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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Things on Wheels is a racing game that will make you scream for more. Take your favorite RC car and race inside an Art Deco house, or around the huge park. Play for fun with your friends, or compete for victory with top-ranked experts. Slide around turns from the music room to the winter garden, and try three different racing experiences with vintage, muscle, and sports vehicles. Take your chances online and use our all-new race lobby, then use bonuses to bend the race to your advantage, and brag about it using audio chat. Don't be afraid to get ToWed away! Expand
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  1. All in all, TOW is a good racing title that at higher difficulty settings, will present a challenge to the more experience cart-race gamer, and at the same time is accessible to the more casual player.
  2. You can almost hear gamers exhale as they play. [Issue#42, p.112]
  3. A lot of little flaws suck most of the fun out of this take on radio-controlled car racing.
  4. 40
    While many maps have some great design choices, Things on Wheels feels like a dated and out of place title that may have been more accepted in the earlier stages of Microsoft's Arcade platform.
  5. 40
    Nothing about Things on Wheels is very good. The single-player mode is boring, the game looks like it was supposed to come out years ago (which it was), and the attempt at a story is poorly implemented and even more poorly written.
  6. It still has some elements that make it slightly enjoyable, but with the wealth of other experiences on XBLA, it's really hard to justify investing your hard earned Microsoft Points in a second hand toy.
  7. Bland weapons and confusing course layout. [Sept 2010, p.101]

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  1. Mar 9, 2012
    Aww, this is one of the most pretty games that I play, Things on Wheels can be same that the other games of the genre, but the most special are the graphics and the cars, are beautiful, and the music, is funny, this game is not an epic master, but is incredible and funny. Expand