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  • Summary: 2069 - No longer governed by politicians, the world is divided into regions controlled by mega-corporations known as Syndicates. These Syndicates have revolutionized the way consumers interact with the digital world. Consumers no longer require a device to access the world's data and control their technology - they can achieve this with the blink of an eye after a neural chip implant. Civilians clamored to be "chip'd" and to enjoy all that their selected syndicate has to offer. Housing, medical, banking, insurance, education, entertainment, and employment. One complete package - one complete lifestyle. In return, the syndicates gained unprecedented insights, and control, over individuals and their behavior. With insufficient government oversight, business has become war. The Syndicates stop at nothing for ultimate market dominance. On the front lines of this war are the Agents, the syndicates' bio-engineered and chip-augmented enforcers. They can breach anything in the wired dataverse including their enemies, their weapons, and the environment surrounding them, making them the most efficient and deadly technological weapons in the world. Assume the role of Miles Kilo, Eurocorp's latest prototype Agent, and embark on a brutal action adventure of corruption and revenge. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 65
  2. Negative: 1 out of 65
  1. Feb 21, 2012
    The smart players will rise to the challenge and feel like they've been appropriately rewarded for their prowess. The campaign gives you a great look at an interesting world, though its abrupt, too-clean ending feels out of place. It's a somewhat disappointing reward for an otherwise exciting adventure that puts a terrific and fun spin on first-person shooting.
  2. Mar 7, 2012
    Syndicate may not be for everyone. Purists who enjoyed the original back in the day might well be disappointed by the direction Starbreeze took it. But if you're into sci-fi shooters this is definitely worth a look.
  3. Mar 2, 2012
    Despite some mistakes and minor flaws, Syndicate is a very good shooter that should satisfy gamers in need of a challenge. The game is hard, sometimes too hard - you die more often than in most modern shooters, even though health recharges itself. But thanks to a great fighting model having to complete a difficult part for a tenth time should still be enjoyable.
  4. Mar 5, 2012
    As it stands, Syndicate is a pretty fun experience, but it lacks the innovation and heart that I've come to expect from Starbreeze as a studio.
  5. Mar 8, 2012
    Syndicate has flashes of brilliance, but these flashes are just that... flashes. The game has a great look a vibrant feel and strong shooting mechanics. However it doesn`t always click into the super-polished AAA title it wants to be.
  6. Feb 21, 2012
    Just one warning: The co-op missions do not scale with player count at all, and they are definitely designed to be tackled with four players. Three players? You'll probably do fine, if you're careful. Two? Really stretching it. And solo? You'd have to be a masochist to even try.
  7. Mar 2, 2012
    It's every generic shooter you've forgotten you played, come back to be forgotten again...Oh, did I mention there's bullet time? Because there's bullet time.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 52
  2. Negative: 6 out of 52
  1. Feb 23, 2012
    A great sci-fi game with crisp graphics and AD, impressive sound and a weaponry to die for. The single player campaign is engaging, although somewhat short but the real treasure is the separate 4 player co-op. Unforgiving, thrilling and lots and lots of fun for hour upon hour. So if you haven't got it yet; get it and rip some chips! Expand
  2. Feb 22, 2012
    I was surprised about how great this game really is! The single player is good, and I just love the coop. If you by some reason haven't decided to get the game, check out the demo that won me over. Expand
  3. Feb 21, 2012
    I was a little hesitant picking this one up after reading some mixed reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised when I put it in. I loved the style of Deus Ex, but longed for a little more action and not quite as much sneaking around, and this game totally scratches that itch. Being able to hack into enemy's brains and make them commit suicide or take out their buddys is a riot. Haven't played online yet except for when I had the demo, but a lot of reviews say that's the best part, so I'm looking forward to it. Expand
  4. Mar 10, 2012
    For one thing, Syndicate can greatly impress players for what its worth of unique art, other gameplay aspects such as gun play, graphics, narrative and character progression, feels just in place as it doesn't really deliver what we've hoped for since its announcement. Coop in the other hand, is a completely different and much more fun part of the whole package, with it being a return to the original Syndicate agents. Hopefully, EA would think like 2K, in "remaking" it instead of just this lacking reboot. Expand
  5. Dec 18, 2012
    Amazing graphics, great playability and an interesting story. A very good game! Many negative reviews are unffair. The "boss" concept is a bit too much jap style, though. Expand
  6. May 9, 2012
    Another Generic shooter added to the packed market. What is even worse is that Syndicate does not offer anythign special. It is just shoot, disable electronics, shoot. The story also suffers from creativity. Without spoling the mediocre plot, the story turns out to how you would expect it to. There isn't even any Multiplayer, except for 4 player Co-op. The reason I am giving a 7, is due to Syndicate being entertaining, and the whole cyber punk feel was quite immersive. A definite rental, not much else. Expand
  7. Feb 21, 2012
    do you like to be blinded? then this is the game for you
    in this game you are a walking camera,so you have headbob and other constant screen
    there is blur,bloob,blinding lights etc.

    and when you aim down the sights the whole screen zooms in,yeah so cool

    do game developers even go to schools ?

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