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  • Summary: Twenty years after the devastation caused by the Bloody Mary Virus, a new order emerged based on two distinct, but totally independent worlds. As veteran headhunter Jack Wade or his sidekick, Lezza X, your job is to maintain law and societal order. Use each character's different abilities and weapons to survive intense combat environments. Headhunter: Redemption places you in two storylines based on two worlds, comprised of unique mission structures and objectives. Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 26
  2. Negative: 4 out of 26
  1. Massively superior to the pre-Xbox original, Headhunter: Redemption doesn't stand up as anything really special in this crowded genre, but instead flashes with moments of quality and intriguing entertainment that sparks life into a strictly one-way stroll through endless corridors.
  2. The gunplay just has that "right" feeling to it that makes shooting enemy after enemy extremely satisfying. It's too bad that the controls, story, and voice acting weren't fully realized, because this game could have been great.
  3. Frustration creeps in at points when the camera goes AWOL and you can't target anything for toffee, but once you get on top of the not-too-intuitive control system, life in the gloomy future becomes easier and you can get down to enjoying Redemption for what it is - a solid title that belongs firmly in the brighter, more affluent world of Above.
  4. Blowing away targets requires use of annoying lock-on control, but rolling out of harm's way during lead showers and stealthy clinging to walls varies the pace-as do cut scenes dripping with cheezola dialogue.
  5. And why must I hit left on the right analog stick when my intention is to look right? Talk about counterintuitive. [Nov 2004, p.140]
  6. Fares no better than the sum of its mediocre parts. And while the effort put forth by developer Amuze can be considered admirable, it doesn't help the fact that Redemption ends up demanding the very thing its namesake promises.

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Score distribution:
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  1. DavidP.
    Sep 10, 2004
    The combat in Headhunter: Redemption is as significant an advancement to the genre as Syphon Filter was when it first hit the PSone. A truly fantastic game bursting with innovation and one of the finest soundtracks in video game history. Expand
  2. JamesH.
    Sep 11, 2004
    The lush, fuzzy warm visuals look great in this game and obviously a lot of effort went into the graphics and artwork in Headhunter Redemption. The sound is gorgeous too and the musical score has to be one of the best I?ve heard in a video game. There are Robocop-style public announcements and adverts that compliment well the amazing audio and visual components to create an edgy, yet sometimes comic futuristic atmosphere. Basically then, this is a genuinely good game but, that said, there are a catalogue of minor niggles within it that are sometimes a little annoying. The most irritating being when the character gets stuck on walls in stealth mode. Occasionally the targeting system is a little frustrating to use as well. The story is excellent and has an interesting twist to it but it does sometimes feel that it is totally driven by events occurring during cut scenes and, for me, this meant that I never really felt engaged by it. All in all ? great but not amazing? Expand
  3. MikeO.
    Sep 30, 2004
    I can tell from thr comments that many of these so called RATERS ,PUBLISHERS,EDITORS Havent actually played much of headhunter. To bad cause I've just finished FABLE AND SUDEKI. And I rather play headhunter all day long. I think if your gonna review a game , AT LEAST TRY TO FINISH IT ,thats if you can. Maybe we should make all games easy like fable and kotor. This games controls are kool. But then again if FABLE is sooo advanced maybe headhunter is too hard for the babies. Expand