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  • Summary: The debut of the Tales series on the Xbox 360, Tales of Vesperia launches the series to new heights of interactive narrative and engrossing gameplay with anime-style graphics, a captivating storyline and characters as well as an upgraded battle system. Set in a world reliant on a mysterious ancient technology known as "blastia," the game follows former knight Yuri as he delves into a shadowy plot to use these magical devices to control civilization, or destroy it. A bold new interpretation of the elements that made the Tales series a hit with gamers around the world, Tales of Vesperia promises a standard-setting RPG experience on the Xbox 360. Using an all-new graphics engine and character designs by the renowned Kosuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess, Sakura Taisen), the game delivers high-quality HD character models and environments that are indistinguishable from traditional cel-based anime. The game also makes significant additions to the series' trademark real-time combat system, allowing players to do battle in massive battlefields and learn new special attacks that are tied to individual weapons. New finishing blows allow players to take down enemies in a single hit with correctly timed button combinations, while mission-based battles increase the variety of each encounter as players gain unique items by fulfilling various battle objectives. Players can also use materials collected by successfully executing finishing moves to craft rare and unique equipment for their characters. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 67
  2. Negative: 0 out of 67
  1. Tales of Vesperia may not be a perfect title or receive a perfect score, but it’s fun, engaging and everything I really want in an RPG.
  2. Truly, Tales of Vesperia is more akin to an interactive cartoon than it is to a traditional JRPG. This is one of the reasons players will enjoy this title so much. It is an engaging gaming experience that somehow capably balances storyline, combat, in and out of engine cutscenes, power leveling, and main and side mission quests.
  3. For all those who are on the fence, Tales of Vesperia is a beautifully rendered experience that is worth a rental at the least. If you are a fan of Japanese styled role-playing games then you'll need to head down to your local game store and hope they have a copy of Tales behind the cash, it will be worth the drive.
  4. 80
    Action-based combat controls aside, Tales of Vesperia is a perfect example of why the Japanese RPG is so venerated. The game deals with serious issues like corrupt government, tyranny, crime, honor, friendship, and other familiar elements, yet seldom bogs itself down in overdone drama.
  5. Its characters may initially seem to be lazy stereotypes, but they soon blossom into something deeper, thanks to intelligent writing and uncommonly naturalistic acting. [Dec 2008, p.97]
  6. 80
    Tales of Vesperia succeeds in providing a great and enjoyable action JRPG experience for the Xbox 360, but could have shaken off a few of the older, peskier genre conventions.
  7. The bones are here for a stunning adventure, but the imagination simply isn't. Our disappointment is palpable. [Sept 2009, p.116]

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  1. Oct 4, 2010
    Great, great game. The battle system is the best in the Tales series thus far, real time fighting is always a pleasant addition to RPGs. The story will make it difficult to stop playing the game at points. But what really made me love this game were the characters. The characters you are able to play as are just very likable, meld very well together, and have excellent development. As you progress through the game you realize just how much they care for each other, and how much you care for them. The song that plays in the intro to the game is very addicting, and every time I start it up I can't bring myself to skip it. I have played many games, yet this is the first one I have ever loved so much to write a review for. Play this game, I can guarantee you'll enjoy yourself. Expand
  2. Jul 26, 2013
    Amazing! This game is one of favorites. Even with it's somewhat cliche storyline it is still one of the best JRPGs out due to having some of the best character development I have ever seen. With some great dialog that is pretty funny. The combat is fun an keeps you involved and quite brutal. There are many bosses that will rip you to shreds. I feel like many games don't do this and for that they suffer. The soundtrack is great and the environment is astounding. Graphics are nice and fit. I could on and on about this game, but I'll stop here so you can go and buy it. 10/10 Expand
  3. Mar 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this game. The characters, plot and game play all stand as the shining example of what other JRPGs should aim for. One comparison I noticed was to Final Fantasy VII. I think that is an unfair comparison. They are completely different game outside of being JRPGs in Science fantasy settings and one focus each story has. That focus is on how technology can destroy the world. In FFVII, the plot starts off with you playing as eco terrorists who are trying to stop a power plant from abusing the earth's energy. It's one sided, having the energy that's clearly destroying the planet be used for comfort. In Tales of Vesperia, their source of energy, aer, is unknowingly destroying the world due to overuse and the people use it to protect themselves against monsters, not abuse for comfort. The game acknowledges how the energy source is only bad in excess and that an alternative may be necessary to save the world and keep monsters at bay. Tales of Vesperia has a much more in-depth look at environmental damage, whereas FFVII is unsubtle and forgets about that plot point a few hours in. If you're comparing the two games, Tales of Vesperia has the advantage in the only thing they truly have in common outside of setting. Expand
  4. Aug 10, 2011
    This game is a good time, the player count is actually 4 players, so you can get a few friends together and supply a beatdown for the ages. The characters can be insanely annoying, but then again, there's always an annoying character in anime shows. I don't like the fact that there's only one person that can move around, especially if you have 4 people waiting for the battles. It's a lot of fun, though, and the graphics are cool, so it deserves a 9 in my books, very few flaws that aren't even a big deal. Expand
  5. Feb 14, 2013
    Tales of Vesperia is the best Japanese Role Playing Game on the current generation of consoles. Full Review Here Expand
  6. Jul 22, 2013
    Sweeter than honey. This game is the best Jrpg on the 360 by far. The game is just soooo pretty to look at. The characters are likeable (which is getting harder to find with jrpgs). I understand that this game has some clichés but to me it felt like a sweet throwback. This game puts its twist on the conventions. I like this game so much because it is fun continuously. That's really all I need in a game. Expand
  7. Aug 27, 2010
    If you enjoy male and female characters who look the same, idiotic dialogue written in crayon by fourth-graders ("Prepare to taste my steel!"), absolutely ridiculous battles consisting of attack-attack-attack-block and the occasional heal, and horribly linear level design, then have I got a game for you. It's called "Tales of Vesperia," and even though it seems like a bad clone of FF7, it's really...hey, now that I mention it...

    Yes, FF7 was over-rated too. It would be nice if game companies realized this and started doing something original.

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