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  1. Feb 25, 2014
    Excellent Xbox One debut for the PvZ franchise! :) At just $40, this game's an absolute steal and I recommend it to just about anyone. Popcap Games and EA have a winner on their hands.
  2. Feb 25, 2014
    It is a fun and challenging game. The innovation applied in a game that was once simple has exceeded my expectations. A great choice of FPS out of wearing patterns.
  3. PHJ
    Feb 25, 2014
    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a nice 90 out 100 game, witch mixes perfectly FPS and Casual genres and bring to you the same style, same idea and same objectives that the Tablets version brings to you, but in 3D, with a great Engine and some great Graphics. The weak point is how the engine works in the Split Screen Mode.
  4. Feb 25, 2014
    First off all, i cannot belive this game only got 6.7 user score, as i am writing this review. I downloaded the full game, and well.. I played it for 8 hours straight, and thats rarely the case with me. Excellent amount of details in both the plants and zombies, great maps, fantastic graphics, and most importantly- Wow at the amount of stuff you unlock in the game! Its just crazy. Every plant and zombie you use have each own level plus a main progession level. To level a plant or zombie, you have to do specific challeges for that plant or zombie. There are also alot of accesories to unlock for the plants and zombies, like new glasses, weapons, new hats, and alot more. All in all, just get this game already- its Amazing, it really deserves a 10 of 10! Expand
  5. Feb 25, 2014
    the game is amazing. Lacking a few things like minimap, crouching and sprint, but this things dont take from the overall experience. The game is simply a fun, well put together game. Congrats to PopCap, after PvZ2 I thought that studio was lost.
  6. Feb 25, 2014
    Excellent game. One of the most games released in 2014. Split Screen feature is amazing and the co-op mode allows you to enjoy this crazy game with your friends. 10/10
  7. Feb 25, 2014
    This is a very fun game. I rated it an 8 right now cause they need to tweak some of the classes and maps.

    One map I've played on the "rush mode" is impossible for the zombies to get past the second stage of the map. I would've said the first but after 8 hours of game play the other team finally made it past the first capture point. Then again we were outnumbered 2 to 1.

    The foot
    soldier for the zombies is by far the weakest character in the game. You can't kill somebody with a whole clip of your main weapon and sometimes takes more than 2 clips. His special attack is underpowered too unfortunately. I've had multiple direct hits on people which should have killed them yet didn't. Once they tweak him it will even things out

    The cactus's onion chopper needs a zoom on it. Most of the time you need to get high enough to stay out of enemies sight but thst leads you at a real disadvantage killing someone. Yet if you get close you only have 5 health so one hit from anything destroys you.

    Boss mode was fun but either needs to speed up on the air strikes or give you more points for healing, reviving, and assisting on enemy kills with the radar. Most of the time you don't have anything to do except wait for sun/brains and the cool down of your stuff. I haven't tried it with the tablet but that may make a difference.

    The garden ops was a blast, but had some balancing issues in my opinion. I always felt either severely under challenged or severely overwhelmed. The slots either give you a small challenge or a ridiculous one.

    All in all I've really enjoyed this game so far. For $40 it's definitely worth a buy. Once they tweak the game it will be amazing.
  8. Feb 26, 2014
    Incredible 3rd person shooter! This game has a fun value that I've never experienced in any shooter before. The Smart glass feature when you have a birds eye view on the battlefield is great fun for a kid that isn't the best but wants to help out. This game is highly recommended to anyone interested in a colorful shooter.
  9. Feb 26, 2014
    This game is beyond fun. I was never a fan of Plants vs Zombies because I am just terrible at tower defense games, so when I saw they were making a third person shooter, I thought "might as well give it a try" and I have not regretted it. The combat is fun and very easy for newcomers to get into. It even has a 4 player co-op (or solo) tower defense game mode in it for the PVZ purists. This game is the first game that made me not regret my Xbox One purchase, it's worthy of your time. Expand
  10. Mar 6, 2014
    After reading some user reviews on metacritic, I decided to jump in and buy this game. I was still worried the game would not be very good. My family and grand children, who love plants vs zombies just happened to come over just as I finished downloading it to my Xbox One. The game was a huge hit. Interestingly it was a bigger hit with some of the adults who like first person shooter games. Even those not playing enjoyed watching the plant and zombie carnage. It is certainly a great, family friendly party atmosphere type game. I'm horrible at first person shooters and even I was able to play this game at a level in which I could still have fun.

    The graphics are cute and the customization options are nice. It is a first person shooter multiplayer and it's cute aspect makes it so even those not really into first person shooters can enjoy it. The game uses the buying card packs mentality of many games these days and currently this is in game money that has no mirco transactions. So mom and dad don't have to worry about junior accidentally racking up a bill. The game money is earned easily as everything you do except for being vanquished seems to earn coins. Which means you can easily buy plants or zombies to help you in the different modes. This keeps with the game's cute factor and is fun. Early on it is great fun to buy these packs, customize your toons and enjoy the game.

    The best thing I can say about this game is I bought my Xbox One, bought battlefield 4 and Forza Motorsport. Which pretty much sat around with no one playing. I purchased Plants Vs Zombies, garden warfare for only 40 bucks. And bought Strider for 15 bucks. The 2 games together are about the price of one of the other games. My Xbox One is now used all the time by multiple friends and family. Which is what I was hoping for when I purchased the system.

    My son is a huge fan of the Mario Smash Brothers games. If you have a fan of that game this game will probably be loved and played over and over. The only thing he wishes Plants Vs Zombies had is the Mario Smash Brothers mode where you can watch matches, without playing. Being able to bet coins on matches you watch as Smash Brothers does would probably be popular also.

    The game is pretty much online multiplayer only. The Xbox One split screen mode is a nice offline option, which was a little confusing at first. It seems only the first player's unlocks affect what ranks your toons are. Or if they have opened all 3 of their abilities yet. As long as the first person has purchased some card packs to place plants and unlocked all the ranks of each plant or zombie the split screen action is just as much fun as the live game. Oddly though only the first person seems to earn coins and can buy packs. But the cards he buys are shared by both players. Which means if you keep playing split screen mode. You will have plenty of cards to enjoy the fray. So it is a nice off line option for 2 players. Especially if you have friends who are bit nervous about jumping into the online live action fray.

    The boss mode option is nice for those who want to try the action but are not at all into the shooter aspect. They get a far away view, and can click on sun or brains as the multiplayer action feverishly happens on the screen. And this allows them to buy "cards" like in the original PVZ , using those to help their side to victory in real time.

    The online game modes are fun enough. The Gardens and Graveyards mode has the plants defending 7 gardens. While the zombies have 5 minutes to try to capture each garden. The plants defend one garden at a time, so these are 12 vs 12 or more concentrated in one area battles. The Vanquish mode is a first to 50 vanquishes (kills) plants vs zombies free for all. And the Garden ops is a great up to 4 player co-op play mode, where the plant players have to withstand 10 waves (or more in some instances) of zombie attacks. A very nice addition for those not into player verse player stuff.

    Most players will probably bore of the game quickly enough. Though after a week, the matches are still put together quickly and full. A sign the game is retaining some popularity. I also have not experienced any real problems with the EA servers, others complained about when the game first came out. The price, and the family friendly aspect makes this game worth buying. If EA adds patches regularly, adding different types of matches, more customization options and more maps this game should be a game that fans of these types of shooters will love. Articles I have read say EA plans to add more content, possibly for free. Which should keep this game fun to play for a while.

    If EA adds a patch that allows people to play the original Plants vs Zombies one and two on your Xbox One with this game. It would be a 10. IMO that would make this the perfect online and offline game.
  11. Mar 8, 2014
    When I first installed it I only played the "Garden Ops" mode, and it was a ton of fun. Now that I've tried playing the other multiplayer modes I've found the game to be full of server lag with a good stable internet connection which makes the game nearly unplayable. It's quite disappointing because if this worked I would give the game a 9 out of 10.
  12. Feb 25, 2014
    This game is seriously fun! Everyone in my house, young and old are enjoying playing PvZ. Multiplayer and 4 Player Co-Op have been our favorite. And @ $40, it was a total steal.
  13. Feb 26, 2014
    Very fun, solid well-developed game. It's not your usual COD or BF game, but I think that's a good thing. The unlockable characters and customizations really keep you in the game and wanting to play more. The only gripe I have so far is that the camera angle sometimes, only sometimes isn't that great. I love the look on the XB1 and the controls are pretty tight. I would definitely recommend this game, especially for the pricetag! Expand
  14. Mar 17, 2014
    This game is not incredibly innovative or standout, but its fun, lighthearted humourous, gameplay make this game easy to love and fun to play. At 40$ it's worth your time.
  15. Apr 27, 2014
    The first PvZ was great but this edition is a joke. You spent 40$ and now, 2 months after the release, EA is showing it's true face again and added Micro-transaction into the game. EA is ripping everyone off again. You should avoid this game for good.
  16. Feb 25, 2014
    Game is great, however I am having trouble getting boss mode to work on tablet. Graphics looks very nice, controls are simple, customization is insane, there is so many things that can be unlocked. To be honest, the price is right and worth atleast the try.
  17. Feb 26, 2014
    A great improvement to the PvZ franchise, Garden Warfare will keep you entertained, and will keen your head in the game.

    First of all, this game is stupid. This is not bad - it might be stupid, but it's hilarious and extremely fun. There are 2 games I want to reference here that I think this game was partially modeled after. First of all, Mass Effect 3 veterans might realize the similar
    shop system, item system, and several characters per class. Battlefield veterans will realize the similar gameplay and classes. This game is definitely one of the best Xbox One semi-exclusives, and you won't regret buying it.

    One of the problems I found, and one of the reasons I'm penalizing the game are because of the godawful servers. I can't find a match making game without my Xbox being put into stasis waiting for a game, or errors connecting.
  18. Feb 26, 2014
    Is it fun? Yes for like 10 games. Is it deep? No. Is it just a kiddy version of Counter Strike/Battlefield/Halo: Yep Hook them young I guess. It is an interesting direction to take the PvZ franchise, but it is strictly a money grab that lets parents justify buying a Third Person Shooter for their 12 year old. And it is still full of the ragey XboxLive types. Will fade FAST off the market...then show back up when Microsoft drops the price to the floor.

    (PS: Play on my friends' systems. Not an Xbox owner.)
  19. Feb 26, 2014
    This is what its all about . FUN and that is what you get when you buy this game pure FUN . this is one of the best games i have played in years its colorful its silly and its very balanced do not pass this up you will have a blast playing 100%
  20. Feb 27, 2014
    PvZ:GW is very similar to "Conquer's Bad Furday". It's a lot of fun. After each match you get token's based upon how you did that match & if you won the battle. You can use these tokens to purchase decks of card's that give you different cosmetic options, upgrades & different classes. I've actually had more fun on PvZ:GW than I did on Titanfall's beta. It has a competitive, yet light hearted fun vibe to it that's hard to describe. Expand
  21. Mar 1, 2014
    Very fun game, espeically good for kids and FPS beginners! The style is funny and shooting is fun. My kids could not stop playing this. Good job, Pvz guys!
  22. Mar 2, 2014
    Great game has a fun combo of chaos and strategy. Enjoyed the two play mode, but online was the best. Crazy visuals bright colors just super fun to play.
  23. Mar 3, 2014
    This game is excellent. I was very sceptical at first to see how it would turn out because of the collaboration with EA. But Pop Cap have brought us a brilliant game, the designs are incredible and the colours are magnificent and vibrant. There is nothing in my opinion that is wrong with this game 10/10 !
  24. Mar 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have waited a lot this game, but in a late time a realize that this is not for me. I can say what this game misses: Melee attack, splitscreen on xbox 360 and some changes from the original. Expand
  25. Apr 24, 2014
    This game is incredible fun. It looks like a game for children, but I assure you, it most definitely is not. This game is very challenging in the GArden Ops Mode (Which is basically a tower defense gamemode). Even in online Team Deathmatch it's challenging!
    Well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
    P.S The servers seem to be fine. For once EA did something right!
  26. May 14, 2014
    Ottimo prodotto della pop cap! Divertente e con gameplay piuttosto innovativo (alla faccia di un trito e ritrito Bugglefield). Carina anche l'idea delle buste che prendi compri con monete vinte durante le partite.
  27. Aug 16, 2014
    I'm giving gnome bomb a 0. It is the most broken game mode ever made. Instant plant? Why?! Then it takes about 9 seconds to defuse while everybody and there mother spam there explosives on the bomb almost making it impossible to defuse. Very poor choice.
  28. Feb 25, 2014
    I have been waiting for this game for a while and it is finally here! I got this game today and I haven't got to far into it yet, but of what I have played of it is really a unique game. I love the visuals and silliness of the game, thats what makes this game so great is the fact that it's not a very serious game, and is meant to be laid back and just fun. The game is $40 dollars on release date and that is fair. The game doesn't have a ton of modes, but it has $40 dollars worth in my opinion. The surprising thing to me so far is how much fun the Garden Ops mode is. Garden Ops is basically like horde mode on gears of war, where storms of enemies just keep coming and it's a ton of fun! The customization in this game is cool, but it could be better and ill leave it at that. I can tell that i will have a ton of fun on this game and that is really all I wanted from this game. I give it an 8 because its good but not perfect. Expand
  29. Feb 26, 2014
    This is an overall fun game. It may not look the best, have a campaign, or play the best, but it's fun, and that's what games are all about! I just hope EA does not throw in micro-transactions, and if they do they better not be required to make meaningful progress in the game. Don't screw this one up EA!
  30. Feb 26, 2014
    Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is a lot of fun! It's really addictive and gives you a unique experience in this genre. It's the perfect combination of a FPS and a fun casual game.
    What surprised me most about it, is that there are a lot of customization options. There are two teams: Plants and Zombies. Both teams have different characters. These characters also have different guns and
    looks. So it'll takes some time to unlock all these guns and options. You can unlock these things by buying stickers. You can buy stickers with coins that you earn after every match. The maps are great and the game looks very good and colorful. I recommend this game to everyone who likes the FPS genre. Both casual and experienced players. It's $40, a fair price for what you get and definitely worth it! Expand
  31. Feb 26, 2014
    PvZ Garden Warfare is fun. That is the bottom line. There have been server problems with EA's silly 'always on' requirement, but as with any game those problems will be fixed. There are limited game modes, yes. The game is only $40 and all of the updates that will be pushed out are scheduled to be free. It is a fun multiplayer game that re-imagines PvZ in a fun way. The critics can argue about the finer points of what is or isn't right about the game, but as a consumer, I think it's fun and therefore worth every penny. Expand
  32. Feb 26, 2014
    This is the most refreshing game I've played in years. Zombies. And Plants. Versus each other! EA has done something right with this. It uses first person perspective as well as other styles to push you forward in a most challenging and ultra fun unique game.
  33. Feb 26, 2014
    This is a great way to introduce the entire family to the FPS genre without fearing another Columbine! Okay, maybe that's a stretch... But the cartoonish, quirky humor, mixed with weapons more akin to paintball guns makes this a great candidate to be enjoyed by all ages.
  34. Feb 26, 2014
    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Not only is it gorgeous, and probably the most "next-gen" looking game I've seen on the Xbox One, but it's actually a lot of fun. The sides seem really well-balanced, and the different abilities and special versions of each class are great.

    My biggest issue is the lack of variety in the gametypes, and the ability to create your own custom
    multiplayer matches. This is the kind of game that could take a lot of advantage of custom games, and a few more game modes. A 50 kill deathmatch (which lasts around 10 minutes or less) is way too short, and the Gardens and Graveyards mode is fun, but that's it. The "Garden Warfare" hoard mode gets old fast, like any hoard mode.

    Hopefully new game modes will be added to future versions.
  35. Feb 26, 2014
    This game is a blast! It's a fresh take on first person shooters, which have become a little stale. Inventive, funny, fast and fun. Tons of options and wildly crazy and a blast to play and the graphics look amazing on the XB1 and boss mode is fun too!
  36. Feb 27, 2014
    For an EA game, this is surprisingly good. I've never been into PvZ because I hate mobile games with a passion, but this is a blast to play. It's very refreshing to play a third person tower defence game. The graphics are awesome and the 60fps framerate makes it very very playable. The fact that it's half the retail price is just the icing on the cake. The fact there's no pay-to-win microtransactions at time of writing is also great. Come to think of it, it's kind of sad that I'm praising a game for actually not having them.

    With this and Titanfall, could EA finally be listening to consumers and making an effort with their games? Is the new CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledging that they can no longer get away with making poorly made, mediocre products? We'll have to see. If you liked Dungeon Defenders, give this a try. 8/10.
  37. Feb 27, 2014
    Honestly I love this game, and I'm not ashamed to say it. PVZ is a very goofy fun first person shooter, with great balance and awesome customization to keep any gamer satisfied. However the game is slightly dragged down by EA's DRM and occasionally server issues, and limited game modes. But in no way do these negatives drop the game down significantly, this game is still silly fun but can also be treated strategically for hardcore gamers out there.

    I just hope EA releases the always online for split-screen mode, and maybe expand more on it, it be nice to play online in split-screen.
  38. Mar 1, 2014
    The ONLY good game on Xbox One. However besides the console the game has great graphics, awesome gameplay and is amazing if you are a fan of Plants vs Zombies as it comes out with amazing ideas and is a lot of fun.
  39. Mar 1, 2014
    This is a fantastic shooter on both the Xbox & Xbox One (I own a copy of each). There is a small drop off in graphics on the Xbox 360 version but both are very fluid. For an online only title I have not noticed any lag or major server related problems. The sticker pack idea to upgrade and unlock new characters will keep most players going a long time. The packs also net the player plants and zombies to spawn in certain game modes along with character skins. Now for the maps I do wish there were more available and hopefully more are added. There is however 3 game modes like I mentioned earlier and this helps change up the game play. This game reminds me a lot of Team fortress 2, and Gotham City Impostors. Those that have played these titles will surely enjoy this game. Expand
  40. Mar 2, 2014
    This game is really fun, it works great on the Xbox One. Yes, I agree they had their problems with the servers, but those have been fixed now. Anyone rating this game (GAAAAME) for the fact that the EA servers are not working is not actually rating the game...
  41. Mar 2, 2014
    Pop-Cap has perfected the casual/arcade genre. And now with Garden Warfare, they have ripped right into the shooter market. With amazing visuals and pretty good level design PvZ:GW keeps you playing until you realize that its 4 am and you have to be at work (or school) in 3 hours. The tight controls and varied gameplay make this a must play. And surprisingly enough, EA released a fairly playable online version that won't make you rip your hair out. This is a must have during these very slow months leading up to the holiday flooding. So game on! Expand
  42. Mar 2, 2014
    The only real negative I have for this game is the use of EA servers and the need for an account from them. MS should have refused the game till they removed that crap. besides that negative it is a load of fun, lots of content and decent progression with some humor. I am not a FPS fan but I really enjoy this game.
  43. Mar 2, 2014
    Jogo super divertido! Mas achei meio complicado para criar uma party e jogar com os amigos. Poderia ter mais algumas classes alem das 4 existentes. Mas no geral o jogo é muito divertido. Recomendo a todos.
  44. Mar 6, 2014
    PvZ Garden Warfare is a fantastic shooter and a stellar multiplayer experience. For competitive gamers, Team Vanquish is incredibly well-balanced given the variety in classes for both the zombies and plants. For cooperative games, Garden Ops is a challenging and fun way to fight waves of zombies. Definitely paying homage to the traditional PvZ top-down strategy game.

    Finally, the
    animations are glorious. If you think kittens are cute, check out the sunflower class. This game works perfectly as a third person shooter. It showcases the game's superb and fun artwork. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good shooter or action game. For me, the game is pure bliss. Expand
  45. Mar 7, 2014
    When I bought PvZ I was expecting it to tide me over til Titanfall but it's such a fun game that I'll be playing it well beyond the launch of Titanfall.

    Most FPS games are shallow (see COD) and they are drab and dreary but PvZ is different. It's like a really good Nintendo game with bright colours, crazy characters and the added twist of card packs.

    Together they all add up to a game
    that's loads of fun no matter which mode you play. The graphics are fun, the gameplay is fun, the character customisations are fun but it's also very competitive. Gardens and Graveyards is a lot of fun and is loosely based around Battlefields Rush game mode.

    If you have an Xbox One and even if you are into COD, BF4 etc, you have to play this games. It's cheap and very very cheerful.

    Pop Cap and EA have made my current 2 favourite Xbox One games in Peggle 2 and PvZ and with Titanfall also carrying the EA tag, it looks like I might be able to forgive them for BF4.

    I can't put this game down at the moment and I'm looking forward to some DLC.
  46. Mar 8, 2014
    A fairly cheap price, enjoy good. Have fun with your friends, cut like the Saints game. That's too bad, but the game server too. Once you have EA is properly managed, the Titan I hope Paul.
  47. Mar 9, 2014
    This game is surprisingly fun and will make a nice break between the adrenaline rush matches of titanfall. It runs at 60 fps, doesn't cost full retail which makes giving digital a try bearable, and has plenty of free dlc on the way. The only downside is it's on EA servers but that shouldn't be an issue since this game will never be as big as titanfall or bf4. Go play it and have some fun!
  48. Mar 11, 2014
    Great game in the mist of gritty shooters!!! This game is great for sitting back and having friendly competition multiplayer shooter. At £35 on xbox live and free DLC its a bargin. At present it could get a little boring after a few continuous hours of play but hoping the DLC will conquer that. A must buy if looking for something different.
  49. Mar 11, 2014
    I got this game because it was cheap, turned out to be a blast to play. I never played a Plants vs Zombies game before, but im glad I picked this one up. Graphics are great for this style of game and it seems to run on the xbox well enough. A solid 9 imo.
  50. Mar 12, 2014
    Christ on a cracker! This is a fun game! a great change to the dark shooter games. this is a very colorful game with a wicked sense of humor. if you like fun then this game is for you. you will need an internet connection as this is only online game. have fun
  51. Mar 13, 2014
    This game rocks my socks. It's just plain fun to play! The goofy characters, the technicolor world, just a great intro to on line only shooters. Look it's cheap fun, not Titanfall or COD, it's not suppose to be. Leave the butt brown "gritty' world behind for a while. Living in full color is great, family friendly fun, on the cheap. Only minus is lack of melee attack for all charters and lack of off line story mode; these charters are just too funny to look at and I missed not knowing their origin stories. Check it out at a minimum, but at $40 it's a great purchase. Expand
  52. Mar 13, 2014
    This is by far a must have for Xbox One owners. The class based combat is flawless and very fun. I have played well over 100 hours and still into playing. I have never played or been interested in the PvZ franchise but this game is very fun and something new. There is so much here for the price tag and it will keep you laughing and having fun even if you are losing every match.
  53. Mar 13, 2014
    A thoroughly enjoyable game from Popcap & EA. It has many shortcomings but like many fun, silly multiplayer games in the past such as Twisted Metal or the Super Smash Bros series, it's lighthearted gameplay keeps you playing. A few more modes would be appreciated but no doubt some DLC will be released at some point. Character customization and unlockables are a great addition that adds to the 'one more game' mentality. I bought this at £30 (a steal compared to other XBox One titles on shelves) and would say it's good value for money so far. Expand
  54. Mar 14, 2014
    Very surprised with how much fun I had playing this game. With all the different game modes, characters, weapons, and special abilities it will be hard to put down. A great game for the kids, wife, or parents anyone would enjoy. It is definitely worth the $40 price point.
  55. Mar 14, 2014
    On the surface a really dumb concept - plants and zombies in open warfare. But fun rarely comes better than this. Great cartoon style graphics and a light hearted approach to the FPS. Obviously not in the same league as the AAA shooters but this is a whole load of fun.
  56. Mar 16, 2014
    Very refreshing multiplayer game. Great for co-op local or online. The visuals are (at last!) very colourful indeed and the graphics look great in 1080p. Good recommendation to people of any age, who are open to third person shooter games. This game keeps its roots (haha - good pun eh?) well in its legendary tower defence, and is a good buy for those with a $40, £30 price range.
  57. Mar 17, 2014
    Buy it for the low price of $40, have loads of fun, get free DLC. People say the Zombies are overpowered, no they are not, the game is extremely balanced. Plus the sound track is amazing! What more could you ask for?
  58. Mar 18, 2014
    This game is better than BF4 it shines with fun comedy and cleverness , so many laughs intense co op great unlock and skill system highly recommend.
  59. Mar 18, 2014
    I don't normally log in to give games ratings but I had to for this game. The game does have it stability issues and its bugs that it working out but as of today they even fixed a bunch of bugs and added free content. I play games across all genres and platforms and I must say this is the most I've been addicted to a game in a very long time. I tend to look for unique games that stand out from the normal crap games we get every day and this game is definitely one of them. The game is full of charm and comedy but it's actually a very great team based multiplayer shooter at its core. My roommate has Titanfall on his Xbone and I haven't even touched the game. If you are looking for something new and unique you gotta try this game out.

    The diversity of all the characters and how well balanced everything is fantastic for a development studio that is making their first foray into a multiplayer shooter. Going from making a simple tower defense to this game and doing it so well is quite an achievement. People are knocking the game for not having enough modes of gameplay or the server issues or the fact that their are a few features left out. Just give them a little bit of time to work out. Like I said they just added Gig worth of content in a free patch update today. The way you unlock everything is super addicting in the form of little booster packs you get to unlock with coins you earn for playing matches.
  60. Mar 24, 2014
    pretty damn fun game. I never expected to get into this myself. my step son is 8 and his dad lets him play call of duty and I don't let him play that at my house. he was pretty adamant about getting a new game and wanted cod so I showed him plants vs zombies instead. he loves it, my wife loves it, and I love it too.
  61. Mar 24, 2014
    + Has that awesome PvZ charm. + The amount you die doesn’t show up on the scoreboard. That means K/D doesn’t matter. THAT MEANS LESS CAMPING. + Most valuable players on the scoreboards are determines by kills, assists, revives, etc like BF4. In other words, you don’t need the most kills to be MVP. + Only $40 on X1. + Apparently new classes, maps and modes will be free dlc later on. + Noises the Peashooter make sound like Elmo… which is awesome.
    + Other gameplay features like sticker packs and class challenges are a good enough reason to keep coming back
    - Multiplayer only. In other words, if the server is down or having problems(like last night) the game is pretty much worthless.
    - I noticed the plants to be a little over powered compared to the Zombies.
    - Micro-transactions are gonna be added down the road. :/
  62. Mar 26, 2014
    I can't get enough of this game, it's a blast every time I play it. I love the couch co-op mode as well, although it would be nice if you could go into the multiplayer modes with a guest on the same screen. It's at the perfect price as well and would highly recommend any Xbox One user to pick this up!
  63. Mar 28, 2014
    Can be very fun in short bursts, nothing to really binge on, just a fun multiplayer game that can be fairly entertaining, if interested I would suggest giving it a try
  64. Apr 7, 2014
    Simple fun shooter game. A classic game incorporating Plants vs. Zombies characters into a third person shooter. A really fun game to enjoy. Loved the Split Screen exclusive on XBox One as I was able to enjoy playing it with my girlfriend. Plus the game is just $40 and already released good and free updates (DLC).
  65. Apr 22, 2014
    PVZ is a remarkably surprising shooter that has no business being even close to as much fun as it is. But - there you have. Electronic Arts and Pop Cap have delivered a fantastic shooter that controls well, has just enough strategy and depth of classes to placate to a multitude of play styles and, despite itself, looks incredible. Maybe the best thing is that PVZ GW manages to keep it's hilarious tone.

    I do have one gripe - the multiplayer suffers from some matchmaking problems where connection issues make it longer than it needs to be to get into a match or fails to balance things out when there s a room full of high level players competing against nobodies. This happenes more rarehly
  66. Apr 26, 2014
    The game seems simple at first but the more you play, the better you get. After leveling up all the characters you finally understand everything that is going on around you. Its original and funny. If you want something refreshingly new, try this. My only beef is no split screen co op multiplayer! Want to play with your friend that came over for some fun? To bad you can only play offline co op. No versus. No multiplayer. Expand
  67. Apr 27, 2014
    Lot of replay value. Surprisingly good looking on Frostbite engine. Plays a lot like Team Fortress 2, and luckily hasn't been ransacked by pay to get constumes/guns yet. Great gameplay and a variety of different modes to enjoy. Each class is unique and fun to experiment with. No story mode but honestly it really doesn't need one. After all, it'd just be a lame story about zombies trying to kill plants. Definitely worth giving a try. Expand
  68. May 2, 2014
    This game is absolutely worth the money (especially since you can pick it up on Amazon for around $30 or less! So far Popcap has released a couple of DLCs for the game that have been free! With the ability to have a friend using Xbox smart glass as you play, and the fun it can be playing online, this is a must have for anyone, even if you aren't a big fan of shoot-em ups. This game is just so different and enjoyable that it is worth trying it out. I am giving it an 8 because EA servers still have issues once and a while, I have been dropped out of a match. Expand
  69. May 5, 2014
    I bought this game on a whim and partly because I was curious. I'm an avid BF and COD player and was pleasantly surprised at how fun Garden Warfare is. I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and crisp graphics. The gameplay itself also feels very refined and the classes feel pretty balanced. Couch Co-Op is a nice added bonus, having a great time playing with my 9 year old. As far as the microtransactions go, they haven't really bothered me, it seems like you earn coins pretty quickly in multiplayer and I haven't seen "geared out" players really gaining that much of an edge. I whole heatedly recommend this game to anyone who wants to try something new and fresh in the competitive shooter multiplayer genre. Expand
  70. May 14, 2014
    Great game, very addictive. Don't expect anything more than plants vs zombies gone Third person shooter(or chomping). The cons are that there are no offline modes, which you would expect from an originally single player game; the split screen only has a single mode. And the unlocked characters don't add enough difference to their originals other than elemental effects (toxic, fire, ice, electric, etc)
    Would like a bit more reward for unlocking a character. But for the price of the game it's really fun.
  71. May 22, 2014
    Fun game overall. FPS for those who are tired of COD/BF.. Can feel monotonous at time. This is a jump in an play for a few rounds type of game.. Nothing long or detailed.
  72. May 28, 2014
    This game is pure fun. Having played the mobile versions to their full extent, it was nice to be able to jump into the world of PvZ. The game has many different customization options and has the fantastic ability to remain new and inventive.
    One of the only problems is that players who are further in levels than most tend to have weapons that are far superior than those that are
    throughout the game. The tends to tilt the level of competition to an unfair perspective, where those with the better weapons win all the time, causing people to not want to continue playing and to quit while in game.
    Overall though the game was a blast and is still fresh each time I play.
  73. Jun 20, 2014
    It is a great game. I have endless of fun playing this, especially for the cooperative mode Garden Ops. It is like Call of Duty Zombie mode but better. The competitive one is also good, but there isn't enough game mode, which is the only 1 things I could think of. The one who think about changing a tower defense game into a third person shooter is a genius. It is a pleasant surprise to me. For people that don't like the game giving it a 0 or 1 mark they are probably EA haters. Also, I hope the next PvZ can give me a single player experience. Expand
  74. Jun 19, 2014
    Wow another game from the Plants Vs Zombies series. From the game we all know in Love mixed up into a 3d 3rd person shooter against plants and zombies. Wow great sounding right? well the game is not totally sound due to not listening to gamer reviews before release EA has made gameplay on both the 360 and one hard to play as in gardens in graveyards mode because zombies are overpowered species in the game. so if your a plant you will most likely lose. I would also like to point out the system of coins they use is really messed up by how much you earn on different modes like garden ops you spend more time in one game then you do gardens and graveyards and you get less even when you win. All though it has it problems the game is still popular with many gamers including me.
  75. Jun 21, 2014
    Don't know why some people are whining about micro-transactions, I must be blind because I haven't seen one yet. What I do see is a worthwhile interpretation of an excellent puzzle game as a third person shooter. While the multiplayer crowd tends to be a bit juvenile, there is enough here for old and young crowds alike to enjoy.

    For people familiar to shooters all the basic mechanics
    are in tact, with all main classes represented in typical PvZ fashion (cactus snipers, zombie jock tanks, the list goes on). The aim mechanic seems fine, but a little inaccurate (however I always turn off aim assist, so maybe I just suck) and the levels seem somewhat thrown together with very rough and bland design mechanics, but the different mobility styles of the classes make them tolerable to explore and master. I also dig the "Boss" mechanic of multiplayer, which allows a single player to provide assistance through a mini-map overhead by collecting sunlight (bring back memories?) to launch special attacks and heal party members.

    Overall the draw here largely comes from the customization and "sticker" collection, if you were a fan of the original you will have plenty of ways to get creative with your favorite characters. Newcomers to the series may not find the same fan-dom that made this a particularly fun aspect to explore, so I would caution hardcore shooter fans, this is not the most polished game. However it is fun, and in the end that's what really counts for this gamer, EA may publish this one but Popcap still has their brand all over it, kudos for keeping the formula somewhat basic as a nod to the roots of this series.

    To easily summarize, this is the new Gotham City Imposters quality shooter that will have just as strong a following and just as much after market support, especially with EA in the mix (lets try to forgive for past greed, everybody likes money). Xbox One is particularly appealing (considering the announcement of the move to PS4) with the addition of couch co-op, I just wish it was more than a simple survival mode. Still, 8/10, a worthwhile investment for those who seek the exclusives.
  76. Jun 24, 2014
    omg such a gr8 game aka a shooter that works on my computer the graphics are good the character system is good but the only problem is the all star skin wouldn't load and I love using the all star
  77. Jun 28, 2014
    If you are into mindless fun and Multiplayer games then this is exactly what you should be getting. The game has a lot of items to customize your charter which makes up for the lack of game modes. There are only 3 game modes: Team Vanquish (Team Deathmatch with the added bonus that any teammate revived will take 1 point away from the opposing team), Gardens and Graveyards (Plants must protect the Gardens from Zombies who are trying to take it over, there are at least 4 Gardens depending the maps) and Gnome Bomb (There is a bomb in the middle and the teams must grab the bomb and place it on the opposing team's Bases, Each team has 3 bases). In addition you have 4 different classes on each team, each with their own unique Ability. There is also a 4 player Co-op game mode called Garden Ops when you defend your garden from all the A.I zombies and Bosses. Expand
  78. Jul 20, 2014
    I waited to buy this game because I thought $40 was too much. I bought it on sale on XBL for around $23. If i knew what I know now I would have paid the $40. I hate EA just as much as anyone but PopCap really does make great games with a tremendous amount of polish. This one is no exception. I'm having an absolute blast playing this game. I even got my wife playing it and she hates shooters. The graphics and the amount of detail is fantastic. 60FPS really makes a difference here too. Don't miss out on this game! Expand
  79. Aug 3, 2014
    Creativity is a really nice trait to have, and it's a must for those who want to develop a both great looking and nice playing game. While not perfect, PvZ:GW is definitely a good refreshment and alternative for most (if not all) shootists who are looking for something more than just Call of Duty, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, GTA and etc.; simply put, for those who are looking for something different in most possible ways but still fun. This game fills both of these critera. It's different because it's cute and it's fun because it's... fun.

    That being said still doesn't mean polishing isn't required. There are some ocassional bugs which while relatively harmless may actually cripple the overall experience. The ranking system is a little bit confusing since ONLY challenges contribute to rank promotions with some being very difficult, especially if you're just starting up. Still, the flaws don't seem to be critical but there are quite a lot of them. With updates that could both fix the problems and expand the game in both online and offline aspects, I am definitely seeing this game getting better and better real soon. I'm not giving up hope, at least not yet.
  80. Aug 7, 2014
    I must confess that at first this game is not struck me, then I get it on a special offer discounts, And then since I started playing it, I have not dropped... It's so addictive that I did and get the 100% achievement.
  81. Sep 18, 2014
    It´s simply the funniest shooter game ever made. You can change the characters lots of times, you can mock tour enemies. It keeps you playing a lot of time: there are so many locations and modes, and when you get tired of a character, you can easily change it for another in seconds.
  82. Oct 1, 2014
    I actually got a refund for my game. After being disconnected for 50% of my games, having 25% of my games unplayable due to lag, and having so many other problems with the game, I decided to cut my ties with one of my favorite franchises. EA, you have really bombed with this one. The game seems unfinished in some areas, and there were so few players, I literally couldn't even get into a match that had more than 1 or 2 other people in it when I went online. What a shame, because this was one game I was really looking forward to after a recent boring game release season. Expand
  83. Oct 15, 2014
    First of all, I would just like to give a hand to PopCap ::Clap Clap:: for going from making an addictive mobile game to an addictive PVP AAA game. It's no small feed by any means, but they've nailed it.

    Now, let me start by saying that I'm not one for multi-player games, and the very few that I enjoy are on PC (Dota 2, TF2, & Old Republic). But there was a time, way back in the early
    2000's when I was obsessed with one particular console game and it's multiplayer. Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64 was an obscenely fun game with a truly unique and satisfying multiplayer.

    Now, PvZ: Garden Warfare is not like CBF multiplayer beyond a similar vibe they share with each other. However, that attracted me to this game and I'm thankful for it. Garden Warfare is a truly magnificent experience online. With several unique and entertaining modes, and two distinct sides with each having some very unique classes.

    The two things I can complain about this game is the server stability, is not bad but is not great. The second thing is the random acquisition of items and in-game buff. That whole card system is honestly really **** I would rather pay for the items I was like in TF2, than paying for a random selection of stuff that could be anything.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 65 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 65
  2. Negative: 0 out of 65
  1. May 16, 2014
    With a variety of interesting characters and well-balanced gameplay, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare should have been a perfect entry-level team-based FPS, letting younger and more casual audiences learn about the fun of meeting others online and shooting them in the face. Sadly, the frustrating unlock system puts a damper on that, and it never manages to make players feel rewarded for playing.
  2. Apr 9, 2014
    Thoroughly and unexpectedly wonderful. [Issue#146, p.102]
  3. Apr 7, 2014
    Like homemade fertiliser, it does the job, but not like the proper stuff. Also, it whiffs a bit. [May 2014, p.67]