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  • Summary: Street Fighter IV features a mix of returning favourites such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile along with new characters created exclusively for this game such as Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus. Characters and environments are rendered in high definition 3D, while the game is played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes. Six-button controls for the game return, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the input system. Street Fighter IV also incorporates state of the art online match making and worldwide online gameplay. Mixing classic genre-defining game mechanics the franchise is known and loved for with all-new, never-before-seen gameplay systems, Street Fighter IV brings a brand new fighting game to fans the world over. With the inclusion of Capcom's latest advancements in new generation technology, Street Fighter IV promises to deliver an extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world to the time-honoured art of virtual martial arts. New special moves that go beyond any Street Fighter fan's wildest imagination, including Focus attacks, Super Combos, and the revenged-fueled Ultra Combo system. Classic Street Fighter characters recreated for a new generation of gamers, including the original cast of Street Fighter II. New brawlers: female super-spy Crimson Viper, lucha libre wrestler El Fuerte, mixed martial artist Abel and more. New gameplay elements provide new challenges for both newcomers and the most seasoned Street Fighter pro. Online gameplay features, including instantaneous online challenges, versus mode, tournament mode, and world wide online gameplay. [Capcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 76 out of 77
  2. Negative: 0 out of 77
  1. 100
    This is, in almost every way that matters, the perfect Street Fighter.
  2. 100
    Even if you haven’t touched a fighting game since the 16-bit era, one match of Capcom’s new masterpiece will remind you why you spent so many hours at those now long-shuttered arcades.
  3. Make no mistake: this is the finest fighter ever made. A glorious reworking of a classic that leaves the pretenders to the console fighter crown picking up their teeth with shattered fingers. [Mar 2009, p.62]
  4. Even without the update, however, we have great graphics, new spectacular moves and the intensity with which the matches are disputed is also very good. So until the launch of King of Fighters XII, we can safely say that Street Fighter IV is the best 2D fighting game on the market.
  5. While Street Fighter IV plays an expectedly brilliant game, the real surprise stems from its direction from a visual point of view that is nothing short of astounding.
  6. This title restored our faith in the genre and it rises high above the competition. Capcom deserves credit for this one. It's been a long time since we felt this kind of vibe and the best part is, it's a good slice of gaming even for those who are unfamiliar with previous releases.
  7. Is Street Fighter IV the best version? Absolutely. But once fans have relived their virtual-martial-arts glory days; once they’ve defeated Seth, the poorly named final boss; once the patina of nostalgia has worn off, most will wonder whether they needed to spend $60 on a game they already own.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 62
  2. Negative: 9 out of 62
  1. DeeR.
    Feb 19, 2009
    What can i say its street fighter. It is a blend of a little bit of everything that was good in the previous versions. Looks great, plays great with the arcade stick, don't recommend the controller cause it makes the game a 8. Expand
  2. TonyF
    Mar 15, 2009
    Cmon People ....this is not meant to be played as VF or DOA ..... This is Strees Fighter !!!!!!!!! the best Fighting Game since Street Fighter 2.....Why is it better than 3rd Strike? .....Simple..... that game is great and everything but id rather kick asses with the full original cast of Characters than just having Ryu , Ken , Chun-Li and Akuma to play with because i dont care for Alex and all the other new Shitty Characters introduced in the game that makes Street Fighter 4 the better game Expand
  3. ColinO.
    Feb 18, 2009
    This game is fighting bliss. Art style is tops. Content seems never ending. Online is streamlined and the best Ive seen on a fighter. Graphics are awesome. A more then worth successor to a classic series I have loved for years. Expand
  4. Sep 28, 2011
    People who hate on this game are clearly impatient. This was the first fighting game I ever played and after many hours practice, I finally saw why it's a good game. At first, it seems terrible but after you do all the trials in challenge mode it becomes easier. It's not for casual gamers (at least SUPER SFIV isn't) but there's lots of content in challenge mode and while you can run through everything in the single player by just spamming Lariat with Zangief, the strategy and execution required for online play will make you keep wanting more if you can get into the game and see the skill in it. Expand
  5. JustinT
    Apr 3, 2009
    Eh at best. Not giving this game a 10 JUST because its SF is fanboy bias. This is a fun game to play if you like fighting games....otherwise its a total waste of time. That said, counters make this a better game than say....tekken where button mashing easily wins the day. However, $60 for a replica of the early 90's is not balanced, or fair to the consumers. This should have been an arcade release for 1200 points. You want a game with depth and balance? I go back to killer instinct gold for the n64. Expand
  6. CrossMeteor
    Jan 20, 2010
    OK. The most of the magazines give it a 100. They need to sale the game. This game haven't improved anything, only the 3-D graphics, but it's the same, why has it a 100? Fable II, Darksiders, Dante's Inferno... and a longer etc are better than this. This game is boring and too basic. Expand
  7. Jimmyb
    Apr 9, 2009
    Oh dear god. this game sucks. first battles are supposed to be easy and oh no your dead in a second due to the amazingly overpowered CPU. So you try challenges to get better. oh wait, due to the stupidly hard combos you cant get through those. So you try online. its full of people who keep using the same move over and over and over again. This game is terrible. my advice go buy soul calibur. Expand

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