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  1. May 15, 2018
    Little Triangle is a great game. It brings forward unique characters and interesting level design and finishes it off with genuine difficulty that starts out smooth but will ultimately quit holding your hand by the second world. Granted, while there are a few issues with the performance stutters and double jump mechanic, it’s something simple that a patch could fix. These problems, however, are minute when compared to all the great aspects the game presents itself with.
  2. Feb 11, 2018
    Little Triangle certainly delivers a challenging and endearing platformer, but small flaws pull the game just shy of greatness. The gameplay structure and visual presentation is top notch, however, the occasional framerate drops and the somewhat imprecise controls, slightly hinder the overall experience. With that to the side, there’s still no denying that Little Triangle is an adventure that’s worth your time and attention.
  3. Feb 16, 2018
    Little Triangle hides a good platform game within a simple gameplay and classic concepts. The hardcore fans of the genre will find it an exciting challenge, solo or in the company of three more friends.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 2
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  1. Feb 7, 2018
    I love indie games that try to mix different genre’s into their gameplay, and when done correctly you end up having a great time with thatI love indie games that try to mix different genre’s into their gameplay, and when done correctly you end up having a great time with that said game. Little Triangle implements this style in its gameplay and doesn’t always come off it definitely gets a lot more right than it gets wrong. They have done a great job of making its gameplay accessible to all gamers because it’s easy to pick up and play and it also carries with it a challenging side to it as well. The game in my opinion is best enjoyed when played solo or 2 player co-op. More friends? Well the battle royale mode is a fantastic addition and it does give the game a lot of replayability. Unfortunately the game doesn’t offer much more in terms of content, so I would recommend playing the game in short bursts because it does become repetetive when playing for long periods. There are quite a few levels to go through however and I must admit that I was impressed with the amount of variety each level had. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the amount of variety the enemies have and facing some enemies over and over again can become tedious. The controls which are obviously very important in a game like this have thankfully been done to perfection. Everything feels fast and fluid throughout and most important of all every aspect remains responsive throughout which makes the platforming very enjoyable. The presentation side of the game is something that I really enjoyed and in my opinion the simplicity of things works in its favour. Visually the game is crisp and colorful and without a doubt the visuals carry a certain charm. The same could also be said about the sound design and thankfully the different sounds never got on my nerves, which is great. At the end of the day I love little games that try and punch above their weight and that’s exactly what Little Triangle does. Yes the game may have a few shortcomings here and there, but on the whole they’ve got the most important aspects spot on which makes the game a very enjoyable affair. Each different mechanic in the game plays an important part in the overall scheme of things and they certainly took a risk by doing this, but the risk ultimately paid off. For fans of platformers this is a must play game and when everything is said and done it does more than enough to get two thumbs up from me... Expand
  2. Feb 8, 2018
    The design of the game is top notch and features an amazing contrast between cute cartoonish characters and some really dark imagery. ForThe design of the game is top notch and features an amazing contrast between cute cartoonish characters and some really dark imagery. For every character that looks like it was ripped from Sesame Street, you’ll find 2 others that look like they were drawn from your darkest nightmares. While not nearly as charismatic as the recent Cuphead, I found myself easily drawing comparisons between the art styles. The early levels feature random eyes or mass graves filled with dead triangles that really stand out against the bright colors featured. The polyphonic music accompanying the game fits the tone well, coming across as a mixture of Metal Gear meets Super Mario Bros.

    The gameplay featured in the campaign is similar to other platformers; simply make it from point A to point B while picking up collectibles, rescuing hostages, and evading or killing enemies and traps. With only your trusty double jump serving as your means of attack, timing is everything. The game starts out as a pretty accessible affair, but the difficulty spikes early on. While not as difficult as Super Meat Boy, it will test your patience. Most of the levels are well designed, and most deaths are fair and feel earned opposed to simply being cheap and difficult for the sake of being difficult. You will encounter some enemies or platforms that you will quickly learn whether they are safe to jump onto or not through trial and error, playing a fun game of “Can I land on this” from time to time. This sadly does not translate to the boss battles, which occur frequently, approximately every 3-5 levels. While some are simply races to make it to the end of the level, others require performing specific actions while evading their attacks. I really enjoyed the races, which play out in the manner of running like hell from Godzilla to mixed results. The actual battles are much less fair as the attacks are sometimes unavoidable, thus making it extremely frustrating.

    The first major boss, who appears to be a mild parody of a gigantic Nazi, is a prime contender for most annoying boss of the year. The double edged sword of this battle is that while some of the attacks do repeat in a set pattern, others are dependent on where the player is located at the time the attack begins. He will throw out some hints that he’s going to perform an attack, but it was highly frustrating nonetheless. You’ll need to make careful use of your double jumps, as using the ability at the wrong time or when it isn’t necessary will end up with you being a very easy target. I did not break my controller, but I was unable to complete the level with less than 11 deaths.

    The good news is there are frequent checkpoints that will allow you to continue in most cases with little progress being lost. The story mode can be played in 2 different modes, Casual and Hardcore, with only minor difference between the two. Checkpoints are found in each mode, but in hardcore mode a single hit means you will revert back to the most recent one. In casual mode, you will be given 3 hearts and after the 4th hit, you will die. You can gain additional hearts by reaching a checkpoint, with each one offering a single heart. While I was able to complete a few levels in hardcore mode, I found casual mode to be more my speed.

    Featuring 30 standard levels and a number of secret levels, there is a good amount of content here. Most levels feature multiple secret areas, which hold hostages or additional collectibles, meaning it will become a challenge to achieve 100% without being hit early on. The hostages unlock new skins that can be applied to your character while the collectibles are used as currency to unlock the secret levels. The secret levels are reserved for those who are only up for the most challenging platforming the game has to offer, as each has a large amount of the collectible diamonds hidden throughout with a number of jumps that require nothing short of perfection to complete. While these cosmetic changes to the character are not important to the experience since they don’t add any additional perks or abilities, it’s fun to change up the character’s appearance with the large number of options featured.

    It’s important to note that you can play the title in co-op or in a short dual mode, which allows you to battle in random levels featuring enemies and traps. While the duel mode is a nice diversion, it does not have the staying power that the campaign does. Additionally, the game zooms out significantly when playing co-op, so it can be a bit harder to determine what exactly is going in some situations, but the game does allow for up to 4 players. While I don’t see any major motion pictures or Saturday morning cartoon series being based off of Little Triangle, it is a fun venture that anyone seeking something new in the platforming genre won’t regret.