• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Jan 28, 2002

Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. 100
    Pay attention folks, THIS is how you make a "Special Edition."
  2. 90
    Seemingly hand-drawn backgrounds and marvelously manipulated characters leave surroundings oozing atmosphere from every pore...Macabre, yes, but magnificent as well.
  3. You'll want to play the game with the Japanese voices and English subtitles on. It looks cool (like your playing a Kurosawa film),and the Japanese voice acting is far superior to the English voice acting.
  4. 90
    Even if you played the original Onimusha on the PS2 within an inch of its life, Genma provides enough new elements to merit repeating the adventure. But beware newbies: This game is tough.
  5. 89
    An excellent game in nearly every way and actually manages to be an improvement over the original.
  6. 88
    A little short and the camera is wonky at times, but neither of those complaints can derail this excellent game. If you enjoy survival-horror games, this is one title you can't afford to miss.
  7. An ideal port--one that significantly improves upon the original game rather than adequately adapting it.
  8. With an engaging story, action packed pace, superb graphics and a surprise ending, Genma Onimusha is one of the finest games in the survival/horror genre.
  9. No, it doesn't redefine the game, but it does provide more depth to the title's action foundation. [Mar 2002, p.82]
  10. This game offers a lot more in the way of content and polish over the original.
  11. If only it was a little longer and the camera had been adjusted, it would be near perfect.
  12. 83
    It looks great, but it still feels like something I could have on my PS2. And that's what keeps Genma in the category of 'just another port', instead of being 'an astonishing new Xbox title'.
  13. An extremely solid game. It retains the amazing graphics and fun gameplay of the original and throws in a few new features for good measure.
  14. The title uses several techniques to enhance gameplay, and for the most part, pulls it off with flying blood splats.
  15. While the Xbox version of Onimusha does deliver the promised double-length gameplay, it's still easily a game that can be won during a typical rental period.
  16. It's a fine survival horror game that's starting to show its age. The Xbox really needs an original horror outing all of its own.
  17. Starts off with one of the best opening scenes of any game in the last few years.
  18. The bit with the insect queen probably ranks as the Most Disturbing Moment In A Game Ever. [XGamer Magazine]
  19. A great game, Genma falters in that its short, repetitive and just plain gets old rather fast. After all, it is old. After playing Capcom's latest for the PS2, "Devil May Cry," Genma really only made me want to go back and play that game yet another time due to the game's similarities and the fact that DMC is obviously a superior game.
  20. For fans of the original, this is the version to own, providing super slick game mechanics and excellent presentation. Just don’t expect it to do anything other than entertain you for a while, rather than knock the pants off your head like "Halo" did.
  21. Owners of both systems would be advised to pick up the Xbox version just for the subtle enhancements to the gameplay. [Mar 2002, p.49]
  22. A damned fun game...[but] its pre-rendered backgrounds, "Resident Evil"-style "forward, backward, swivel" control scheme, and static camera angles just can’t compare to the real time environments, dynamic camera, and elegant analog controls of more modern fare like Capcom’s own "Devil May Cry." [Mar 2002, p.74]
  23. All of this beauty doesn’t come without a price, however. Because the levels and their separate areas are so detailed, the game must take the time to load up each segment.
  24. If the game weren’t such a sadist – you’re gonna have to be tough and persistent to make it through this one – and if it weren’t so short (about half the length of an average RE), I’d say it’s a must-buy for any gamer. [Mar 2002, p.141]
  25. Capcom also wrecked the balance of the gameplay, making it a much more frustrating affair. [Spring 2002, p.86]
  26. Thankfully, if you foul it up once too often a special Easy mode is unlocked, the equivalent of Normal on PS2. But what's the point of a remake that's only enjoyable when doing exactly what it did in the original?
  27. A memorable but brief stay in feudal Japan with a quest that could be finished within six or seven hours.

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