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  • Summary: NBA 2K15 features approximately 5,000 new animations, new defensive AI, shooting systems, new team-specific play sets, and more control over rebounding, steals, and blocks. New game broadcast presentation hosted by Ernie Johnson and Shaq O'Neal delivers commentary and analysis to the action.
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  1. Nov 5, 2014
    Overall, it’s hard to find any issues that can’t be overcome when it comes to calling NBA2K15 a complete package.
  2. Nov 3, 2014
    NBA 2K15 manages once again to keep up with its already high standards, with further improvements and refinements and some welcome new features like the facial scan and pre-match shows. A must have game for any basketball lover.
  3. Oct 7, 2014
    2K Sports took significant technical strides with last year’s NBA release, but it’s the reinvented movement system and improved physics that make 2K15 such a success.
  4. Oct 27, 2014
    The absolute best part of the game, though, is the soundtrack. Hand picked by Pharrell Williams, the list surprisingly contains a large number of tracks produced with beats by Pharrell. If anything’s gonna make you a baller, Public Enemy followed by Missy Elliot and then Busta Rhymes will make you a baller. The only thing missing is the Monstars.
  5. Oct 20, 2014
    The on-court action has been refined and MyCareer is arguably better than ever, making NBA 2K15 another fine basketball game. It's just a shame that the online facet of the game is so poor. Despite this, NBA 2K15 is still well worth checking out.
  6. Oct 9, 2014
    Like a great player toughing it out through an injury, NBA 2K15 is still strong despite crippling server problems.
  7. Oct 13, 2014
    When it works, NBA 2K15 offers a triple double worth of compelling content, from its accessible but deep gameplay to the deep MyGM and dramatic MyCareer modes. Unfortunately, the connectivity issues continue to box out players from its engaging experiences.
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  1. Positive: 9 out of 24
  2. Negative: 13 out of 24
  1. Oct 7, 2014
    The attention to detail is incredible. All the players (even the bench and rookies) and coaches are perfectly done. No more slacking on the guys nobody knows. They even touched up the old school teams. This is by far the best basketball experience in console history. Expand
  2. Oct 14, 2014
    Once you get past the servers errors (which is the case now that they have fixed it), this game is actually great. I love playing MyCareer and MyTeam as well as playing in the park. Definitely recommend this game. Very realistic, simulation basketball. Expand
  3. Oct 7, 2014
    It's simply the best sports game of all time, must buy if you're into the sports gaming genre, won't disappoint.

    Everything has improved
    from rebounding to the net physics. Game-play is crazy realistic and forces you to play SIMULATION BASKETBALL. Expand
  4. Oct 13, 2014
    Worst 2k game for a long time. Firstly, as everyone is aware the servers on this game year in year out are atrocious and virtually make the game unplayable at points as everything relies on being able to connect to the 2k servers. I've lost VC several times over the years because of these server issues and the my career, my gm, and other online aspects are completely ruined by shoddy servers. The gameplay itself is a drastic step back from last years promising debut on the new consoles. Defence in this years game is an utter joke as players move around like they're on ice or have no coordination at all. Even if you manage to stay in front of your man long enough, the shot clock cheese issue is as prevalent as ever. I cannot count the amount of times the AI has held the ball well beyond the 3pt line until there's under 2secs on the shot clock and they hoist up a prayer that goes in at an insane rate. But, the absolute worst part of the defensive side of the ball this year around is the success the AI has in making contact shots, in particualr mid range contact shots. Every guard and small forward with a high shot tendency will just hoist up mid range pull up after mid range pull up and they will drop at ridiculous percentage. No matter how much defensive pressure you put on those pull ups and how low you set their sliders at they still make these impossible shots. This brings me to my next point, the sliders seem to have no impact on the game at all from what I have gathered so far. As I said I lowered the cpu mid range tendency and mid range success all the way down to 15 on the PRO difficulty and they still refuse to miss these shots. On 2k14 I played on the All-star difficulty with simulation slider settings and didn't have much difficulty at all. On 2k15 I wouldn't dare play on All-star because I can just imagine how frustrated I will get. On the offensive end there are many issues I have found compared to last year as well. The new shot meter, while great in theory, takes alot of fun out of jump shooting at times as it's very difficult to get the perfect timing down. The new botched dunk system is quite dumb in my opinion as i puts guys with high dunk tendencies at disadvantages as they go for dunks when it clearly isn't on or when the defender decides to be a brick wall and prevent it. I believe the old system of just forcing a layup makes a lot more sense and is less frustrating that way as you still get a decent shot attempt instead of a turnover. As for driving inside I have noticed I rarely if ever get any foul calls even with the simulation settings on AI shooting foul tendency set at 85 and above. I have tried every way possible to draw fouls...quick breaks in transition, using a screen to get an open lane and drive at a late arriving defender, using pump and head fakes to get defenders out of the air. None of these approaches seem to work as I'm averaging about 6 foul shots per game with 12min quarters. A minor problem I encountered in 2k14 still exists this year in illegal screens. I enjoy running the pick and roll but the amount of moving screens can really kill the fun and most of them are when I have waited for the screener to get his feet set and then drive around him. Lastly, the my career mode has definitely seen improvements with better menu's and being able to sim any game you want (except playoff games). However teammate AI is still quite terrible as they lack any logic on both sides of the ball. They don't take wide open shots or when they do shoot they tend to make the shot much harder than it needs to be. They consistently brick easy looks as well whereas the opposition AI will kill you no matter how much defence you play on them. Players such as Jeremy Lamb and Rudy Gay (these 2 more than others I've noticed) become unstoppable attacking forces in the my career mode. Players like those 2 with very high shooing tendencies and decent jump shot attributes can't be stopped or even contained, especially by your teammates. Unless some of these issues are patched I can't say this game is anything better than mediocre. The presentation as it always has been in the 2k series is stellar, whether that be the commentary, new pre game show, halftime and full time interviews, the terrific visuals. But when it comes down to what we are buying this game for, the GAMEPLAY, it has taken a large step back in the progress made from last years version. Expand
  5. Nov 19, 2014
    After spending $60 on the day the game came out I was flabbergasted to find out that for the FIRST TWO WEEKS the servers didn't even work. Really? 2 weeks? I just got done reviewing World of Wacraft and they got HACKED during launch, fixed the issues within 3 days and STILL reimbursed their subscribers. I scoured the internet and couldn't even find a public apology from 2K Sports.

    You'll find throughout this detailed review that I refer to the fact that I "paid $60 for a roster update". (Kevin Love is STILL on the Timberwolves though so it's not even that)

    Creating a Player: This looks and feels exactly like 2k14 on my xbox 360. They act as though every NBA player in history falls under the 8 or so player traits that determine your starting stats. Noses and other facial features still look slightly off to me since 2k14 and, GET THIS, the same tattoos as the previous 2 games because the thousands of players throughout history all used the same recycled 99 tattoos.

    Playing as the Player: Guarding a superstar is incredibly hard as a rookie, No that's not a bad thing! Finally Kobe walks all over me if I guard to close or too far behind like he damn well should. The actual ball movement among computer players is better (From 2k14 it literally couldn't have been worse aside from them just standing around) The most annoying this I found is that the Draft, The GM Interviews, and the After-Game Interviews utilize the EXACT SAME VERBIAGE AS THE PREVIOUS 2 GAMES. Back to me paying $60 for a roster update....

    Throughout any game you play you're going to have Clark Kellogg, Steve Kerr, and Doris Burkes saying the SAME STUFF IN EVERY GAME. I quit 2K.

    I don't need to go into the Server connect issues that still plague the game despite what should have been a 2 week launch date wake up call for 2k Games.

    Top it off with Pharrell Williams very biased soundtrack and I will not be playing this game that I paid $60 for. Get Michael Jordan to pick the soundtrack in 2015 (He's obviously throwing the Space Jam soundtrack in there) and you've got me back.
  6. Oct 15, 2014
    Between server issues, skating on defense and the stripped down to nothing online leagues, 2k sports continues to disapoint its loyal fan base. As a much hyped and visually beautiful game, it underwhelms in gameplay and the functionality of its game modes. 2k continues its well established practice of over promising and under delivering. Buyer beware. Expand
  7. JMR
    Oct 11, 2014
    The makers of this game really failed this time, i cannot even enjoy the game if your team gets up by 15-20 points your my player goes into what i call "Mentally Disabled Syndrome". What this does is makes every single shot attempt even if it's 99% perfect and your wide open you get a grade of D+ max or F, also all layups and dunks are fails. I am about to make a video of this where you'll attempt a layup and your guy starts to fail so bad even with a on fire rythem where his layups litterally dont even lift an inch off of your hand while the shots not even contested, if anyone shot like this in the NBA they would be kicked out immedietly. This built in system to make it so players cannot excel and receive a FG% of about 65% with any more than 40 points makes it so i can only really play the game for the first quarter and a half of the game and than because i have 36 minutes on the field i have to sit through the rest of the game picking up turn overs, missed shots, and overall frustration and anger not to mention wasting 20+ minutes of my time per game. Until they fix this awful handicap for the AI i'm giving this game an ABYSMAL -10 **** garbage game, work on improving the AI and not punishing us and wasting our time, or just let us play the game how it should be played consistently without breaking the damn game. Expand

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