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  • Summary: Crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall, with its advanced combat techniques, gives you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault Pilot and fast, heavily armored Titan. The experience combines fast-paced multiplayer action with the dramatically charged moments of a cinematic universe. Expand
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  1. Positive: 19 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. Apr 9, 2014
    The 360 version of Titanfall holds up well as an overall experience, even though it is undoubtedly the worst way to experience the game, reflected in a quarter-point drop in score compared to the Xbox One and PC versions.
  2. 90
    Bluepoint Game kicks anxiety to the curb with a smart, efficient port, that's fundamentally the same as Titanfall on Xbox One. If you can't afford a new console, save your pocket money for this.
  3. 90
    While the PC and Xbox One versions are superior, the Xbox 360 port of Titanfall comes as close to their glory as one could possibly have hoped for.
  4. Apr 17, 2014
    It’s a breath of fresh air in an incredibly stagnant genre, and even though I’m not exactly a big fan of shooters, I’m enjoying this one. That said, the Xbox 360 port does feel a bit wanting - not due to graphical reductions, which are to be expected, but due to the overall lack of polish.
  5. May 2, 2014
    Some features from the Xbox One and PC versions are missing, but the essence of Titanfall is present in the Xbox 360 edition of Respawn's superb online shooter.
  6. Apr 18, 2014
    With the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, EA offers the same fresh, new and different first person shooter experience of Xbox One. The lack of a solid Campaign mode and the disappointing number and variety of game modes are a shame, but this is still a very good way to start a new IP.
  7. 60
    A competent shooter, but fails to replicate the fun, frantic pace or steadiness its next-gen cousin achieved by quite a way. [Issue#111, p.82]

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  2. Negative: 22 out of 95
  1. Apr 13, 2014
    I've seen a lot of bad ports in my time, lots of failed attempts. Titanfall on the 360 is NOT one of them. This version is every bit as good as its next gen brethren, graphical down grades aside. Everything that is on the Xbox One and PC is included for the 360. BluePoint studios should be proud of the quality that they pulled off under such heavy time constraints and ancient hardware. And the gamers who bash this should be ashamed of writing garbage reviews with such hate and obvious bias towards anything Microsoft/EA. This port nails it in every dept that matters when it comes to game reviews. Expand
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    The game is amazing. Dont listen to the haters that are either PS3 fanboys are COD fanboys, because I read their reviews. All I heard was parkour is a gimmick, not enough guns, and graphics suck compared to COD. I Will prove these wrong. Parkour is not a gimmick. It allows you to traverse the map even quicker than sprinting, and allows you too easily have a balanced fight with a titan. Respawn did great with the gun selection. I can tell they listen to the complaints of MW2. And one of those complaints was "The customization is too complicated" so respawn did the right thing and made it simple like Halo 4. The graphics are bad? The graphics are great! I find them fine and have no complaints except for the usual frame drop that happens maybe once every game. I also heard complaints of "Long wait time before games". I find this fine. I get time to fully inspect my loadouts, and use the restroom without missing anything. All this complaints are bull, and you should not listen to the haters who have clearly NEVER EVEN PLAYED THE GAME BEFORE! So ya, pick it up for sure. and play it with friends. (Also COD fanboys, look at ghosts scores, it got worse than this in critics, and user scores.) Expand
  3. Apr 8, 2014
    What an incredible port to X360. Whilst it is not as sharp this certainly has the Titanfall game experience. Do not listen to the hater who say there are less weapons and modes - the game is EXACTLY the same as Xbox One Expand
  4. Apr 8, 2014
    Yep... takes away most of the flair in buying an Xbox One. Still glad that I bought mine for Forza 5, but then again, I still don't feel like there was enough of an upgrade from Forza 4 -____- Expand
  5. Jun 2, 2014
    Honestly, I bought this game in recommendation. I can say that, at the time, it was worth the 60$. But within a month of leaping onto titans backs, snapping unsuspecting necks of players and grunts, this game got old fast. The game has an amazing fresh new look on first person shooters. Something the genre NEEDS. but unfortunately when boiled down, its just another shooter. You start to realize the games true face as the hype and infatuation die down. Then you realize that not alot of mind blowing add ins are really "mind blowing" at all. It all begins to go stale fast. If you play alone, you wont have as much fun as you would with your friends. What really dissapoints me is that the AI in the game have 10x more tactical sense than the actual players. They hug walls, move into cover, etc. But players just fly around with little to no teamwork. In a way, its less tactical than the Call Of Duty franchise.

    Short review i know, but i got my point across.

    Final Verdict- 7 out of 10
  6. Jul 23, 2014
    This game isn't my favorite. It had a lot of potential, but the "story" isn't very engaging, and the multiplayer gets boring very quickly. I didn't play this game for long before deciding that it just wasn't very exciting. The mechanics and ideas could have gone very far but just weren't executed very well. Expand
  7. Jun 5, 2014
    Hopefuily a nice, rough spanking wakeup call for the gaming industry that people don't appreciate being spoon-fed the usual call of duty glue as they did a couple of years ago.

    People grow up, EA. You should too.

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