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  • Summary: Crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall, with its advanced combat techniques, gives you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault Pilot and fast, heavily armored Titan. The experience combines fast-paced multiplayer action with the dramatically charged moments of a cinematic universe. Expand
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  1. 100
    Titanfall is a ridiculous amount of fun. Maybe it’ll be surpassed, but right now it’s the best game on Xbox One and one of the best multiplayer shooters ever.
  2. Mar 10, 2014
    We feel like this is next-gen gameplay. Titanfall proves that there's still room for innovation in shooting games, and we've had a blast playing it. It could have had next-gen visuals, though, and then it would have been the bomb.
  3. Mar 15, 2014
    It's exactly the game we all wanted it to be. As long as the Azure server infrastructure can keep up with demand, Respawn's idea will continue to work perfectly. Pilot v. Pilot, Pilot v. Titan, Titan v. Titan. All of the possible gameplay scenarios are compelling, fair, and fun.
  4. Mar 18, 2014
    Titanfall is a great start to an exciting new franchise. Sure, campaign multiplayer is a disappointment and I wish there was a little more meat on the bones in terms of game modes and pilot and titan types, among other things – but the gameplay is outstanding.
  5. Mar 10, 2014
    An amazing title in terms of gameplay and fun.
  6. Mar 10, 2014
    For a multiplayer-only game, Titanfall should have some amazing options and ways to play. But it doesn’t. It has a very healthy number of maps (15), but the lack of interesting new modes will make you feel shortchanged for not getting a single-player campaign. Hell, even shooters like Halo 2 from two console generations ago offer more in the multiplayer-options department...But what is there is so incredible.
  7. Mar 13, 2014
    If you want something more from your video games or if you want to be transported to another dimension to learn the true role of an intergalactic soldier, you should probably hit the books. If Titanfall is representative of man’s aspirations, we’re going no where fast.

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Score distribution:
  1. Mar 17, 2014
    To be honest when you play as a pilot you feel like playing CoD and when you ride a Titan you feel like you are playing Halo. Is just a mix of everything good out there, if you like FPS you have to play TITANFALL.

    about the 792 well PS4 is doing a better job about that in every single game they have (1080p) but you soon forget about it because of the great game TITANFALL is.
  2. Mar 11, 2014
    Amazing game. Definitely is an evolution of everything that was great about COD and adds in some sweet Sci-Fi aspects. The mech (Titan) combat is pretty hectic (in a good way), and you'll be running on excitement when inside one. The downside is that that part of the game doesn't last long because there are many other titans around you looking to destroy you.

    I actually have the most fun when outside the mechs and using weapons to take down other mechs. Also, jumping on titan's backs to destroy them is pretty sweet (Halo-esque).

    It's a fast-paced and energetic game, and anyone who enjoys FPS will enjoy this game. Looking forward to years of fun with this game.
  3. Mar 11, 2014
    Really awesome game. The whole pilot and titan sides of this game brings new dynamics to the gameplay and just add fast movement with that and yopu got a solid game. Respawn have nailed the balance nothing feels overpowered or useless. Though the campaign multiplayer could have used some more work. I hope the coming DLC will add to the campaign side of things as well as the multiplayer. Expand
  4. Mar 23, 2014
    An amazing multiplayer experience with wide variety of creative and different maps which suits multiple player types, it has a unique ending to multiplayer matches where the losing team has to try to get to an evacuation ship but there is no respawning if you die, this offers a much better ending than games such as CoD and battlefield that just phase out or show a game winning kill cam. It has decent graphics that are similar but slightly better than call of duty ghost's graphics but they are in no way outstanding. Only one thing lets it down is that there isn't enough primary weapons for pilots. Expand
  5. Mar 11, 2014
    This is one nice shooter, a huge refresher for an otherwise stale and boring genre. I liked this game a good deal, but I had a few problems with it...

    Dynamic and Versatile Gameplay is a huge plus for this game,The gameplay is what drives this game. With the great and fun to use Titans and the neat and smooth parkour system, this game will leave you feeling like a total badass. The gameplay is excellent and is a huge refresher to the old corridor shooters

    The game, while fun to play, has very VERY little content. With only a handfull of maps and 5 gamemodes, this game has little to offer in terms of variety. The gameplay is the only thing that manages to spice up the experience. While the level design is excellent, there just aren't enough levels for me to enjoy.
  6. Mar 13, 2014
    First off, this game is a ton of fun. It breaks up your run of the mill shooter with parkour wall running and Titans. Giant mechs. The two styles blend together near perfectly. This is a very balanced game. Everything appears to be running on nitro or Methamphetamine. It's graphics are nothing special and poorly optimized or the PC but it gets the job done. BUT and this is a big but. This game is as bare bones as games get. I think they're are 5 game modes (two near identical) 8 main weapons, 3 side arms, 6 Titan weapons, a couple, maybe three upgrades per gun, 3 Titan types........... and that's really about it. I've already unlocked everything in the game and nearly maxed out my level and it's only been out for a few days. In contrast I'm still unlocking Battlefield 4 weapons. Though there are 15 maps ranging from good to incredible. On top of this it is an multiplayer ONLY game. There is a refreshing and interesting attempt at a "campaign" that is essentially multiplayer matches melded with a short story told through a couple cut scenes and pre match scenes but mostly voice overs done during the match. It is only 9 matches long though. You CAN play it from both the military (IMC) and the rebels (militia.) It's just not enough though. A worthy attempt and actually a rather new and well done idea. It's just not enough. And I think that's what really sums this game up the best. It's fast, fun, balanced, rewarding and something slightly new BUT so bare bones it's hard to find it worth $60 unless this is the only sort of game you play. Possibly some future DLC will add some more depth and features but those features should have already been in the game. There was also a few odd choices when it comes to things like difficulty in playing with your friends, voting on the next map and not being able to browse the servers. The base game is solid and rewards you constantly. Even the odd idea of only 6v6 and incorporating AI soldiers into the matches pays off overall, I think.... Though the AI is probably in all honesty the WORST bot intelligence I've ever seen in a shooter. You WILL NOT die by a grunt or specter. I like this game but feel it's charm and uniqueness fading fast. With all the content already unlocked within a couple days for an ONLY multiplayer game is outrageous and truly disappointing. I can see this feeling like a rip off to some gamers. I recommend this to fans of the FPS multiplayer gaming arena but no one else until it gets at least a 33% price cut. Expand
  7. Apr 20, 2014
    Truly awful game-avoid at all costs. I'll just include this brief description that should shed some like on the quality of the game: in one level you are fighting on top of giant dinosaur bones with teradactyls flying over your head.

    Also, after about an hour, you start to notice some of the players behaving oddly. Then you find out that most of the "players" you've been killing are nothing but AI controlled bots.

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