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  1. Feb 6, 2012
    Seriously, WFT is wrong with the likes of IGN and Gamespot giving this such a low score? Just how much are those lowlifes getting paid by the companies to rate AAA titles so highly when they are sh*t, yet great games like this so poorly when they are great? The Saboteur is your usual sandbox game with a few tweaks. Set in WW2, both the graphics and audio aspects of the game go to create a superbly atmospheric world and as the game starts out it promises to be an outstanding experience. Unfortunately that promise falls a bit flat when you get out into the world and realise that it's just another sandbox game. However, when you persist past that you find that the game itself is just an absolute boatload of brilliant fun. Because of easy going freerunning controls and quick + exciting controls in general (makes combat loads of fun), cars which don't explode within two crashes, loads and loads of explosions + nazi killing and a ton of missions this game just chuffing rocks and rocks hard. Stealth is a bit sloppy (esp the disguise aspect of it), you can find yourself looking at your radar throughout the game a bit too often for my liking, and if there was a tiny bit more of an RPG aspect to the character interaction the game would be better for it. But overall the game's a blast - it finds a quality balance of OTT action and down-to earth realism for you to fear danger at most turns, but not be afraid to let lose and go crazy when you have to. In Nov 2011 I purchased this for £8, at Xmas 2011 I bought Skyrim + Dark Souls. Come Feb 2012 Dark Souls and Skyrim got consigned to the "games to swap bin" a while back and I'm still playing this which is firmly rooted in my "games to keep forever" collection. Buy it now. Expand
  2. Dec 12, 2010
    An amazing game that is just such fun to play. The city is well designed and the parisian landmarks are recreated in immense detail, notably the eiffel tower, montmarte and notre dame etc. The map is huge and just driving around the countryside is a joy in itself. The story and missions are excellent and a great mix of stealth, planning and all out guns blazing. Blowing up the nazi installations and killing nazis just never gets boring. Sure there are some faults such as escaping from alarms can be frustrating and the difficulty can vary wildly but this doesn't detract from the enjoyment.
    What a shame that Pandemic's masterpiece is also their last.
  3. Mar 23, 2012
    Great atmosphere, good story, sometimes sloppy feeling controls. Overall definitely worth playing and very cheap to buy nowadays. Killing nazis never really gets old.
  4. Oct 28, 2012
    Really fun game. Great gameplay, interesting characters and story, huge amount of content. The game is a little rough around the edges, but in the end what matters the most is how much enjoyment you get out of it, and I got a ton out of this game. If you liked Just Cause 2, Crackdown, or Assassin's Creed, or you just like blowing stuff up, you'll most likely love this game.
  5. Jun 25, 2013
    There's a lot of predictability to behold in "The Saboteur"'s story, but thanks to a fast-paced breadth of action, some traditionally cerebral stealth, and some unexpected twists, it lifts itself above the common rabble.
  6. Apr 14, 2013
    si bien digo que los sandbox no son lo mio pero puede que algo me llame la atención por ejemplo en Sleeping dogs fue su acción, en este caso fue por 2 cosas: 1:Tenes el estilo de assassins creed(o otro juego con el que se entiendan mejor), en que sentido? podes escalar los edificios y el sigilo es como una de las cosas principales en hacer. 2: Matar nazis. Bueno el juego esta basado en París en el año 1940, una época en donde los nazis tenían tomado a toda Francia. La historia esta desarrollada durante la segunda guerra mundial, aunque lo que seria lo principal del juego seria en la lucha del protagonista sean lucha contra dierker por venganza. Si hay que definir la historia en un resumen seria "Traición y venganza".

    Lo que mejor hice en este juego, ademas de matar nazis y destruir zeppelin nazis fue subir a lo alto de la torre eiffel y suicidarme :D no se que tiene que ver pero me pareció algo genial decirlo.

    El juego en general esta en blanco y negro, excepto el símbolo nazi que eso se marca para que identifiques, el fuego y la sangre, porque esta en blanco y negro? porque asi sabes que zonas están tomadas por los nazis y cada vez que liberas una zona, se vuelve a color.

    Gráficamente el juego luce bien no es la gran cosa pero esta bien. Jugabilidad buena nada de que quejarme. Todo lo demás es correcto.

    PUNTOS A FAVOR: Historia, ambientación (París y una pequeña parte de Alemania) y matar nazis.

    PUNTOS EN CONTRA: Una historia no muy bien narrada, bugs(aunque es entendible).

    The saboteur sera un sandox a lo gta pero con algo de innovación, no lo compararia con sleeping dogs porque tienen cosas distintas y cada uno tiene lo suyo.En fin es un buen juego a los que les gusten este estilo se los recomiendo.
  7. Sep 5, 2010
    personally I think this i a great game. Okay so the graphics aren't the best ever but there hardly terrible and anyway the stylised grey scale effects are fantastic and really and really add a sense of originality to the game. The game play is good although there are some little faults, the climbing system is a little to slow and should flow better instead of asking you to repeatedly tap a it should be more of an assassins creed style mechanic. Luckily though this neither ruins the fun of the game or is frustrating. Don't listen to the bad/average reviews this is given on websites and magazines this is a great game. Had pandemic not gone under shortly after release there could have been DLC/ a sequel which is a real shame. Expand
  8. Oct 17, 2010
    a very fun game, it surprised me, i really didn't think it was going to be that fun. i will definitely pick this up for cheap the next time i see it.
  9. Jan 29, 2012
    This is a game with a great deal of fun action sequences and a brilliant alternate history story line, it has dragged me back in again to try and find all the tanks and to destroy all the emplacements
  10. Nov 13, 2012
    A good game in its own right, while clearly lacking in many places it has a certain charm about it that kept me coming back until i finished it. That and ridiculous portrayal of the main character Shaun Devlin the Irishman. While I'm not too convinced with the whole black and white idea the game still felt like it was in Paris and as such the setting was one of the major reasons i enjoyed this game. Combat wasn't the best and the free play events got boring quickly but this is still worth checking out now that its a cheap game Expand
  11. Apr 7, 2013
    A really underrated gem of a game. It's basically GTA: WW2. While it does suffer from some flaws the game as a whole is thoroughly entertaining. Great characters and entertaining story. If anything the WW2 Paris setting is what I appreciated the most and the free roaming aspect just enhanced that.

    The Saboteur is a great game. Not the best of it's kind but much better than
    allot of other GTA wannabes. Expand
  12. May 10, 2013
    I have zero-resistance for this kind of game: you can drive a car around when doing missions, I like GTA, Mafia and this game all for this reason. I also like Paris. The story of the game is OK, but too short and I dont want to replay it after finished it the first time. Still spent hours in this game to clear all the red dots and had that song 'feeling good' plays in my head for days. I think this game deserves more publicity. Expand
  13. Apr 3, 2013
    An irishman in Paris fighting nazis in WWII, need i really say anymore. The saboteur has got a great story and some great characters. The gameplay is compellingly addictive even after you have completed the main storyline it is one of the few games i have continued to play until i have reached 100%! it combines elements of racing games, third person sandboxes and elements of rpgs to make a fun action packed and thoroughly brilliant excuse for a game. Hand to had combat is a little glitchy and one time i found myself walking 50ft above the ground after jumping of the eiffel tower, but that does not stop the game from being Pandemics finest hour. Expand
  14. May 9, 2013
    The saboteur is an exiting, engaging and action full game. I just dont understand how this game got such a low review scores back in 2009. Great atmosphere, great action and you can create real havoc in Paris Today you can find the game in bargain bins... just get it and enjoy!!!
  15. Jul 9, 2013
    "Pandemic's Swan Song" as it's been called. While the game's atmosphere and concept are outstanding, the game just fails to hit on all the essentials. Gameplay is both good and bad. Where the auto cover and auto reload systems are a great idea, they are also very finicky. I ended up not even using the auto cover half the time cause it was unreliable. The normal gun fire mechanics are fine, but cover+fire is only half available. Usually you get blind fire as an option, in this if you tried to blind fire, your character would still pop out from cover to shoot. The other part of the gameplay that I didn't like was the Assassins Creed traversing and hiding. It felt extremely out of place and it was just a frigging nightmare to climb up buildings. Climbing takes far too long and is not smooth at all.

    The controls for everything is rather sluggish. Pretty much the only thing that seemed half decent with controls was the driving. The story was rather boring. The WW2 Nazi games have run their course and are now to the point of just being tiresome. Granted the story is still better than a lot of games out there, it still has been done to death. For me, the game became so tedious, monotonous and just plain boring that I stopped after completing all but the last 5 main story missions. The overall game experience made me absolutely hate The Saboteur.

    Best part of the game is the Inspiration. When various aspects of the city are under heavy control and overall morality is low, it is visible with the black & white with colored highlight art scheme. When you do missions that remove the Nazi presence in that area the natural color will restore along with the hope of the civilians.

    Worst part of the game is the Civilian A.I. You are going to run over people and other drivers are going to hinder you. The civilians never get out of your way and when you are running from the nazis you'll end up mowing several down. The horn feature on the cars does absolutely nothing, they still won't move. It is the worst civilian A I that I've ever seen. "Hey, there's a slow moving tank coming, time to cross the street"........*squish*
  16. May 27, 2013
    The game's basically GTA, but in 1940's Paris, and it turns out to be fun. Gameplay wise, needs a bit more work, gets clunky sometimes. The graphics, driving scenes, and explosive action, makes this game hit! Hope there'll be sequel!
  17. Nov 9, 2013
    This Game is Astonishing! i was so disappointed to find out that pandemic has shut their doors after the release of this game, this game is creative in its story and design, the plot is great!, Sean devlin is probably the most Funny,charming, rememberable character i have ever played as, The Graphics at the the time was ok', but despite that the gameplay overides that completely, its just plain Sandbox' FUN', smashing hit!, and i hope some game company can lift off from pandemic to make a sequel!! Expand
  18. Mar 2, 2014
    -open world, lots of stuff to do.

    Bad gameplay, slow climbing, stealth, cover doesn't work, difficulty spikes, tank controls are awkward.
    Bad graphics, this game does have a good art style, but it's often too dark, and once liberated the colours bring out the bad textures.
    Horrible voice acting, really irratating.
    Ridiculous story.
  19. Oct 17, 2014
    This is one of the best games i ever played on xbox 360.the storyline is very good and the graphics are fantastic . i recomand this game to be played by any gamer . sry for mai bad english

Mixed or average reviews - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 83
    While it’s a little rough around the edges we enjoyed this game more than we thought we would. It’s far from perfect, but it’s great to see Pandemic going out with a bang.
  2. A new example of a great concept poorly executed. The Saboteur could be a surprisingly good sandbox if Pandemic just finished it. This game has neat ideas and the potential for being funny, but its gameplay suffers because of its weak development.
  3. The Saboteur may lack the polish of the contemporaries it boldly mimics, but protagonist Sean Devlin’s quest for revenge and an alluring 1940s Paris make this a World War II memory worth making.