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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    I'll keep this short a simple. Having put a good amount of time in with the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4, and many hours playing Battlefield 3 on ultra on PC, I have to say I am absolutely blown away by the Battlefield experience on offer on Xbox One. The controls are silky smooth at 60fps and the graphics are absolutely next-gen. If you have been wondering if Xbox One could handle the full Battlefield experience, look no further, Battlefield 4 on Xbox One is a knockout. Expand
  2. Nov 26, 2013
    The menus are a bit glitchy and could be better. As well the game deleted my save and needs to be patched so ppl dont lose their single player progress. Besides that its perfect
  3. Nov 24, 2013
    Running at 60 fps, this game looks amazing and the smoothness is what makes it feel next gen. Still a few bugs with servers since it has just come out, but hopefully they will ironed out! If you are looking for a game that requires a bit more thinking compared to your run and fun style of call if duty, definitely pick up battlefield 4.
  4. Nov 23, 2013
    Speaking to the multiplayer only its Absolutely Amazing. 64 players 60fps on a massive scale is simply gorgeous and this game alone makes makes next gen worth the admission. You and 31 buddies charging into battle with tanks, boats, jets, and Helicopters creates a gaming experience thats never been seen before on console. Team play is a must to do well, and its just so rewarding when your team/squad succeed. Don't miss this game if you are a fan of FPS. Expand
  5. Nov 25, 2013
    I do not understand how this game has a user score of 6.6, that is absolutely ridiculous. If you are a fan of the series, buy this goddamn game. The step up from last gen to the new gen is remarkable. Everything from graphics to gameplay (60 fps for consoles) to sound is much much more immersive and enjoyable. This new hardware allows for a very strong overall multiplayer experience that has sooooo many hours just waiting to played through (9.5). While the campaign mode is still not "excellent", it is three times that of battlefield 3 and is definitely worth a play through (actual character development). I give it an 8.0. Overall the game is a multiplayer game, so the 5-ish hour cinematic campaign is essentially an entertaining hardware showcase, but once you dive into the 64 player madness through the power of the internet, you will nearly drown.
    9/10 Overall.
  6. Nov 23, 2013
    Finally a next gen game on console! For those on the fence between COD or Battlefield, I have to say to give this one a shot. I HATED BF3 because of the "floaty" controls, but the transition to a rock solid 60 FPS has totally fixed that. It plays great and looks amazing. BTW there is NO LAG, so you won't be killed over and over by some tool with a great connection over and over. This game is made so you can play any way you want (sniper, run and gun, whatever) and not get spawn killed over and over like other games *cough* callofduty *cough* games. I'm not a COD hater by the way, it's just very "arcadey" to me. BF4 truly rewards you for sticking together as a squad. And the addition of Battlepacks adds that grinding reward that us RPG people love. Battle packs are basically a suitcase that has 3 random items like attachments or paint jobs that you can earn every few levels. Long story short, there are a ton of improvements with how this franchise plays. The upgrades that the Xbox One offers, literally make this game play the way it was INTENDED to be played. BTW the 360 version is hot garbage (30fps, and muddy EVERYTHING!) Expand
  7. Dec 2, 2013
    The graphics are better than XB360 versions, but not a huge leap (except for framerate, which is a very nice and noticeable difference).

    New game modes are fun and come closer to some of the competitive game modes I like in CoD. Conquest game mode is still the standby favorite.

    Single player campaign is predictably badly written and acted, although graphically very pretty in parts. A
    throwaway several hours when your friends aren't online, but one really shouldn't rate the game on this.

    Multiplayer is the same great that the usual BF games are, and 64 player maps make for a huge fantastic addition. Equipment progression is slowed somewhat, but I'm ok with that, as it was comically fast in past releases. I welcome the return of commander slots, although in hardcore games the contribution is limited. An evolutionary change from BF3 (other than the huge change of 64 player maps), but mostly good changes.

    All in all, this is probably a 8/10 game, but 9/10 for being the best game at Xbox One release, and probably the only one worth playing until March 2014.
  8. Dec 13, 2013
    If you liked bf3. Then you will love this. Definitely feels next gen. Feels very fluid and looks stunning, multiplayer graphics just as good as singleplayer. Really happy really impressed. Ive been reading a lot about problems but i honestly haven't had many, my singleplayer save got deleted and i have to start again, but this happens on all platforms, even PC. But muliplayer is why im here and multiplayer works perfect for me played over a 100 games. Definite 1st buy for any xbox one imo. Expand
  9. Dec 28, 2013
    Honestly, I'm looking at the low user score for this game, and I just can't help but think a number of those scores were from people who play Call of Duty all the time.

    This game is actually quite fun, though yes, it does have bugs and the occasional connection error but nothing game breaking for me. I have yet to beat the campaign, but I'm already certain I'll beat it in a few hours.
    Battlefield was originally a multiplayer-only title, so about them adding a campaign when they didn't have to is kinda pointless. The game looks gorgeous, too, and it's a fun FPS title. The bullet physics are probably the most realistic I've seen in any shooter, especially with sniping. The vehicles are pretty fun to use, despite helicopters being my Achilles Heel, as I have yet to operate one without instantly crashing and burning. Not much else to say, it's fun, it's gorgeous, has a few issues here and there, but overall, I give it a 9. It's a good, solid FPS title that far surpasses Call of Duty Ghosts.

    Did I mention it has destructible environments?
  10. Nov 24, 2013
    Game is in perfect working order on xbox one. Ps4 version doesnt work properly. 32v32 player matches wont loads, and psn doesmt cooperate with bf4 at all. Xbox one all the way. Bf4 is good. If a little similar to bf3. Improvements are welcome and destruction is back to bfbc 2 standard. Little buldings collapse and so on. Great game.... aslomg as you have the xbox one version.
  11. Nov 24, 2013
    First game I've ever bought along with a premium account.
    Yes, it's that good. Until you've experienced 64 people playing along side, you can't truly appreciate this game. The upgrade to Xbox One is night and day. Battlefield was always great because of the vehicles. Nothing like hopping on a chopper and riding into battle. Weapon kits are an added bonus. You got 4 classes with
    individual sub-classes: Assault Medic
    The good: epic battles, weapon attachments, combat kits
    The bad: occasional hiccups from the servers
  12. Mar 15, 2014
    Battlefield 4 represents the best parts of the previous entries in the series put together. It has the great vehicular combat and overall gameplay of the original, the great Commander mode of Battlefield 2, the destructibility of Bad Company 2 and the scale of Battlefield 3. A must have for Battlefield fans.
  13. Jan 28, 2014
    I bought on launch and had high hopes. But EA and DIcE have had problems before with there servers a level caps. The 360 does not do it justice. You've got to play it on PC or next gen. Graphics a re good but I love the game play. It is a most get.
  14. Dec 29, 2013
    Battlefield 4 is leaps and bounds ahead of any of it's rivals. The campaign was short and after mission 2 became boring but CoDGhosts for me was the same way. The immensely beautiful graphics on the other hand farrr outweigh the graphical meagerness of the 2002 CoD engine. The sounds are literally the best there is. The multiplayer is where the game really shines. With 64 players battling it out on gigantic maps that accomplish zero downtime in between actions that are beautifully rendered with many less bugs than bf3 This is without a doubt the greatest multiplayer shooter in years. I will never buy call of duty again. Switching from cod to bf4 was like switching from Sesame Street to Saving Private Ryan. Any very positive industry scores of codghosts indicate an obvious hidden donation from craptivision. Expand
  15. Dec 28, 2013
    Levolution is amazing....separates multiplayer from any other before it. Visuals and sounds are stunning. Some early server problems but since have been sorted. GREAT game!!
  16. Nov 24, 2013
    Such an improvement from the 360 version, Absolutely amazing graphics, 60 frames per second throughout. Can't fault it. One of the best battlefield campaigns too, lots of customization on the weapons and vehicles.
  17. Nov 21, 2013
    PLEASE cut multyplayer to game offline. The offline score is 6 and multy is 9. And after..pleaseee in the XONE the grapichs is very next gen. I love the LEVOUTION MODE
  18. Nov 30, 2013
    Wow. That's all I could say when I booted up BF4 for the first time on Xbox One. Had it on a 360 with no HDMI cables and the jump to the xbox one was absolutely breathtaking. Gorgeous, smooth game that feels like COD with the beauty and replayability of BF. I have had so much fun playing BF4 that I haven't even traded in my xbox 360 copy of COD: Ghosts for the Xb1 version. I have had 0 problems since playing 20-30 hours on my xb1: no freezing, no glitching, nothing. Absolute must have for your xbox one. Way to go Dice. You have a lifelong fan now. Expand
  19. Dec 12, 2013
    Great game despite the bugs. If you are picking between this and COD, you would be crazy not to pick BF4. Better maps, more action, more ways of going about maps.

    Plus it has 32 v 32, what more could you ask for.
  20. Mar 16, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is the best game, hands-down, on the Xbox One. I didn't purchase it at launch so much of those problems were avoided and I have had really smooth experience. Playing CTF or Rush is exhilarating for me. It's just awesome how sheer epic this game can be at times with the awesome teammates, audio, and PC-esque visuals. I also played the singeplayer and found it surprisingly enjoyable. But you buy BF4 for the multiplayer and it really comes through with seemingly hundreds of hours to unlock and experience everything. But it's balanced well, you never feel like you're at a disadvantage when at a lower level.

    One thing I don't like is Battlepacks. They feel a bit tacky, but not too bad either. All-in-all this game is a great entry in a powerful franchise.
  21. Mar 13, 2014
    This is a very deep game that takes hundreds of hours to fully experience. The learning curve is high if you've never played BF before (I haven't) but when you invest the time to learn, it really becomes a full experience that's unlike any game I've ever played. The customization options are nearly limitless as are the things you can do inside a battle.

    The destructive levels add an
    extra element of gameplay: if an enemy is hiding in a building you can actually shoot down the walls with a tank. The sheer scope of the game is insane: flying helicopters, planes, driving tanks, boats, etc. I really like this game and I feel the early reviews of poor performance are out of date now (as of March 2014). Gameplay has been mostly smooth for me. If you like shooters this is a great one. Expand
  22. Mar 14, 2014
    i love battlefield 4! here are some reasons to buy it:
    1: graphics are AMAZING!!!!
    2:amazing, intense gameplay
    3: unlike Call of Duty, you get to drive vehicles!
    4:great customization
    5:huge maps in which you can destroy the enviroment

    those are only a few reasons why battlefield 4 is worth buying. i rate it 20 out of 10!!!!

  23. Apr 7, 2014
    Most of the negative reviews of this game tend to be on account of a) lost saved games; b) issues joining servers; c) the fact that it doesn;t depart much from BF3. Fair enough i guess if this is what youhave experienced.

    From my point of view, i havn;t had any problmes with saved games or the servers;;; and i never played BF3 so this doesn;t matter to me.

    BF4 is a great game; so
    much more substantial than Titan fall which is too much of a free for all. Expand
  24. Aug 17, 2014
    I gave this game 10/10 for complete and utter failure. It's the 17th August 2014. It's 10 months since the release of the game. I tried to love this BF4 at the beginning. I really did. I was expecting the problems BF3 had but i expected lessons to be learned. They weren't! I usually turn the game on for an hour, once a month maybe, just hoping that they might have finally 'patched' what is basically an unpatchable game and give me some enjoyment for the 100+ euros i forked out for their Premium crap. Don't waste your money. Expand
  25. Feb 18, 2014
    My actual score is 9/10 but I'm placing a 10 to counter the trolls voting negative because the game is "unfinished". (neilsmif1980 and Cylian1) You can't score the game negatively because it has connectivity problems regarding the servers. Yes, EA is at fault for forcing DICE to release the game early even though they were not ready, but when reviewing a game, you have to look at the finished product. Now that DICE has implemented some fixes for stability, performance and various bugs and glitches, we can look at core assets of the game to judge for review.

    I personally think this is the best game on next-gen consoles right now. If you like realistic shooters and a new and innovative experience with intense graphics, sound and gameplay, Battlefield 4 has it all!! The game seems a little bit overwhelming at first with all the content, the size of the maps combined with the amount of players, and all the vehicles. It really feels like you're in all out war!!!

    Go play one round of Conquest and regardless of how many times you die, if you don't think Battlefield 4 is an amazing experience, you're out of your mind. When it comes to competitive game play, this game both doesn't and does have it. Conquest can't really be played competitively because of its size. The squads can't communicate with each other and a lot of players barely have their mics in anyways. Deathmatch and smaller game types like Domination are better for competitive game play.

    I don't wanna break the game down too much. I just wanted to get my opinion out there. 9/10 for me
  26. Feb 1, 2014
    I give Battlefield 4 a 10 out of a 10. The game is getting better with more updates, battlelog in game makes you more interactive with your friends with missions, and with the next gen technology its one of the most beautiful first person shooter games on the market.
  27. Nov 30, 2013
    This is a fantastic game! Impressive graphics and gameplay. I'm a little confused as to why it has such a low overall user score. A FPS that must be in your collection.
  28. Dec 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The best shooter I've ever played ambiance and amazing, the weapons are very realistic and the connection never dropped it perfect don't has almost no bugs and the story is Mid despite being legally Expand
  29. Jan 9, 2014
    Awesome game, the campaign is great and the multiplayer is awesome. Amazing graphics (particularly the destruction and water effects). The low score on this game is likely a result of the network / server problems which have been frustrating, but I expect new system rollouts to have some initial issues and should hopefully be mostly resolved in the next month or so. Also, COD enthusiasts seem to be rating this low because it's not COD, it's not COD it's Battlefield, if you wanted COD I would suggest you just buy COD. Expand
  30. Jan 12, 2014
    This is my first time playing a battlefield game after playing COD in the past. There's no comparison, this game is COD on steroids. Playing COD is underwhelming and boring now compared to BF4. The amount of detail put into this game is amazing and it really pays off in multiplayer.
  31. Jan 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (Entry 3)
    The Battlefield franchise is EA/Dice's bread and butter and i think it should stay that way. Battlefield is the most fun I have ever had with a game it's next gen graphics are stunning and seamless and the game play is almost flawless minis the bugs and glitches that happen every now and then but beside all that the game runs smooth and at 60 FPS almost all the time. its net code isn't the best but it is better then most games that I've played and the guns could use an upgrade on the sound but from what I see Dice is working real hard to get the game working like it should and I'm predicting that in the close future Dice will of fixed all the bugs and glitches and battlefield will be the best game of the year in my opinion.

    p.s. call of duty ghost sucks.
  32. Feb 15, 2014
    Multiplayer is chaos, in a great way. Now they are fixing bug issues and continually working on updates. Graphics aren't as good as the PS4 but barely noticeable. It's harder and more dynamic than COD: Ghosts and that's why I think some people don't like it. There is a lot more going on than COD. All in all a great multiplayer experience where anything can happen and the landscape is always changing throughout the round due too the destructible environment. 10/10 for sure Expand
  33. Feb 15, 2014
    Well made game, until the last few week before it's release. Though the horrible net code and tremendous amounts of server failures. This game contains...a well made and good graphical campaign, a structured weapons system, wonderful UI (User Interface). DICE has made BF4 a wonderful game but are put down by the lack of its publisher EA. If you are trying to get a game for your next or last gen consoles this would be amazing for you. Although their is still some net code issues, the servers and crashes have been fixed. Expand
  34. Mar 17, 2014
    BF4 is amazing loved the campaign even though the irish character was annoying as hell but i loved how huge the levels are and the diverse ways you can approach the conflict
  35. Apr 5, 2014
    It does just enough to keep the game fresh with its new modes and additions but it also keeps the core gameplay that the battlefield name is known for.

    As with most first-person shooter games the single player is irrelevant and puts together a decent effort to make you want to finish it, but aside from the achievements and dog tag unlocks there is little reason to replay it.

    multiplayer is where battlefield has and always will shine. Despite the consistent issues during online play (which Dice has been hard at work to fix and rectify with its user base) Battlefield 4 is an enjoyable entry into the "next gen" of gaming.

    Developer Dice has also done a good job of consistent balancing and tweaks to ensure the game keeps a sense of equality. If they find a vehicle or weapon has too much of an advantage, you can be sure it will be balanced out at some point.

    All in all, despite the issues that still to this day plaque this game (most to my knowledge have been taken care of) Battlefield 4 is everything it has been hyped to be. The new 'Levelution' feature is spot on, Obliteration mode is a blast and 64 vs 64 is awesome.

    If you have played past Battlefield games, this is one that you should not pass up despite its flaws.
  36. May 7, 2014
    As a long time call of duty fan I must say I found the battlefield 3 experience on Xbox 360 very frustrating due to the size of the maps and how under populated they felt.
    So Having taken the next gen leap and deciding to give it another go I am glad to report that 64 player online with fully destructible environments infantry combat and vehicles is AMAZING.

    Having taken the time to
    adjust to the battle field experience I gotta say I'm hooked.

    The bullet physics are amazing sniping feels like a skill because you have to factor in bullet travel time and bullet drop due to distance.
    After engaging in a long range sniper battle from the side of a building because I spotted an enemy snipers lens flare from his scope from nearly a mile away in the ruins of a collapsed sky scraper (which was awesome) I am happy to report that on next gen at least this is 100% a COD beater.
    The experience is frantic if you want it to be or measured and slow paced if you prefer, every play style is catered for and you can contribute to your teams performance in so many more ways then just racking up kills.

    Every time you load this game up something memorable or unique or exciting happens, BTW my sniper battle was cut short by an attack helicopter blowing a hole in the building.


    I'm sorry COD you have nothing left to offer me.

    Buy this now.
  37. May 17, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is an amazing game. The campain is a bil improvment over the campain of Battlefield 3, but it is still not an excelent campain, and the multiplayer is still as awsome as it has been since Battlefield 1942. It is much better then Call Of Duty Ghosts. While it has had big launch issues because of EA wanting to beat Call Of Duty in sales, I have not had one single issue with the game on my Xbox One. Expand

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  1. Apr 16, 2014
    It may be disappointing to some that Battlefield 4's single player doesn't live up to a hill of beans, but what they did accomplish with the impressive multiplayer mode is something special that cannot be duplicated even by Activision's mighty series.
  2. Apr 16, 2014
    Business as usual with a mediocre single-player campaign and one of the best multiplayer experiences in all gaming – and at last one that works just as well on consoles as on PC.
  3. Dec 13, 2013
    The score is given on trust, because at the moment you might not get into an online match even after several attempts, not to mention other bugs and graphic glitches. An upcoming patch should resolve most of the problems, but right now the bugs are still there and the single player is really weak. Multiplayer, instead, is the usual blast and the new modes, new maps and 64 players in Conquest mode are simply great.