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  • Summary: Fallen demigoddess Malice has to regain her skills and powers and save the universe, all while exacting her revenge on the head-eating Dog God. It won't be easy--the Dog God's Crow Armies constantly try to beat you back to see Death. Plus, you'll have to get past the Dog God's seven lieutenants before you get to confront the terrible monster himself. Your journey takes you through 29 levels filled with dangerous opponents, bizarre challenges, and powerful weapons and magic. Expand
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  1. A drop-dead gorgous game. If eye candy had calories, this game would make you fat...And then I beat it in four hours. Cue the crickets. [May 2004, p.44]
  2. It's crippled by an over-reliance on the worst game design cliche ever invented: too much collecting. [Aug 2004, p.102]
  3. It provides absolutely nothing that hasn't been seen and done countless times before and done better at that. Unless you're absolutely rapt with morbid curiosity about how Malice ultimately turned out, your time and money are definitely best spent elsewhere.
  4. 45
    Malice is so generic and mediocre that its release only serves to spoil what little status it had as the punchline of a joke.
  5. The game suffers from a handful of setbacks, the least of which is its surprising brevity. [Aug 2004, p.82]
  6. 40
    Malice has lost much of its gee-whiz sparkle. Now it’s an intentionally weird, unintentionally uninteresting platform adventure that might have been cool were it a launch title and the bar were still low. In 2004, it looks and feels more like a skippable relic.
  7. Malice has some of the campiest voice work I have heard to date. It's not horrible by any means, but the dialog between the characters is pretty lame.

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