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  1. 100
    Never before has a sports game improved so much and added so many new features in a single season. It may not be the league-leader in every category, but excellent performances across the board make it the best baseball game of the year. [May 2004, p.86]
  2. Play Magazine
    With a revamped Dynasty mode, a new batting system, and my favorite feature, Big Play Control, MVP Baseball 2004 is the complete package. [Apr 2004, p.73]
  3. The sights and sounds of the game are nothing less than impressive and blow away what we’ve seen so far in the forthcoming competition.
  4. 96
    EA sports does their best with MVP baseball 2004 to recreate this feeling of actually being there at the game, as opposed to just playing a game. They’ve done a damn good job, too.
  5. A 120 season dynasty, comprehensive gameplay capturing every nuance of the game, and a plethora of extras could make this the game every other franchise wishes it was.
  6. For the second year running, MVP is home to the best all around gameplay package. The pressure sensitive pitching mechanic, and sheer intensity of batting best exemplify the realism of the sport and skills that it takes to excel. [Apr 2004, p.93]
  7. One of the most ambitious attempts ever made to replicate arguably the most complicated sport on the planet, and in most cases, it hits the mark in spectacular fashion.
  8. Official Xbox Magazine
    A landmark videogame baseball achievement. The lack of online play notwithstanding, it's brilliant. [Apr 2004, p.76]
  9. No other baseball game so far as been able to fully capture the feel of pitching, fielding and batting like MVP has. The pitching and fielding interfaces are unmatched and are down right groundbreaking, yet extremely simple to pick up on and use.
  10. The production values, the nuances in game play and the re-playability will keep you addicted well into the Fall and beyond.
  11. What EA Sports has achieved in MVP 2004 is creating one of the deepest and most re-playable baseball games I've ever encountered.
  12. Entertainment Weekly
    All three titles dish out amazing gameplay, but we give the edge to MVP, with its innovative fielding and pitching interfaces. [16 Apr 2004, p.L2T 19]
  13. Solid in every department, this one will be hard to top simply for the fact that it has very few weaknesses. While other entries might feature better stat-tracking or deeper Dynasty modes, they’ll be hard-pressed to be as well-rounded as MVP.
  14. By putting the game's history (over 50 Hall of Famers, to start) in your hands, and allowing you to lead your club many years into the future, MVP Baseball 2004 makes a poetic argument for declaring the de facto American sport— console gaming—our official pastime.
  15. Xbox Nation Magazine
    Hands down, the best baseball videogame ever made. [Apr 2004, p.92]
  16. 90
    This is a gem, a true gem. The animations will uncurl your socks, the depth and ingenuity of the Dynasty Mode will create a new summer obsession, and even diehard Sega fans (like myself) will question their allegiance.
  17. The core fundamentals are spot-on, the variety of options and control choices is spectacular, and the presentation totally draws you into the experience.
  18. 90
    Nuanced controls like the Pure Swing System let you toggle the left thumbstick of your controller to dig out low pitches, reach for a hanging curve or, in our case, just fan the air where you thought the ball should have appeared.
  19. EA Canada knew what they were doing with this title, and it has authenticity and entertainment written all over it. The revolutionary idea to add over 60 minor league teams is huge, and helps boost an already very robust Dynasty Mode.
  20. 90
    If there's one department in which MVP can't be beat, it's player animations. From the plate to the mound and out into center, these guys move with a jaw-dropping grace and fluidity.
  21. MVP Baseball 2004 has the most accurate and authentic gameplay experience and the most in-depth franchise mode setting the bar higher for other developers.
  22. MVP 2004 mixes both player control and stats in a way that makes the gamer feel in control of the finer points of a player that already has a rated ability; in control of an X factor if you will...The unique gameplay feel along with the crater-deep Dynasty Mode makes MVP 2004 the best baseball game to date on any system.
  23. The play by play within MVP 2004 is stronger than many other sports titles, primarily based on the variety of comments found from the announce team.
  24. Another great baseball game. For me, it's not the best of the year for a couple of reasons. One, no Xbox Live. Two, still don't like the fielding.
  25. 85
    While releases from Acclaim, 3DO, Sega, and EA have done reasonable jobs in the past, MVP Baseball 2004 may come the closest yet to replicating the action on the field. It looks spectacular and I could easily use the same adjective to describe the gameplay.
  26. Aside from offering a deeper, feature-heavy dynasty mode (now complete with minor league squads), 2004 revolutionizes the art of videogame batting muich like 2003 did with pitching. [Apr 2004, p.117]
  27. The fielding is great in the infield and a nightmare in the outfield.
  28. Computer Games Magazine
    Batting can be a hit or miss experience, however, offering players control over where the ball goes but ultimately making the effort a matter of timing. [June 2004, p.11]
  29. Significantly better than the previous installment, and it's one of the best baseball titles I've played in years.
  30. The franchise mode works pretty well for the first year, but then you find out that your players don’t really gain much in ability, veterans are still powerhouses far after their prime years and your team goes to pot as it drafts and sends up younger players when you sim seasons.

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Feb 19, 2005
    The best sport game ever made, wait until 2005.
  2. BobbyDigital
    Aug 17, 2004
    This game is the BEST baseball game made to date. And I'm not talkin bout even close to anything else out there. Nevermind, the absolute This game is the BEST baseball game made to date. And I'm not talkin bout even close to anything else out there. Nevermind, the absolute ridiculous graphics from player animation to the general presentation. Nevermind, the controls from diving, hitting, pitching...because it's all there. How about the franchise mode, allowing you to play as the Major League team AND it's AA and AAA affiliates! How nuts is that??? You have to truly appreciate your players spending years in the minors and watching them develop over the years. Budgeting your team so that you make smart decisions with payrolls. Not only is MVP Baseball 2004 the best baseball game out there; it's easily one of my favorite games ever IF not #1. If you got a Box, you MUST buy this game. Full Review »
  3. EROD
    Jul 23, 2004
    The best baseball game in the market now...period.