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  1. Nov 22, 2013
    I'm digging the combat not too scrub friendly, but not too hard at entry level.Good connections (heard it uses rollback gg),nothing game breaking at launch,small roster right now. One thing i noticed dynamic music (really cranks up when you're in danger,between rounds),rounds similar to Injustice or rather Injustice has one similar to this game.I'd pick it up from the MS store.
  2. Nov 22, 2013
    FINALLY! My favorite game of all time has come back! This game is the reason why I bought my xbox one! I used to play this game on my Nintendo until now! This game brings me back to the days when fighting games Were fun! I bought the full game and I haven't looked back since in fact I play this game more than any game that I bought on Xbox 1! Easy to pick up but hard to master just like the original! And must buy Xbox 1 game! The only people say something bad about this game or Playstation fanboys trolling because its not on their system! Buy it buy it buy it And I'll meet you online! ULTRA COOMMBOOO! Expand
  3. Nov 22, 2013
    I find it funny how if you click on the name of someone who scored this game a 0 you can see how they gave every Xbone game a 0 and there beloved PS4 games a 10....
  4. Nov 22, 2013
    The game shows promise to be tournament material. The pro's will embrace it because it's game mechanics are suitable for pro play, advanced play and also casuals will have at their disposal a complete tutorial (in fact one of the best tutorials in FG history) to dive deeper into KI's mechanics. The combo system is more flexible than ever, and the gameplay is fast and eye-catching.

    Players who played the original games back in 1995, will have their hands full because there's plenty of throwbacks and fan service for them (Shall them purchase the Ultra version for 40$) Unlockable classic music, costumes,(! and the original emulated Killer Instinct 1! as a stand alone download).

    The game's business model will have it in constant expansion, with the inclusion of story mode later this year with season 2 (circa the end of May-July) adding eight more characters (both classic and new) and fatalities, stage knockoffs, and probably online play for emulated 1994's Killer Instinct.

    The free version rotates it's free character so you will eventually try them all. The free version also has all game modes available.
    If you are not into unlockables and classic stuff, the 20$ edition is almost a steal. 8 characters, tutorial mode, all game modes
    Fast, vibrant gameplay for casuals, advanced, and pro's. Adictive, you will stack dozens of matches and you'll come back for more.

    Limited roster at launch
    Graphics are OK, many eye candy visual effects but not really next-gen material. May improve in the future.
    Limited game modes (they will be added later)
    40$ version is a bit expensive for the amount of content it provides ATM.
  5. Nov 22, 2013
    Amazing, and more content coming in Jan 2014 and March 2014 aswell as being constantly updated the gameplay is brilliant and so deep with the mindgames. Love it.
  6. Nov 23, 2013
    It has almost been 20 years since the first Killer Instinct was released. The wait is finally over. A new Killer Instinct game is finally here. Killer Instinct at it's core, is all about the gameplay. I am happy to say the attention Double Helix paid to this game is admirable. The music composed by Mick Gordon is amazing and plays a tribute to the past while clashing with a modern sound. Below I listed the good points and bad points along with my overall verdict of the game.

    The Good:
    -It is fun!
    -Gameplay filled with nostalgia, twisted mind games, and rewards
    -Music is awesome
    -KI teaches and tailors how to play fighting games for the new or advanced player
    -Customization for characters & Original KI Skins (Coming Soon!)
    -Original Announcer is back(Awesome Victories sound awesome)
    -The game will grow with time (Characters, Story Mode, No Mercies, Humiliations)
    -Ultraaaaaa and CCCombo Breakers are back!!
    -Game Records your matches and allows playing frame by frame or in slow motion
    -Entire game for free w/Jago, $20 for game and all characters, $40 for game, characters, accessories, original KI Skins, and the original KI game for XONE.
    -In Game Unlockables (Not Free-to-Play)

    The Bad:
    -Waiting for the story mode, characters(Spinal Fulfore, but they are coming!!!), original KI skins, no mercies, humiliations and season 2

    The Verdict: If you are a fan of Killer Instinct, you will love this game. This game was made from longtime fans of KI who are paying a wonderful respectable tribute to the original team of Rare who developed the original KI. Double Helix cares about the fans, respects KI, and is very involved with the KI community. The Original creator of KI, Ken Lobb was heavily involved and trust me, it shows. My first game was KI for the SNES, and this game warrants my buy for an Xone. But dont take my word, for it play it. Killer Instinct is no rip off, it is an entire beast in its own level. Play it, it's better than reading reviews online. Enjoy.
  7. Nov 22, 2013
    Most important, this game runs at 60fps!!! Great fluid gameplay, and a nice tournament style of play. For me I LOVED the original, so this gave me my fix. Looking forward to getting TJ Combo, or Spinal in the future. How fired up is "COUNTER-BREAKER!!!"
  8. Nov 23, 2013
    I'm not generally a fighting game player so take my review for what it's worth but seeing as I played KI as a kid I was pretty excited to play it again. The lack of a single player story mode of some sort was disappointing but the ranked multiplayer and character customizations more than make up for it in my opinion. I've already lost many hours on this game and I don't plan on slowing down. Plus 2000 gamerscore to earn between New KI and Classic KI with more achievements to come with next "season's" new characters. Expand
  9. Nov 23, 2013
    Really loving this game, great fighting game and can't wait for Spinal and Fulgore to come out and season two as well. Pick this up you haven't already!
  10. Nov 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. AMAZING!!!!! C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!Gorgeous graphics, solid 60 fps, very well refurbished characters I hope very much for arcade mode and Fulgore and Spinal. Besides simply FANTASTIC Expand
  11. Nov 22, 2013
    The combat is deep. The mind games are intense. The potential for this game when all the pieces come together may make this one the one to watch out for.
  12. Nov 22, 2013
    I'm from Brazil and I would like to say to Double Helix Games: THANK YOU GUYS! The best fighting game I ever Played! I'm 31 years old and I'm in love with new KI. Really, it's imposible a game like that receive 9.0 less scores... This game is awesome!!! Thank You Guys, really, I'm very excited and very happy! Great JOB!!! I'm already big fan of yours!
  13. Nov 23, 2013
    Best netcode in a fighting game so far meaning great online play. Beautifully animated smooth 60fps. Impressive particle effects/rain etc. Dynamic music reacts to what is happening on screen. Dynamic lighting.

    The combo system is brilliant instead of mvc3 where you are stuck hoping your opponent drops their combo it is a continuous battle between you testing both mind games and
    reactions do you go for the more easily breakable autodouble that is easy damage or go for the manual combo that is hard to break but requires tighter timing do you go light attack for easier to pull off or heavy for more damage do you cash out your combo now or keep going for even more damage do you not continue your combo as you anticipate their combo breaker and instead do a counter breaker it's just genius and is going to be so hype in competitions! =)

    All characters are very unique and at the moment seem viable. Each has their own instinct power that does a unique thing for each character as well such as life steal traps armor etc.

    You can still move between rounds which adds another element to the game and doesn't automatically cause issues with balance for zoning champs.
    So much in this game is done right yes there may be only 6 characters right now but more are on their way and each of those characters is amazing.

    This game takes everything that is good about mvc3 hype and combos and streetfighter footsies and adds new stuff on top of it.

    An amazing dojo training system that teachers new players fundamentals. I've tried to get into fighting games in the past and really struggled this has really helped me understand so much, not just in this game but in all fighting games.

    It's free to try out the whole game with Jago so there is no excuse give it a try now and don't miss out on the best fighting game I've ever played.

    Cheers for reading.
  14. Nov 23, 2013
    This is a very competent fighter. First off give it a try (it's free to play-one character) and try the Dojo mode FIRST. After completing some of the challenges you will start to feel like a serious badass, with some combo skills to boot. DON'T BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS FROM PLAYSTATION FANS THAT NEVER PLAYED IT. Every Xbox One owner will own this game in whole or part, and it's a great way to spend a few minutes here and there. Easy to pick up (after learning the basics) but rewarding to master. I tried this game pre release at an xbox event and was beaten down terribly, but now that I've had a chance to spend time with it I have really enjoyed my time with it.The audience is going to be huge and support will be around forever due to the free to play model. Stop reading this and download it! Expand
  15. Nov 24, 2013
    Amazing game! It's user friendly and incredibly deep for a fighting game. Graphics are phenomenal and videos online don't do it justice. Definite must play!
  16. Nov 23, 2013
    There's not a lot here- 6 characters w/2 more on the way, no arcade ladder, only 2 online options- but what is here is extremely solid. If you're casual and just want to mash buttons against your friends you can, if you want to be competitive there's a commendable amount of depth, the netcode is damn near perfect, and the training options cater to everyone from casuals to the most hardcore. The ability to see hitboxes and frame data not only in dojo, but during replays is spectacular.
    If you are turned off by the lack of content it may be best to hold out for a few months, but as a free download ($20 for the full roster) it's hard not to recommend this game to any Xbox One owner. Overall a very solid experience.
  17. Nov 24, 2013
    A 6.1 user score is laughable, this is the best and most fun Ive had with a fighting game in...well ever. KI IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER. Graphics, Gameplay, Presentation and Price are all amazing. Cant wait for the Classic Costumes in the Ultra Pack!
  18. Nov 24, 2013
    Absolutely incredible. One of the best fighting games to be released in the last 10 years. The core fighting engine is solid and addicting and the game will only get better over time.
  19. Nov 24, 2013
    Killer Instinct is back and better than ever. Polished visuals, excellent fighting mechanics, superb framerate, etc. Double Helix has made their first fighting game and it'd seem like they'd been doing this for years given how good it is. If you buy the more expensive version you'll even receive the original Killer Instinct, but I believe this one's actually better.
  20. Nov 24, 2013
    This game has amazing netcode, there's no lag at all. It's very responsive, addictive, and matches are very exciting. I've been playing for hours and my thumbs are sore.

    I play with the D-Pad, because the fight stick is super expensive, I'm not getting it, lol. You can pull most of the combos with the pad anyways
  21. Nov 24, 2013
    The new Killer Instinct is a fantastic new addition to great series that had been dead for almost two decades. The core spirit of the series was maintained but the the fighting mechanics got a much needed revamp to keep up with modern fighting games.

    The game's mechanics are superbly designed to be accessible yet still retain great depth by focusing on mind-games instead of complex
    inputs or long lists of combos to remember. Every aspect of the fighting mechanics has a variant or twist to ensure there is always multiple valid options the player can make, and the game heavily rewards remaining active and participating in the fight.

    The game is set-up more as a long-term platform for future content and game mode addons, as such the game is currently a bit lacking in content compared to other recent fighting games. What content is in the game however is of the utmost quality, with great attention to details and fantastic audio all around.

    So long as KI keeps getting new characters, stages and game modes it'll be well on it's way to becoming one of the top fighting games out there.
  22. Nov 24, 2013
    What You Need To Know: Free download with Jago and all modes Modes: Versus, Survival, Practice, Dojo, Online Exhibition, Online Ranked, Online Host/ Invite $20 gets you all modes, 6 launch characters+2 being released later and story mode releasing later $40 gets you all mentioned above+classic KI, classic skins, and early access to Spinal and Fulgore TONS of unlockables in both $20 and $40 versions (character colors, character accessories etc.)

    Now, once you put some time into the game it is FUN. My suggestion is to find the character that resonates with you and learn them inside and out. The gameplay is addictive and theres always a 2-way interaction between players with the combos, combo breakers and counter breakers. The cast also has alot of personality which will only get better when Spinal and Fulgore release.

    Yes the single player content seems a little thin but story mode is coming soon and if this game gets the support it deserves, which Im sure it will, another 'season' of content will be released (8 more characters, more modes etc.)

    The graphics look great, nothing earth-shattering but it does look nice especially Sabrewulf's model in my opinion. The music/ sound design is the best Ive heard in a fighter, hits sound heavy and impact hard, the music has great variation and is intense. Turn the volume UP when you play this game!

    This is the most aggressive, fun and addicting fighting game Ive played. If youre skeptical spend some time with the demo, I especially recommend the Dojo to learn the game. Have fun! Collapse
  23. Nov 26, 2013
    This game is a blast. I LOVE killer instinct and was a skeptic about this version. It plays so well and the character balance is darn near perfect. The DOJO mode is the best tutorial/dojo mode on a fighter yet. Great explanations and teaches you how to play fighters. The graphics are gorgeous as well as the character models. The effects are great the shadow moves look stunning.
    first character is free, and you can pay for the complete package that includes six characters now, and two more later. The price is half of a full retail release and some missing extras shows why it is not a full fledge $60 title. You have a superb Vs mode, surivival, dojo, but missing any kind of story element. My only complaint is I want more because it plays so well. I would have gladly paid another 30 dollars for more content, it is that good. For what you get it is worth it though, and very fun. Expand
  24. Dec 7, 2013
    Lets just say that after years of waiting, I got the fighting game that I've been waiting for. I love Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, heck, even BlazBlue, but none of those games have the intensity that Killer Instinct has. People are going to complain about lack of characters/modes, but those are most likely people trying to put the game down (Sony Fanboys) or gamers that can't play the game because it's only on Xbox One. Let me tell you this game is worth every penny. At any rate, it does get a little tiresome playing against the same two characters online (Jago and Sabrewulf) online since they are the games easier characters to master...just like how Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter games (play exactly the same in a sense). I, myself, love using Glacius because not only is he unique, but he can attack you anywhere on the screen...but he's also very vulnerable for being so range heavy. So you have to give and take. Anyway, don't listen to the bashers. This game rocks on every level. UULLLLTRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  25. Dec 12, 2013
    I was a huge fan of the OG KI when i was younger so i wanted to avoid being biased. That being said, holy crap is the game awesome. Okay lets get all the obvious complaints out of the way. Yes it's true it lacks content. Yes it's true the character roster is a bit small. And Yes it's true that no story mode its a bit disappointing, but all that was a given. We all expected that when we learned that KI was being released less then a year into production. Now lets get to why this game is in fact amazing. It looks beautiful. Between the crazy particle effects and the consistent 60fps it's one of the best, if not the best looking fighters out there. Character design is always a matter of opinion and i personally think they did pretty good and modernizing the character models, and giving us multiple skins and colors to customize to your own preferences makes it even better. Something that is so important in modern online fighters and online games in general is the net code. I haven't seen anyone talking about it but this game's net code probably the most superior net code of any fighting game on a console ever. In terms of a connection quality of about 2000 mile distance KI pretty much blows everything else out of the water. Now in a fighter like KI what we really care about is the combat. How good is it? Well at first when i was learning all the different mechanics of the game and getting into the meta I was a little overwhelmed. I almost thought that KI was over designed. But, as I learned more about the game and got more proficient at it I learned that everything had its place in the game and was an important part of the game. Everything from the combo breakers to the counter breakers to the shadow counters all feel relevant and important and you'll find yourself needing to use each of them. We all know and love KI for its ridiculously over the top combos and the new KI is no different. what Microsoft did so well though was making a combat system that even when you're getting beat down by a long combo you still have to pay attention and still have things you can do so its not a one sided show. all in all KI is a great game that Microsoft is treating as a platform for future content. As long as it's being supported they'll keep adding to it and i personally can't wait to see what they come up with. Expand
  26. kad
    Nov 24, 2013
    Absolutely fantastic next-gen fighting game! 60fps, beautiful effects and amazing attention to detail in every animation! The mechanics are great too, amazing combos and great tournament format. 10/10
  27. Nov 27, 2013
    I got a blister......Killer Instinct is legit.

    Double Helix had 10 months to develop a beloved fighting game classic that has not seen the day of light since the mid 90's. The pressure was on, but oh man did they deliver. The gameplay is fun, twisted, and deep. The music by Mick Gordon fits perfectly. The stages are awesome. The old KI announcer is back. No glitches or bugs online. Lots
    of customization and color variation for characters. KI teaches you how to play and get better. The game also records your matches. More characters and content to come. Can't stop playing this game. Expand
  28. Sep 23, 2014
    The Rise of the legend and the first fighting on new console!) Cool combous, friendly scrab, awesome cherecter, good connections and beautiful locations! feel free to buy)
  29. Jan 16, 2014
    While six characters seems short on content it actually proved beneficial. All characters are unique with their own playstyle and since there are so few it's easy to learn to play as and against them all making fights all the more intense. Worth it for any fighter fan.
  30. Nov 25, 2013
    The fast pace combat and the beautiful visuals make this game a must have. Its like the classic Killer instinct from the arcades that you would play back the day. Just the number of combos you can do by button smashing is amazing, just imagine how big the combos can be if you practiced. Also people don't need worry about button smashing, that's what C-C-C-Combo breakers are for after all. The only problem with the game is that there is currently only 6 characters and 2 more that come in later as dlc. This game has a lot of potential and should receive support so that the fighting genre live strong. 9/10 Expand
  31. Nov 26, 2013
    The fighting gameplay mechanics is very deep. Love the mind games. The game looks better in person than in the videos. Online is solid, no lags so far. Spinal and Fulgore are coming. Double Helix plan to expand the game by adding features which is awesome. The tutorial mode is very interesting as it teaches the main fighting mechanics of not just Killer Instinct, but fighting games overall. Characters come with different colors and you can customize their attire. Original Killer Instinct Skins are coming as well as more characters(TJ Combo, Cinder, Riptor), No Mercies, Humiliations, and new modes. Can't stop playing this game. The original KI announcer is back and this game is honestly a great tribute to the original Rare team. Ken Lobb, the creator of KI was heavily involved. Who would have thought Double Helix could actually pull it off. This game will be a great welcome to fighting tournaments. Super cool how it records your matches and allows you to go back and play it frame by frame or in slow motion to see your mistakes. The music composed by Mick Gordon clashes with a modern yet familiar sound. Hope a cd soundtrack is released or at least released digitally in itunes. All in all, if you are a fan of Killer Instinct this game may surpass your expectations. Can't recommend it enough. Expand
  32. Dec 12, 2013
    Let me start by saying that I'm a humongous fan of the original KI. I spent countless hours on the arcade, on the snes version and then again on arcade emulators on PC. When they (FINALLY) announced a new KI I was extremely happy but also extremely concerned that it would just not live up to the name, even if it was developed by Rare (who, by now,are a completely different set of individuals), let alone a different developer entirely. Honestly I was almost more excited about the fact that this would include the original KI over the new one.

    Well, after playing it for about 2 weeks I can say that I love it. Gameplay is superb. Very, very accessible and easy to learn and get into for newcomers and also deep enough to keep you engaged and always keep trying to get a longer combo or make it harder to break, include shadow moves, instinct cancels, etc. After a quick run of about half the Dojo mode you will know enough to be pulling combos, breakers, ultras and have a lot of fun. With the 2nd half of the Dojo mode you will learn a lot of advanced techniques and very juicy knowledge on how fighters, in general, work.

    The main criticism of the game is content and that is definitely a valid concern. The game has 6 characters right now with 2 more on the way to wrap up "season 1." That is certainly a low number. Now, to counter the lack of content, the game is being sold at TWENTY dollars, which I think a lot of people are completely missing. That's FORTY dollars less than the standard price. That, to me, is a ridiculous steal. Even more so, you can get the game completely free. Not a demo, trial, timed thing. You get 1 character and all modes, including unlimited online play. That's also huge. There will be thousands of people who will forever play this game free and Microsoft/Double Helix will never see a dime.

    There's also the 40 dollars dollars edition, which includes more alternate costumes (completely cosmetic, therefore inconsequential to gameplay) and the delicious original KI. That's still cheaper than a full game and you're getting 2. Ok, maybe one and a half. Then, who knows when, they plan on releasing a "season 2" with 8 more characters (with their respective arenas, alt costumes, I'm assuming) for 20 dollars. So THEN you will have a full game and would have paid a full 60 dollar price, if you went with the original KI, or only 40 if you got all characters. That sounds pretty good to me.

    So, for what it is right now, with the price that it is, I'll give it a 9 because I'm very happy with the gameplay (and, again, that price!). It feels addicting. Everytime you lose, you hate it but you love it and it has that "just one more match" feel to it. I don't really mind the lack of characters (who really masters more than 2-3 characters on any fighter?) but the lack of an arcade mode is heavily felt and pretty baffling, I might add.

    Damn, I wanted to keep this review short but just talking about KI makes me want to to keep going. There are things that will immediately make fans of the original game smile and feel nostalgic about. For me it was things like the music. The main theme, the character select music, Orchid's level jumps from new music to the classic one, the announcer with the legendary COMBO BREAKER and ULTRA COMBO, who contrary to popular belief is not the same guy but you will have the option to put the original guy on. I imagine I'll also feel butterflies when the classic costumes are released. So, yeah, this will be a completely different experience for people who played the original versus people who are meeting KI for the first time. This was obviously written by a fan.

    Worthy follow up to KI after 19 years? Yes.
  33. Dec 8, 2013
    This is one of those rare games that appear once in 10 years. A game that is so much fun to play that you need to have it, no matter how much it will cost. Games that are fun to play are usually horribly unbalanced affairs when played competitively. However, Killer Instinct somehow manages to combine both the fun and balance in a game that is truly easy to learn but hard to master. Losing a match rarely feels unfair, and most of time you have only yourself to blame. Lastly, the smooth and almost completely lag free netcode of Killer Instinct is a revelation, something that makes other fighting games with not so smooth online experience look amateurish. Expand
  34. May 26, 2014
    This game was awesome! The announcer Ranging from DOUBLE to ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! makes you feel like you accomplished something. Also the characters have great new designs, Graphics are great, a bit hard to figure out at first but then you get the hang of the combos. This game is worth the money
  35. Mar 12, 2014
    Fantastic fighting game, I´ve been playing for a lot of hours and still addicted to it. I don't give it a 10 because it has a lot of glitches, some minors, others not so much, including loosing all the tiles and statics.
    If you want a good fighting game and link combos this is for you.
  36. Feb 8, 2014
    Excellent game with get up and go capabilities! Top of the line fighter! What i really thought was a cool feature ,is by this game being on the hard drive i can watch tv, on commercials snap tv , and pkay a couple rounds of killer instinct. Totally sweet. All the characters are cool, no filler all killer
  37. Nov 28, 2013
    I've never been great at fighting games as they always seemed too complex for me to get into and I'd always get my butt handed to me. But with Killer Instinct, it's dojo mode gives me a chance to learn and get better. Out of all the other games I've gotten for my Xbox One I've played and had the most fun with this fighter. People keep complaining about this game, and almost all of them have the same gripe with it. Lack of characters, looks like street fighter, bla bla bla. I walked in with zero expectations and came away with a truly fun and challenging experience! It's easy to get into after a few hours, but very hard to master which suites me just fine. Don't believe the critics who are hatting this game! Almost all of them have admitted to not even having picked up the controller to try it yet. Every person I know who complained about this game in life and on the internet changed their tune when they played it and walk away praising it. Double Helix did an amazing job and I can't wait for the rest of the package when it's released early next year.
  38. Feb 13, 2014
    This is how you continue a game. I played the originals and loved them! But this, this is a work of art:

    Graphically this game is amazing, all the particle effects look awesome and don't distract enough to keep you focused on those combos with the high resolution stages and at a locked 60FPS that's just to marvel at.

    The speed of combat when compared to the originals, makes the
    originals look like playing a chess game without the clock. I though KI was fast originally, but this games has caused me the inability to play the original, simply because the speed comparison is so radical!

    The re-imagining of the characters are beautifully done, Spinal now looks like an undead nightmare and not some generic skeleton (Not that I'm complaining as the tech at the time of the original wouldn't allow for an amazingly detailed character).

    The online, the ping is amazing! There is that occasion of a lagging match, but 90% of the time it is just so seemingly lag free I forget I'm playing online!

    I only have one complain and that's the lack of story mode, but which KI had a story mode? This is a game I am looking forward to seeing develop! The Speed, The Graphics, The Pure Sheer Awesomeness that is: "KILLER INSTINCT!"
  39. Feb 21, 2014
    I would normally not even bother writing a review for a game let alone giving a game a 10. This game though is amazing.
    The game is friendly to newer players who might not be great at fighting games. They are able to jump right in and have a great time. This game has the best training that I have ever seen in a fighting game. It teaches you basics so that you can play any fighting
    game not just this one.

    The combat system is really great! There is something for everyone! Mind games, combos, combo breakers, bluffs etc!
    This game has it all! ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Mar 11, 2014
    Best game ever, you start with only one character and I love microtransactions, gets me off, makes me feel all hot and gooey....Nowadays its rare that rarely puts out good games anymore, but this game is great at manipulating people into microtransation... MMM my favorite with a side of bacon... I wanna put killer instinct as the hall of fame game
  41. Mar 24, 2014
    one word review, amazing, plus you get the classic version of the KI when u buy the Ultra edition. I can not put this game down. Takes me back to the 90's all over again.
  42. Oct 20, 2014
    Killer Instinct is EXACTLY how Modern Fighters should feel! I won't lie: I bought an Xbox One exclusively for this game. As a diehard Nintendo fanboy, I've grown up with Jago, Orchid, Glacius and rest. But, those games didn't age too well. Choppy animations, Cookie Cutter characters (everyone throws fireballs, has a Dragon Uppercut, ect ect), and lack of replay value.

    KI 3 (as I'll call
    the X1 version) takes the game mechanics and refines them to perfection. Attacks, Specials, Combos, and Combo Breakers make up the essentials of the fights. Shadow meters build and allow for super charged attacks with various benefits. There is a Rock, Paper, Scissor system under the hood that makes the game a giant mind game against your opponent. Do you go for a manual combo (harder to pull off but harder to break)? Or a quick and easy less damaging combo? What about a few fireballs at a distance to dram them in, then get them with an Shadow Opener?

    Game Modes are: Arcade (with 3 endings per character), VS (online and off), Training Dojo (Boot Camp), Practice, and Survival.

    Items can be unlocked for character customization to add flair.

    All this for $20. This is an INSANE deal for fighting fans. Next Gen graphics, gameplay, and characters that all have different play styles.

    A Must Buy for any X1 owner

Mixed or average reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. Oct 9, 2014
    Flashy, brutal and deeper than you'd expect. Killer Instinct is back baby.
  2. Jan 3, 2014
    Even though the demo is pretty disappointing, the full Killer Instinct proves to be a really nice addiction to the fighting genre. Most of the characters come directly from the first Killer Instinct-game, but this time they look really gorgeous on the new Xbox One. The fighting system of Killer Instinct is a very layered one, which will keep you busy for loads of hours although a campaign mode is definitely missed.
  3. Dec 29, 2013
    An excellent tutorial partially makes up for the tiny roster. [Feb 2014, p.68]