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  1. 100
    To say that this game is "fast" is an understatement - it absolutely blazes, so much so that blinking becomes a liability. [Nov 2004, p.96]
  2. Easy controls help you play chicken with oncoming traffic at speeds so real, you can practically feel the G-forces pinning your jowls against your ears.
  3. 100
    With its killer combo of great gameplay, awesome destruction, and cool physics, EA has taken what was a fun diversion and made it into a near masterpiece.
  4. Every lap is terrifying...Polished to perfection, Burnout 3 is faster and more thrilling than any previous racer.
  5. The combo of racing and combat is brilliantly addictive. [17 Sept 2004, p.25]
  6. The visuals are cleaner, more vibrant, and oozing with a slick presentation. The audio is, to coin a phrase from Good Times, "Dy-no-mite!"
  7. Hands down, the best arcade racer ever made. Ever. [Oct 2004, p.99]
  8. 100
    Racing games have now changed forever, and entirely for the better - for that there can be no higher recommendation. It's that good.
  9. 100
    Burnout 3 is special. It's not just another racing game, and despite lacking certain features car enthusiasts hold dear (such as customisation and ultra realism) it's easily the most fun we've ever had with any racing game. [Oct 2004, p.96]
  10. Astonishingly good...This is pure, balls-out speed that will cause even the most hardcore of gamers to rock from left to right as they barely miss ramming a truck at two hundred plus miles an hour.
  11. 100
    What with the totally aggressive but fun gameplay, the sheer madness of the speed at which you drive, the incredible quality of the foreground, background and moving visuals and the pumping soundtrack to run alongside it, you'd be a fool not to have Burnout 3: Takedown in your collection.
  12. Takedown is nearly flawless, with crisp graphics, a rousing punk-rock soundtrack and smart level design that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is not just the best driving game I have ever played, but one of the best games of any genre this year.
  13. This is only marginally a racing game - it's a game of destruction and chaos that holds more in common with a first person shooter than with a true racer.
  14. 100
    The new king of arcade racers. Think about everything that was brilliant about its predecessors -- the whimsical take on the laws of physics, the gorgeous graphics, and the completely insane emphasis on crashing -- and multiply it by ten thousand.
  15. 100
    You should buy it even if driving games rank somewhere between stepping on Legos barefoot and Saddam on your list of dislikes.
  16. The speed of the game is incredible and as the roads and lights blur past you, it feels more like you're flying in the Millennium Falcon than some street machine dodging through traffic.
  17. I am no longer a fan but now a full-fledged junkie! I would certainly consider Burnout 3 to be the "GoldenEye" of racing games!
  18. 97
    It's the best racing game on the current gen consoles. I doubt we will see a better racing game until Xbox 2 or PS3 hits. Burnout 3 is a must have title on the Xbox.
  19. If you want more than this from an arcade racer, you've got to be crazy. It's all here in spades!
  20. 97
    The videogame equivalent of Hurricane Ivan; everyone that has come into contact with it has either been stuck with an immense sense of awe, or had their life changed in a significant manner.
  21. The best console arcade racing game ever and perhaps the best of all time, even topping the mighty "Daytona USA."
  22. With amazingly addictive gameplay, fabulous graphics, astonishing speed and enjoyable online gameplay (when EA's servers are cooperating) one cannot help but not want to play this title all the time.
  23. A work of art, a piece crafted to such infinitesimal detail that every second of the experience has the capacity to cause the player to gasp with exhilarated pleasure from the opening race of the coupe series, right through to the final, devastating Crash Junction on the Burnout world tour.
  24. Even EA haters will be anonymously purchasing Burnout 3: Takedown like it was underage porn contraband, not being able to deny its absolutely addictive offerings.
  25. Without a shadow of a doubt the best in the series and arguably the best arcade racer in history.
  26. Aside from some minor annoyances (the announcer/DJ can get a tad tedious) Burnout 3: Takedown is an absolutely exceptional game and it's quite frankly hard to imagine how the next one could be much better.
  27. 95
    My jaw also hit the floor when I had my first crash. In many racers cars just get a ding or probably no scratches at all. In Burnout 3 your car comes out looking like one of those high school driver's education videos.
  28. 95
    Offers up insane speed, unequaled crash sequences, and a truly new style of gameplay. It has reinvented the wheel, so to speak...Burnout 3 is astonishing. It's one of the best arcade racers I've ever touched.
  29. Even if driving games aren't normally your thing, Burnout 3 is still right for you. It's that good. It ranks among the best racing games ever made...An amazing achievement that anyone with a pulse will probably love.
  30. EA has struck absolute gold with this title.
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  1. Apr 3, 2015
    17 hours it took me to finish this(didn't care about the golds). Dang that's good. The world tour is split into 2 parts: Race events and crash17 hours it took me to finish this(didn't care about the golds). Dang that's good. The world tour is split into 2 parts: Race events and crash events. Crash is simple and fast and you're give a small intersection of part of road where you gotta drive up as fast as possible and crash into traffic causing the most collateral damage and picking multipliers. Very fun stuff. You also get you're race events going from simple races to trying to takedown tohe most racers in the alloted time.

    Good sense of progression with cars mostly being unlocked in categories such as musle, sport, super classes. But at the end of the day it's all about speed and the ragdoll car physics. The game rewards you by driving dangerously and crashing in this game is a thing of glory. Your car will simply flip out sometimes 30 feet in the air and with a press of a button you can control your fall in slo-mo.

    Seriously it's hard to beat this franchises for a rotation game in between more serious fare. It's perfect escapist and fully worth any price given what it gives back. I will review the other titles in the franchises so look'em up to see which the best in the end.
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  2. Buried-In-The-Box
    Sep 10, 2004
    This game is soooo fun, for about 2 days. This game is good but lacks any sort of depth do it shouldn't get better reviews than a game This game is soooo fun, for about 2 days. This game is good but lacks any sort of depth do it shouldn't get better reviews than a game like SRS that at least has more depth even though it isn't perfect. Once you see a few of the crashes you've seen the entire game. If Juiced ever comes out it will be more fun and live longer than this, at least until Forza, NFSU2 and MC3 come out. Rent it, but don't spend $50 on it. Companies should take a look at Sega and see how much short lived or updates should cost. $20 would be a better deal. Full Review »
  3. ArtherA.
    Sep 9, 2004
    best racing game ever.