera. I highly recommend this game especially if its on sale. I give it a 9 out of 10 Expand
  70. M1R
    Nov 12, 2012
    This game is AWESOME. To be honest, the story, characters, features and all that are GREAT. The best part of the game is the dopeness of the melee combat system. If you're the guy who plays this type of game and haven't played it before yet, I'D SAY YOU GO GRAB THIS GAME AND U WON'T REGRET IT!!!
  71. Dec 3, 2012
    Much like the title of the game, this one is a sleeper. It's like a more fine-tuned version of GTA, with more character development and a much more satisfying story, pick this one up people!
  72. Jan 22, 2013
    Sleeping dogs is very good and a pretty fun GTA wannabe that gets melee combat right. Some breathtaking visuals if you get the HD texture pack for the PC version, but the game itself is far from being a classic. I found it way too easy. Only took me one long weekend to fully playthrough and have 100% completion. Driving mechanic is pretty good and GTA could take a few notes from its driving combat mechanic. Races are dull and far too easy to complete. I came in first almost every time on my first try. The story is pretty decent and some great believable characters with excellent voice acting. You can see allot of love went into this game, just a shame that they didn't take a few more risks and up the difficulty. While this game doesn't lack for quality, it does lack in substance, likely because Square had a large lineup of DLC planned. Hopefully the next title in the True Crime series learns and expands on what they have done here. Expand
  73. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sleeping Dogs does some things better than even the cream of the crop, and its story will be what keeps you focused on playing. The fact that the game happens to play well is simply icing on the cake. Expand
  74. Dec 28, 2012
    If we make a consensus in comparison to other years, we had a lot of sandbox games in 2012. So, why Sleeping Dogs? Besides having Lucy Liu and Emma Stone in the voice acting, Sleeping Dogs promised since the beginning of the rumours an entire Hong Kong just for us. And that's awesome. Square Enix has developed not only an amazingly immense sandbox but mixed it with a turbulent story involving a cop with a shadowy past, involved undercover in the chinese mafia. The story is good, but not as good as all the things you are allowed to do in the actual game. During the game, we will win (or lose) points depending on our actions, and these points can be Cop Points, Triad Points or Face Points. These points allow us to unlock perks which can make us steal weapons immediately from enemies, learn some incredible kung-fu moves or steal cars without anyone noticing (How cool is that?), and between the Cop missions and the Triad missions, we have also the secondary missions called Face missions (The one that unlocks Face Point, duh!). Also, the city has places were we can gamble, sing karaoke, dance, take a massage or...well...get a little bit of attention by the ladies. Also we have to find boxes and statues to unlock cool things, hack cameras, drive passangers as a bus drivers, and the list goes on. Sleeping Dogs is one of the most extense sandbox, where almost everything is possible. Unfortunately, there isn't online features, but still, there is a kind of leaderbord thing you can share with friends! (Oh my god! That's such a piece of sh**! No one cares about leaderbords!), but even alone, this sandbox is still fun, and the story also should please critics with its dramatic theme and outstanding voice acting. Also, the game looks awesome, the city is one of the best-designed cities I've ever seen in a video game and....and....I DON'T CARE! IT'S FREAKING AWESOME! So, fun? Check. Story? Check. Is it Superb? Well, no. It struggles to give a sort of wrong appeal. But well, it's good enough for a 9. Expand
  75. Jan 7, 2013
    This game was a blast to play. The story is really engaging, the fighting and action are exciting, and mainly - as in my favorite games - it was addictive and it had a really good momentum that kept me compelled to keep playing. There is a lot to do here - street fighting, racing, shooting, a double-agent plot and a couple humorous escapades (like destroying the feng shui of a rival's house and impressing some girls with fast driving) - even **** For a game the story is pretty well developed and the characters and voice acting are quite good. The graphics are just ok - they nailed the ambiance of Hong Kong, but there is way too much tiling in the textures (which can make it look cheap) and there is a lot of visual repetition throughout the streets, but ultimately it isn't too big a deal. The game world is huge and very impressive in its detail. When the game ended I was bummed out - which is probably the best compliment a game can get. Expand
  76. Jan 20, 2013
    Graphics: 8/10 Story: 6/10 Gameplay: 7/10 Soundtrack: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Voice Acting: 8/10 =
    7 (Good)
    This game was some what fun, the graphics were orgasmic to look at and the gameplay is playable. What else would you want?
    The story was above average for an open world game, it was better then the amazing open world games like Just Cause, however the gameplay was not. Everyone I
    know would of liked a choice at the end between the police and the triads but we get nothing like that but a ending you see from 169 miles away.

    JackYaLater Reviews
  77. May 7, 2013
    The game is incredibly good. And this is coming from a gamer who doesn't play any GTA or similar. The story is mature and good, Honk Kong is full of life, side-quests and collectibles and the gameplay is quite enjoyable in every way possible.
    And now is on 'Classics', so it's a must buy :D
  78. Mar 28, 2013
    This game is incredibly fun to play. If you don't like games with a storyline then you can still play this game. This is a free roam game that leaves you wanting to create mayhem all over the city just for the heck of it. It will leave you exploring for hours on end. If you don't care about that then the storyline is GREAT. You know it has a good story when you feel sympathetic towards the characters when something happens. The fighting system is great and the way they made the enemies glow when they are about to attack makes it not too hard and not too easy. Plus there's new moves you can learn and new guns you can equip the game is awesome! Overall this game is a must play for anyone. 9 out of 10. Expand
  79. Feb 21, 2013
    I'll tell you ahead of the game, beautiful, good, and boredom. I recommend.
    But there are graphical errors, I could not tell you anything. If you play the game out, then you can still do side missions. They are good.
  80. Feb 23, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs was a great surprise, a sleeper title if you will haha. Sorry, back to the review. I had not heard about this game until I searched for one similar to GTA and found it listed among some other more familiar open world games. Sleeping dogs is set in Hong Kong, and the city scape and people really come to life in a novel way, it was a refreshing change from the typical US open world experiences. What I loved best was the combat system, it was similar to Batman but with martial arts. Guns are included but most of the glorious violence is dished out with your own two hands. Unlike other games that reward player performance with money sleeping dogs rewards us with new combat moves. orchestrating fights with a plethora of melee attacks was actually quite fun, and advancing further in the game was in part fueled by the desire to acquire new moves. Advancement was also propelled by a terrific story and interesting characters. Vehicles and racing missions are also executed way better in sleeping dogs than any GTA game. My only criticisms were that the game was semi-lacking in side missions, and other open world shenanigans typically found in GTA titles, and some of the side missions were repetitive and lacking in creativity. Overall I liked sleeping dogs better than GTA IV and I highly recommend. Expand
  81. Apr 14, 2013
    ¿Que tiene que tener un sandox para llamar mi atención? no se.

    Sleeping Dogs.

    La verdad que no se como fue que me llego a interesar este juego porque en general a mi los sandbox me aburren, nunca me eh terminado un GTA porque como dije me aburren a excepción de Red dead redemption que eso es una hermosa obra de arte pero fue la acción que me llamo la atención?...Repito no se que fue
    lo que me llamo pero la verdad que no me arrepiento de que haya interesado porque los muchachos de square enix y united front games hicieron un gran juego y para que yo termine y me dieran las ganas de platinarlo(que no lo hice) es porque realmente vale la pena jugarlo. El juego esta basado en Hong kong donde nuestro querido protagonista wei shen hace papel de un policia encubierto tras haberse mandado unas cagadas en los Estados unidos, pero para hacer bien su trabajo tiene que jugar el papel de justiciero y de mafioso. La historia esta buena, no es del todo una alegria sino que tiene sus giros drásticos y que te den ganas de matar es algo genial :B (hablo en el juego, no te dan ganas de matar en the real life).
    Durante todo el juego podemos aumentar de rango en distintas cosas por ejemplo Cosas de policías, de maleantes, etc; la ambientación de hong kong es genial no es un mapa grande pero los detalles de la ciudad son buenos y tiene mucha vida, esta llena de gente que cada uno hace lo suyo y no siempre lo mismo(no se si me llegan a entender a lo que me refiero).

    Gráficamente el juego es genial, supieron utilizar muy bien el motor havok. Cada detalle de la ciudad, el agua, cuando estas mojado todo eso se ve genial.
    Su jugabilidad es mas que buena demasiada cómoda, nada de que quejarme o opinar al respecto.
    Sonido esta bien, tiene buena banda sonora y sería un punto a favor a mis gustos.
    La acción es genial, mucha y mucha acción de la buena, y no solo tiros a pie sino en autos a persecución sino las peleas "mano a mano", pelear contra muchos es algo divertido ya que wei shen es una mezcla entre jackie chan y bruce lee.

    Como todo juego tiene sus cosas malas y lo principal serían los Bugs osea en que juego sandox no están presentes nuestros queridos bugs? en sleeping dogs no hacen la excepción también carece de originalidad esta bien que tenga muy buena historia muy buena jugabilidad pero no van a ver nada que no hayan visto en un gta.

    Sleeping dogs es un excelente juego de acción, un hong kong lleno de vida que no siempre encontraras algo divertido que hacer, aunque no es mas que una copia de GTA
  82. Mar 8, 2013
    wonderful game-play,stunning environments and a very believable plot worthy of a movie all make this a must play game and is truly a very unique gaming experience
  83. Mar 14, 2013
    I am quite disappointed with the game. The story is waaaaaayyy too predictable and a bit too boring. The fighting is fun but the AIs are a bit too sluggish. As a kung fu based game I really thought the fighting would be very fast, quick and tense but instead the most of the AIs are always standing around waiting for you to go to them and attack them then they attack you. The driving mechanic is bit clunky. The Hong Kong theme is quite good though and some of the activities are quite cool like the karaoke. But the game became quite boring too quickly. SOme of the side missions are quite boring but there are some quite fun side missions especially the ones that have Wei surrounded by enemies and Wei have to fight his way out. Sleeping dogs went below my expectation but this game got potential. Expand
  84. Apr 30, 2013
    the gameplay is solid and smooth. although there is nothing new and creative in this game, i somehow enjoyed it a lot. for sure it is better than SR:the third. plus, i am from China, i can say they put hard work into the city and environment design to make the city a real HONGKONG. the background voice acting and sound are just amazing. i like gta mostly for the free roaming in cars, same here, love driving cars around the city. the combat is ok, not as fun as in batman game, but better than in AC. For me, it is a 7 game, i give it one more point for the believable hongkong feelings. Expand
  85. Sep 24, 2013
    This is a great videogame. It really is. The gameplay is fantastic, the driving is excellent, the missions are alot of fun. It's just a very fun game, and a great addition to the sandbox genre. The campaign is a solid 10-12 hours and there's some bonus activities to complete as well. I had alot of fun with this one. My rating:8.5/10
  86. May 14, 2013
    This game is pretty much fantastic. I loved every aspect of it.

    My main attraction to the game though was the fighting mechanics, if you've played Batman: Arkham Asylum City you will understand why. I love how fluent the fighting is, how you can string combos together and powerful moves to destroy a mass amount of enemies. I basically felt as if sometimes I wasn't actually playing the
    game, instead watching a great martial arts movie (I'm a sucker for those) with superb fighting scenes.

    The graphics are nice and I love the culture that the game portrays, theres also a decent amount of things to do when not completing the story. I will say though that I was kind of disappointed at how short the story was, I wasn't mad at the developers for it though. It's simply because I enjoyed the game that much I sort of didn't want it to end so soon.

    It's worth a buy if you're into free roam open world games with great fighting mechanics, fun races and a decent storyline. I recommended it to a few friends and they really enjoyed it.
  87. Apr 22, 2013
    Sleeping dogs is an amazing sandbox game from square enix, who in the last few years have had som pretty terrible games. the story is awesome way better then what gta has done in the past few attempts as you play both sides of the law in the game and the writing/voice acting int the game is top notch. there are some truely big stars in this one. the combat is alot like the latest batman games but with more depth such as unlockable combos and perks. the driving and gunplay are also quite good with the driving being quite arcady feeling and the guns dealing definative damage. the graphics in the game are definately not going to blow you away like crysis 3 or skyrim but they are seviceable and some of the textures are quite nice to look at. over all the game is quite amazing, the story is good, gameplay is enjoyable, and its a fairly long game if you want to get 100% completeion. also at 30 bucks used right now at gamestop, nows the best time to experience this gem. Expand
  88. May 19, 2013
    Between its fantastic melee combat, rich visuals, engaging story and well-done RPG elements, Sleeping Dogs raises the bar of the open world genre. Your move, GTA.
  89. May 30, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto plus Batman Arkham City like combat equals a fun game. I enjoyed this game a lot and loved how it was harder to come across guns that in Grand Theft Auto. This is a fun game that I do not regret buying.
  90. Jun 6, 2013
    A surprisingly good game. A well-written enjoyable story combined with a living active Hong Kong makes Sleeping Dogs worth playing and for me every penny was well spent on this game. And the good news for Play Station Plus members is that the game is free for download. So for PS+ members there is absolutely no excuse not to download Sleeping Dogs. I even found the game more enjoying than GTA IV. Sleeping Dogs is ironically the sleeper hit of the game. Expand
  91. Jun 20, 2013
    Very close to grand theft auto just more restricted.I enjoyed this game but it got boring after a while,there making a new sleeping dogs so lets see what they come up with.
  92. Dec 9, 2013
    There's really not a lot of flaws to find in this game, and I'm stretching to even point out the ones I did "find". Sure, we could go with the whole "GTA RIP OFF!!" nonsense, but let's be honest here: Sleeping Dogs doesn't hide the fact that it borrows heavily from the successful sandbox pioneer. Every sandbox game does. So let's skip that whole tripe and move on to deeper issues, and then let's talk about why I gave this game a solid 9.

    For those of you who haven't picked up in what this game is about, it's fairly simple: Undercover cop with a shady past gets in over his head with Hong Kong's Triad gangs and chaos ensues. Wei Chen, the main character, is a solid fellow that I find myself rooting for throughout, and keeps things interesting with his little known past that pops up every once in awhile. He has a lot of depth, and that's a much needed factor when it comes to sandbox storylines. The gameplay is very GTA influenced, with cars ready to steal, guns ready to blaze, and odd jobs ready to be accomplished. 

    Now, moving on to the flaws (before I dive into anything else), as minute and nitpicky as it may seem, the fun and deep combat has some issues. While I enjoy it's Batman Arkham style gameplay, it doesn't flow as well. It feels slightly janky and somewhat unpolished. There are also graphical nit picks like characters arms and legs protruding through walls and that usual thing. Even the slow as molasses cursor for your map is kind of annoying. They couldn't make that slightly speedier? (If these are the only flaws I can find, than that's a good sign)

    Despite those little nitpicky finds, this game is a remarkable play. It's graphics are lush, pretty, and detailed. The vehicle designs are outstanding. The city is large and full of things to look out for and do. The elements, like water and rain, are very well done. The sounds and voice acting are spot on and seamless, which is a triumph for sound editors to hear. The gameplay is fun and rewarding, and dare I say, outdoes any of it's sandbox counterparts. While the combat, as I said above, has its flaws, it's still fun to play, especially with an upgrade system that boosts your skills. The gunplay is a blast, like something out of a John Woo movie. The story is solid enough, although it had its weak moments. The game offers a buffet of things to do and lots of ways to earn money and skill points. Lastly, Sleeping Dogs offers one of the best vehicle control you've ever played in a game like this. Its fast, smooth, easy to control, and of course amazingly fun. Add elements like multi directional ramming, shooting out the window (John Woo style), bailing out at full speed, and hijacking other cars, and you've won me over lickity split.

    Honestly, there's so much right with this game and so few things wrong, that it saddens me to know it didn't get the hype it deserved.  I would urge you to try this game out.
  93. Aug 5, 2013
    It's a delight to find a game that does a GTA game better than GTA. The combat is vastly superior to all entries of the GTA franchise, the storyline is tense and engage all the way through and the arcade-like style of driving makes for an exhilarating experience of Hong Kong...also makes me hungry for Pork Buns...
  94. Sep 6, 2013
    This game is not up to the expectations. Its below the expected.The graphics are poor. The gameplay and fightstyles and storyline are the only plus points in this game.
  95. Aug 18, 2013
    This game is simply fantastic. In the alley of the GTA series, this game brings something more to the genre. The world (Hongkong) feels alive and vivid, the combat system is good and fun, the main-missions and side-missions are exciting and the character you control that jumps between police and triad missions feels conflicted and interesting. In comparison with GTA IV this game feels a lot more complete in my opinion, and it sometimes feels like they took GTA IV and remade it the right way.

    I wanted to write something negative about this game since there is always something with every game, but im really struggling to find something. This game just holds you tight for the entire ride, and its well worth buying!
  96. Aug 19, 2013
    Much like the title of the game, this one is a sleeper. It's like a more fine-tuned version of GTA, with more character development and a much more satisfying story, pick this one up people
  97. Jan 15, 2014
    As someone who got this free with an Xbox Live Gold Membership, this game is garbage. The game literally makes me sick to my stomach when I play it, especially when driving. Why you ask? Because it's so damn blurry. Literally, the whole game is like a huge blur when fighting, driving, etc... Besides that, the game looks like a cartoon. When I slam a guy's head into a exhaust fan, I expect his head to get chopped up. But no, he falls out of the damn thing with no blood or cuts on his face whatsoever. That's another thing, the violence in this game is so kiddy. Seriously, play GTA and you'll see a huge difference. All the enemies are sterotypical racist kung-fu guys that yell "wah!" and "yee!" and "hah!" constantly. I know it's supposed to be Hong Kong but for pete's sake, this isn't a Jackie Chan movie. Besides, Jackie Chan is a disgrace to his people and culture because he makes fun of himself literally all the time. Anyway, just don't even think about buying this game if you want an enjoyable experience. The formula is this: Drive to this location, beat up 20 guys, drive somewhere else, pick up this person, etc, etc... Borrrinnng! Jeez... Expand
  98. Jan 4, 2014
    Definitely a must buy. At first I thought that this game would be a mistake to buy but them after a few minutes I fell inlove with this game and all of the content that comes with it especially at the end leaving me with a sad face because a game as good as this should never end.
  99. Jan 2, 2014
    Sleeping Dogs was a real surprise hit for me; it’s a big, beautiful, invited open world that really does draw you in from the moment it begins. You start off on a rainy Hong Kong night as you are taking part in a drug deal that (as introductions like this so often do) goes horribly and violently wrong, you are almost immediately thrown head first into the action in what acts as a nice fluid tutorial mission that has Sleeping Dogs 2you sprinting through a fish market/harbour type place jumping over and across different obstacles and generally trying to parkour your way away from the pursuing police force. This gives you a really good chance to work on your timing which is a crucial part of the gameplay mechanics and whereas getting it wrong here won’t necessarily do anything but make you look like a dick, getting it wrong once you are released into the wild later on can and will swiftly become the death of you! After the chase and the first real (and quite frankly impressive looking) cutscene you are put back in control on Shen and thrown into what is to be expected of a game like this; the mandatory introduction mission. This mission has your old friend Jackie Ma taking you on a tour of the town, introducing you to some of the key characters in the game and giving you a chance to practice some of the key features of the game as well. Everything from the combat, to the way missions are rated, the shopping experiences and some of the side missions you can expect along the way.Sleeping Dogs 4

    The combat system in Sleeping Dogs is something that has had a lot of time and care put into. It is beautifully simple to learn but devilishly tricky to master. You’re first introduction to the in-game fisticuffs come when you and Jackie and ambushed by a group of rival gang members and it gives you the chance to try out some of the more basic combo attacks as well as the heavy and light combinations. This is all seems pretty cool but then you are introduced to the grapple mechanic which is a nice touch, you are able to grab some of the weaker enemies, drag them around the room, toss them around and then eventually you are shown how to perform Sleeping Dogs 10environmental kills which, if I’m being honest, are awesome!! The first environmental kill you get to perform involves throwing someone onto a counter and slamming the metal shutters down onto them with full force. Beautifully violent indeed!! Now being able to punch people repeatedly is all well and good but it’s only going to get you so far; you’re also going to need to stay alive; this is where the countering and blocking system comes into play. Very much like the attacking system this is nice and simple at first but is tricky to master, especially later in the game when you start fighting larger groups of people.

    The mission ranking system is handled very nicely as well, as you are in a constant conflict by Sleeping Dogs 6trying to climb the ranks of the Triads and still being a cop you have 2 different ratings for each mission; The Triad rating and the Cop rating. The Triad rating meter is fuelled by violence and by finding creative and destructive ways of defeating enemies whereas the cop rating starts off as a full meter and, as you can imagine, starts to empty as you do morally questionable things. Basically if you want a good overall rating on missions you can still be a raging punch machine but you can’t act like a reckless sociopath while you do it. This adds a very nice dynamic to the gameplay and makes you actually think about what you’re doing instead of acting like the Asian Hulk all the time.

    Sleeping Dogs 8When you find yourself free from the confines of the storyline or you just fancy a break there is plenty to keep you distracted throughout Hong Kong; the main event being the Favour system. When you look at your map you can see it is covered by these little yellow icons, each of these is a favour that somebody needs doing, these range from silly little things like delivering something to someone or giving someone a ride all the way through to damned near gang warfare and with each favour you do for someone not only do you earn a little money for someone you also work towards filling you Face Meter. Think of the face meter as a universal karmic reward system; the higher your rating goes, the more cool you get to unlock. The favours aren’t the only distraction to be had however, if you just fancy taking in the sights or going on a little adventure that’s absolutely fine as Sleeping Dogs 5well as there is an incredibly huge amount of things that Hong Kong has to offer. Some of these things range from: gambling, putting money on a fight, going to get a “massage”, going to stretch your vocal muscles at a Karaoke bar, going shopping for a new car or some new clothes or hunting out some of the many, many collectables. What you do is completely up to you, no one is going to judge!

    Full review:
  100. Jan 3, 2014
    Damn, this game was, and still is, great. Just beat it after 3 days of playing. The story was awesome, the combat was intense, and I could walk around for hours aimlessly, admiring the scenery. The graphics where beautiful, especially when it was raining. The sound track fit in well with every situation, and the radio has enough genres for everyone to enjoy. Still got more then 75% of the side missions to complete, barely started on the collectibles, and people to one up on the leader boards. Expand
  101. Aug 16, 2012
    One of the best, if not the best, games of the year, Sleeping Dogs hits all the right notes in all the right places. An engaging story, well developed characters, multiple side-missions, a great balance between realism and arcade style driving, fast-paced shooting, and last, but definitely not least, an excellent hand to hand and melee weapons combat system. This game is for sure a must play this year, and who knows, it could be a contender for GOTY. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 47
  2. Negative: 1 out of 47
  1. Jan 14, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs had been in development as the next installment of Activision's "True Crime" franchise but the publisher ceased funding and cancelled it. Square Enix turned up to salvage the project and Sleeping Dogs was the result. The fact it turned out as good as it did -- that it's executed so well, performs as well as it does, sets the bar for open world combat and driving -- made Sleeping Dogs, story stumbles aside, the most surprising game of 2012.
  2. Sep 23, 2012
    As much as it may lack polish and finesse, Sleeping Dogs makes up for its minor shortcomings with pure entertainment. [Issue#89,p.78]
  3. Sep 18, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs is an addictive diamond in the rough with a compelling story and insane combat only slightly let down by poor driving and racing mechanics. [Oct 2012, p.54]