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  • Summary: Defender undergoes a 3D makeover, featuring fast-paced action, strategy, and an army of aliens. A remake of an arcade classic, Defender sends you on a mission to defend your solar system and save the human race from alien invasion. In addition to space combat action, the game showcases elements of strategy, multiple types of humans to protect and use, ground units for players to defend and position, and bases to build and expand. And now, you can upgrade your Defender ships with special weapons, shields, and other technologies. Expand
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  1. It feels more like a next-generation "Colony Wars" than Defender. This, of course, is the highest of compliments. [Feb 2003, p.105]
  2. 80
    I love the game and in the same breath hate it. One minute I want to cuddle up with the gamedisk on my pillow, and the next minute want to take it to practice skeet.
  3. May have some flaws, but the controls feel so good it's hard to put the game down. [Jan 2003, p.92]
  4. It's a nice trip around the galaxy but it won't see hard time on your machine after you finish it.
  5. With numerous incentives to play, it's a shame that the game isn't more visually appealing. It's not a bad looking game by any means, just rather unremarkable.
  6. While it isn't quite as successful as "Spy Hunter" at re-creating the feel of the old game, Defender still puts on a decent show.
  7. What ultimately lands Defender in the "utterly forgettable" pile are its bland graphics, twitchy controls, and various technical problems. [Winter 2002, p.104]

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