Tornado Outbreak Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 12
  2. Negative: 2 out of 12
  1. 70
    As a game experience, it is an interesting product which distinguishes itself from other better-selling videogames, but its main shortcoming is its short durability.
  2. Games Master UK
    A nice twist on the Katamari template, but it soon gets repetitive. [Winter 2009, p.86]
  3. Each level follows the exact same progression path, and this dull repetition ultimately makes what could have been a great tornado game nothing more than a funnel cloud.
  4. 68
    The game is in fact at its best in the opening tutorial levels where your only purpose is to gather and grow and wreak splendid havoc on the scenery, before any of the fire sprite collection, bonus objectives or special moves are added to the mix, bogging down the gameplay.
  5. 68
    Instead of making an entire retail version of this game, it would have perhaps been better to bring out the game as an arcade title. However Tornado Outbreak did surprise us, and therefore it deserves a nice mark.
  6. It's cute enough, but this Katamari clone won't blow you away.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    Uninteresting story and visuals. [Dec 2009, p.69]
  8. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Undeniably a good concept spoiled. [Issue#53, p.95]

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