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  • Summary: Be a Sharpshooter - The award winning technical achievement of 2K6 is new and improved. Take complete control of all of your shots with the shot stick. Run the Streets - Hit the street courts and showcase your playground game with completely all new streetball mode. Virtual Identity Profile - Learn the play style of your friends and foes with the V.I.P. System. The Association - Be the GM of your NBA team with the deepest Franchise Mode around. Expand
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  1. NBA 2K7 is an awesome game and has won my heart as my favourite basketball sim.
  2. With the Signature Style re-creating players' styles on the game, the immersive Association mode, and the nearly impeccable online play, NBA 2K7 is the sports title to get this basketball season.
  3. 88
    The game plays quite well. It's not hugely different from what we saw last year, but the advancements that were made were solid enough.
  4. The current-gen NBA 2K7 is a really good basketball title that looks great and plays even better. At $30, it's well worth picking up, even if it isn't a huge step up from last year's title.
  5. Yes, the presentation isn't as good, and unfortunately there is no 24/7 mode--which is a real bummer, but on the court this game hasn't been left for dead. [Nov. 2006, p.128]
  6. On original Xbox, 2K7 is strikingly similar to "2K6". Clearly all of the effort went into the next-gen version(which shows on 360), but at least the Xbox version is only $30 and you know you'll get a solid hoops game. [Dec. 2006, p.87]
  7. NBA 2K7 is a very good game, but it's largely unchanged from "NBA 2K6."

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