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  1. 100
    And that's what makes Undisputed 2010 such a success: it addresses the problems of the past while making subtle improvements that make the product better. The graphics are crisper, the animations are better, and several new tweaks make the actual fighting more enjoyable. Even the menu system and user interface is cleaner and easier to navigate.
  2. 100
    Undisputed 2010 builds on the foundation of last year's game, tweaking it where it needed to be and adding other modes and events that re-create the UFC experience to a T. EA has its work cut out for it, because right now there is no better MMA game.
  3. 100
    This is easily one of the finest sport recreations we've seen, as it nails the experience. The online fight camps and Create-a-Fighter modes will keep you busy well through the next several pay-per-view events, and the presentation is second-to-none.
  4. It's difficult to describe every single new feature but once you start playing and see all the new positions, mechanics, and modes, you'll really see how THQ set the bar even higher this year.
  5. UFC Undisputed 2010 has enough content for the hardcore MMA fan while at the same time it doing an excellent job of introducing newcomers to the sport.
  6. An expertly refined, craftily created fighting game which builds on an already outstanding base to deliver an all-around outstanding experience.
  7. EA Sports MMA is going to have a lot to live up to when it launches as UFC Undisputed 2010 raises the bar for virtual Mixed Martial Arts. Is it perfect? No, not at all. But, if you put this side-by-side with its predecessor, the differences are like night and day. You could almost go so far as to say that Undisputed 2009 was the trial run and this is the real game.
  8. The many improvements made by Yuke's make this the smoothest-playing MMA game yet, and its robust amount of features and modes will keep players entertained for months.
  9. UFC Undisputed 2010 is an astounding fighting game, with an extremely deep gameplay experience, many play modes and, most importantly, many gameplay changes. The only downside could be a higher difficulty level, so confront it only if you're willing to spend some hours to master all the controls and the fighters' moves.
  10. UFC 2010 is an absolute knockout of a game and despite a few minor disappointments, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to pretty much anyone that's even remotely interested.
  11. Not only is UFC Undisputed 2010 the best MMA video game made to date, it's also the most fun fighting game I've ever played.
  12. 'UFC 2010 Undisputed' improves on an already impressive 2009 offering thorough additional fighting styles, an online camp mode, and updated gameplay and presentation.
  13. 92
    The sweeping changes to the games career mode, the effort put in to increasing the quality of the presentation, and the incredible in ring action add a lot to an already great experience. With such a great foundation, UFC Undisputed has established itself as the clear frontrunner in the genre.
  14. 91
    THQ has improved the previous game in every way, achieving a game not just for UFC fans, but one that will surprise everyone for its quality as a fighting game.
  15. UFC Undisputed 2010 is pound for pound the real deal in virtual MMA.
  16. Moving on from all the glitz and glamour a fighting game is nothing without solid controls and fight mechanics. Once again, the controls and characters movements are phenomenal.
  17. A force to be reckoned with. THQ has put every other fighting game on notice as UFC Undisputed 2010 has moved into the domain of one of the best games in the genre.
  18. A sizable number of additions, improvements, and fixes make it a clear choice over the original, and as a fighter, it maintains its status as one of the most technically accomplished and brutally satisfying entries to date.
  19. UFC 2010 Undisputed is a much better game than the previous one. The combat system is deeper and more complete, and the sway system is a nice addition as the possibility to change submission on the way and the more physical interaction with the cage. Even the career mode has more variety than before. If you love MMA, this is your game.
  20. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Combat's a gut-busting harmony of visceral martial arts techniques and, combined with the UFC telecasting experience, this is by far the best MMA game to date. [Issue#59, p.76]
  21. UFC Undisputed 2010 is a great improvement compared to the 2009 installment. The balance between the fighters is much better, it looks better and the waiting times between the fights have been greatly reduced.
  22. The best MMA game to date. Fans of the fighting genre should jump on UFC Undisputed 2010 with both hands and never let go. The fighting system has been perfected, while entertainment value soars with increased options.
  23. 90
    UFC Undisputed 2010 one of the deepest fighting games on the market, one that is every bit as nuanced and competitively sound as the likes of Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter.
  24. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Improves on the original in almost every way. [July 2010, p.90]
  25. Undoubtedly the best game of its genre on any system, ever. The punches are even more satisfying, the ground play even more strategic and, yes, the array of burly blokes look even more authentic than before.
  26. THQ has set the bar incredibly high for EA's upcoming MMA game. UFC Undisputed 2010 is probably the best fighting game ever made. The massive improvement over last year's game is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Yukes development team.
  27. If you liked last year's UFC title, then you will definitely love this year's.
  28. However, given the choice, the sheer fun factor, in depth career mode, excellent online support (that requires a fee if purchased used), and stellar presentation make this the penultimate MMA video game experience, and a must have for any UFC or fighting game aficionados out there.
  29. Excellent sports simulation including a lot of new striking and submission moves. The deeper career mode adds more realism when developing your fighting alter ego. Choose your favorite fighter out of over 100 UFC stars and battle your friends online as well.
  30. While there will certainly be debate on the online license change (when it eventually works), there is no doubt that UFC 2010 is a vast improvement over its predecessor.
  31. Overall, UFC Undisputed 2010 should please fans of the 2009 version of the game, as well as those who enjoy fighting games that sit at the sim end of the spectrum.
  32. A supreme effort, but one that can get a tad repetitive over longer periods of play. It tends to be a bit too close to last year's effort to provide much in the way of new fangled entertainment for veterans. That being said, this is ideal fodder for fight fans and quite simply one of the best fighters around right now.
  33. 85
    THQ has made an excellent fighting game that will keep you entertained for hours. Practicing martial arts has rarely been this fun.
  34. 85
    UFC Undisputed: 2010 might not be as "real as it gets", but this year, it's as close as we are likely to come.
  35. Official Xbox Magazine
    The game successfully achieves the goal of making its predecessor obsolete. [Aug 2010, p.76]
  36. Unlike its predecessor, UFC 2010 Undisputed didn't cause us any astonishment. The graphics weren't much improved and the animation routines still show some of the past glitches. Hing said that, this is still an excellent game, enriched by a deeper Career mode and new fighting styles.
  37. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Busting semi-famous faces has never been so much fun. Essential viewing for fight fans. [Aug 2010, p.86]
  38. No matter how you slice it, though, UFC Undisputed 2010 is another blissful, brilliant recreation of the sport.
  39. 83
    What's here is basically the best of both worlds -- an easy to pick up, yet deep fighting engine mixed with a substantial career mode and online features.
  40. This doesn't feel vastly different from last year's model, which is my biggest complaint. If you're a UFC fan and you didn't pick up Undisputed 2009, this is definitely a superior product. But if you still have your copy of '09 you probably won't find enough fresh meat on these bones to satisfy you.
  41. The foundation for the UFC Undisputed series has been remodeled so thoroughly that faulting UFC Undisputed 2010 for its optional Career mode and its questionable online business practices would almost be missing the point.
  42. Undisputed 2010 is a step, although a small one, in the right direction for the UFC series. The campaign has been deepened, but it still needs work in the user-friendliness of the controls.
  43. Even on beginner difficulty it can be a struggle to achieve ultimate victory. I recommend UFC Undisputed 2010 to fans of the sport and/or the franchise only. Very few others will have the patience or the dedication required to become competitive at this game.
  44. UFC Undisputed 2010 is definitely a step above its predecessor.
  45. It would be too generous to suggest this is the best recreation of the sport imaginable, as the rough edges and clunky navigation pull the game back from contemporary sheen. But it's close. And in sports videogames, that's the only metaphorical distance that matters.
  46. It's most telling, however, that the game is still at its most enjoyable when you're simply smacking seven bells out of a friend. Undisputed really comes alive when you're playing with another human, particularly one who's sitting right next to you.
  47. The improvements are incremental at best but this still seems like a near perfect MMA game.
  48. Better fighting and deeper online support with a clan-like "fight camp" system make UFC 2010 Undisputed a better-playing game than its predecessor, but its solo side is a pretty dry.
  49. Much like last year's game, this mixed martial arts fighter impresses inside the octagon but doesn't do nearly as well outside of it.
  50. UFC undisputed is a intriguing tribute to martial arts. Deep and complex, should not be missed by sports fans.
  51. UFC Undisputed 2010 is far more than a big update, despite its little flaws (most notably its disappointing online mode). The game is incredibly comprehensive, much more fluid and well animated than the previous one, and will undoubtedly please MMA fans. Granted, the gameplay may not be a revolutionary one, but it is substantial enough, and quite technical (maybe too much, some might say), to last you weeks and even months. If you thought the 2009 version was efficient enough, simply think about the 100 fighters of this 2010 one, and you will probably fall for it.
  52. 80
    But fight fans beware - this isn't Street Fighter IV or Tekken. This is as real as it gets.
  53. UFC Undisputed 2010 kicks the original game on almost all accounts. The gameplay has been tweaked until it's almost perfect. It's too bad the new modes aren't as good as we'd have hoped and the lag is really irritating. But overall, this is as good as you can get with the fighting sport. A better product compared to the original in almost every way.
  54. Undeniably the finest UFC experience on any console to date. Graphical glitches aside, UFC 2010 captures the brutality and epic nature of the sport like nothing else, providing the perfect game to display its deep and satisfying fighting system.
  55. If you've already been won over by last year's instalment though, THQ and Yukes have delivered a solid sequel that serves a strong warning to any would-be competitors – two rounds are down and they have no intention of giving up the fight.
  56. Despite several flaws, UFC: Undisputed 2010 undoubtedly delivers where it matters most: In the ring. This is nothing like the jolly arcade fighters we are used to; it is a raw and unforgiving fighting simulator.
  57. UFC Undisputed 2010 is a solid game with a strong license well implemented dedicated mostly to fans. A concrete step forward for the series.
  58. More importantly, it's actually one of the best fighting games available on the market in its own right, so it shouldn't be overlooked by those who enjoy the genre but not the sport.
  59. Die-hard fans of UFC and of the sport will immediately have fun with UFC Undisputed 2010 while the more casual fans will enjoy the superficial upgrades.
  60. The poor net code is a disappointment that drags the score down a touch, but as a complete package this is the ultimate recreation of Mixed Martial Arts. EA's very own MMA game has some tough competition.
  61. 80
    Though it will not appeal to all, UFC Undisputed 2010 is a polished product that does well to replicate the world of Ultimate Fighting and should satisfy UFC fans and fighting game fans in general.
  62. Undoubtedly, UFC 2010 Undisputed is a major advance on the previous version. Improvements in various aspects made it a game even more solid and robust that faithfully recreates the world of Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  63. 78
    The knockouts are awesome, there's a lot to do in the career, and the moments where Joe Rogan flips out add to the natural excitement of competing in the Octagon. Still, these highs are counterbalanced by repetitive dialogue, complicated controls, and a bunch of modes that all kind of feel the same.
  64. As a single player game, UFC Undisputed 2010 is not very good. It's too complicated, drawn out and at points, plain boring, but when taken online, the entertainment really begins.
  65. Despite all these criticisms, UFC 2010 is by no means a bad game. As a matter of fact, it's still pretty fun. Thing is, I can see the incredible game that it could be, and am disappointed that it's not quite there yet.
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  2. Negative: 18 out of 80
  1. ErikD.
    May 27, 2010
    Terrible new clinch system, terrible new submission system, terrible new takedown system, most fights turn into contests to see who can sway Terrible new clinch system, terrible new submission system, terrible new takedown system, most fights turn into contests to see who can sway longer, repetitive career mode...everything that this game changes from the original is changed for the worst, and everything that was left the same is stale. Full Review »
  2. Oct 22, 2010
    The lack of a deep and enjoyable career mode and terrible online mode ruin how great the other aspects of this game really are. The graphicsThe lack of a deep and enjoyable career mode and terrible online mode ruin how great the other aspects of this game really are. The graphics and addition of moves and fighters from the 2009 version of Undisputed were great additions, but the ground game is still very rough, making it incredibly tough to pull off submissions and hoping you drain your opponents stamina to get anything done is not a great mechanism. Full Review »
  3. Sep 9, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Hello,

    I have around 10 y experience on online gaming and I tell you a true.
    UFC is one of stupidest games I ever played. Its bad designed, has poor game play and totally sux. Looks Japanese did it.

    I've started one week ago and I prefer to wait for MMA EA . They at least know how to do a good game like FN4 - there you need to have a game plan and execute it + skill to knock down your opponent.

    Here its just stupid : rotate right stick and press 3 buttons for ugly designed strikes. Seems they never seen and they have no idea about how fighers are moving. They looks like retarded chickens, shots are scrippted. Submissions - even dont deserve to talk about it :) Career mode is just retarded. You have to fight again Soszynski for ex. with stats 30 . Gl&Hf. Also sparing - lol - slam and hit. Wow that's interesting. Camps : good idea. damn bad designed ( spend 13 minutes to find that what i was looking for. you even cant sort it by skills or what )
    Matches are boring, comentary is ugly ( must to turn off ) every time you here same show and over and over the same. Game is funny for first 3 hours. Till you recognize that you do all time same things. Seems that who loves it must be too stupid or too unskilled to play FN4 or other games. Coz controls here are just totally random. rotate rotate rotate LB RS rotate lol. Good controls and believe me it damn soooo boring.

    So dont even bother to buy it and waste your time. I m selling my copy for Xbox points with good exchange rate.

    Full Review »