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  • Summary: You've been called to defend your Allied country against the Axis foes. In Call of Duty: Finest Hour, you must fight as part of a squad through the chaos of battle. Whether you play as American, British, or Russian forces, you'll discover the hardships that every unsung hero had to face during World War II. The game also features authentic weapons, vehicles, environments, combat missions, and the real sounds of war. Finally, the cinematic battlefield conflicts come to life on your gaming console. Expand
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  1. What singles out this series from the rest is that it homes in on the sheer intensity and ugliness of war.
  2. 86
    I hope to see the community surprised by the shockingly high production values which its single player holds. That being said however, the multiplayer game of Call of Duty: Finest Hour is practically a throw away. The game modes are generic, communication poorly chosen, and fun level is shockingly low.
  3. The shoddy A.I. and other flaws are rare or negligible enough so as not to detract from the overall enjoyment of an otherwise great game. [Jan 2005, p.89]
  4. The weapons look good and are nicely designed.
  5. A WWII game with nice moments and a good storyline; but as a game it fails on a number of points and its distinct lack of innovation makes it hard to recommend to anyone but fans of the genre.
  6. 65
    First and foremost, the amount of shots it can take to kill your enemies is absurd. It's so inconsistent that not even a headshot will always drop your enemies, and I have a HUGE problem with that.
  7. While offering a well-scripted narrative, comes up with precious few reasons to play out these battles again. No surprises here -- just solid, albeit predictable, action that could have been better.

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