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  • Summary: True ninjas conceal their identity. In Tenchu Z, you can customize your ninja's appearance by choosing to change facial features, hairstyle, tattoos, head accessories, tunics, pants, arm accesories, footwear, weapon sheathes and more. As you complete more missions, more articles of clothing may become available for purchase. Oh boy! The key element of disguise, however, is a special ninja power-up called "Impersonation," which allows you to steal the identity of your victim temporarily in order to better evade detection and blend into the environment. Are you the master of disguise? [Microsoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 51
  2. Negative: 11 out of 51
  1. Tenchu fans will definitely not be disappointed. Tenchu Senran is easily the best Tenchu game to date. [JPN Import]
  2. Surprisingly, Tenchu Z comes off “chunky” in general; the antithesis of what a ninja game should feel like- sleek and efficient.
  3. Too expensive, but find a cheap copy and it has a bit of fun to offer stealth fans.
  4. Tenchu Z is a pretty lousy entry to the series, and is one Xbox 360 title that doesn’t flex any next-gen muscle.
  5. Unless you're plagued with a kimono fetish, you're just better off creeping around elsewhere. [Aug 2007, p.82]
  6. 50
    Don't get us wrong, we understand that Tenchu sucks, but some of us happen to like it regardless of its faults and it is those die-hard fans that will find Tenchu Z to be the most rewarding of the entire series.
  7. The pithy cut-scenes are about as easy to follow as a quantum physics lecture and are as elaborately detailed as a newspaper comic strip.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Nov 20, 2011
    this game is obviously all about ninjas but who cares? its still really fun and has 50 missions to complete? Who can complain to 50 mission!!!!! you can customise your ninja in loads of different ways and choose between stealthy or just plain runnign in and swipe left and right with a katana. Really fun game overall and I would recommend to anyone. Expand
  2. Sambo
    Jan 17, 2008
    WHAM! Gaming The pithy cut-scenes are about as easy to follow as a quantum physics lecture and are as elaborately detailed as a newspaper comic strip. Well I'm nearly 18 and I've just done exams on quantum physics and mechanics, which shows how much attention these guys pay to the outside world. Tenchu Senran (or Tenchu Zed, as I call it lol) is like 1 & 2. Just on steroids. Expand
  3. AaronC.
    Sep 7, 2007
    A fantastic game! I had loads of fun and huge replayability factor, I only wish it had more missions so I can keep on playing!
  4. RedXIII
    Jun 13, 2007
    I have to say a lot of the reviewers are wrong about this game, sure its not the prettiest and some of the controls are hard, but once you get into it it is a really fun game. Its kinda like hitman, splintercell with ninjas. Expand
  5. simonk
    Jun 13, 2008
    Yes the graphics are not up to 'next gen.' standards and the A.I is lame but this has always been the case with this series. In a nutshell , if you had the game on PS2/XBOX and are missing its brutal brilliance then buy this(just don't expect any changes , just a quick polish.) I find similarities between this and hitman ie . you can zoom around the levels gunning /slashing but that's not the way they were supposed to be played. This is a stealth title not an action game and i think most magazine reviewers looked on this game with 'next gen.' snobbery. The authenticity of the scenery , characters ,weapons ect is second to none and if you are a fan of the ninja/samurai era of feudal japan then this is the game for you . Expand
  6. JonM.
    Nov 26, 2007
    Although by no means perfect, tenchu z is still nonetheless a very enjoyable game. many features have worked whereas many have flopped. although it introduced a fresh feel to the game, the new customization aspects floundered, limited access to the abilities of your ninja meant it wouldnt be long til you came stumbling across doppelgangers online, and the lack of a vs mode online eliminated any hopes of real competitive play, reducing the value of competition between clans to nothing more than comparing metagames with eachother, severe lag issues also plague the servers, creating a major problem for those time synching their kills. sloppy swordsplay still plagues the series, whereas the stealth executions are as visceral and cool as ever, the inclusion of wall and ground based kills was a nice touch, but failed to find any real ingame value aside from sheer class. desperate points for improvement on a possible sequel include: sorting out that horribly mashy swordsmanship for when the stealth goes awry, possibly with a greater emphasis on counters and grapples over strikes, and top priority must go to brushing over the dated AI, which has plagued the series with mind blowingly stupid guards since the original (the only difference is, the original can actually get away with such shameful AI, whereas the newer titles have no excuse). one last point for improvement is diversifying the possibilities in customization, possibly even allowing players to select their own stealth kills, thus eliminating the cloned feel to fellow ninjas online. Expand
  7. Eli
    Jun 18, 2007
    It's rather easy to decipher why reviewers haven't been to fond of Tenchu Z. First of all the game plays exactly like all the other Tenchu and needless to say that isn't a good thing at this point. Tenchu is a series that could have evolved to something really good but the developers are too lazy to try and be different. Let me just say this before I start ripping Tenchu Z a new one. I had fun with this game it's my biggest guilty pleasure game in quite some time. Despite it's numerous failures as a game I still found playing through it to be a good time but there is no doubt in my mind that it is still a bad game no matter how you spin it. The graphics aren't flat out awful but there is no doubt that they fall into the category of mediocore and at times plain ugly. There is little variety in the levels and you'll soon be repeating the same level over and over again. You'll get that feeling of deja vu as you realize you are doing the same exact missions in the same exact levels over and over again. The gameplay is the standard Tenchu affair. The X button is your only ally and stealth kills are really cool. The combat still sucks ass. There really isn't much to it. The game itself isn't much of a struggle and is without a doubt the easiest game I've played all year. Most of the missions you do involving killing some person. You can easily beat any level in under minute by simply rushing to the target and killing him. The enemy a.i. is without a doubt the worst I've ever encountered in a videogame. FPS Master the a.i. in this game is in no way a mixed bag. It is just hilariously awful. Enemies that see you will give up persuit the second you turn a corner. Enemies can smell you if you fell in a cesspool but they can't see you killing the guard that is standing about ten feet in front of them. They can't hear their friends screams as they are gutted directly behind them. I mean there are just so many things wrong with the a.i. I couldn't even begin to describe them. The reviewers are completely justified in ripping on the a.i. as it is close to broken. Tenchu Z is a mockery to the stealth genre but it's something that still can be a bit of fun to play but there is no doubt that it is a crap game. Expand

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