Mixed or average reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 40
  2. Negative: 16 out of 40
  1. 50
    A game that should have focused less on exuding street cred and more on gameplay. Larger, more varied race courses and greater differentiation between the weapons would have gone a long way towards making this game more enjoyable.
  2. A fairly standard car combat game with extremely repetitive gameplay and a hip-hop theme that feels about as fake and forced as possible.
  3. Aside from the poor controls and the limited choices in racetracks, gamers will quickly get tired of the game's repetitiveness and lack of an interesting story.
  4. 187 Ride or Die is bad - but it's not so bad that it's good. There's nothing good about it, period.
  5. I did enjoy the escort missions, and the co-op is decent, but they can't hide the fact that 187 is just plain mediocre. [Oct 2005, p.128]
  6. 60
    If a little more focus had been placed on adding depth to the game, 187 could have been a solid title for Ubisoft. Instead, comical use of lingo and the otherwise average presentation make 187 Ride or Die feel more like a poser than a player.
  7. Lacks the muscular gameplay promised by its street-tough premise.
  8. This whole game just offends me. Offends me more as a gamer than anything else.
  9. The dialogue is wretchedly forced in its unrealistic, overly ghettoized slang penned by writers who have read every stereotypical hip-hop street language book on the shelf. Expect something like: "My big dog G-gangsta Buck, dog! You blaze down the streets and show them that I'm the real street O.G. Ya heard?"
  10. 45
    187 basically defines "average." While the graphics err on the nicer side and the story dips a bit below the equator, most of the game is competent but unspectacular. Every good feature seems to have a bad one that balances it out.
  11. 187 is one of those titles that you wish went in one of two separate directions: either it focused on the storyline and made an urban crime story, or they made a combat racer with a different theme. As it stands now, neither premise works in this title, and the game really isn't that engaging.
  12. 40
    If you're looking for a game to kill some time with and don't mind if it's a little stupid or embarrassing, Ride or Die is a racer that's easy to pick up and fairly easy to put down.
  13. It tries so hard to keep it real that it comes off hilariously fake. [Nov 2005, p.130]
  14. Hip-hop-fueld thug culture that seems too forced to come anywhere but from a marketer's meeting. [Oct 2005, p.69]
  15. If only the Eskimos had 144 words for "tasteless" in their language, I would totally learn Inuit just to describe 187. As a game, I give 187 a 40, but as a product, my score is a negative f*** you. [Oct 2005, p.115]
  16. At it's best moments, 187 is an entertaining, if only slightly piece of action gaming. In it's worse, it's attempting to convey it's horrifically trite storyline to you by means of ancient looking CG and characters as cliché as the stereotypes they were meant to portray.
  17. No matter how you slice it, it's a sub-standard driving game in the vein of the "Twisted Metal" series without the sense of humor or fun that was found in it.
  18. 187 Ride or Die just doesn't have anything going for it. The gameplay is repetitive and uninspired, the campaign mode is tedious, and the multiplayer play is boring.
  19. With its unresponsive driving and boring-as-hell shooting, Ride or Die is nothing more than a cheap attempt to capitalise on the ever-so-cool gangsta attitude. [Oct 2005]
  20. With gangsta-themed games growing in popularity, this ride and gun actioner provides some decent arcade-style action, albeit with limited replay value.
  21. Even the hippity-hop music is utterly lacklustre, and somehow it feels out of place in a G-Ridin' gangsta game. How is this? Avoid this unless you bought "FIFA Street," in which case you're beyond our help.
  22. The game offers entertaining car combat with enough car, weapon, and track variations to keep players from getting bored.
  23. Absolutely rent it for a weekend of mindless fun, but return it and move on. 187 Ride or Die certainly took the best elements of some top-notch titles, but didn't execute any of them in a way not seen before.
  24. Fans of the genre and hip-hop alike will enjoy 187: Ride or Die and there's no reason why it shouldn't become a hit for Ubi. Take a little bit of Burnout, add a sprinkling of Twisted Metal and a lot of bad attitude; the result is Ubi's latest, explosive release that maintains the French publisher's commitment to quality.
  25. It is obvious that the game's developers or publisher understood what a mediocre experience they were going to be selling. In a predictable stroke, they tried to bury it all under a smothering pile of street-smart buzzwords and hip-hop catch phrases.
  26. It's got bite, attitude, and is pretty fun. It feels a little repetitive with the track designs, but that gets made up with solid multiplayer and online gaming that always makes things better. Not too bad a game.
  27. It's so gangsta. It's so street. It's so shite. Painfully forcing every urban cliché going into every line of dialogue, the cutscenes reduced us to fits of laughter. That's laughing at, not with. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  28. It doesn't suck, but it's good for all of the wrong reasons.
  29. You might find a few minutes of amusement playing against your friends but why bother? There are a lot better games out there.
  30. The driving and shooting is something different yet the repetitive nature of the game, lack of true variety or tactics with the weapons means that the game soon becomes old.
  31. I can't really find one redeeming quality about 187 Ride or Die, outside of the fact that the game runs smooth online and the two-player dynamic of car combat is something we definitely wouldn't mind seeing in something like "Twisted Metal."
  32. The "rubber-band" rivals, where opponents appear to slow down or speed up depending on where you are positioned in the race, ensures clever driving skill is rarely rewarded.
  33. The developers of 187 Ride or Die definitely had the right idea. The game is easy to just pick up and play and has fun multiplayer modes. But the laughable plot, disgusting language and weak (very weak) single player mode keep this game from being great.
  34. The graphics are great with plenty of detail, you are never fighting the controls, the speed effects and weapons are great and the storm drain levels rock. There are parts of this game that almost make you feel like you're in the middle of some Jerry Bruckheimer movie.
  35. 70
    All the machine guns, sawed-offs, and rocket launchers can't save this title. 187 Ride or Die lacks a number of things that could have made this a worthwhile action game so all we're left with is a disappointing racing game.
  36. The profanity I can handle. But the other words just don't sit right with me.
  37. Vehicle customization would have been a welcomed addition to a very shallow game.
  38. If the game focused more on the highway racing, and improved the track selection, everybody would be better off. However, as it stands now Ride or Die is a game that provides more lasting enjoyment as a scratching simulator than as a racing game.
  39. It tries to do to many things at once, and ultimately it looks like they took a bunch of the top racing genre titles of the past three years and slapped them together.
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  1. Lucas
    Nov 12, 2005
    "There goes the neighborhood!" Tasteless, it's good to know stereotypes are alive and well in the gaming arena which resembles Hollywood "There goes the neighborhood!" Tasteless, it's good to know stereotypes are alive and well in the gaming arena which resembles Hollywood in the 1950's when it comes to GOOD, SOLID, ethnic characters! (Sorry Super Mario doesn't count!) Full Review »
  2. Sam
    Sep 17, 2005
    Is it a good, beautiful, brilliant, fantastic game? Not even close.
  3. AaronA
    Sep 2, 2005
    A brilliant mix between burnout type tracks/race styles, gta's atmosphere and oldskool guns. the graphics are well done the sounds are A brilliant mix between burnout type tracks/race styles, gta's atmosphere and oldskool guns. the graphics are well done the sounds are respectable and the enemy A.I is caniving. this game is only let down by over exaduration and short single player but if you have friends/live none of those matter. great title thats been badly under-rated. Full Review »