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  • Summary: Push your bike to the limit. MTX: Mototrax challenges race against seven other riders, perform outrageous gravity-defying stunts, and develop a career as an motocross athlete. Play as or against any of the 12 top riders, earning money from contest wins and sponsorships to spend on customizing your attributes, upgrading your equipment, or buying access to new environments. If you think you're the best, prove it in the online multiplayer mode, which includes over 25 tracks. Accept the MTX: Mototrax challenge to become the ultimate motocross racer. Expand
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  1. A pretty addictive title and has earned some great marks for sound and gameplay. This title's best features include the career mode which sucked hours on end from my life.
  2. A quality racing experience with blazing visuals, realistic physics, and an excellent trick system.
  3. 87
    One of the more fun extreme sports type games I have played in recent memory. The gameplay is easy to pick up on, but not easy to master.
  4. 80
    Getting the timing down on when to load up the front suspension for extra liftoff on jumps takes a few races, but it quickly becomes second nature. Unfortunately, the game isn't very realistic when it comes to rider collisions.
  5. Doesn't quite reach the level of Left Field's N64 masterpiece "Excitebike 64," but it does bring a good game of dirt racing with smooth graphics to the table. If it had tighter controls, more bike sounds for different bikes and a little more originality in its levels I think this game would be superb.
  6. MTX is simply the fastest motocross game I've ever played. [Apr 2004, p.89]
  7. 60
    A solid entry in the world of motocross games, but it's not much of a step up from "Excitebike 64," a game the same developer finished four years ago.

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