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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Warriors ... come out to play-ayyy! Relive the unforgettable cult classic movie and experience The Warriors: Street Brawl in a 3-D side-scrolling fight fest. Brawl it out old school style using your fists and a variety of weapons. Battle through 20 miles of gang-infested Manhattan in order to get back to your home turf, Coney Island. Play as Swan, Cochise, Vermin, or Rembrandt and lead your gang all the way to the showdown against Luther and the Rogues. Brawling action: Lead The Warriors home to Coney Island for the final showdown with Luther and the Rogues. Fight up close and personal with knives, bats, crowbars, and pool cues. Multiple game modes: Play single player, local multiplayer with up to four players, or online multiplayer co-op over Xbox LIVE. For a special challenge, try Versus mode where you can go toe to toe with up to four of your fellow gang members to see who is the real Warchief. And in the unlockable Boss Mode, you must face off against a string of boss battles to become the city's top dog. King of the hill: Vie for the top slot on the leaderboards, and unleash the Warriors now. [Paramount] Expand
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  1. A little bit ropey. [Issue#52, p.104]
  2. 60
    Overall, the game fails to deliver the true Warriors feel you're looking for. In the 1979 movie, you get a much more beat 'em up and badass emotional rollercoaster. Here, not so much. But with plenty of multiplayer value with friends, it might just be worth your 800 MS Points.
  3. Beat-'em-up fans have plenty of other choices for their fix; this is more of an example of how licensed games can be misused instead of an example for how the beat-'em-up genre can return to its former glory.
  4. 45
    There's nothing to save this shambles and no way to recommend it to anyone. If you're a fan of the movie, this will ruin it for you and if you like brawlers, there's a thousand better ones (some from more than 20 years ago outstrip this easily) to satiate your desires. Avoid.
  5. So, if you can get past its many flaws—or you just enjoy repeatedly having your ass handed to you—there’s quite a bit to do here for 800 Microsoft Points (about $10).
  6. It can be fun, but the pacing is annoying and the difficulty will frustrate all but the devoted.
  7. You're better off slamming something in a car door....and that's free. [Holiday 2009, p.80]

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    Sep 26, 2009
    Captures the look, sound, and attiude of the movie. Its long and tuff to beat with plenty of face breaking moves and funny stuff like putting people through jukeboxs and park benchs.If you like the movie or double dragon try this, if you like em both you will dig this, I did, only 4 player is too messy try 3 or 2 for best experience. Overall there arnt enough of these types of games made and this is a good one, ass kicking done right. Expand
  2. Russ
    Sep 23, 2009
    It looks good, plays smoothly, and there's lots of ways to beat down your opponents, but the problem is the game's difficulty is very unforgiving. I tried & tried but couldn't even get through the demo. Enemies will take constant cheap shots at you and swarm you all the time. Expand
  3. JimiM
    Sep 26, 2009
    I had a bad feeling about this when the game started up and I was treated to poor renditions of famous quotes from the movie... I was not proved wrong.... Just play the Rockstar version game... infinetly better in every way. Almost shameful, CTXM.... What were you thinking? Expand