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  • Summary: In the modern uber-connected world, Chicago has the nation's most advanced and integrated computer system – one which controls almost every facet of city technology and maintains critical information on all of the city's residents. You assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a notorious hacker and former thug, whose criminal past lead to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those people who have hurt your family, you will be able to monitor and hack all who surround you while manipulating the city's systems to stop traffic lights, download personal information, manipulate the electrical grid and more. Use the entire city of Chicago as your personal weapon and exact your signature brand of revenge. Expand
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  1. Jun 12, 2014
    Watch Dogs does do some new things and does them very well. With few exceptions it’s a polished and fun game and well-worth a look.
  2. Jun 16, 2014
    In the end Watch Dogs has plenty going for it, without quite living up to the hype. But, Aiden Pearce is a great character, and a very nice design, and the story has an engaging cyber-noir vibe going for it. Just keep your eyes down and your smartphone charged.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 61
  2. Negative: 19 out of 61
  1. May 27, 2014
    A superb game: the characters are well written, there are enough weapons to choose from and plenty of vehicles to drive. Hacking … you have to see it to believe it, truly great! The explosions in my opinion are excellent. This game also boasts many mission and side quests, it will definitely keep you busy for a while. For those who have waited so long, it was worth it, enjoy. Expand
  2. Jun 4, 2014
    One of the best games on xbox 360 good story sidequests and multiplayer bad driveability and ac 3 graphics better than gta 5 for me andis an awasome game

    it had too much expetation about graphics and **** but still a good game
  3. Jul 24, 2014
    seriously, the game wasn't bad at all. i just finish the game in 3 days and i really like the story where he going through, i know it not the best gameplay of all time, like driving a cars in the games the people really critics it because it not realistic than GTA 5, i confirm that, but the only things why because i like the game, it the hacking, the story, and the characters. i know they got some people saying truth like they work 5 years on the game and he decided to delayed and it worst than the first gameplay we seen when he announced. and too, we got critics about glitch but me i like glitch because it funny sometime, it depending, like if your get stuck on something and you can't move and you need to quit the game because your stuck when you was doing a mission and you need to restart the mission. i understand that. so i don't hate the game but sometime a was raging because when you cover yourself, sometime he got a enemy on your side and you got some difficulty to get off from the object and you get kill. so the game still not the best so far but i enjoyed it Expand
  4. Jun 23, 2014
    After a long time...finally WD comes out and hmmmmm it does not impress that much!!! at least in xbox360 or ps3...
    1- story lacks a bit ,
    mostly as a prequel to the WD 2
    2- graphics is the main problem which was downgraded to below the standards
    3- chigago is big and vast but the graphic issue makes it vague
    4 - gameplay nor thrills nor disappoints ...driving is mediocre too ...action and gunfights was better
    5 - production values like voice and SFX was good but it is very TVs volume was in 30 when i want to hear it properly
    Overally 6-7 is the most fair grade
    try lot better next time ubisoft and dont make games for an old console that u cant maintain ur promises
  5. Jun 1, 2014
    I never bought into the hype for this game, so I can't say that I'm terribly disappointed with how it came out. That said, I really feel for the people who were looking forward to it, because it's pretty mediocre in just about every way. It's definitely not a bad game, but it's not a great one, either. It's passable.
    The hacking mechanics are very refreshing and fun to play with at first, but they soon become boring (much like the rest of the game). For such an innovative concept, everything is truly derivative, from the game's repetitive mission structure to its lackluster narrative. To be honest, I hadn't the slightest idea what was happening in the story until its final act - the world is never really flushed out. We're introduced to the Blume Corporation, the hacker group Dedsec, the ctOS system... But none of these players are ever adequately developed. That leaves the world feeling very hollow, and its a hard one to get invested in. There will inevitably be comparisons to the GTA series, but I feel this game is more similar to Ubisoft's original Assassin's Creed title. Great concept, well-executed mechanics, but ultimately a game with a lot of flaws. Hopefully Ubisoft can do more with the sequel (we all know one's coming). Heck, look how Assassin's Creed II came out. Fingers crossed.
  6. Sep 5, 2014
    A very disappointing offering from usually Stellar Ubisoft.

    The graphics were quite sub par, especially when Rockstar showed what could be
    accomplished in GTAV. At times I was wondering if I was looking at polygonal textures on a PS1 when I saw some trees and buildings. The sound design was good and their were a few good musical tracks but the majority were dull. The cycling through each one to find a song you liked was painful and time consuming. All these things could have been forgiven with decent gameplay and alot of variety in missions. However, the gameplay left rough and buggy and missions had you doing the same hack-shoot-escape dynamic that really took away from the fun.

    Watchdogs has a great deal of potential to be something great, but much of it is lost in the glaring flaws of the game. Comparing this to GTAV is overdone, but its only because Rockstar had polished their world to a level of masterful perfection while Watchdogs feels like a pre-alpha test run.

    A disappointing 4 out of 10
  7. Oct 22, 2014
    How the **** is this like gta 5. This game is like saints row 4 but horribly made. The detailing the designing the world is just sad and dull. Not to mention that the cars are bad and the crashing is really fake. Then the magic phone that you have WTF. The hacking is not even challenging just press the button and bam you just hacked. Expand

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