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  • Summary: PES 6 once again features the graphical and gameplay tweaks that enable each new title to play completely differently from previous incarnations. The shooting system has been the subject of extensive retouching, now enabling players to pull off much more accurate snap shots as well as being able to exert a much larger feeling of control when going for quick half volleys or difficult full volleys. The intelligence of players has seen a marked improvement. For example, players now make more realistic runs into space, often pointing where they would like the ball played. The physical aspect has also been beefed up, with strikers using their sheer presence to turn defenders and likewise, the defenders stepping a yard away to enable them to force players away from goal and not letting them spin into dangerous positions. PES 6 also has a number of new teams licensed for inclusion, with the International roster now featuring the official kits for Argentina, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden. New gameplay modes have been added and features like the much loved Master League mode also returns, together with a host of new tricks, feints and animations that can be used to bamboozle your opposition. [Konami] Expand
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  1. In PES6 you can make a sliding tackle and come up with the ball, and the AI has been greatly improved. The passing and shooting have been made harder to master and the players’ movement off the ball is better.
  2. The best football game available for any format. Period.
  3. Looks a little better than the previous incarnations but is mostly quite familiar. The lacking editing possibilities of the 360 version are a disappointment, but the game itself is still as fun as ever. [Dec 2006]
  4. Although the game's presentation is markedly improved, it seems as though we'll have to wait until Pro Evolution Soccer 7 marks its appearance on the PlayStation3 before we really see what Seabass can muster with the next-generation.
  5. Gripes about PES prove a modern-day "Princess and the Pea" story. The general excellence of the game's simulation serves to unduly highlight one measly kilobite of pure devil's armpit. [Issue 13, p.96]
  6. 70
    They need to elevate PES to the next stage of its life that it so deserves, and the only way they can do that is to give players more of what they want rather than take from them.
  7. There’s just far too much disappointment in PES6 to make it fun; I’m not talking about hype or other people's opinions here, I’m talking about a company too lazy to address the problems that have plagued the series pretty much since the start.

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